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Wedding Cake Artist Maggie LaBaugh, Tasted through a Skilled Empath Merge

A gorgeous wedding cake? Sure, yet quite crude compared to the confections of Maggie Austin LaBaugh

A gorgeous wedding cake? Sure, yet quite crude compared to the confections of Maggie Austin LaBaugh

According to a profile in the Washington Post, “Most bakeries charge between $5 and $8 a slice for wedding cakes. A Maggie Austin cake starts at $10 a slice, with a minimum $800 order.”

That’s chump change to her. Maggie (Austin) LaBaugh is used to charging a minimum of $8,000 (and often much, much more) whenever she bakes a wedding cake. The former ballerina has baked cakes for royal weddings and many of the world’s other A-listers.

When I casually glimpsed her photo in the Post’s recent feature story, the delicacy of this 30-year-old intrigued me. Even with my consciousness positioned, routinely, on the surface of reality, Maggie LaBaugh appears way more refined than superfine sugar.

What is it like to be her? Nothing tells you that better than a Skilled Empath Merge. Today I’ll use this aura picture of Maggie LaBaugh as a basis for baking one up, as it were. (For background on Skilled Empath Merge, see the end of today’s article. Including a link that explains the technical term “chakra databank.”)

Source for the picture is here. Of course, to any skilled empath or aura reader, every photo is an aura photo.

Too Yummy For Words

Before telling you about Maggie, get ready to drool. Behold these images of some of her cakes — with my names attached:

Now for my auric explorations, summarized. In advance of getting started I’ve typed in the list of chakra databanks that I’ll be visiting, based on my curiosity. Let’s see what gives, what lives!

Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Physical Reality

18 feet. This chakra databank functions at normal range.

But this normal size doesn’t hint at the fascinating complexities about the way Maggie LaBaugh connects to physical objects (like cakes and ballet) at this time in her life.

The ugliness of everyday life, as it is, makes a far strong impression on her than the beauties. Her sensitivity is appalled and affronted at every turn.

Not that she tries to act like a diva. The woman just has an ultra-refined nervous system, combined with STUFF that makes it hard for her to adjust being human. (Any friends of Maggie LaBaugh reading this? Please invite her to have a phone session with me. I feel quite certain that I could facilitate help for this aurically-evident, long-term problem.)

For all you readers, let’s note: The sensibility of any highly, highly sensitive person isn’t simply let loose on the world, free to create beauty at will. Survival, everyday survival, can be gruelingly difficult for someone like Maggie LaBaugh.

For her, I suspect, taking a walk down K Street, in downtown D.C., could be as hard as it would be for Rose Rosetree, this klutz of a baker, to try to make one little flower out of buttercream.

Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Feminine Energy

80 feet. Somewhat overfunctioning in size.

Maggie LaBaugh keeps reaching out to others, feminine energy foremost, hoping to make contact with qualities like love, caring, virtue.

A subconscious-level habit causes her to respond to problems by offering sweetness.

Sigh! Blog-Buddies, some of you may know from personal experience how well that kind of thing works!

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Living in the Present

20 feet. Size of this chakra databank is within normal range.

Clear and strong, Maggie LaBaugh knows very well how to live in the moment. At best she lives inside the moment, which is far more unusual.

When baking, especially when decorating, she brings a focus that transports her within that moment.

It’s a bit like the focus a dancer might summon while balanced en pointe, supporting the full weight of her body on just one big toe.

What bliss that kind of focus has brough Maggie LaBaugh, whether as a dancer or now, as a cake artist!

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Stability

3 feet. Size suggests that this chakra databank is underfunctioning.

Emotionally it is not easy to be Maggie LaBaugh. And especially not now, at at the time of this photograph.

Right now her extreme sensitivity is heightened by a new level of fame that is building for her. How can she refuse this? Yet it might be very, very difficult for Maggie LaBaugh to get through each day — these days, at least.

Probably tears burst out when she is not on public display. When she is not baking. No, at other times, seemingly randomly, when just engaged in everyday human life. Which can feel so harsh and heavy for her right now.

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication as an Artist

Yes, Blog-Buddies, this is one of the optional chakra databanks in Maggie LaBaugh’s personal set. Although most of us do not have this particular one, but each of us does have many optional chakra databanks at any given time, related to the life being lived: The work, the priorities, the personal relationships.

Out to the moon. Overfunctioning size for this chakra databank, but would that be surprising?

Divinely-sourced inspiration, emphasizing feminine energy, is the defining quality to Maggie LaBaugh’s way of communicating as an artist.

Blog-Buddies, food preparation transmits the cook’s energy in an intense way. An extreme version, in a fictional work of magical realism, is “Like Water for Chocolate.”

Having experienced the supernal+ quality of this chakra databank, I’m convinced that eating a commissioned cake by Maggie LaBaugh could set in motion a kind of inner transformation.

Perhaps a bit like what you have hoped for if ever you had a communion wafer.

I specify “A commissioned cake” because, seems to me, the most powerful impact of Maggie LaBaugh’s bakerly communication would only go into her one-of-a-kind creations. Among the ultimate versions of performance art.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Compassionate Appreciation of Human Life

Blog-Buddies, I love reading this chakra databank. It reveals a person’s spiritual capacity for valuing human struggle, including our seemingly puny personal achievements… when compared to how fast we would prefer to grow.

3 inches. This chakra databank is currently underfunctioning and stuck.

Just how contemptuous is Maggie LaBaugh, subconsciously, when witnessing everyday human struggles? They’re:

  • Affreux! (Awful!)
  • E/pouventable! (Appalling)
  • De/gou^tant. (Revolting)
  • Fellow French students, don’t you agree? Words of derision are just so much more effective when you say them in French! 😉 (Please forgive my funny way of conveying French accents, by placing workaround versions after the the letter.)

You really need to speak French to convey the full quality of Maggie LaBaugh’s disdain for mere human life. Bottom line, standard-issue human life is so below-standard for this artiste.

She’s not trying to be snobbish, either. STUFF is just configured a certain way in her aura and subconscious mind, at least at the time of this photo being used for this Skilled Empath Merge.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill (Expressing Her Soul in Everyday Life)

80 miles. Way over-functioning at the time of this photo.

But then this photograph is a publicity picture to support her current life work. You could expect something radically different when Maggie LaBaugh must do something more mundane, like clean the mud off her shoes.

Radiant joy cascades from her aura because, iIn her life now, Maggie LaBaugh is doing exactly, precisely, what she loves.

Nothing human can stop her. At this part of her aura, at this moment of public acclaim, Maggie LaBaugh is like a ballerina of inexhaustible energy, flawless coordination, and perfect balance, executing her own choreography and knowing — at soul level — that each performance can transform her audience.

How to Gain Empath Skills for Yourself

Might I recommend? Begin with this easy self-help book for empaths, “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

If you want more than that, I have published a short series of Empath Empowerment® books, three of them to bring you more and more skill as an empath.

Books in this series can open up a world to you, for a life with a natural self-confidence and an increasingly stable sense of self.

And when you’re ready for Skilled Empath Merge, there’s a fourth eBook or print book in the series. This can help you to use your fullest potential as an empath. It’s called “The Master Empath: Turning on Your Empath Gifts at Will — in Love, Business and Friendship (Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge).

Whether you do Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading, these deep kinds of energetic literacy will take you to a level of detail within the human energy field. The ancient Sanskrit name is the “Nadis.” I prefer to call them chakra databanks.

Until you can read auras with that degree of detail, you’re not yet using your built-in gifts for full energetic literacy. I’d love to help you to claim that birthright.

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    Oh, so fascinating, especially about what is transmitted through cooking!

    I have been watching cake decorating videos on youtube lately, but I never heard of Maggie LaBaugh. Her cakes are so beautiful.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Looking through photos, her cakes are sooooo pretty.

    They do make the one at the top of this post look like a cheap prom dress.

  3. 3

    Cheap prom dress — funny!

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating! Love the French 🙂 I do agree with you about words of derision!

  5. 5
    Grace W says:

    I really enjoyed this reading, Rose. Besides learning about the beauty of her work, I always appreciate readings of successful highly sensitive folks.

    Eddie Redmayne is the last very, very sensitive person I recall you reading.

  6. 6

    Thanks, KYLIE and GRACE W.

    GRACE, it is interesting that most of the movers and shakers in society are NOT highly, highly sensitive persons so far… but we’re just getting started in the Age of Awakening, where empaths just might make big progress at inheriting the earth.

  7. 7

    This comment isn’t about Maggie LaBaugh but about the actor Alan Rickman, recently deceased.

    Today I came upon a touching tribute that Daniel Radcliffe has written about him. FYI, Blog-Buddies:

  8. 8
    Lilian says:

    I appreciate Rose’s attempt at giving respect of someone as sensitive as this lady contributing her artistic gifts to planet earth and the particular “stuff” it brings.

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    Here’s a thing though.

    Rose, ever vigilant of stuff, points out that Maggie seems to only find pleasure in baking activities. However, this does seem normal to me, from my experience of sensitive folk (musicians, artists, mathematicians etc).

  10. 10
    Lilian says:

    Finding islands of activity that you genuinely enjoy is a good way to start enjoying being human. You can always push comfort levels.

    In fact the love of your favourite activity can encourage you to experience and grow from all kinds of other human experience.

  11. 11
    Lilian says:

    I do believe that by using your talents in this world (like this cake lady is doing), the emotional stability and balance and appreciate for human life in general inevitably grows.

  12. 12

    LILIAN, you nailed me as “ever vigilant of STUFF.” 🙂

    I think you have made some valid points about the value in BEHAVIOR of doing things that make a person happy.

  13. 13

    If I might draw a distinction, what shows in chakra databanks is patterning at the subconscious level, and there it is a definite problem to find what I located at Maggie’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Stability, etc.

    LILIAN’ our different perspectives are beautifully complimentary, seems to me.

  14. 14
    Kira says:

    I suspect I could have commiserated with Maggie LaBaugh (whom I hadn’t heard of either) earlier in my life.

    I would love to try one of her cakes someday. I’m not a particular fan of cakes, but I am of sweets, and some cakes rise above being cakes for me. I suspect hers would.

  15. 15
    Lilian says:

    lol, Indeed. I am not an aura expert. If I met this person, this is how I would encourage them as a friend. If you got them in a session, then that’s a different thing.

  16. 16
    David B says:

    Hi Rose
    Love the diversity of your examples.

    For help with accents, you need “character codes”, a bit of HTML that makes the symbols you need. The web is full of such things.

    Á for example.
    The trick is, you have to shift into text view to enter them in WordPress.

  17. 17
    David B says:

    In this case, WP “translated” the code for me. But in a post, you get more reliable results from text view.

  18. 18
    David B says:

    On the databanks – fascinating to see the extremes in this adaptation. Some things likely spilling over from dancing. Others unique to this.

    I have fond memories of a certain wedding cake. Not ornate like these, but delicious with a layer of pastry and fruit across the middle and large sweet blackberries top center. Not to mention lots of clowning around. 🙂

  19. 19
    Evgenia says:

    Wow! Those cakes are unbelievable! Thank you Rose for sharing!

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