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An Empath Finds Self-Acceptance. A Guest Post by KIRA

Kira Heston, singing with right-sized wings

Kira Heston, singing with right-sized wings

I mentioned in the Facebook Empath Empowerment Skills group that disparate parts of my life tend to connect themselves up in interesting ways, and that things I wrote years ago sometimes wind up having even more meaning to the current me–well, here’s a prime example of that.

I was thinking about a recent RES session with Rose as I was drifting to sleep. And because my thoughts were drifting, I wound up wondering if I were to send her a recorded copy of me singing (this was hypothetical), which song would I choose?

And I got a startlingly clear answer that it could be “Spread Your Wings,” which is the only one I have recorded that I actually wrote.

Then Came the Aha!

I was thinking that made sense because it’s the one I wrote, but as I was thinking the words in my head, I had the AHA!–this song was written in 2005 about my not being suicidal any more.

It goes with my poems “Plea for What I Cannot Have” and “Gratitude,” in which wings that don’t work represent the weight of other people’s expectations of me and wings that do represent freedom.

But in this case, the wings belong to a horse.

It hit me that the way I wrote the story, her wings don’t work as long as she spends all her time trying to exercise them and make them work; only when she relaxes and starts being just a horse that they grow able to support her.

Kind of like concentrating mostly on human life is the best way to move forward spiritually.

Human Emphasis Was Also a Big Takeaway from the Enlightenment Basics Teleseminar Series

This poem doesn’t have all the nuances we learned in the course, but I wrote it 10 years ago!

So… here is a recording of this song.  It was recorded by Partners in K’RHyme, a duo of myself and my friend Randy Hoffman, from our CD “A Fifth of Vocals.” (It was recorded in 2012, I think.)

Lyrics are below.

Spread Your Wings

A foal was born one winter day
With wings, or so the horses say;
They said she’d grow and learn to fly,
Soaring thru the sky.
Her dam was proud of her winged foal
And thought to help her reach the goal
Of flight; when bedtime came along,
She sang this little song:

Dream of flight, my little one;
You’ll reach the stars when you are grown.
Dream well, and in the morning’s light
Spread your wings in flight.

The filly grew into a mare
Without once taking to the air.
She longed to fly, but knew she’d fall;
Her wings were still too small.
She exercised to no avail;
Frustrated, she would swish her tail
And wonder what could be so wrong,
Remembering her mother’s song:

Dream of flight, my little one;
You’ll reach the stars when you are grown.
Dream well, and in the morning’s light
Spread your wings in flight.

One day she met another horse,
Who noticed her small wings, of course,
But thought them fine the way they were;
They decorated her.
She came to see them, thru his eyes,
As ornaments for which the size
Was unimportant; she was more
Than just the wings she wore.

Unknown to her, the wings began to grow,
Thriving on her new self-confidence,
Until one day, while running to and fro,
She came across a high barbed-wire fence
Too fast to stop, she jumped
And out of habit pumped
Her wings; to her surprise,
She soared into the skies!

With joy she flew as high as she could go,
Hearing her dam’s voice from long ago:

Dream of flight, my little one;
You’ll reach the stars when you are grown.
Dream well, and in the morning’s light
Spread your wings in flight.

Oh, dream of flight, my broad-winged one;
You’ve reached the stars now you are grown.
You’ve made it thru the dark of night
To spread your wings in flight!

Merry Christmas from Kira

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    Inspiring song, Kira. It reminds me, how, almost imperceptibly, we grow to be much bigger than we ever thought possible.

  2. 2
    Julie says:

    Until, in a moment, we ask “What is my sense of self now, compared to what it used to be?”, “What is my awareness?”

    And, if we want to get extra big, “What is my reality?”

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    Thank you, Julie!

    And thanks, Rose, for posting it.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Very cool poem/song Kira.

    I too have noticed that interesting way that disparate parts of your life can connect up in ways you never expect, and years later. Like a tapestry–you don’t know what you are creating as you go along, but in hindsight you see the beauty of the pattern.

    I love your comments too Julie. So true!

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    Eek. It’s good to see a photo of you!

    Great analogy. It reminds me of a story from Michael Newton’s interlife hypnosis. (Yes, he is in extreme spiritual addiction, but the stories he’s written down are still fun).

    It was about a dragon creature that used his/her telepathy to create worlds by flying around a forming planet. If he pushed and strained they couldn’t do it. BUt once they relaxed into the beat of their wings they could start getting the world to form.

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