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Cut Cords of Attachment with a Clearer Understanding

What weird kind of energy dynamics can be found in a cord of attachment?

What weird kind of energy dynamics can be found in a cord of attachment?

Yesterday’s post, Messy Psychic Coercion and Woe in a Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo, gave rise to this pair of questions about cutting cords of attachment:

“If most of the cord content came from Joe’s side, doesn’t it mean there was another source in him that was feeding the cord?

“Or was this all a result of psychic coercion?”

Such a great learning opportunity — let’s have at it!

Not just for random curiosity but because many of you Blog-Buddies are cutting cords of attachment for self-healing, maybe as often as one per week.

Earlier articles have helped you to understand how you can definitely gain this skill set for yourself, while you keep the self-healing manageable.

Others of you invest in occasional sessions with RES experts; sometimes the most appropriate healing centerpiece will be cutting a cord of attachment. All of us involved in Rosetree Energy Spirituality want to help you clients to understand these leading-edge skills.

A clearer understanding can help you to do a better job of cutting those energetic cords.

So let’s take one chunk of question at a time.

Who “Feeds” a Cord of Attachment?


A cord of attachment is not fed by the cordee or anyone else. Cords of attachment are simply part of the vast astral show on earth.

Even before the Age of Awakening, and definitely now, if you were to view the full range of things happening to you, moment by moment, what would you find?

Activity at the astral level vastly outnumbers the human-level things we say and do and think and feel.

Yes, I  know that sounds crazy, because has it ever been more complicated living on earth?

Well, astral happenings far outnumber the human ones.

Do Psychic Vampires or Energy Vampires Cause Cords? Or Feed on Them?

Nonsense. Nobody is feeding, nobody is sucking out your energies nor stockpiling them either.

Neither any cordee nor some scary energy boogeyman. Energetic back-and-forths are just part of human life, astrally. In particular:

A cord of attachment is simply an energy structure between you and another person.

When you first pay attention to another human being, within about half a minute, you wind up having two energetic connections: A spiritual tie and a cord of attachment.

Nobody is being fed through either one, nor are these the work of psychic-level terrorists. (Whew!)

Just like sunshine and shadow — this is part of human life, Blog-Buddies. An important part, with healing potential, but nothing ever to fear.

Do You Have to Even Meet that Person to Have a Cord?

Nope. In the example given to you yesterday, JOE had never met Marie Kondo in person.

And quite often the contents of a cord of attachment come from an incident when the cordee wasn’t present in any way, not in the room, not in a video or anywhere else.

If the cordee is ALIVE at the time that you first become interested in that person through a book, a conversation overheard, a tabloid headline, a YouTube, a song… bam! You’ve got a spiritual tie to that person and also a cord of attachment.

That cord will be with you for the rest of your life… unless somebody uses quality skills to permanently remove that cord of attachment.

Cutting a Cord of Attachment Stops the Push and Pull of Energies Within It

Does that push-and-pull within a cord of attachment cause problems? Definitely. Those problems are specific to one particular cord of attachment. (Results are cord-related too, which is why I call them “Logical Consequences.)

Very specific, human-type results — yeah! That’s one more reason to learn how to cut cords of attachment for self-healing. Or to have the occasional session of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality)!


An expert in this field will know whether cutting a cord of attachment is appropriate to help you or not.

Just yesterday I had two clients, Joe and Gladys. Joe was a new client. Gladys was returning after eight years. Both were expecting me to cut a cord of attachment. Both were “so sure” that was just what they needed. Well, not really.

Each client needed a completely different healing centerpiece for the session. Another type of energy healing was the clear priority, and it would actually have been inappropriate to cut any cord of attachment at the time.

There are other ways, you see, that STUFF can impact a person energetically. In RES we have identified 15 different kinds of STUFF.

So, if you have any concerns over energies jerking you around, it would be really smart to seek out assistance from an expert in this field. You can do a lot on your own for self-healing but do you really want to put in the time, focus, and specialized work involved in becoming an RES apprentice?

That takes a special kind of passion and curiosity.

Meanwhile, the simple answer is that you can expect lovely results from removal of a cord of attachment, but none of that happens because anyone or anything is feeding off you energetically.

Psychic Coercion Was the Tricky Aspect of that Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo

I’m glad that was mentioned in the question although, actually, I was hoping nobody would request any more details… just to avoid re-explaining chunks that have already been explained here in bits and pieces.

Okay, here goes.

Psychic coercion is a completely different kind of STUFF. It lodges in a person’s aura for reasons that are explained most clearly in Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. This how-to isn’t just a resource for understanding clearly what does and doesn’t cause psychic coercion. You will also learn self-healing of every bit of psychic coercion you carry.

If you wish to educate yourself bit by bit about what psychic coercion is and isn’t, here are some blog posts for you. Ten of them!


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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    Glad to see the answer to that question. I wouldn’t have thought to ask something something like that; it’s always especially interesting for me to see answers to questions that don’t occur to me.

  2. 2
    David B says:

    Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean “feed” in the sense of vampires or anything. I more meant contribute to the push-pull.

    While I have read the book, I certainly can’t describe any expertise here. As with many of Rose’s books, they’re references to be re-read and the techniques mastered.

    Glad you assembled the top 10. It’s much easier to send people to one of those articles.

  3. 3
    Christine says:

    On the opposite of cords of attachment is it ever possible to read what is inside a spiritual tie?

  4. 4

    CHRISTINE, nobody has ever asked me that before.

    I have no desire to do this. For me, this would be a waste of time compared to other things I could do to help people or myself.

    I’m curious, though. Would YOU ever want to spend your time that way? Especially given the idea of 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. 😉

  5. 5
    Sarah says:

    I could see a reason for it, actually! Maybe similar to the desire to read the gifts of someone’s soul instead of just how their chakra data banks are doing at a given time. For inspiration.

    It hadn’t occurred to me to ever think/ask about it, though. I already have more research/healing things I’d like to do and not enough time to do them as it is 🙂

  6. 6

    SARAH, that’s exactly the point (far as I’m concerned).

    Better to use aura reading in productive ways.

    In sessions, I don’t spend much time on gifts of the soul, either — seldom read more than one or two in any given session. Because the astral-level components of a chakra databank, the “business end,” is so much more practical to read.

  7. 7

    I did think about your question overnight, CHRISTINE, and again I thank you for raising it, just as I appreciate your weighing in here, SARAH.

    Astral-level interactions vastly outnumber the human-level happenings in a person’s life. In this Age of Awakening, it is tempting to become overly involved in the astral bits.

    One of many distinctive components of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality) is paying just enough attention to astral energies to facilitate permanent healing — not to get sidetracked into the spiritualist equivalent of The Old Curiosity Shoppe.

  8. 8
    Irene Kr says:

    I have found learning some of my specific gifts of soul to be extremely helpful.

    It encourages me that I do have something worthwhile to offer the world when I don’t always feel that way.
    It makes explicit some ways in which I already function pretty darn well.
    It shows me how I am different than others I may be unconsciously comparing myself with – and that it’s okay and great that I am.
    It clarifies the difference between something that is stuff-related and in need of healing vs something that is how I approach life and is totally fine.

  9. 9
    Irene Kr says:

    Assuming that I do understand what a spiritual tie is – all I know is that it’s an energy structure that’s good and goes between two people – I could see similar benefits coming from learning what’s in a spiritual tie.

    Things like learning about how this relationship is an inspiration and a gift and how specifically it supports certain areas of my life. This could lead to wiser choices in how I use my with-other-people time.

    Maybe aura-reading is more effective for this however.

  10. 10

    You’re close, I think, IRENE KR.

    Reading your chakra databanks (aura reading) IS far more helpful than simply attempting to research a spiritual tie. For aura reading about yourself, Thrill Your Soul Aura Research can be even more more practical and helpful.

    After this lifetime is over you can research at leisure all your spiritual ties, have a lavish life review, and all of that.

    Now you’re here, humanly. Make choices now to get your life going, that’s my advice.

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