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Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Alicia Vikander

Rachel McAdams, ready for her aura reading movie review

Alicia Vikander, ready for her aura reading movie review

Yes! For our last aura reading of this year’s Oscar nominees, I choose Alicia Vikander. At our Contest for This Year’s Aura Reading Movie Reviews, her performance was nominated by IRENE. Also by GRACE, who wrote:

“I thought her performance was wonderful, with quite an emotional range. She convincingly portrayed this spouse who witnessed and stood by her beloved husband transforming into who he felt he really was.

“Alicia Vikander is having quite a year, another reason I think it would be interesting to have an aura reading.”

As an unofficial extra nomination, I read an article in The Washington Post where three superb movie critics went through each of the main Academy Awards Categories.  And guess what showed up in the “Best Supporting Actress” category?
  • Under “Who WILL win,” Ann Hornaday, Stephanie Merry, and Michael O’Sullivan all predicted that Alicia Vikander will win.
  • Under “Who SHOULD win,” both of the female critics opined that Alicia Vikander SHOULD win.

So that influenced me in making today’s choice for my last aura reading for this year’s Academy Awards collection of movie reviews.

One Reason I Chose Alicia Vikander for This Aura Reading

Eddie Redmayne received at least as many nominations as Alicia Vikander at our Contest for Aura Reading Movie Reviews in 2016, and I first began to create an article about his performance in the same film. I was looking forward to it, given that his Oscar-winning performance last year was just superb.

 However, I did a double-take on seeing a photo of Eddie Redmayne as himself, and a bit of aura reading confirmed it.
Like Leo DiCaprio (though differently), this actor is one cold mess, traumatized from making his latest movie. Sad! I do wish him well, as with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Even more I wish that from now on actors would dare to ask themselves, “Is this role going to be worth it?” Because, to me, 2016 is shaping up as The Year of Movie Acting as an Extreme Sport.
IMO, Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research would have flagged the problems for either actor. And I’ve sure helped clients sort through stranger research items than “Play two sexually contrasting roles within one movie. Plus, as usual, get ready to die.”

Get ready for today’s Aura Reading Movie Review of Alicia Vikander

The Film:

“The Danish Woman”

The Movie Trailer for “The Danish Woman”

Ta Da! Here Come the Photos We’ll Use Today

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

Use this link to open our aura reading photo of Alicia Vikander — on a separate screen.

What, an aura photograph on a regular website? Sure!

Blog-Buddies, when you have developed Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, every photograph is an aura photo.

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

Use this link to open our aura reading photo of  Alicia Vikander in her nominated role — on a separate screen.

Scroll to the end of today’s article for background on how aura research like this is done.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

1/4 inch. “Feed me.”

Golly, is that surprising? Honestly Blog-Buddies, I only make reference to pressures on women to be super-skinny when a chakra databank like this one is screaming. Talk about the elephant in the room… where Oscar nominees go to be televised on their biggest night of the year.

Really, now I’m looking again at the photo that GRACE W. supplied in the contest. It’s our official photo of the celebrated actress.

There is Alicia Vikander, looking like she weighs 80 pounds wringing wet, too thin to fill out her Size Zero dress (or whatever tiny size it is) although the dress is all white and the camera adds 10 pounds. When will people recognize this craziness and say, “STOPPIT”?

What else about how Alicia Vikander relates to physical reality at the time of this photograph?

Not much, not enough to matter more than the hunger.

In itself, that tells me a lot beyond the intensity of her hunger. Seems to me, Alicia Vikander doesn’t have a vivid experience of physical life at the subconscious level where I am reading her energies.

Why not? I suspect that’s because, at the time of this clearly posed, professional photograph, it’s uninteresting simply being herself, when not acting.

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

2 inches. Trying to look animated. Also look like she’s having a complicated experience. Concentrating really hard to look just so.

“Can I find a way to stay in my character and still look pretty?”

Chakra Databank Change Points

Zero. Hey, I feel like a character in a Warner Brothers Cartoon, saying, “Now I’ve seen everything.”

Given Alicia Vikander’s extreme blankness as herself, even a little bit of getting into character could have won her something by way of Chakra Databank Change POints….

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Sex Appeal

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

1/2 inch. Pretty uninterested in sex at the time of this photo. And she isn’t wired, at the time of this photo op, to pretend that she is; or to send out “Come hithers.”

Of course, the actress might just be too hungry. Another possibility is that she is still recovering from making a film that was so sexually fraught.

Really, I couldn’t stand to look at Eddie Redmayne for more than 10 seconds or read his aura for more than two minutes. Hard to imagine what it was like to work with him on that movie set, watching him (as I suspect) get more and more off-kilter as the shooting progressed.

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

80 feet. Here we go. Sexually tormented.

A one-note emotion, but at least an emotion. And a bigger showing at this chakra databank than anything we’ve encountered in her so far.

Chakra Databank Change Points

1/4. Not an enthusiastic point, because this is such an unsubtle emotion. If this were a shade of blonde hair color, women wouldn’t buy it. Not believable enough. Since real blonde hair, or a good dye job, contains some gradations of color, right?

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Sharing Power in Relationships

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

3 inches. Alicia Vikander doesn’t have much energy available to push on any level, not at the time of this photo. Moreover, she is being VERY CAREFUL.

Careful to promote her movie properly?

Careful not to offend?

As you have probably noticed Blog-Buddies — but not, I hope, experienced directly — people who are being VERY CAREFUL cannot, by definition, be using their power. Or sharing it. When people are being that careful, no power sharing happens because (at the time) that careful person is using zero personal power.

Oh, this is so sad.

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

1/8 inch. Feeling sad, distressed. (While having no power.)

Chakra Databank Change Points

Zero. Not only is the change to this chakra databank small in every way, but the quality of “Feeling sad, distressed” is fake — on the order of, “My emotion here is that I feel sad and distressed. My character has this emotion. I will show this with my face. I will do this right now. I am acting. Watch me acting, everyone.”

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Self-Awareness

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

3 inches. Such self-consciousness. Alicia Vikander isn’t in a role, “so she doesn’t know what to feel.” What is her motivation supposed to be? What are her lines?

!Ay caramba!

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

3 inches. “I have many emotions and they are very complicated. I will show this on my face. I want to be very, very sympathetic to the viewers.”

Chakra Databank Change Points

Another big, flat zero.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

4 inches. Integrity isn’t exactly relevant. Alicia Vikander is having a hard time not disappearing entirely from her interview, or photo op, or whatever else is supposed to be going on right here.

I am finding a stunning degree of blankness at every single chakra databank. It’s very troubling. I hope that Alicia Vikander was just having a very, extremely unusually, bad day.

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

4 inches. “I can be whatever they want me to be. I am an actress!!!!”

Chakra Databank Change Points

Zero. (At this point I’m not really speechless, just kinda disgusted.)

Aura Reading Databank at the High Chakra for Soul Thrill

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as herself

Okay, anybody want to place any bets here? (Sigh!) Given all that has come before, do you think that I will be finding 40 feet of gold-tinted perky?

1/8 inch. “If I had known how miserable I would be feeling right now, I never would have become an actress.”

Oh, golly!

Reading Alicia Vikander’s aura as Gerda

1/8 inch. The character doesn’t have any discernible soul expression going, not the slightest bit of enthusiasm. Neither does Alicia Vikander have soul mojo going as an actress, in the spotlight, given a big-deal part in this big-deal film.

Although, clearly (at a subconscious level) during this moment of her performance, one role does interests Alicia Vikander — passionately. She is acting in a movie.

Yet even that hammy kind of soul thrill isn’t enough to sprong up this chakra databank.

Nothing going on here, energetically. Zilch. Nada.

Chakra Databank Change Points

Zero, obviously.

Conclusion, with Total Chakra Databank Change Points

1/4 point out of 6 possible Chakra Databank Change Points. Maybe not too great.

Look, it takes talent to carry a major role in a major film. I get that. Alicia Vikander’s performance must have looked convincing on the surface. I get that, too.

Really, it takes courage to play act. Even more to be filmed. And frankly I suspect that just being on a set with the very, very, progressively more every day upset, Eddie Redmayne — that was a big job. Remembering to say her lines, under those circumstances, and deliver take after take? That takes a lot of steadfastness.

It probably helped that Alicia Vikander is not remotely a sensitive person, but still it takes courage to show up and act. She did. If she wins an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress, may she enjoy it!

Background on Aura Reading Movie Reviews

This blog post will tell you more about my method of using energetic literacy for aura reading film criticism.

To learn more about the sequence of research I’ll use this year on some of the most interesting Academy Award nominees, see this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

It’s a very Age of Awakening form of movie criticism, researching which actors are able to change so deeply, it registers at their subconscious minds and chakra databanks.

To learn more about how I do Aura Reading Movie Reviews, click onto our post about Aura Readings for Academy Award Nominees in 2013.

Incidentally, for Aura Reading Movie Reviews by Rose Rosetree — Find Them All Here.

And if reading celebs is your thing, click here to find loads of newsmaker aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges.

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    Thanks, Rose. I saw the previews for the film and Redmayne’s portrayal gave me the creeps. I avoided the film. Thanks for putting that into words.

    This rather surprised me as I found his work in Theory of Everything excellent. And I have no issue with breaking gender stereotypes.

    Hopefully Alicia is just in a rough patch or found working on that film rough.

  2. 2
    Dana20 says:

    Thank yo for this reading, Rose! It was quite sobering. I certainly would not want to be an actress in Hollywood right now with my job depending on my looks and weight.

    Such pain at the High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill, as you read: “1/8 inch. ‘If I had known how miserable I would be feeling right now, I never would have become an actress.'”

  3. 3
    David B says:

    I worked in the film industry when I was young. It was extremely competitive and you needed a real entrepreneurs temperament as it needed constant self-promotion. And that was for set crews. I can only imagine what it’s like now and more so for headliners.

    Film itself is all about appearances.

  4. 4
    David B says:

    I laugh sometimes when I see actors with the people they’re portraying. The real people – ordinary. The actors seek to play them well, yet look “perfect” while doing so. Non-ordinary.

  5. 5

    Pretty wild that Alicia Vikander, Brie Larson & Leonardo DiCaprio all won Oscars this year, given what you uncovered about their performances. It’s a shame that all the punishment they were subjected to has been so encouraged.

  6. 6
    David B says:

    Good timing, Rose. Alicia got the Oscar.

  7. 7

    Indeed, ADAM. Equally wild, how many of the Oscar presenters are, sadly, in my opinion, living in extreme spiritual addiction.

    I turned my head away and half listened to Louis CK, Patricia Arquette, Reese Witherspoon. When I see the recorded remainder, I’ll click past Lady Gaga.

    I prefer my human straight up, not energetically compromised.

  8. 8
    Isabelle says:

    Such an interesting reading. Shocked by this a bit. So many of them suffering… And media presents those people as perfect human beings. Sad.

    Thankful for this very different – and deep – perspective.

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    Nooo, not Reese Witherspoon!

  10. 10

    And with that, LILIAN and other Blog-Buddies, yes, we now have 29,000 comments at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”


  11. 11
    Mel says:

    She’s used to extreme discipline. She was a ballerina. She said that when the pain went away it was like losing an old friend.

  12. 12
    Mel says:

    There’s also been some catagory fraud with the Oscars and other awards this season. She was the lead actress of her film and she’s been placed in the supporting actress catagory.

  13. 13
    Kira says:

    Lilian, yeah, I feel the same way about Patricia Arquette.

  14. 14
    Julie says:

    I found interesting the section on Sharing Power in Relationships and how being careful is the equivalent of not using one’s power.

    The times that I have been careful have been when I was trying not to make mistakes.

    Results weren’t very positive. Similar to intentions like “Just stay out of trouble” or “Keep a low profile”.

    More helpful has been going to an event with an intention like “To enjoy myself” or “To learn”.

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