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An Empath Finds Self-Acceptance. A Guest Post by KIRA

Kira Heston, singing with right-sized wings

Kira Heston, singing with right-sized wings

I mentioned in the Facebook Empath Empowerment Skills group that disparate parts of my life tend to connect themselves up in interesting ways, and that things I wrote years ago sometimes wind up having even more meaning to the current me–well, here’s a prime example of that.

I was thinking about a recent RES session with Rose as I was drifting to sleep. And because my thoughts were drifting, I wound up wondering if I were to send her a recorded copy of me singing (this was hypothetical), which song would I choose?

And I got a startlingly clear answer that it could be “Spread Your Wings,” which is the only one I have recorded that I actually wrote.

Warning, Iambic Pentameter Alert

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Blog-Buddies, usually I wouldn’t do this to you regular readers. But today I came across a Christmas poem from ages ago, before I started blogging. This one was written about a zillion years ago, a.k.a. 2004.

Yet I’m going to make it live here, yes a second poem from me this year. (Still awaiting ones from the rest of you. And thanks for private emails appreciating my official Christmas Poem for this year, already posted.)

Around here, as with you perhaps, it’s a decorating, card-sending, winter-without-snow wonderland. Mostly I’m doing a lot of planning, dreaming, and hoping about the new year.

Aura Reading to Celebrate Singer Natalie Merchant

Soulful singer Natalie Merchant, ready for her aura reading

Soulful singer Natalie Merchant, ready for her aura reading

Today’s aura reading helps to complete our prize-winningest contest ever, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

American singer and songwriter Natalie Porter  joined the alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs in 1981 and left it to begin her solo career in 1993. If you’d like to know more about Natalie Porter, here’s an introduction via a Rolling Stone interview.

In our contest here at the blog she was nominated by JULES D. In Comment 53 he wrote:

“I like her vocal style and she seems admirably confident, conscientious, and sensible. Is this just a facade, or does her aura reflect this somehow, as a lack of “stuff”?”

Spiritual But Not Religious?

Rosetree Energy Spirituality appeals to some who are religious, to others who are spiritual but not religious. I'm curious about YOU.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality appeals to some who are religious, to others who are spiritual but not religious. I’m curious about YOU.

When this article to my attention today, I found it so thought provoking. This part, for instance:

A Pew Research Center survey, published in November, revealed that millennials are less attached to organized religion than their parents or grandparents were at the same age, with only about 40 percent saying religion is very important in their lives.

However, the same survey revealed that about 80 percent of millennials believe in God and increasing numbers identify with statements like “I feel a deep sense of spiritual peace and well-being” or “I experience a deep sense of wonder about the universe.”

Sharing Holiday Poems and Stories, 2015. Starts now.

Decorating your holiday season with a poem

Decorating your holiday season with a poem

Here’s a recorded version of the poem, and of course you can always read it below.

When Will It Be…

Surprisingly it began at the mall.

A routine errand stopped when that sound came out of nowhere.

Alright, it came out of the sound system that usually plays dopey shopper’s music

only this time we were given The Christmas Song.

You know, that song of the holiday season, the song called

John Slattery Stands in for Santa Claus in the December Newsletter

Face reading Santa Claus? No, but here's as close as I'll get this year...

Face reading Santa Claus? No, but here’s as close as I’ll get this year…

Blog-Buddies, wouldn’t you like to meet Santa Claus? He is loved and trusted worldwide by those with the purest hearts.

Sadly, I can’t interview him in person for my next newsletter. But…

Why not designate a face to represent him? That’s what I can supply in the December issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Then I’ll use the system of Face Reading Secrets® to read his lips. And more.

When Your Boss Is on a Train to Crazyland

Gladys works for a boss on the train to Crazyland. What to do if thats happening to you, too.

Gladys works for a boss on the train to Crazyland. What to do if that’s happening to your boss, too.

Problem-solving happens a lot in RES sessions. Today I helped my client Gladys deal with her boss JOE.

In general, her intention for this research session was “Enjoy my life more.” In particular, she asked me to pull out an energetic hologram from a troubling conversation she had just had with her boss.

What do I need to know when doing this kind of research? (Pulling out energetic holograms is a bit fancier than Stage Three Energetic Literacy — technically it’s Stage Four.) Only this…

What Happened? In Objective Reality, What Really Occurred?

The event was described simply enough. At work yesterday Gladys’s boss began to ask a series of questions. More details were requested than usual, and however Gladys answered this interrogation, more requests kept on coming: Questions answered, then more questions as though Gladys’ answers had been inadequate.

Uusually Joe was picky, but not this picky. Gladys began feeling uneasy.

Billy Porter, as Himself and Also When Playing a Drag Queen on Broadway. A Comparison Aura Reading.

Kinky and courageous, Billy Porter ready for his aura reading

Kinky and courageous, Billy Porter, ready for his aura reading

Blog-Buddies, you’re in for a treat as I play catch-up on our most last contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? The treat named Billy Porter, one of the stars of “Kinky Boots,” which has won the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Let me give you a warning early on, though. If this were a movie it might be rated a PG-13. Sexual content (of a metaphysical sort) will be included. Oooh!

Also I do get a bit technical when reading the first chakra databank… ’cause I really had to in order to do Billy Porter Justice.

But once I explained that aspect, I didn’t have to keep repeating that sort of thing again and again for the Billy Porter part of the comparison aura reading. So just skip over that part if you find it a snoozer. The rest of this reading shocked me, humbled me, inspired me. Let me know what you think, Commenters!

Deeper Perception or Shallow Perception, a Fun Experiment

Splashing around in the shallows of life can be fun.

Splashing around in the shallows of life can be fun.

Big thanks to Joe who gave me the idea for today’s blog post! He emailed me a link to a quiz in the New York Times, “Can You Read People’s Emotions?”

In today’s article I’m going to invite you to an experiment with that interesting quiz.

For maximum fun, please read the following before you click on that quiz .

The quiz contains 30 questions. Each one shows a photo cropped closely to show mostly the eyes and, to some extent, eyebrows. So what you see is very eye-centric.

10 Best Soul Research Articles

Best 10 Soul Research Articles

10 Best Soul Research Articles. Are you curious, spiritually? Would you like to receive more guidance from your own soul?

10 Best Soul Research Articles. Learn about your soul’s purpose here and now. How it shows up in your life. Blog highlights to help you live better!

Each of the 10 blog articles selected for you aims to help you better understand the role of guidance. Co-creating with Divine help. Rather than asking astral-level spirits to guide you.