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John Slattery Stands in for Santa Claus in the December Newsletter

Face reading Santa Claus? No, but here's as close as I'll get this year...

Face reading Santa Claus? No, but here’s as close as I’ll get this year…

Blog-Buddies, wouldn’t you like to meet Santa Claus? He is loved and trusted worldwide by those with the purest hearts.

Sadly, I can’t interview him in person for my next newsletter. But…

Why not designate a face to represent him? That’s what I can supply in the December issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Then I’ll use the system of Face Reading Secrets® to read his lips. And more.

Other goodies will be in the newsletter sack as well!

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  • And in case you’re wondering (I would) you never, ever will get spam because you sign up for my newsletter. That happens when people rent or sell the personal contact information for emails given to them for other purposes. Fear not, then. My newsletter is a gift to you, no strings attached.

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    The December 2015 issue of “Reading Life Deeper” has just been sent out.

    Add your comments here, Jolly Readers.

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