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A Dream that Martin Luther King Could Not Imagine

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has changed my life. How about you?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has changed my life. How about you?

I have a dream too. On America’s only national holiday dedicated to a person of faith and visionary social courage, I have a big dream.

It begins with a dream that America will progress rapidly towards accepting the equality of all people in our country. Black lives do matter, and it’s time that some Americans stopped projecting their worst fears onto people with darker skin.

Latino lives matter also, and Asian-American lives, and the lives of Native Americans; biracial lives and white lives — all our lives matter.

A dream can make a person hungry. I am hungry for us to recognize how all of us belong to the ethnic group called “Human.” And then behave accordingly.

This part of my dream, even the hunger, is not unusual. But here comes the part that is.

Believing in Today’s Changes to Vibrational Reality

Each person alive is living in this Age of Awakening, where consciousness can readily travel away from human frequencies and towards astral, subconscious experience. Just three years after the Shift into this age, huge adjustment problems are being experienced in the form of two major consciousness epidemics, spiritual shutdown and spiritual addiction.

Spiritual shutdown helps to explain the popularity of that affable facist Donald Trump. This consciousness lifestyle is experienced by an estimated 45% of Americans. I see this as a problem of transition into the Aquarian Age. People are resisting the freedom of consciousness to flow, resulting in a vicious cycle of fear and blindness to other points of view.

I have a dream that people in this group will find their way into a human-based spirituality. Then their easy social hatreds can drop away.

Meanwhile, how to deal with people afflicted by spiritual shutdown? It can be hard to like them, or to respect them, although doing so would help bring more civility into our fragmented nation.

Superficial compassion aside, I don’t think it’s necessary to understand the particulars of each person’s self-imposed prison. Definitely not helpful to deeply feel that person’s pain. Spare yourself, please.

Folks in spiritual shutdown are fighting for their lives, not knowing how to adjust to this Age of Awakening. They’re thrashing around like drowning swimmers. Don’t let them take you down with them. (You can read more practical advice in this article: When Your Boss Is on a Train to Crazyland.)

The End of Grey Slime

Preventing people in spiritual shutdown from getting grey slime in their auras: That couldn’t have been part of Dr. King’s dream.

Why not? Eloquent though he was, the great visionary did not possess energetic literacy. How could he predict that so many people couldn’t reach out to the Divine, as he did so naturally and humbly?

Dr. King couldn’t guess that the consciousness freedom in this new age would terrify many people stuck in human frequencies and cause them to struggle like crazy for kinds of security that are no longer possible — like the old way consciousness used to flow for thousands of years, lodged in human vibrational frequences of objective reality and surface subjective experience.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had no way of predicting that, living after December 21, 2012, humanity’s consciousness would start functioning in such a different manner.

Blog-Buddies, I challenge you. Choose any event in recorded history and compare its impact. With all respect, that counts as small by comparison.

World War I or World War II, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Era — yes, these were gigantic human-level level happenings, to be sure. Yet the impact can’t compare to this absolutely new, irreversible, planetary change in how consciousness works vibrationally. Welcome to the Age of Awakening, whether you like it or not.

The start of this historic change is our privilege to witness…  Even though each first-generation witness to this new time on earth, each of individual, must learn how to handle the consciousness changes with grace.

“Just say no”? That doesn’t work, except to bring spiritual shutdown.

Indirectly this approach can lead to casual, incomprehending acts of social injustice. These bring horrible karma to all perpetrators. Some of the immediate karma is depositing grey slime into the auras of the actively hateful and also the cruelly indifferent.

In my dream the casual infliction of cruelty stops. The self-righteous justifications stop. The gun violence stops.

An underlying reason for improvement is that people find a better way of adapting to consciousness now; so they can wake up from their trances of survivalist fear.

Instead of today’s vicious cycle of spiritual shutdown, which produces ever more grey slime for those caught in that cycle, these well-meaning people can evolve faster. It’s a prize they can win because they live in this Age of Awakening.

Curious about the opportunity, rather than denying it, they can enjoy personal growth at a time when rapid miracles of spiritual evolution really are possible.

My Dream, My Wish. Not My Prayer

Personally I don’t use prayer as a way of trying to enforce my dreams.

Yes, I wish that one person at a time would choose to awaken from the consciousness lifestyle of spiritual shutdown, waking up well adjusted to vibrational life as it is on earth now.

Imagine the impact of one person after another, using free will to become free in consciousness. Which would allow that individual to enjoy life more… in terms of any belief system that is compatible with personal growth, given how life works vibrationally in this age (and there are many such paths).

I don’t ask God to make that happen or dictate some scheme for how I think this should happen.

But I do hold in my heart a knowing that this can happen, and in my lifetime.

How much suffering in this world would cease if only this part of my dream would come true!

Waking up from Spiritual Addiction

Another part of my dream concerns those in spiritual addiction, a consciousness lifestyle which underlies the social ineffectiveness and unintentional self-absorption of a second group of fundamentally good people.

Having trouble adapting to the Age of Awakening, they are caught in a different vicious cycle vibrationally. Another estimated 45% of Americans living now are in spiritual addiction because they are too eager to experience higher vibrational energies. This causes them to lose touch with human reality.

  • The New Age Litany was beautiful during its day, those transitional years from 1980 through 12-21-12. Now it’s obsolete. Worse than useless, it drives many a beautiful seeker into spiritual addiction.
  • Alternatively, many folks have moved into psychological overwork, where a person moves out of touch with reality due to psychological self-help.
  • Many beautiful souls do both. The result? Spiritual addiction plus psychological overwork!

Just yesterday my new client Gladys was encouraged to understand the burden she had been carrying, working on herself all day long.

She came to understand how all her psychological self-scrutiny and the New Age energy practices were actually counter-productive: Limiting her success in life, restricting her relationships, and — most ironically of all — slowing down her personal growth.

Gladys has agreed to do a three-week experiment called 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. This isn’t just essential for overcoming Spiritual Addiction. Empaths benefit enormously, which is why you’ll find a generous supply of information about Technique Time in “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Empath Gifts.”

Spiritual Enlightenment for All Who Desire It

That is also part of my dream,Blog-Buddies. Because Householder Enlightenment is the great potential for all of us living in the Age of Awakening.

The new energetic freedom of this era makes it faster and easier than ever before to develop a higher state of consciousness — a quality of consciousness that Dr. King, for all his faith, was not able to attain.

We are so fortunate to live at this time, with our great potentials for personal evolution. And those of you who have read this far into a long post probably know that I’m not merely a theorist, not just a dreamer, when it comes to working as an Enlightenment Coach. This little list is one of my proudest achievements of this lifetime; a short list, but growing.

  • Blog-Buddies, in the opinion of this Enlightenment Coach, permanent spiritual awakening won’t happen by seeking advice from spirit guides.
  • It won’t happen by devoting the best part of each day to cleaning up your energies or “being positive.”
  • Nor will a higher state of consciousness result from seeking that ultimate bit of psychological understanding about your issues.

No political philosophy or type of social action is uniquely on the side of the angels, but spiritual integration does require that we care about human-level things, we commit to living our values in practical ways, and that we take action.

Yes, a bit more than three years into the Age of Awakening, I do have a dream. Writing this blog is one way I strive to make my dream come true.

Blog-Buddies, what is your dream? And, day by day, what do you do to make it come true?

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  1. 1

    One more thing. This is such a good day to listen with new ears and an open heart to this song by James Taylor:

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    That’s so beautiful Rose! So.. many… thoughts…

    Extra special points go to this comment:

    “No political philosophy or type of social action is uniquely on the side of the angels, but spiritual integration does require that we care about human-level things, we commit to living our values in practical ways, and that we take action.”

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Pretty much what I concluded many years ago, and a difficult thing to express and communicate and act effectively on. It’s such a joy to read it in your blog.

  4. 4

    LILIAN, aw, thanks.

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    My dream is very similar to yours, Rose.

    As for what I’m doing to make it happen? My plans for that have been on hold, because they involve taking most if not all of your workshops. (Which I had hoped would happen in 2017, but the major vacation to Australia I was planning in 2016 is almost certainly going to have to happen in 2017 instead now.)

  6. 6

    KIRA, I will LOVE having you light up my workshops. And I think you’ll enjoy your fellow participants too.

    In my opinion, the people who feel drawn to my workshops are part of a leadership group in RES, whether or not they go on to become my apprentices and, even, full-fledged professionals.

  7. 7

    One reason why 2015 was very special to me is that it’s the first year for one of the professionals I’ve trained in RES to go full time, fully supporting herself.


  8. 8
    Grace W says:

    First, congrats, Isabella C! That’s very cool!

  9. 9
    Grace W says:

    Loved this post, Rose. It’s always helpful to be reminded of this framework for understanding what’s going on in the world these days as I navigate some interesting interactions along the way.

    It really is a huge change.

  10. 10
    Grace W says:

    Oh, also, I love the descriptor “affable fascist.” 🙂 Though, actually, I don’t find him all that affable.

    He and Ted Cruz are a pair, though, aren’t they? Especially the Saturday Night Live versions of them.

  11. 11
    Lilian says:

    Hmm, this is the best description of spiritual shutdown yet.

    I think I appreciate the parallels of the two extremes more.

    It seems people in spiritual shutdown and spiritual addiction are both not living in “reality”. And each is as actively self destructive. It’s been harder for me to understand spiritual shutdown, but I’m starting to get it.

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    Genuine fear and need to control, sense of human existence/reality/identity threatened, cultural tales of apocalypse… that kind of thing I think.

    Fear of something between 1984 and Minority Report. That doesn’t sound fun at all. Oh dear.

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