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Post-New-Age Perspective: Will Psychic Development Make an Empath Stronger?

Does psychic development REALLY make a person stronger?

Does psychic development REALLY make a person stronger?

NOTE: On February 5, 2016, this post leapt onto our list of the blog’s “15 Most Popular Posts.” As usual with these articles, the big zest is in the COMMENTS.

As often happens, this post began on one theme and morphed into something quite different. In this case, the conversation changed because of a powerful teaching moment set in motion by a brave reader, EMILYH. You’ll see this community come together in support of solving a problem. And eventually we wound up discussing a lot about how Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is taught.

Who knows what will develop next? I’m game to find out. How about you?

In this series of occasional posts I’m inviting you to think for yourselves, Blog-Buddies. Use your self-authority to decide about big-deal, popular assumptions in New Age.

Personally, I think you can do better, especially because you’re living after the New Age years (1980-Dec. 21-2012) were successful, helping to prepare humanity for that coming age. We’re in it now, the Age of Awakening. Ways of thinking and, even, techniques that were helpful back then can be less that helpful now.

That’s my unfolding understanding, helping clients  as the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Yet that doesn’t mean my perspective is right for you.

Thinking for yourself, though? That will always be right for you.

Today’s topic #1 in this series…

Will It Help Your Health to Develop Psychic Abilities?

Misa Hopkins has made an eloquent case for this idea at this blog post (and others) at her blog, Self-Healing Secrets: 2 Huge Reasons Not to Wait to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

She writes in a way that many New Agers would find fits right into the Hay House version of reality, what I call New Age litany.

Only here’s a small problem with Misa’s two huge reasons:

Psychic Development Does Not Solve the Problems of Unskilled Empaths

Only empath skills do that.

Taking on Imported STUFF can lead to health problems, I agree.

On her blog Misa Hopkins tells a story about Ariann who has (what I call) Environmental Empath Talent, 1 of 15 empath gifts that I describe in “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.”

Ariann “was having terrible migraine headaches that seemed to have no relationship to hormones, diet or stress. She suspected she might be picking up on volcanic activity on the planet with her deeply empathic connection to the earth.”

Misa Hopkins facilitated healing. Apparently the best part for Ariann is that, as a result from this healing, “she put her own psychic abilities to work and found relief from her tormenting headaches.”

I have also helped empaths to overcome health problems related to doing unskilled empath merges. Sometimes physical health problems. Sometimes psychological problems. Sometimes relationship problems. Sometimes money problems.

Instead of taking time to address one symptom at a time, my approach is different. I help empaths to gain skills of Empath Empowerment®. Through books like The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy.

In my experience, problems can be solved and prevented by “Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Empath Gifts.”

Moreover, the system I use to help empaths does NOT involve psychic work. I think that’s an important distinction to make, don’t you?

Psychic Development in the Age of Awakening often leads to Spiritual Addiction

It wasn’t so back during the Piscean Age. But since The Shift into the Age of Aquarius, it has become very easy for people to become over-involved in psychic work.

20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops — that can protect your health, your finances, your quality of life, your spiritual evolution.

Here is a Top 10 Post to help you to understand how you can keep yourself living in Human-Based Spirituality, rather than succumbing to Spiritual Addiction.

So here’s my advice. If you wish to pursue psychic development, do it for no more than 20 minutes per day. Don’t let it take over your life.

Talent for Mediumship and Channeling Doesn’t Equal DESTINY

In Misa Hopkins’s blog post she also shares the story of a woman, Tashene, had psychic abilities but didn’t use them until she developed terminal cancer and then had a beautiful Near-Death Experience. Tashene was healed and began a path teaching “Levels of Integrated Conscious Enlightenment.”

(Incidentally, you Blog-Buddies are welcome to nominate Tashene for my Enlightenment Life List. You know the drill. Or can find nomination details in the body of the blog post.)

This beautiful story validates how sacred psychic development can be for a person. Clearly this work with channeling and mediumship was so important for Tashene.

However, countless other people do NOT have this same destiny.

The path of psychic development is like many abilities a person can have yet not choose to develop in this life.

Blog-Buddies, each of you is way talented. It is impossible for you to fully develop or use ALL the talent you have in this life. So you get to choose.

This use of free will is important, even sacred.

Carolyn Myss, on my Enlightenment Life List, was involved in psychic development and then stopped. Afterwards she moved into Enlightenment.

So far, in my years of research about the aura-level components of Enlightenment, vital to the work that has developed for me as an Enlightenment  Coach, I have yet to find a professional psychic who has moved into Enlightenment.

Unfortunately I have, however, found this. Many professional psychics, channelers, and mediums are in Spiritual Addiction. And, since the Age of Awakening, many have moved into Extreme Spiritual Addiction, losing a sense of self and involved in virusey cords of attachment.

For every dramatically beautiful story like the one recounted by New Age teachers like Misa Hopkins, there are thousands of untold tales of beautiful spiritual seekers whose lives are now dedicated to pursuing The Romance of the Astral.

Do you have friends who might be receptive to reading today’s article? Then might I suggest that you share it? All are welcome to comment below.

At a start of a new year, it’s a golden opportunity to move forward on a path of personal development that fits the person you are now.

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  1. 101

    At least I can do my best to teach with honor and maintain the quality.

    I’ll tell you this: If you ever have the good fortune to develop intellectual property of value, you’re going to curate it quite differently from those who appropriate bits and pieces of somebody else’s work… and then pass it off as their own discoveries.

  2. 102

    About your Comments #96 and 97, these came in while I was typing in mine.

    In response, sweet of you, EMILYH! You never wrote with malice, right? So there is nothing to forgive.

    Besides, this is a teaching blog, and I’ll do what I can to find education.

  3. 103
    EmilyH says:

    These are good questions to ask. I could use this info. I was skeptical of the previous program at first but it did work for some people and it still does.

  4. 104
    EmilyH says:

    Well thank you Rose. As for the other comments it’s interesting that the top hit is totally not right.

    Is that what people would like to believe about empathy I wonder. Here I go thinkin.

  5. 105
    EmilyH says:

    It’s sounding like work to get the true solid information to check the so called “facts.”

    There’s so much info available about everything that it’s hard to wade through.

  6. 106

    About your question in Comment #104, I’ve often thought about this.

    The system of Empath Empowerment® does produce results, dramatic ones. Other approaches that are more popular are haphazard, to say the least.

    In fact, one of the most popular empath authorities now tells her students something like this, “I’m so sensitive as an empath that I can’t stand to be with other people for longer than three hours a day.”

    Yes, I’ve heard this reported by three different clients who have studied with her before they found Empath Empowerment.

    That’s the best she’s got? And people actually, voluntarily study with her?

  7. 107

    So I’ve definitely thought about this, EMILYH.

    Of course, I don’t know for sure, and there may actually be many answers. But the one I’ve come up with may shock you.

    Could it be that the different RES skills are ahead of their time?

  8. 108

    Here’s an example of why this may be so.

    The method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® has been published years ago in a book by that name. It’s the second book I published in the field now called Energy Spirituality.

    The aura reading I teach now is more advanced, although I still recommend that folks start with that book and second go to the book that teaches you how to read chakra databanks, “Read People Deeper.”

  9. 109

    At a trade show I met a bookstore owner who told me:

    “This is the real aura reading book, for people who want to get with it and have results — not that hyped-up stuff about looking for the colors. This book is way ahead of its time. We’re proud to be able to sell it.”

  10. 110

    When did she tell me that? In 2004.

    Over 120,000 copies have been sold so far. Which isn’t too shabby for a self-published book.

    As a point of comparision, in America it would take 125,000 book sales domestically to technically count as a national bestseller. But there have been international editions, not just the American one. Besides, 120,000 is not the same as 125,000.

  11. 111

    Still, this method still does appear to be ahead of its time for most people.

    Because what happens if you search on Amazon under “Auras”?

    The entire first page of hits will show you titles that emphasize the color of auras. It’s the traditional (limited and limiting) emphasis on aura reading as “See the colours.” And my “Ahead of its time” book is nowhere to be found.

    If you search on Google under “Aura Reading” on the first screen of results you’ll find the same kind of mess. Again, my “Ahead of its time” book is nowhere to be found.

  12. 112

    You get the idea, EMILYH. I think it’s pretty amazing when blog readers, book buyers, students, and clients manage to find me.

    I don’t have the power of Hay House to promote me. I’m not a big company. It’s me and my husband Mitch Weber.

    I do the things that I do well, while he manages support for clients, workshop coordination, and other practical things.

    I have nobody cranking up the search engine optimization and, ridiculously, I still don’t have a cute little contemporary website because Mitch and I just haven’t had TIME to focus on hiring and supervising consultants to do this job.

  13. 113

    So, yes, work ahead of its time has got the footprint in society of being ahead of its time. And the people like you who find my funky little blog are likewise ahead of YOUR time.

    I’m glad that you land here and I do my best to be of service to you. With integrity.

  14. 114

    You know, EMILY H, maybe this context helps you to understand further why I monitor my blog, don’t encourage “Do your thing, everyone” conversations at my Facebook group for Empath Empowerment Skills.

    Keeping the quality clean can help all these skills to stay helpful once collective consciousness finally catches up. 😉

  15. 115

    Today this post landed on our list of “Most Popular Posts.”

    Celebrating… what else?… I wrote a new post. 😉

    Seriously, there are five reasons to celebrate the popularity of this post. You’ll find them listed here.

  16. 116
    EmilyH says:

    120,000 book sales is quite an accomplishment. That’s wonderful what was said to you about your aura reading book too.

  17. 117
    EmilyH says:

    I have no idea how to judge the criteria of your blog to say if it’s ahead of its time or not (which it could be). I do know however that it has helped me a lot especially in a time when I needed some understanding, etc..

  18. 118
    EmilyH says:

    As for comment 114 I think I understand. You shouldn’t just listen to any ol advice.

  19. 119
    Donna says:

    wow that did develop into soemthing else…

    when I first began a conscious search and interest in to the world of spirituality and New age stuff…

    and that was long ago…

    I thought I wanted to be a psychic, a healer, a medium.

  20. 120
    Donna says:

    Now, after falling out of the trance of all that (for quite some time now) I realize the place for me is who I already empath.

    Who may have many of those skills also…but mainly… this is who I am.

  21. 121
    Donna says:

    I don’t really care about all the other fluff now…

    I want to live comfortable as an empath…I am sticking with the books for now and just enjoying being me…

    and excepting where I am in development.

    I am thankful for this place…

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