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Why Learn How to Read Auras?

Why aura reading can be a bright idea.

Aura reading can be a bright idea.

Why develop energetic literacy? That’s almost like asking, “Why bother to learn how to read words on a screen, or in a book?”

Today’s article will give you more than 150 reasons, but you only need one.

But First, Can You Do This? Can You Learn?

Of  course you can, and it isn’t even terribly hard. Just takes a smallish amount of time, at least if you’re using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

If you can read the words on this screen, you can definitely learn to read auras. Accurately. In detail.

So Back to “Why, Why, Why Read Auras?”

The quick answer is that energetic literacy will give you a huge advantage in everyday life.

Another answer is that reading people deeper can give you great inside information about people at work, and also personal relationships. (And also yourself.)

Here’s a link to 50 different categories about very important make-or-break aspects of life.

(To read them, choose a how-to that combines Body Language + Face Reading + Aura Reading.)

Would you like to save money? Avoid heartbreak?

One of my favorite applications of reading auras is for making choices — whether about where to live or which kinds of exercise you to or plenty of other decisions that can either limit success or help you be way more successful. This specialized technique is called “Soul Thrill  Aura Research®.” (To go right to the goodies, after you click on the link, scroll down. Soon you’ll find the purple section on this RES specialty)

Then Come All the Fun Parts, from Lie Detector Tests to Weddings

The next 100+ reasons to develop energetic literacy come from the Table of Techniques in my how-to book “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

1.    Affirmation believability test
2.    Affirmation effectiveness test
3.    Affirmation to open celestial perception
4.    Affirmations for healing
5.    Affirmations made catchy
6.    Aura bounce for beginners
7.    Aura handshake
8.    Aura music
9.    Aura rub
10.  Auras on TV and movies
11.  Auric before-and-after pictures
12.  Auric massage, for clients
13.  Auric massage, for self
14.  Auric seal
15.  Auric selection of affirmations
16.  Auric sound bites
17.  Aurically merging during sex
18.  Baby kissing, the auric equivalent
19.  Before-and-after pictures of auras
20. Breathing for more spiritual clarity
21.  Breathing to connect mind and body
22.  Breathing to ground your awareness
23.  Candlelight affirmations for clairvoyance
24.  Celestial perception of perfume
25.  Centering mind and body
26.  Chakra balancing
27.  Chakra checkups for children
28.  Chakra research
29.  Churches, choosing
30.  Clairvoyance, inner version of
31.  Clairvoyance, mirror technique for
32.  Clearing your throat (chakra)
33.  Clothes shopping as an aura reader
34.  Contact high from healthy chakras
35.  Cookbook previews
36.  Crystal power for healing
37.  Cults, avoiding
38.  Detective stories, how to find the best
39.  Doing (not just saying) grace
40.  Doubt removal
41.  Emotions used to activate affirmations
42.  Empaths, developing skill
43.  Flower remedies, choosing
44.  Flower techniques for celestial perception
45.  Food allergies, compensate for
46.  Gardening as an aura reader
47.  Gardening with clairsentience
48.  Gardening with clairvoyance
49.  God awareness, intensifying
50.  God, connecting more clearly to
51.  Gossip, research how it clogs the throat chakra
52.  Grounding through speech
53.  Group body, becoming aware of
54.  Handling annoying people
55.  Healing chakras with your voice
56.  Health checkup with chakras
57.  Heart chakra exploration
58.  Higher Self, connecting to it
59.  Homeopathic remedies, selecting
60.  Homeopathy, witness how it works
61.  Hugging to improve physical empathy
62.  Inner dictionary, how to read yours
63.  Intuitive development
64.  Juice boxes, detective work
65.  Lie Detector Test #1
66.  Lie Detector Test #2
67.  Lie Detector Test #3
68.  Love, genuine, revealed in chakras
69.  Lying with affirmations, to avoid
70.  Metaphysical teachings, testing effects of
71.  Moving energy with your awareness
72.  Music, yet one more reason to love it
73.  Mystic’s master class in synesthesia
74.  Mystical experience, prayer for
75.  No more dud flowers
76.  Parenting an aura
77.  Party game with music and auras
78.  Past-life perception
79.  Past-life readings
80.  Protecting yourself from evil
81.  Protecting yourself from unwelcome perceptions
82.  Proving that your celestial perception is real
83.  Psychic coercion, discerning it groups
84.  Psychic ties, disconnecting
85.  Psychic-level debris, removing
86.  Psychometry
87.  Self-healing with aromatherapy
88.  Setting an intention
89.  Sex for enlightenment
90.  Sex, mirror gazing after
91.  Sexual detective work
92.  Sexy stars, appreciate their appeal
93.  Shopping for food, saving money
94.  Shopping for how-to-books
95.  Shopping for shampoo
96.  Singing a fragrance
97.  Smelling chakras
98.  Soul travel, introduction to
99.  Spiritual checkup
100.  Spiritual self-authority
101.  Spiritual treasure hunt
102.  Stage fright, reading it on actors
103.  Subliminal tapes, previewed aurically
104.  Synesthesia, using it to enhance celestial perception
105.  Taste food before you eat it
106.  Tea bags used to show chakra movement
107.  Telephone technique to see energy flows
108.  Temperature of tears, insights from
109.  Toning, diagnostic
110.  Toning, for healing
111.  Touchy sight
112.  TV, watch the auras of the stars
113.  Unwelcome perception, minimizing
114.  Victim agreement, dissolving
115.  Vitamins, aura testing
116.  Warning bells for deception
117.  Weddings, attending as an aura reader
118.  World’s most nourishing food, recipe
119.  Yard sales, avoid drug karma

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    Yet another of Rose’s books I need to go back over – so many things I didn’t pick up the first time.

    What I really noticed: Doing things a lot better. Especially around choices. Choosing vegetables, partners, homes, teachers…

  2. 2
    David B says:

    We need language literacy to use Google.

    We need energetic literacy to Google energy.

    I agree – this has been a common skill in the distant past and shows lots of signs it’s gradually returning as a normal skill.

  3. 3

    What a great quote, DAVID B. Wow!

    We need language literacy to use Google.

    We need energetic literacy to Google energy.

  4. 4

    “We need language literacy to use Google. We need energetic literacy to Google energy.”

    I love it!

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