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Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Idris Elba. A Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES

Idris Elba, ready for his aura reading.

Idris Elba, ready for his aura reading.

RES practitioner ISABELLA CATES has given us our second Aura Reading Movie Review for this Academy Awards season. She selected Idris Elba, who was nominated in our ongoing contest.

In case you’re interested, she has been trained to offer phone sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality and, in addition, is apprenticing now at the form of past-life regression called “Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.” To discuss an appointment, call her at 330-687-2633 or email to 🙂

ISABELLA has been using skills of energetic literacy for years. You can even find some on display from long ago, when her name JORDAN (before some Name Alignment Soul Thrill Aura Research). Just type JORDAN in our blog’s search box and you’ll find some great guest posts.

But you might want to read the following article first. It’s fascinating.

Background on Aura Reading Movie Reviews

This blog post will tell you more about Rose’s method of using energetic literacy for aura reading film criticism.

To learn more about the sequence of research being used this year on some of the most interesting Academy Award nominees, see this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

It’s a very Age of Awakening form of movie criticism, researching which actors are able to change so deeply, it registers at their subconscious minds and chakra databanks.

Get ready for today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

The Film: “Beasts of No Nation

The Movie Trailer

Idris’s role: Commandant

About the movie, according to one film critic at the Roger Ebert website:

“The Commandant is magnetic and foul, hilarious and frightening, hateful and tender. He’s an unholy combination of a battlefield commander, a drill sergeant, a football coach, a decadent older brother, and the patriarch that a lot of these boys either never had or recently lost to revolution (or revolutions, plural—we get the sense that governments flip over all the time here). The boys adore The Commandant because they think he’s teaching them to be men, specifically warrior-men, but he’s really teaching them to be murderers, thieves, rapists and torturers who wrap their bloodlust and greed in ideology that seems half-understood when it’s comprehensible at all.”

Here are the photos we’ll use:

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Idris Elba

10 miles. Over-functioning.

For Idris Elba, playing himself at a press event, connecting to physical reality is not simply about connecting to physical reality. It’s more about gauging other people’s reactions to him and making micro-adjustments in his appearance, carriage, and energetic presence… a sort of feedback loop. Seeking to please, wherever he goes, whomever he’s with.

The feeling here is less like self-consciousness or preening ego and more like survival.

To him, performing is how he makes his money, this is how Idris Elba gets people to do what he wants. This is how his self-esteem stays afloat.

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Commandant

10 feet.

Hungry, lustful, for blood.

Angry at the children who stand around him, who seem more like marionettes than people, like meat puppets, like ragdolls that he uses for his own ends, in a sickly, grimly gleeful manner. He does not care if they live or die. He would prefer that they fight.

Personally, he feels much stronger, in body and in self, than the boys around him. The things that hurt them do not hurt him.

Partly the boys are around him as protection, to be slaughtered as he stands in the center, ever aggrandized. These deaths are enjoyable to him, feeding his power and strength.

Chakra Databank Change Points

Can I give 1.5? This is a completely different person. A disgusting person, a complex person.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Sex Appeal

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Idris Elba

10 feet.

Posturing, posing, acting cool. Elba knows the sex appeal drill, yet at the time of this photo, he is barely even going through the motions, as if bored with the game of it already.

And besides, Idris Elba has such fame now that he can coast by on the times when he HAS turned up the sex appeal big time.

Perhaps he saves that for when he’s working, not press events.

(Note: by the end of this aura reading I have concluded that this is probably true. Joy for Idris Elba is in working, not in flaunting his sex appeal on the red carpet. For him that flaunting would be a kind of acting, and why not save his energy for times when he is really in a role.)

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Commandant

2 inches and out to the moon, rapidly shifting during even one split second.

2 inches – Absolutely scary. Leering, preying.

Out to the moon – Hateful, spiteful. And then: Weeping, calling out to God: “I wish I could be better.” (With an African accent, I might add.)

This calling out to God is part of what allows Commandant to believe deep down that he is a good man, fueling him to continue living the way he is, when all other signs point to NO.

Overall, much less interested in sex than power.

Chakra Databank Change Points

1. So far, this is a completely formed character, including aspects of self that I only noticed after a bit of digging. To me this indicates Idris Elba having such talent that his deep history as soul and all he knows from that is spontaneously available to him for doing this work.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Sharing Power in Relationships

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Idris Elba

10 feet.

Blustery anger, frustration, and fright, all mixed together.

Idris Elba fears losing control and being a “nobody,” falling into a sort of oblivion once again.

He is just barely keeping himself afloat, confidence-wise. Other people are telling him he is someone, and he is having big worldly success right now. This is what helps.

But sinking just below that surface, there is fear, big fear, that Idris Elba is nobody and always has been.

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Commandant

This databank has a surprisingly and confounding sense of absence. There is no sharing power for this man. As an aura reader I have never experienced this before, or heard of this happening before – could it be, he erased this databank??

After some deeper probing, here is what I found. This chakra databank has a rapidly moving dynamic, even within one split second: It goes out to the moon, and then poof, seemingly ceases to exist.

Sharing power in relationships is completely irrelevant to this man.

Chakra Databank Change Points

1. Idris Elba is an astoundingly talented actor.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Self-Awareness

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Idris Elba

Kind, warm, compassionate, Idris Elba enjoys relating to other people benevolently. Fame gives him a kind of security that brings out the best in his personality (at this time).

Though he is successful now, he remembers a suffering past and relates to people who are down on themselves, caring about others with a compassionate heart.

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Commandant

10 feet.

Commandant feels the beat of jungle drums, African music, war chants, and blood lust pounding in his chest.

Awareness is mostly centered on mission. He feels it is very important to accomplish his goals. Doing what needs to be done. He is calm and deliberate about this.

Emotionally, he is aware of disgust towards the boys around him. Demeaning insults fly around in his chest; however, he really does not care enough about these boys to even bother saying the insults aloud.

Unless “provoked.” (Like if one asks him a question, or steps in his line of vision.)

Chakra Databank Change Points

1 full point. I am about done reading this nasty character’s aura, thank goodness.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Idris Elba

8 feet.

He cares about telling the truth, but does not feel powerful as a communicator.

Doing this public performance as himself for the press, it feels to him like everything he says comes out as a whimper. How he longs to be a person who speaks truth in public, dismantling arrogance, false pride, and stereotypes! To be someone who can speak up for the underdog!

But he still feels like the underdog himself, and painfully so.

Remarkably, this big, strong, man, famous for his sex appeal and for playing drug lords and warlords… feels so insecure, and might relate to you reading this much more than you think.

Perhaps, if you knew him, you might be the one giving Idris Elba a pat on the shoulder and some encouragement.

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Commandant

18 feet. (And many miles available when he needs to speak forcefully, persuade, or manipulate.)

Desire to manipulate others, as if through magic.

Are there aspects of this movie that have to do with African paganism, worshiping astral gods, etc., or is this just a part of the character development here? Anyone know?

It seems Commandant feels he has special powers. Powers to persuade that work on his behalf when he speaks forcefully. Like he speaks words and others are bewitched to do what he say.

Chakra Databank Change Points

1. Fascinatingly complex. I never could have imagined this change that Idris Elba (or perhaps the writer of Beasts of No Nation) came up with.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Chakra for Soul Thrill

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Idris Elba

25 feet, with a humble and sacred blessing.

Doing his best, in sacred service to God, as a person who often feels quite small next to the glory and complexity of the world. Humble servant, honored by what his life has become and the acknowledgment he receives.

Reading Idris Elba’s aura as Commandant

10 feet.

“I hate myself.” Plus a mixture of two seemingly paradoxical feelings:

  1. Numbly following orders
  2. Being the leader, the self-aggrandizing, short sighted, putting-everything-but-my-own-“needs” into denial sort of leader.

A mixture of being a numb, brainwashed soldier himself, and of being more vibrant, the eccentric warlord at the top, the kind of guy who would have a bunch of child soldiers.

This character’s soul holds a fantasy of peace, a sunset, a family. And in some ways fancies himself an everyman.

Seems like the backstory of this character includes having been a child soldier himself, then rising to become the warlord. He knows nothing different and in many ways is a product of his upbringing.

Chakra Databank Change Points


Conclusion, with total Chakra Databank Change Points

All the points for Idris Elba in this incredible performance. In fact, I’m giving him 6.5 Chakra Change points out of a possible 6. 😉

I don’t think I will see the movie, but perhaps I will watch the trailer again with fresh and curious eyes.

I was already a fan of Idris Elba, and now I am a big-big fan. What an actor!!

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  1. 1

    An amazing job, ISABELLA C. Let me ask you this question — and ask other Blog-Buddies, too.

    Why would ANYONE watch that movie? What’s the point of subjecting yourself to all that degradation.

  2. 2
    Emily says:

    Rose, I always ask thai questione when people tell me they’ve seen these kinds of movies. I couldn’t bear to watch this movie myself.

    If it was on TV I would turn it off and if it was someone else’s house, I would leave if they didn’t turn it off.

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    Some people have said “oh but it’s a classic {Tarantino /insert other director /actors name here} and insisted that watching extreme violence is important when it’s “culturally significant”. What culture!

  4. 4
    Emily says:

    Others have said ” oh but it’s not real”.

    I say, your subconscious mind doesn’t know that. And now you’ve imprinted every second of that movie in your brain for the rest of your life.

    No one has batted an eyelid.

    I still have certain horrific scenes from films watched as a teenager I wish I hadn’t seen.

  5. 5
    Emily says:

    I think some people just don’t question any media they take in whatsoever. No critical thinking of why are these films being produced, why so incredibly gory.
    Some people also think they are learning “so much ” about what it could be like to live someone’s life like that.

  6. 6
    Emily says:

    For some, particularly some young men I know, it’s almost a badge of honour to have seen “the classics”, even if they are these recent horror/war movies.

    I think some people also live such lives of privilege that they can’t imagine what it would be like to be living in the situations some truly unfortunate people in other countries (or war zones) might be living in. They seem to want to live it vicariously.

    I find that movies always make things more intense they really are in real life though.

  7. 7
    Emily says:

    I know someone who in real life met child soldiers. She said it was the only time she had ever been scared in her years of living in the DRC.

    Even in that situation you don’t have the swelling music, the foreshadowing of horrific things that might happen, the insight into the child soldiers from having the camera follow them for the previous 40 minutes…

  8. 8
    Emily says:

    Ahhh this is a topic that gets on my goat! Fantastic reading Isabella. Thank you!

  9. 9
    David B says:

    Thanks, Isabella. Insightful.

    And yes – I’m a film fan bit it’s not one I’ll watch. There’s a thin line between being informed (like Spotlight) and going into the mud.

  10. 10
    Leo says:

    What a great and fascinating aura reading. I loved that you described an “accent” in one databank. I have had such a perception before when reading someone’s aura.

    Confirms what I suspected about Idris: he’s a pretty cool, down to earth guy and also really good and playing really bad men. Also confirmed what I knew, that you’re really talented, Isabella. ????

  11. 11
    Lilian says:

    Reading about such talent is very exciting. Many thanks for this reading joy. 🙂 His transformation is remarkable. My split second level 1/2 aura read suggests this man is actually a complete sweetheart.

    “To me this indicates Idris Elba having such talent that his deep history as soul and all he knows from that is spontaneously available to him for doing this work.”

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    Would never watch the movie. Don’t need to see this all up in my face.

  13. 13
    Grace W says:

    Very interesting, Isabella C!

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, Rose! 🙂

    I don’t really get why people want to see such movies, especially this year, when there are several really excellent films that aren’t full of degradation and violence.

  14. 14
    Grace W says:

    Some years recently, there haven’t been any Oscar-nominated films I’ve wanted to see because of the subject matter and/or violence.

  15. 15
    Grace W says:

    I’ve found it refreshing to see interesting characters portrayed in film this year who are taking bold action, yet doing it in a rather quiet, subtle, but powerful way.

  16. 16
    Lilian says:

    Here here Emily!! I completely agree. It’s puzzling. I’ve had some boyfriends of mine, utter sweethearts themselves, feel these violent films are so “important.”

  17. 17
    Lilian says:

    The tangent I would go down to explain this, is that I feel we’re at a point on earth when men or men with certain soul histories (I don’t know) may be reevaluating their masculinity and the role of men in violence.

  18. 18
    Lilian says:

    Like I feel women in general are exploring topics on self esteem and self fulfilment, rather than acting out of the default setting of putting others first at all cost.

  19. 19
    Lilian says:

    But tis indeed puzzling and disturbing why these films are seen as so “important” in recent years.

  20. 20
    Rachel says:

    Fantastic reading, Isabella!

    I second Leo’s comment: your talent shines through just as much as Idris Elba’s 🙂

  21. 21
    Isabella C. says:

    Thanks everyone! *blushing*

    So happy that I actually get to know and love so many of the people commenting here. And I hope to meet the rest of you some day. KISSES FOR ALL OF YOU!

  22. 22
    David B says:

    While some films like to think they’re bringing us awareness of issues around the world, they can also do things like make violence normal.

    More broadly though, films are a reflection of group consciousness. It’s very notable so many apocalyptic films have gotten attention. Very deep issues have become conscious for many.

  23. 23
    David B says:

    What happens with that? Is there stewing in juices, new levels of avoidance, or deeper suppression?

    Or is there rising clarity, real healing, and honest awareness?

    That’s what makes the difference.

  24. 24

    Blog-Buddies, how I am relishing our spirited discussion about gratuitous violence and depravity in movies! Thanks everyone.

    Keep those comments coming, please. Including comments from those of you who secretly — or not so secretly — DO find value in watching grisly movies.

    Including, perhaps, “The Revenant.” Which is one movie where I personally find no redeeming value, given the level of extreme cruelty depicted. You know, the performance that is likely going to bring Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar.

  25. 25

    I’d also like to give a partial response to DAVID B’s important Comments 22 and 23.

    Some of my response will have to wait until AFTER my latest book is published. More on that to come, of course. 🙂

    Here I’ll just point out something that we have already considered occasionally here at this blog.

  26. 26

    Gray slime — the kind of STUFF that people get when they live in spiritual shutdown.

    You may know that I’ve estimated that 45% of Americans are living that way now.

    And a price paid for this consciousness lifestyle is ever-increasing amounts of gray slime — deadening sensitivity, coarsening perception, and bringing ever more lust for violence.

    Like an itch that becomes inflamed through scratching, the resulting is intensified craving to scratche some more.

  27. 27

    Because so many Americans live with (by now) massive amounts of gray slime, there is a sensibility akin to rhinocerous hide.

    And hence a market for films of a grotesque nature.

    Because sitting through a soul-cringe-worthy film like “Beasts of No Nation” allows such people to feel SOMETHING.

  28. 28
    Isabella C. says:

    Yes, I was going to say I think it has to do with people wanting to feel SOMETHING.

    And since grotesque, violent, terrible movies are what does it, they think, ‘this is what makes us sensitive, nice people who feel.’

  29. 29
    David B says:

    Agreed, Rose.
    The recent film Fathers and Daughters is about a writer and his daughter. The adult daughter has come to act out, engaging in insensitive high-risk behaviors – she realizes because it allows her to feel SOMETHING.

    She even uses those words. 🙂

  30. 30
    Isabella C. says:

    I am glad for this discussion because it has renewed my desire and commitment to avoid violent and disgusting entertainment, so as not to numb myself out more.

    I think I will do a better job with the things I care about if I don’t participate in life in this way.

  31. 31
    David B says:

    So yes, lots of crud aka gray slime. Some even have that colour dominant.

    But also, a growing awareness of it. This can lead to a search for healing. Or further aversion and slime.

  32. 32
    Isabella C says:

    I saw The Revenant because I heard that the nature scenes were really beautiful. Hahaha.

  33. 33
    Isabella C says:

    For some reason this movie didn’t bother me THAT much.

    Though I think that is in itself telling- that the things that I am having to turn off or refuse to watch constantly are much worse than The Revenant.

    Numbness to the blatant violence.

  34. 34
    Isabella C says:

    I didn’t relate at all to the story, it had no pull for me.

    I did at times find Leo’s acting moving, though honestly I think that has more to do with the story of Leonardo DiCaprio the person, which I care about slightly!

  35. 35
    Isabella C says:

    I heard secondhand that Aisha Tyler said that watching The Revenant was life-changing for her.

    I really didn’t get why this movie would be so deeply interesting to people, why they would feel something very deep about the suffering story. *shrug*

  36. 36
    Isabella C says:

    People think that making themselves watch movies like this makes them stronger.

    Watching this kind of entertainment makes me weaker.

  37. 37
    Isabella C says:

    I realize that now, so it’s easier to make a commitment to not watching this kind of thing and developing social skills around excusing myself, standing up for myself and my preferences, etc. And also no longer experimenting with terrible things.

    I want to be strong and powerful to have a good life, enjoy my relationships, do good work. This kind of thing does not help, so why bother.

  38. 38
    Grace W says:

    Along the lines of your most recent comments, Rose, I find this year’s Best Actor nominations particularly interesting.

    On one hand, we have Leo, who will most likely win for going to such physical extremes for the role, along with the sense that it’s “his turn,” in that way they seem to do sometimes at the Oscars.

  39. 39
    Grace W says:

    Then on the other extreme is Eddie Redmayne, who certainly went to extremes, but of a far more subtle variety.

    I’m glad that this performance and the others this year of such subtlety have been recognized.

  40. 40
    Grace W says:

    It’s hopeful that there are enough people voting who appreciate these types of performances.

    Also, not surprising that the big, extreme, Revenant leaps out in front, getting so much buzz, for the reasons you mentioned.

  41. 41
    Kira says:

    I’m a fan of *some* violent movies/TV shows, but not all. I like crime dramas; I don’t like war movies unless the war part doesn’t intrude that often. (I liked M*A*S*H, for instance–the TV show, not the movie, which I’ve never seen.)

  42. 42
    Kira says:

    I also like action movies, and at least some of Tarantino’s have been okay for me. With those, and others like them, the violence is often over-the-top enough that to me it seems like watching cartoon violence.

  43. 43
    Kira says:

    On the other hand, I started watching a televised medical procedure once (I think it was some sort of facelift), and I just couldn’t handle it.

    It wasn’t any more gory than some of the murder victims in crime dramas, but my body somehow knew the difference because I almost got sick.

  44. 44
    Kira says:

    Interestingly, the acting roles I know Idris Elba from are the title character in Luther (a British crime drama) and Heimdall in the Chris Hemsworth Thor movies (action movies with lots of violence).

    I knew he was good because I had trouble telling that the same actor played both roles; I’m glad to see he’s that good. (I have a decent amount of friends on Facebook who are smitten with him.)

  45. 45
    Lilian says:

    Isabella C, comment 36, yes!

    Also, oh dear! Thanks for the comments, they have made me start thinking the behavioural things to watch for with spiritual shutdown.

  46. 46
    Lilian says:

    You know, I have been in contact with people likely to be in spiritual shutdown. Or maybe moving to that place.

  47. 47
    Lilian says:

    My answer to everything is that a particular person is “going through” a phase, is “processing” bad stuff, and will move out of it soon and it’ll all be OK. lol.

    Then I eventually have to get real with my deluded mind. Though delusions kept me sane for many a year.

    In the long (eternity) term everyone will be OK, of course… but maybe not in the time frame that I can befriend them.

  48. 48
    Lilian says:

    But yes, book will be good. Keep writing it.

  49. 49
    Gia says:

    Great comments Loved your aura reading Isabella C you are really talented!!
    Question I remember a discussion along these lines in the past where David who is enlightened said he could watch an upsetting or violent movie but it wouldn’t stick it would sort of go thru him. Do I have this right David?? That stuck with me. Still no reason to subject yourself to violence but I thought it interesting that after enlightenment it may not have the same impact, not triggering stuff??

  50. 50

    GIA, I’m glad you noticed that feature of Enlightenment. I have written about it several times at this blog as well.

    But that’s still no reason to watch movies with gratuitous violence.

    Of course, I look forward to DAVID’s comments as well.

  51. 51
    David B says:

    Hi Gia
    I agree with Rose.

    Sometimes, they use the analogy of a line. Strong experiences can be like a line in rock, hard to smooth away. As we become less caught or identified with experiences, it becomes like a line in sand. Then like a line in water. And finally, like a line it air.

  52. 52
    David B says:

    But even the line in air can create turbulence. Just because we can clear strong experiences quickly doesn’t mean we want to invite them.

  53. 53
    David B says:

    This is a little different to how we respond to others around us.

    If someone is angry and we resist, we can amplify their energy.

    If we’re simply open and allow whatever is there, it becomes much harder for the other person to sustain their anger. The energy just dissipates on through.

  54. 54
    David B says:

    All of this can happen before enlightenment but enlightenment makes it a lot easier because prior to that, the tendency is there to make it personal.

    After, letting go is so much easier as we didn’t make it “mine”.

  55. 55
    David B says:

    And speaking of personal, it’s useful to make a distinction.

    It’s not that David the me is enlightened.
    It’s more that enlightenment comes through the person called David.

    This perspective shift is what makes this so much easier. It’s becoming more universal rather than personal.

    I wrote a related article recently, “Enlightenment Isn’t Personal” (of course, this is a Consciousness perspective). 🙂

  56. 56
    Dana says:

    Great read! Thank you. Recently I figured I have two neighbors in spiritual addiction, very loosely assessed by comments they’ve made to me. And I thought, wow, what are the odds? It must be the area.

    Now to hear Rose says 45% –so it’s not just my area!

  57. 57
    Dana says:

    Also curious to me is the gray slime component of these movies.

    What about the actors? Being in that scene over and over again? Can they put on those characters without side effects and just move on?

  58. 58

    Thanks so much for all these comments.

    DAVID B., that Comment 53 is wonderful.

    I agree about use of the word Enlightened. I don’t think you’ll find my having referred to people that way anywhere on the blog — though if any of you find examples, please send me the url.

    Much preferred by me is language like “Living in Enlightenment”

  59. 59

    DANA, regarding your Comment 57, the answer (seems to me) is No.

    Only actors who have moved into Enlightenment can do their roles without taking on significant STUFF. You can, however find some actors and actresses who are living in Enlightenment at my Enlightenment Life List.

  60. 60

    I’d like to take a moment to give a special shout-out to you, David B., for the magnificent service you do with your blog.

    So many descriptions of higher states of consciousness are rampant now, replete with cult overtones or undertones, conflations of belief systems with experience, and many other sorts of problems.

  61. 61

    Besides helping your blog readers, I think you are doing a great service to humanity — help for a form of completion in collective consciousness.

    There IS need for supplying consciousness perspective. Big thanks to that “you” we know as David Buckland or Davidya.

  62. 62
    Gayanee says:

    What a great article and comments! And Thanks David for the reminder on comment 53. Totally agree with Rose on the service you are doing! And Rose, this blog is such a treasure! I feel very grateful 🙂

  63. 63
    Gayanee says:

    Rose your comment 59 reminds me of the actor Heath Ledger and his suicide shortly after playing the joker in Batman! Method actors are so very valued in Hollywood. May be the Age of Awakening will change that.

  64. 64

    Great idea, GAYANEE!

  65. 65
    Gia says:

    Thank you Rose and David, appreciate the clarification. Really fascinating!!

  66. 66
    David B says:

    Thanks, Rose. Yes, I hear from many people concerned about something a teacher has said. And the group from the Sophia panel has continued to discuss issues around some teachers, the value of peer support, and so forth.

    “help for a form of completion in collective consciousness.”
    You word that very well. Good insight.

  67. 67
    Lilian says:

    One question about spiritual shutdown and gray slime, as you describe it.

    Does the gray slime come from

    A – particular actions committed by people in spiritual shutdown? or

    B – is it the case that being in spiritual shutdown means you continuously form gray slime as a matter of course?

    Possibly one to read in the book. But if it’s option B, then that’s a rough deal for the person in spiritual shutdown.

  68. 68
    Lilian says:

    A gets you the bad karma, of course.

  69. 69
    David B says:

    re comment 68
    To be clear, karma means action, what we might consider energy in the west. Energy is neither good nor bad in itself. But actions have consequences.

    Action in spiritual shutdown means a tendency to less optimum results. Not all “bad” but a less enjoyable life.

  70. 70

    DAVID B, that perspective was great to point out from a consciousness perspective. There is a tendency in pop culture to equate karma with “bad karma,” etc.

    Putting on my RES energy HEALING hat, however, I’ll note that every time somebody in spiritual shutdown says or does something to resist the natural flow of consciousness away from human frequencies, that deposits gray slime in that person’s aura.

    In general, sure, “results” that are less than optimal. In that person’s specific aura, more and more clutter can create some very (healable) human problems.

  71. 71

    What would be an example of action related to spiritual shutdown?

    I still remember reading a magazine interview with Julia Roberts. She was asked about doing yoga.

    She replied that the ONLY reason she did it was that it was good for her butt.

    Haha. Cute answer, and endearing to other “Real Americans” in spiritual shutdown. But there might have been some consequences for her energy field.

  72. 72
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating reading Isabella, really insightful and professional.

  73. 73
    Grace T. says:

    This is so wonderful, Isabella! Thanks for sharing this fascinating and nuanced review. I am looking at Idris Elba with a brand new appreciation.

  74. 74
    Lilian says:

    I forgot to read responses to this question. Yes, so grey slime collects from subtle choices, related to “how” people are choosing to experience normal every day things. So more B than A, in my mind.

  75. 75
    Lilian says:

    It’s interesting that you say they are resisting human frequencies as much as those in spiritual addiction are, but in opposite directions, like in the example where Julia Roberts now choses to objectify herself.

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