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Face Reading Senator Bernie Sanders

Rose Rosetree loves to read faces

Rose Rosetree loves to read faces

Today’s face reading is the first in an occasional series of profiles of American presidential and (one of these days) vice-presidential candidates. Sometimes face readings, sometimes aura readings, maybe the occasional Skilled Empath Merge.

My friend Bill Bronrott inspired me to get started already. Bill has served in the Maryland House of Delegates, then accepted a Presidential appointment at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Bill helped to Launch Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He also helped me unforgettably in the early days of my career. So when Bill talks, I listen.

Today we’ll start with face reading one of the two winners of yesterday’s presidential primary in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders. (Here’s a profile of Sanders in a liberal magazine, “The New Yorker.”)

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Face Reading Item #1: Muscular Lip Texture

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #1, look at that lower lip. It’s as though Bernie Sanders could benchpress several pounds with that lower lip alone.

Muscular lip texture just shows when a person is speaking, and talking with passion.

Yet it isn’t merely an expression, conveying mood. Most people, try though they might, cannot muster up that amount of mouthy muscle.

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

Passion — feeling it himself and helping others to feel it too.

The Potential Challenge

Appealing to passion but not necessarily other motivations for voting, such as logic, worldly wisdom, balance?

Face Reading Item #2: Straight Chin Bottom

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #1, the chin is closer to repose than in our second photo. Check out the lower edge of Bernie Sanders’ chin. See how it is more straight than curvy or angled?

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

Making choices based on “The principle of the thing.”

The Potential Challenge

Reluctant to compromise?

Face Reading Item #3: Underbite

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #2 shows clearly how, sometimes, the bottom row of teeth sticks out. But not the upper teeth.

Try this for yourself in front of a mirror if you dare, Blog-Buddy. Just avoid injuring yourself.

For me to achieve this physical characteristic could jump-start some serious TMJ! But then I have a significant overbite.

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

Exceptional determination. To use a war metaphor, it’s as though while fighting for this grand political battle Bernie Sanders would take no prisoners and keep on slugging, even until he was the last man standing.

The Potential Challenge


Face Reading Item #4: Down-Angled Right Eye

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #2, cross over as if you were shaking hands with Bernie Sanders. His right eye is on the left side of the photo, get it?

Now compare the inner and outer corners of that eye. This angle goes down.

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

In public life, very aware of problems. Not hesitating to recognize problems.

The Potential Challenge

Over-emphasizing problems? Impelled to choose radical solutions because current problems seem so very drastic?

Face Reading Item #5: Left Jaw Is Narrow

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #2, cross over to see the left side of Bernie Sanders’ face. (It will be on the right side of your screen.)

Look at the width of his jaw, starting at the left corner of Bernie Sanders’ mouth and going out to the side. It’s a relatively short distance.

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

In his personal life (or when he takes something about his work personally), able to notice conflicts and problems sooner than most other people would.

The Potential Challenge

Difficulty handling protracted conflict? If Bernie Sanders can’t get resolution relatively quickly, being more upset than his political opponents would be? Health compromised?

Face Reading Item #6: Right Jaw is Wide

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #2, cross over to see the right side of Bernie Sanders’ face. (It will be on the left side of your screen.)

Look at the width of Bernie Sanders’ jaw, starting at the left corner of his mouth and going out to the side. It’s a relatively long distance.

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

In public life, strongly motivated to honor his commitments and fight for them.

The Potential Challenge

Stubborn? Unwilling to compromise?

Face Reading Item #7: VERY Out-Angled Ears

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

In Physiognomy Photo #2 you have a clear front angle for seeing Bernie Sanders. Notice how you can clearly see the shape of his ears, especially out at the tops?

That means Out-Angled Ears. (With In-Angled Ears, you can’t see the shape of ears from the front.)

The Corresponding Talent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the system of Face Reading Secrets

Unconventional thoughts, motivations, and actions. Taking leadership boldly, without concern for what others might expect.

(Remember presidential candidate Ross Perot, anyone?)

The Potential Challenge

Uncompromising in ways that make it hard for him to even understand more conventional ways of thinking?

Note: The Out-Angled Ears are a defining characteristic for this politician — the most extreme item of face data on Senator Bernie Sanders.

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  1. 1
    Donna says:

    Fascinating Rose…thank you for this reading.

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Wow, thank you so much for doing this Rose. I feel like the US elections should be none of my business (as a non American), but I am already so gripped by it all…. it feels like the stakes are so high and the outcome is so critical…

    So, thank you for doing this 🙂

  3. 3
    Emily T says:

    Thanks for this Rose.

    As another non-American (hey Rachel!) I am also fascinated by the election. Sure gives us an insight into collective consciousness in the USA right now.

    I have also been rereading your articles about elections and collective consciousness too.

  4. 4
    Raininmai says:

    Thank you for this reading, Rose. A much more current reference for out-angled ears might be Barrack Obama. Though the position and size of the ears differ quite a bit from Obama’s.

  5. 5
    Leo says:


    Bernie’s appeal rests largely on the fact that he does not really support a lot of the status quo in US politics and is proposing some large, radical changes. His record larger backs up his commitment to his ideals.

    Hilary, on the other hand, appears much more centrist, which is both her strength and weakness. I think Bernie makes a strong case as a candidate, but I’d love to read an aura reading of him too!

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Thanks, Rose. I have been hoping that you would do a face/aura reading of Bernie Sanders.

    It actually hasn’t been an easy decision for me, deciding who to support. I agree with Bernie Sanders on many issues.

    But your reading points to many of the things that worry me–his inability to compromise, and need for quick resolution would be disastrous in American politics.

    There are things that worry me about Hilary Clinton too–her ties to big finance, her war hawk tendencies, but ultimately she’s the candidate that I trust on the level of auric modeling.

  7. 7

    Thanks to all of you who have commented so far. I will be doing an aura reading of this candidate and others who emerge as leaders.

    Spaced out a bit over time.

    In February, we’re still doing those Aura Reading Movie Reviews, everyone. Contest ahoy!

  8. 8
    Cufflink says:

    Thank you for doing these Rose!

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    Personally, I would go with the more experienced politician. It doesn’t seem like a time for someone like Bernie to go through the various reality-checks he’ll experience.

  10. 10
    Lilian says:

    Hilary might be a war hawk, but then the middle-east is massively unstable, and Syria has completely collapsed. I don’t know how much coverage that is getting in the US. Maybe she needs to be a war hawk…

  11. 11
    Lilian says:

    In the UK, we have Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the opposition. An advanced in years, old school lefty. Similar to Bernie. Also minimal experience in senior party leadership positions.

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    Would I trust him being prime minister? Why reboot the politics from the 70s? Do old familiar polemics bring some sort of comfort? At the expense of evaluating the present?

  13. 13
    Lilian says:

    Things have changed, the UK has a different role in the world now and its more vulnerable (no real manufacturing base like Germany, financial markets are fickle)… but we seem always stuck in our past.

    I’ll stop before I start writing a longer essay… and possibly getting shot by a socialist aquaintance. :-p

  14. 14
    Grace W says:

    I consider myself a pragmatic voter. Of all the people running, it’s clear to me that Hillary is the only one with the skills, experience, toughness and grip on reality to do the job.

    Most of the others I find to be frighteningly crazy, bullies, or both.

  15. 15
    Grace W says:

    Bernie makes good points, but doesn’t strike me as having a firm grasp of reality when it comes to actually governing.

  16. 16
    Grace W says:

    David Brooks, of the NY Times, wrote an article I liked on what he’ll miss about Obama.

    He pointed out that he has always kept a firm grasp of reality as he’s confronted one challenge after another.

    I don’t get that at all from Bernie. Too much idealism.

  17. 17
    Lilian says:

    Just as a disclaimer about comment 12: No intent to annoy or upset anyone…

    I spent quite a few years in and around the lefty trade unionist bit of Labour, and the left of Labour crowd. So it’s a bit personal.

    It was interesting at first, and people’s intentions are good, but then you realise it all runs on repeated, idealised arguments.

  18. 18
    Lilian says:

    So I know something of the ins and outs of all that and have since sought out better channels to act and communicate through, in a non political way for now. :-p Now to be English and listen to PMQs… (Prime Minister’s Questions).

    But good luck, the US of A.

  19. 19
    Isabella C. says:

    Really enjoying all the comments here… U.S. elections are fascinating!

    I’m finding the opinions about Bernie Sanders to be heartening. Since I have the same one. (Hahaha)

  20. 20
    Isabella C. says:

    I read Bernie’s aura last week from a photo taken while he was in a hotel room, watching and waiting for Iowa caucus results to come in.

    A big moment in a series of big moments during a Presidential campaign.

  21. 21
    Isabella C. says:

    Here’s what I found, as I am recalling it now.

    Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room:



  22. 22
    Isabella C. says:

    Bernie Sanders’ presence as a political figure gives people a very real sense of acknowledgement.

    Like their lives matter and deserve to be good even if they’re not feeling valued by the current system (which favors those who are extremely wealthy).

  23. 23
    Isabella C. says:

    Bernie Sanders’ auric modeling gives people a taste of what they’ve been missing since wealth inequality (and RESPECT inequality, PERSONAL VALUE inequality) has gotten worse and worse.

  24. 24
    Isabella C. says:

    Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

    Enormous. Impeccable integrity around Bernie Sanders’ message.

    STUBBORN! Angry!

  25. 25
    Isabella C. says:

    Almost pig-headedly repeating his message over and over and over to whoever will hear, getting as many ears as possible on his message.

  26. 26
    Isabella C. says:

    Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity:

    Much smaller than the others at about 8 feet.

    In this moment, with real results rolling in, this databank was feeling squirmy-wormy squeamish.

  27. 27
    Isabella C. says:

    Very uncomfortable doubts and worries along the lines of, “Will I actually be able to deliver?”

    And, “Uh-oh.” Worry.

  28. 28
    Isabella C. says:

    Apparently Bernie Sanders has been so focused on delivering his message, that down-to-Earth, practical thoughts and feelings about how he could actually deliver as President…

    not as a fantasy figurehead President, but as one who does the dirty, complicated, daily work, which requires a certain kind of muscle…

    have not been focused on much.

  29. 29
    Isabella C. says:

    And it’s likely that when squirmy-wormy feelings like these pop up, Bernie Sanders is even more motivated to just repeat his message over and over.

  30. 30
    Isabella C. says:

    So I find it interesting that so far, the people who have spoken up here have not been as galvanized by Bernie as many others.

    I think having someone read your aura in depth and detail, even once, provides a much deeper sense of acknowledgement than any Presidential candidate ever could! And of course Enlightenment can do that too. 🙂

  31. 31
    Isabella C. says:

    On the other hand, Hilary Clinton emphasizes intelligence and dignity.

    She believes in the intelligence of the American people and is not likely to dumb down her message.

    (The media already does this for her, much to her annoyance, I think.)

  32. 32
    Isabella C. says:

    And she is not built for campaigning, though she has the grit to get through it.

    One way you could sum it up is that Bernie is made for campaigning, Hilary is made for governing.

  33. 33
    Grace W. says:

    For those interested in astrology, there’s an interesting comparison to draw between Bernie and Obama.

    Bernie has natal Pluto in Leo, which is typical of the generation that so powerfully spoke of and worked for the ideals that came to prominence in the 60’s.

  34. 34
    Grace W says:

    Obama has Pluto in Virgo (me,too). With this comes a more grounded, practical, service-oriented approach to power.

    Sort of the implementation of those ideals on the ground. Like implementing Obamacare.

  35. 35
    Grace W says:

    These are, of course, rather broad brush strokes, but I think Rose’s reading reflected some of this.

    I know that I tend to easily notice at times, and respond to, this sort of “generational” difference. The natal Pluto placement tends to reflect these types of differences.

  36. 36
    Leo says:

    Great comments Grace W. and Isabella C.

    As a millennial, I think many in my generation are excited that Bernie represents a real promise of radical change to restore some of the promise of the “American Dream” that’s been slowly eroded in the last 4 decades.

    To millennialis too, Hilary seems like a continuation of the same old same old, a part of the Clinton – Bush dynasty that’s invested in the status quo.

  37. 37
    Kira says:

    Thanks for the reading, Rose, and looking forward to more of them!

    A lot of my friends are Bernie supporters, and I don’t really blame them. As a registered Independent, I can’t vote in the Pennsylvania primaries, but I would likely vote for Hillary for the reasons others have mentioned–and also, because I’d really like to see a qualified female president.

  38. 38
    Lilian says:

    Isabella C: Lol – that’s exactly the kind of person I got fed up with! I wonder how he deals with people contradicting him?

  39. 39
    Kylie says:

    Interesting comments, all.

    Isabella, thanks for sharing your aura reading discoveries. I’m laughing at that “uh oh” comment.

    I had that feeling when I got my job. “Uh oh! I convinced these people that I can do the job. But can I really do the job?!” As it turns out, I can. But the job he’s applying for is pretty different from my job.

  40. 40
    Grace W says:

    What’s interesting to me about considering radical change is that we’ve actually undergone pretty radical change in the US in recent years, in certain areas.

    Given the powerful forces at play for maintaining the status quo.

    Given the nature of changing something as huge as American government and culture.

  41. 41
    Grace W says:

    I think that bringing about real change will take fierceness in standing up to the characters who’ll do anything to maintain control.

    Hillary’s Bengazi hearing sure showed me she’s got what it takes.

  42. 42
    Grace W says:

    I think Bernie’s ideals are fabulous, but bluster won’t make for real change.

  43. 43
    Grace W says:

    I’ve never understood the argument for not voting for Hillary because the Clintons have held various positions of power.

    There’s a whole lot of skill, wisdom, knowledge and connections that come with those positions.

  44. 44
    Grace W says:

    I think differently about such things since going through my health insurance adventure.

    I’ve seen how understanding the realities of how systems & organizations work is crucial. I’d have been ruined had I not figured that out.

    The stakes are too high now for us to have a president who doesn’t have the know-how and courage to get things done.

  45. 45
    Leo says:

    I agree Grace, that a strong understanding of the nitty gritty, details, and “systems” are as important as charisma or passion.

    But I’m not sure where the idea that Bernie Sanders doesn’t have enough governmental know-how to get the job done.

    I mean, at this point, his congressional experience runs laps around that of Obama’s when he was running.

  46. 46
    Leo says:

    When looking at many key metrics like cost of college, income equality, and middle and lower class job growth, it’s clear that the United States has only been regressing.

    As good as a president as Obama has been, I’m not sure he’s addressed many of the key issues that contribute to our corportocracy.

  47. 47
    Leo says:

    For all of Hillary’s virtues, she’s received hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars from large Wall Street donors, the actors that were directly responsible for the devastation of the recession (not to mention her husband’s fiscal policies that deregulated the mortgage market.)

  48. 48
    Leo says:

    To many, Bernie is the only candidate who is truly committed to finding to real change.

    Sure Hillary wants progress, but the level of coziness she has with the economic and political establishment is unsettling to many.

  49. 49
    Leo says:

    This election also begs the question of which type of person makes a better president: a civil servant dedicated to the system as is, or a disruptive leader who wants to fight the existing power structures, even if a lot gets shaken up, ray-of-shiva-esque.

    I don’t have an answer either way!

  50. 50
    Isabella C. says:

    Leo, I don’t think the point is that Bernie in particular can’t accomplish what he’s proposing. The point is that no one could.

  51. 51
    Grace W says:

    I have an answer, Leo.

    Hillary. 🙂

    To me, it’s a no-brainer, just clear.

  52. 52
    Grace W says:

    I don’t think Bernie Sanders has what it takes to really stand up to the existing power structures.

  53. 53
    Grace W says:

    I think most Americans don’t recognize how ruthless those forces are.

    And as progressive as I consider myself to be, I fault the more liberal wing of the Democratic party with being rather naive about those forces.

  54. 54
    Grace W says:

    Not tough enough or shrewd enough to truly take them on. Because in an ideal world, there’s no need to be tough or shrewd.

    But we don’t live in an ideal world.

  55. 55
    Raininmai says:

    Grace, your comment about the world we live in reminds me of a line from that great movie, “Contact.”:

    “Funny, I’ve always believed that the world is what we make of it.”

    Our system of government really does give people the power to make change. It’s just an uphill battle, but it has to start somewhere.

  56. 56
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Hi Raininmai,

    The thing is, if that line from “Contact” is true for everyone, it means that the world is also what other people make it.

    And as Grace points out, some people are working very efficiently towards making the world a more terrible place – using a disproportionate amount of money and power.

  57. 57
    Raininmai says:

    Adam, I guess we should all give up then, huh?

  58. 58
    Grace W says:

    Giving up makes no sense at all and I don’t think that’s what Adam was implying.

    First, grasping the reality of those forces and then taking them on in a way that’s smart and courageous is my opinion of what’s needed.

  59. 59
    Grace W says:

    I agree with what Bernie describes as the disparities needing adjustment. I don’t think he’s put forth any kind of practical, realistic solutions to make significant change in areas that Hillary and Obama have slogged away at already, like health care.

    Sure, I want universal health care. But thinking Bernie can deliver on that is ridiculous. Not in this country at this time. I fear that trying to push that now would undo the progress that’s been made with Obamacare and that would be disastrous.

  60. 60
    Raininmai says:

    Grace, of course the president can’t deliver change on his/her own. It begins with changing the makeup of the state houses, fixing the gerrymandering of congressional districts, stopping the recent barriers to full voting rights…etc. It has to start somewhere. Obama is a pragmatist, and he knows that it is the people who lead. He has encouraged us to lead, as Franklin Roosevelt said, “I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.” ::and I end my mini essay here:: 😉

  61. 61
    Adam McIntosh says:


    I don’t believe your response follows from what I actually said.

  62. 62
    Rachel says:

    What a thought provoking thread this has been.

    Isabella, I’m tempted to ask whether you read Bernie Sanders’s aura for Soul Thrill?

  63. 63
    Isabella C. says:

    Hi Rachel, yes I did.

    Actually I forgot about that when I was writing those comments and remembered it later.

  64. 64
    Isabella C. says:

    For Bernie’s High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill, it was 10 feet, deep down not expecting to win (the candidacy or the presidency).

    But keeping that safely tucked away from his conscious mind as he aims for the Presidency.

  65. 65
    Isabella C. says:

    To get a bit technical, the very first thing I noticed was a wonderful feeling that could be mistaken for huge, wonderful, graced soul thrill, riding on a cloud towards the Presidency.

    But almost simultaneously, I registered a kind of discord. An un-reality. A denial of truth going on. A fake happiness.

  66. 66
    Isabella C. says:

    With his whole campaign, seems to me, there is a kind of pretending going on.

    “Let’s pretend like this could actually happen! Let’s pretend that we care enough for a revolution!”

  67. 67
    Isabella C. says:

    When, I think, partly what is desired by a lot of Bernie Sanders’ supporters, to put it frankly, is drama.

    That’s what I think, and I hope that is not too insulting.

  68. 68
    Isabella C. says:

    But everyone’s soul loves drama, and young people especially have not outgrown their taste for it. Bernie offers the drama of “a revolution” for the good guys.

    It’s an exciting narrative.

  69. 69
    Isabella C. says:

    Personally, yes, I think there is a lot that is lovely about Bernie’s campaign. But I just don’t have patience for the pretending.

    (Not that it is done purposely or consciously, at all).

  70. 70
    Isabella C. says:

    I also don’t have patience for fake revolutions.

    Or calling for revolution as anything other than a last resort.

    I think it’s irresponsible and naive.

    These opinions are informed by having read Bernie’s aura.

  71. 71
    Isabella C. says:

    I don’t like to be controversial so I am attempting to douse the fires of passion rising in my heart as I write about these politics!

    Bernie supporters, Hillary supporters, Republican supporters, we’ll all do our best and then see, won’t we?

  72. 72
    Isabella C. says:

    I so hope that Hillary wins. But I am open to appreciating anyone’s opinion and making the best of whatever future outcome we end up with. It’s a democracy, after all.

  73. 73
    Rachel says:

    Wonderful comments, Isabella.

    Thank you so much for contributing your time and skills, I think it has been really useful.

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