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Contest for Aura Reading Movie Reviews in 2016

Not every oscar winner has to be white

Not every oscar winner has to be white

Help me decide, Blog-Buddies. You may know that every year I research several actors and actresses, starring the special kind of energetic literacy that I use to probe how deeply actors inhabit their roles.

These aura reading movie reviews explore which performers change so much in their roles, it even alters their auras. (Easier said than done. Literally.)

Only world class actors manage to change so deeply that complex characters are created with radically different ways of functioning subconsciously, altering their energy fields all the way through to their chakra databanks.

Researching that is a delectable treat, so many of you join me in looking forward to these special aura readings, done every year.

This year’s blog articles will be no exception, except for… two exceptions.

1. Academy Award Acting Nominations Only for White Faces? Why?

In 2016, the lack of diversity among Academy Award nominees is outrageous. So I’m going to make an exception to the usual tradition of doing aura reading film criticism about only the year’s chosen nominees.

I stand with others who care about acknowledging diversity in American society. You know, the USA, a country that was majority white once upon a time. But now only barely.

Already we’re a becoming minority-majority nation. By 2020 more than half of the nation’s children will come from a minority race or ethnic group, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And it is expected that by 2043 America will no longer have a white majority.

Even if the country’s demographics weren’t on the side of diversity, I am. As usual I WILL research some of the Academy’s nominees.

But this year I’d also like to include consideration of performers who weren’t nominated for Academy Awards. Such as?

  • Will Smith for Concussion
  • Michael B. Jordan in Creed
  • Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation
  • Samuel L. Jackson in The Hateful Eight 
  • Benicio del Toro in Sicario
  • And other performances YOU saw and liked
  • Including performances by non-white actresses

But which ones to select? Please help me decide, Blog-Buddies.

2. This One-Week Contest Invites YOU to Choose Which Performances I’ll Research

How many aura reading movie reviews will I do in advance of the Oscars? At least five. But definitely not all of the official nominees, plus the aforementioned add-ons. So you can help me to choose.

Please nominate your faves.

Could be somebody from that bulleted list you just read. Or one of these:

How to Enter this Contest

  1. Nominate one actor or actress in a film released in 2015. Name both the performer and the role. (Links would be appreciated, too.)
  2. Please add why you’re interested.
  3. One nominee per comment, of course.
  4. Blog-Buddies, after any nominee appears below, feel free to add comments that say “Yes” to aura reading film criticism on that particular performer.
  5. Also one “Yes to a nominee” per comment, please.

To participate you don’t have to have seen the performance. Maybe you just heard enough buzz to make you curious.

Our most interesting and most popular nominations stand to win. And then, of course, we’ll all win, relishing those aura reading film critiques that follow on this blog.

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    I’ll do one of them as a guest post as well! Let me know who you pick to do, Rose, and I’ll choose at least one of the others.

    I really like the idea to honor some non-white actors. The white supremacy is really ridiculous.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    I’ll nominate Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation.

    I haven’t seen Elba in that role, but I did watch him on the tv show “The Wire.” Then I saw him in a role in the movie “Pacific Rim.” I thought, ‘Wow, he seems totally different in this role!’

    He has that huge movie star type appeal and also appears to be a very talented and skilled actor.

    There was a big debate earlier this year about whether he should be the next James Bond.

  3. 3
    Grace W says:

    What a great idea, Rose! My nominations are all from films I found to be excellent and thoughtful, not of the over-the-top variety with lots of violence and/or special effects.

    For BEST ACTOR, I’d like to nominate Eddie Redmayne for The Danish Girl. How interesting to see if he morphed completely in this role as a man moving fully into a new transgender identity as a woman. I found this film to be both beautiful and brilliant.

    Eddie as himself:

    Eddie as Einar, the male character he initially plays:

    Eddie as Lili:

  4. 4
    Grace W says:

    For BEST ACTRESS, I’d like to nominate the Irish actress, Saiorse Ronan, in Brooklyn. Another beautiful, thoughtful film. She’s an amazing actress, able to convey so much emotion through her face with such subtlety.

    Saoirse as herself:

    Saoirse as Eilis, a young Irish immigrant creating a new life in Brooklyn:

  5. 5
    Grace W says:

    I’d welcome any and all of the non-white nominees you mentioned. I didn’t see any of the performances, so don’t have a preference at this point.

  6. 6
    Leo says:

    Seconding the Idris Elba nomination. He was outstanding in The Wire and in just about everything else I’ve seen him in.

  7. 7
    Grace W says:

    For BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, I nominate Mark Ruffalo, in Spotlight, another thoughtful, smart movie that told a good story(in spite of what they uncovered being so horrendous). No gratuitous violence or over-the-top special effects.

    I’ve just always liked Mark Ruffalo. He doesn’t seem to be swept up in the fame machine or full of himself in an obnoxious way.

    Mark Ruffalo as himself:

    Mark Ruffalo as Boston Globe reporter Mike Rezendes:

    And, just for grins, here’s Mark Ruffalo and the real Mike Rezendes:

  8. 8
    Grace W says:

    For BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, I’d like to nominate Swedish-born actress Alicia Vikander, from The Danish Girl.

    I thought her performance was wonderful, with quite an emotional range. She convincingly portrayed this spouse who witnessed and stood by her beloved husband transforming into who he felt he really was.

    Alicia Vikander is having quite a year, another reason I think it would be interesting to have an aura reading.

    Alicia Vikander as herself:

    Alicia Vikander as Gerda:

  9. 9
    Rachel says:

    I’d like to nominate Leonardo DiCaprio. I just saw “The Revenant,” last night (it’s only just come out in the UK), and while I can’t say it was a film I “enjoyed” much, I did think Leonardo’s performance was amazing.

    While watching the film, I completely forgot that I was watching Leonardo; he really did seem to totally inhabit his character.

    I’d be really curious to know how much Leonardo’s aura changed while performing this role. I recall reading somewhere that he did spend a huge amount of time preparing and really ‘living’ that terrifying life in the run-up to filming.

  10. 10

    Thanks, everyone. A special shout-out to you, ISABELLA C, for your generous offer in Comment #1.

    RACHEL, I wonder if you would be kind enough to supply some links. (See Point #1 in “How to Enter this Contest”.)

  11. 11
    Isabella C. says:

    Seconding the Leonardo DiCaprio nomination.

    I saw ‘The Revenant’ last weekend. I actually enjoyed it despite all the violence. The cinematographer won Oscars the past two years and I suppose he might win again.

    I didn’t think about his performance much while watching the film, but looking back on it now, it was amazing. Something very subtle and human about his performance, in a movie with a lot of brutality.

    He barely spoke through the entire film, but there were times when I thought I knew exactly what he was thinking.

    Plus there is so much talk about Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar or not, I think it would be good to include him.

  12. 12
    David B says:

    For me, the linked Oscars site is currently not working. Here’s another list:

  13. 13
    David B says:

    ” In fact, the only nomination for a black actress in film is Queen Latifah’s nomination for “Best Actress in a TV Movie” for her role in the HBO biopic, Bessie, in which she played renowned American blues singer Bessie Smith. ”

  14. 14
    Rachel says:

    Oh, sorry.

    I’m guessing this must be a recent pic of Leonardo as himself:–big-oil-enough-is-enough

    And here’s one of him in role (this is one of the shots used to publicise the film):

    Hope that suffices – if not, let me know and I’ll post some more.

  15. 15

    Thanks, RACHEL. That’s great!

    Thanks, DAVID B and ISABELLA C.

  16. 16
    Mel says:

    I’d also like to nominate Eddie Redmayne from The Danish Girl.

    It would be fascinating to see how a man interprets playing a woman, and not just any woman, but one at various stages of self revelation. I can’t imagine all the nuance that goes into a performance like that.

  17. 17
    Brandi says:

    I would like to nominate Rachel McAdams in her role in the movie “Spotlight”. I have always loved her as an actress since the movie “The Notebook” and even though she has been in the Hollywood scene a long time this is her first nomination for an Oscar.

    Of course it’s fun that she is from my home province of Ontario:)

  18. 18
    Lilian says:

    OK, let’s nominate some actors from this film:

    A satire of the pretensions of an elite white college from the point of view of the few black students.

  19. 19
  20. 20
  21. 21
  22. 22
    Lilian says:

    and the first person (Michael Jordon) on this link. Who has been cast as the comic book character, Johnny Storm, in the new reboot of the Fantastic Four. This character is usually cast by a white man.

    Rose, if you want to do any of those, and the pics are no good, I can find some others.

  23. 23
    Donna says:

    I would like to nominate Brie Larson as “Ma” in the movie Room.

    This link has some photos of her in the film:

  24. 24
    Gia says:

    I’d like to nominate Michael B Jordan for Creed.

    He played Adonis Creed and I left that movie thoroughly impressed with his performance plus he’s one of the black actors who was thought to be snubbed.

  25. 25
    Kira says:

    I’m going to nominate John Boyega for Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Star Wars may not be the type of movie that wins Oscars for its actors, but Stm Wars isn’t just a movie, it’s a phenomenon. And John Boyega is its first black star.

    Here’s what one person said about his role as Finn: “Boyega has this great combination of self-interested fear and reluctant heroism that he plays beautifully, and he charts Finn’s evolution as a person expertly here.”

    Boyega as himself:

    Boyega as Finn:

  26. 26
    David B says:

    Kira – I’d had the same thought.

  27. 27
    Kira says:

    David — glad it’s not just me! 🙂

    I’m in the hospital, so I just did a fairly cursory photo search, and I had difficulty finding better pictures without actually digging. Perhaps you or someone else could find better?

  28. 28
    David B says:

    I thought you did a great job, Kira.
    One of his climactic scenes and the very different “normal”.

  29. 29
    David B says:

    As many, I’m very curious what they make of his and Rey’s backstories, left hanging in VII.

    Both of them had what might be called sudden awakening of dharma, propelled out of their comfort zones.

  30. 30
    Emily says:

    I second John Boyega!

    Loved his character in that haven’t seen any of his other work yet but he seems like he’ll soon be one of the “a-listers” to me.

  31. 31
    Isabella C. says:

    I third John Boyega. I loved ‘The Force Awakens’ and really appreciated their casting.

    ….Like a female lead who doesn’t look and act like a porn star. What a relief!!

  32. 32

    First group of contest winners is those who nominated John Boyega from the new “Star Wars” movie.

    Find it here:

    And thanks, ISABELLA C, for your comment about the female lead in that movie not resembling a porn star. Here’s to more of that on the big screen!

  33. 33
    Cathy says:

    I am glad you added Will Smith amongst others to the list. He was one of the first I thought of, then because he’s not a nominee, held off.
    Now I can!

    Also like the suggestion above of Rachel McAdams.

  34. 34
    Jess says:

    I would second the request for Brie Larson in Room.

    I’m interested because I recall a couple of media interviews where she talked about how after a while, the problem was not getting into character, but getting back out again.

    She had to work hard to find ways to not let the role change her or her worldview too much, which makes me wonder how deep the changes went when she was Ma.

  35. 35

    Second group of contest winners can celebrate the Aura Reading Movie Review of Idris Elba? in “Beasts of No Nation,” a Guest Post by Isabella Cates.

  36. 36

    Third group of contest winners can celebrate (or comiserate over) the Aura Reading Movie Review of Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant.”

  37. 37

    Fourth group of contest winners can celebrate the Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Brie Larson in “Room.”

  38. 38

    New contest entries are still invited, Blog-Buddies.

  39. 39

    Yes, you can still enter this contest, Blog-Buddies. I’m aiming for three last aura reading movie reviews before the Academy Awards are given this Sunday.

    How will I choose from so many nominees?

    It’s going to be based on which nominees get the most requests. Right here, at this Contest for Aura Reading Movie Reviews in 2016.

  40. 40
    Brandi says:

    I would like to nominate Adam Driver from The Force Awakens. To be casted as Kylo Ren must be (or maybe not…) a thrill for him and he hasn’t been acting that long. You might also know him from the HBO show Girls as Lena Dunham’s love interest.

    Adam as himself:

    Adam as Kylo Ren:

    And boy would he would make for some fascinating face reading!

  41. 41

    Thanks, BRANDI. As I look over nominations for these aura readings, I’m paying attention to which performers have been nominated the most.

    So far, not too many have more than two requests. And after the one I select today, only two more will be read this year for these Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

    Speak up soon, Blog-Buddies!

  42. 42

    Yesterday’s aura reading movie review starred Rachel McAdams, with her Best Supporting Actress performance nomination for “Spotlight.”
    Wasn’t it great to finally read about a performance that scored 6 out of 6 Chakra Databank Change Points!

  43. 43

    Today I’m going to leap into my own contest and second GRACE W.’s nomination of one of Rachel McAdams’ co-stars, also nominated for a big Oscar trophy, Mark Ruffalo.

    Here’s his Wikipedia page.

    One thing I find interesting, for starters — his mother is a hairdresser; his father worked as a construction painter. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, not Hollywood.

    Maybe this is one reason why, every movie I’ve seen him in, he has seemed so relatable and down to earth.

  44. 44
    Irene says:

    Another vote for Mark Ruffalo. I haven’t yet seen this film, but given the results from the aura reading of his co-star Rachel McAdams, I’d be particularly interested to see one of him for this film.

  45. 45
    Irene says:

    I’ve always liked Will Smith, so his role as Dr. Bennet Omalu in the film Concussion would be neat to understand more deeply. He’s been mentioned already in the original post as well as comment #33

    I’m failing at image searching trying to find photos that are more than just a headshot.

    This is a photo of Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu (however Alec Baldwin is also in the shot)

  46. 46
    Irene says:

    Either of the stars from the The Danish Girl also seem really interesting, despite the factual inaccuracies made to pretty it up (lower their ages) and romanticize it (add in other romantic interests).

    I think this is more votes than there are options left in the contest 🙂

  47. 47
    Irene says:

    I *think* this is a photo from the movie as well, but I can’t read Spanish and I haven’t actually seen the film, so I can’t confirm for sure:

  48. 48
  49. 49
  50. 50

    And here’s the last of the series, researching Alicia Vikander’s acclaimed performance in “The Danish Woman.”

    My last in a very strange year of Oscar nominations, the year I will remember as “The Year of Movie Acting as an Extreme Sport.”

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