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The Guru Game in the Age of Awakening

Where can you find your guru? Dwelling in the lotus of your heart.

TRADITIONAL: Where is your guru? Dwelling in the lotus of your heart.                            AGE OF AWAKENING: Come play the Guru Game. Now!

Here’s what got me started thinking about the Guru Game.

The Guru Game is a hidden fact of spiritual life now, in the Age of Awakening.

Today I did a session with JOE, a courageous client who has been going through a hellacious health ordeal. We were researching different foods for him, massages and foot soaks; all sorts of ways he might take the best care of his body.

Yes, this is a form of Soul Thrill® Aura Research  that could have been developed just to help people like JOE, folks who are going through big ordeals in life and have so many  choices about what to do… that, without this kind of research, those choices could be overwheming.

This has been quite the morning. Before doing the 2+ hours with JOE, I got an email from one of my very dearest friends in all the world, GLADYS. We had been doing a bit of emailing back and forth lately.

This time she reported on how she’s been doing with a long-term health problem (pretty well, but with some scary parts left hanging — which could well have terrified somebody less spunky). While all this is going on, GLADYS work situation has been deteriorating. She needs to find another job fast.

That work part seems to make no sense at all. GLADYS is brilliant, charming, hardworking, scrupulously ethical. Moreover, her professional skills have given her an extraordinary career, working with world-class companies. Only that kind of employment was a couple of jobs ago, and it’s amazing how rough finding steady work has become for this single breadwinner for a household.

I dedicate today’s blog post to them both, along with so much love and respect. And this article is also dedicated to you (or anyone you know, who might value these words) if recently life has been unbelievably harsh, challenging, confusing, or lonely. Because I had quite an insight today while reading auras for JOE.

An idea that had been lazing around in the back of my mind for a while came strongly into focus. The quality of truth value was golden, the highest value. So here comes something I never wrote about before because I hadn’t quite articulated into concepts or words.

First, though, I ought to provide a bit more context for this idea.

Researching the Finest Fabrics of a Person’s Aura

Energetic literacy is a basis for understanding how that insight came up today, that Stage Three Energetic Literacy I’ve been telling you’ all for ages that you can easily learn.

Yes, regular old reading chakra databanks. Although easy to do, even effortless, using the system that you can learn here or here, the subtlety is truly worthy of this Age of Awakening.

Witness what happens when you add the separate refinement of doing Soul Thrill Aura Research — a skill that is powerfully owned by every expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Sometimes I’ll have a client like JOE or GLADYS who researches the impact of different doctors or employers or mind-body-spirit practitioners. Smart!

With holistic healing, there can be recommendations like, “Give yourself a foot massage” or “Drink magnetized water.” There, too, Soul Thrill® Aura Research can be so helpful.

For any choice, or “Research Item,” I’ll explore a variety of impacts, related to chakra databanks of interest for my client. The scoop comes straight from my client’s finely tuned astral energies, corresponding to subconscious reactions. Impacts on what? Chakra databanks like these:

  • The High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill
  • The Root Chakra Databank for Making Money
  • The Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Clarity of Thought
  • The Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Stability

Usually My Focus Is Practical, Not Ideas on The Guru Game

Aura Reading Research sessions like these are meant to be practical. I’ll leap into work, enthusiastically involved in that graced sort of state that happens when you have skills (that anybody could learn) for co-creating with God.

In session, I’ll stay as practical as I can, because by now I know there can be a world of difference between working with Dr. A versus Dr. B.

With JOE, for instance, the Soul Thrill® Research revealed that giving himself a foot massage was pretty bad… unless he would be listening to upbeat music in the background, in which case the outcome would be way positive.

Although drinking magnetized water — a recommendation from one of JOE’s mbs specialists — was overwhelming and horrible, a.k.a. overwhelmingly horrible, surprise!

When doing this kind of research, sometimes it’s as though the chakra databanks themselves whisper to me what they might like instead. So next I researched purchasing magnetic inserts for shoes instead, and wearing them for just five minutes each day. For JOE’s particular system, right now, this could be a godsend.

You see, the problem for many of my mind-body-spirit colleagues is that the recommendations they make are for people who don’t have JOE’s particular problems, or his state of consciousness. I’ve helped JOE to find many excellent specialists, and he supplements those resources by fine-tuning the recommendations with me.

Many clients don’t need that fine-tuning. They just get the Soul Thrill® Aura Research to choose a good acupuncturist, or teacher, or business coach and… go! But these clients aren’t suffering as intensely as JOE is right now. Plus he’s learned, from our Soul Thrill® Research off-and-on over the years, that he gets much, much better results when he adds this chakra databank feedback process, fine-tuning his recommendations from other mbs specialists.

Today’s Discovery Process CAN Involve The Guru Game

Anyway, you get the picture, Blog-Buddies. Today I was just doing my job. I help one client at a time, using skills, totally engaged in here-and-now helping one individual.

But an experience/idea began to form, as mentioned earlier today in this article. So then I put it into words.

Why go into all this background. It’s to convey what may give me the standing to write what follows in this article. Sometimes, you long term Blog-Buddies, will read a deep question somebody asks here at the blog. Or a metaphysical fine point. Or some fancy question for me, in my role as Enlightenment Coach.

So how do I answer that theoretical inquiry? “Sorry, that’s outside the scope of this blog.” What I want to write, every single time (but probably don’t) is this:

Please! I’m not a theorist. People who come up with theories are fine. People who wish to come up with theories can be a great inspiration.

But I am not one of those theorists. To the extent that I say abstract things (like today’s discovery that is, trust me, really truly following in today’s article)…

That idea occurs to me because I have been helping individual people, one at a time. And from this I learn something. If this something seems useful, I’ll write about it here, or in a book. I might even teach it in a workshop.

In short, the human part must come first for me, this particular helping person among so many in the world. I would never sit down to cognize the following like some kind of latter-day imitation Vedic seer or Delphic oracle.

In the Age of Awakening, A Change to the Guru Game

I’m still learning what it means to be human and living in the Age of Awakening.

Human-based spirituality? That matters now, as does limiting daily Technique Time to 20 minutes.

These are things I know something about. Also, for quite some time, I’ve been clear that we are living in an age when most people do not need a guru.

Experts? Yes. Professionals with good skills? Yes. Please!!!!! Because self-authority is no substitute for technical knowledge.

This is also the time of Emmanuel, God with us. When the long-awaited Messiah must be each of us, for ourselves.

That’s a Judeo-Christian way of putting it. To use a more Eastern frame of reference, the days of gurus are over.

The Days of Gurus Are OVER?

Yes, like it or not, for most people at least, the days of following gurus — that is so over. (And The Guru Game has begun.)

The exception is if you’re a renunciate, where you need the protection and structure of your order. You need that Mother Superior or guru or big-time leader.

For us householders, however, the days of gurus are over.

Their influence culminated in the rise of the great world gurus, with their nearly universal sex scandals and, then, within a small number of years, they all “died.” Because the era of gurus, even these great and heroic world teachers… it’s OVER.

For me, this transition has been extremely personal.

Unlike many of my fellow teachers of Transcendental Meditation, teaching wasn’t enough for me. From the first moment I saw him in person, I held Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as my guru. I loved him more than I have ever loved any mortal being. (And that means no lack of love for my husband Mitch, or our son, or other relationships that mean a world to me.)

It’s simply the truth. For most of the years that Maharishi was my guru, I loved him as I have never loved anyone else. I lived for him and what he could teach me. I would have died for him.

Yet all of us TMers had to accept that, even if we wanted a personal guru, a traditional spiritual teacher, a world guru like ours couldn’t possibly spare the time.

What Did a Traditional Guru Do?

That guru was with you personally, every day. It was like studying bel canto with your vocal coach.

Not a game, and not something you would have to figure out for yourself.

Every day, without fail, your guru would tell you what to do. What not to do. Assignments would be given. Changes, or even sacrifices, would be required.

This could be so very rough, but if you stuck with it, you would win the prize. With a guru, that prize would be Enlightenment — or as close as you could come to Enlightenment within this lifetime. For a music teacher, you might just be able to sing something gorgeous, like “Let the Bright Seraphim.” 😉

So what do we have now? A game?

What is available to us, at best, living now? Just some game?

What can we cling to, and depend upon for inspiration, our most dependable way to keep growing?

The Guru Game in the Age of Awakening

With The Guru Game, who is in charge?

Only you.

You alone are in charge and you choose. You get to choose, day by day and choice by choice.

Nobody is likely to give you a deerskin to sit upon. You will have to make your own patchwork quilt, and use it in whatever funky human way brings you comfort.

Okay, that much I’ve known for years.

Here’s the part from today.

The Guru Game — When I First Get a Clue

It started when I researched a seemingly trivial little choice for JOE at the High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill. Could have been as simple as substituting Himalayan sea salt for regular salt when he eats. Totally for his mind-body-spirit system, the Divine light was dazzling.

Think The Northern Lights. Or the sounding of a gorgeous gong with a sound of “Yes-Yes-Yes. GOD. GOD. GOD.”

In that instant of bliss, I realized how the circumstances of your life, right now, are exactly the guru. 

Is it a pleasant, pretty easy life right now? Good for you. Then your Guru Game includes “And don’t louse that up, Kid.” 😉

But what about people who are suffering so much now, like the Syrian refugees and the Americans who are almost crazy with fear and confusion (including those who are dying or getting addicted to drugs in higher numbers than ever before)?

And what about the people among you whose suffering isn’t visible. Seeing them, you might never guess there is an almost unbearable suffering. What about GLADYS and JOE?

Here’s What It Means to Play The Guru Game in this Age of Awakening

If your life circumstances are very extreme, you’re getting a great deal of guru time.

  • If you’re on your way to Enlightenment, you’re growing faster.
  • If you have already crossed the threshold of Enlightenment, either you’re growing extra fast OR you are taking on karma for others through your own life OR both.

In terms of the Guru Game — a.k.a., as of March 9, the Inner Guru Process —  it’s as though (back pre-Age of Awakening) you were with 50 other disciples living in that ashram. And now your beloved guru is giving you an audience for two hours every day. Maybe he’s stricter than usual.

Sigh! Following a guru’s apparent whims is a time-hallowed tradition. Hint: A guru doesn’t have ego-based, frivilous whims.

Today’s version. You can’t even get benefit from a normal foot massage unless you also listen to vocal music — which ordinarily you don’t like to do — but only THEN will the foot massage help you?

How nutty is that?

Not nutty. Specialized.

What if your life is specialized now, and not what you expected it to be? What if you’re having to learn to deal with practical problems that seem pathetically trivial? So hard, so very hard.

Yet this Enlightenment Coach will dare to say it: Count this a privilege.

Of course, in private, also bitch and moan and grunt and do whatever else you must do in order to get through the day. In today’s householder ashrams, that is totally fine.

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  1. 101
    Kira says:

    To Sarah, re comments 53 and 54:

    I so very much agree about deciding which decisions are mundane and which are sacred. My name “change” is a case where I waffled over that.

  2. 102
    Kira says:

    I had been thru several attempts to come up with a name I was happy with since elementary school, and going to college felt like the time to set it in stone because almost no one knew me and I knew I could get it to stick.

    I had come up with most of the names I tried to go by myself, but because I couldn’t get anyone to use them, I occasionally asked friends to come up with something.

  3. 103
    Kira says:

    I decided to try that approach in college, too, asking for my advisors to come up with a nickname for me. (They came up with “Kibbles”.)

    I knew by that point that “Kira” really resonated with me, because of the character and the movie, but I felt a bit conflicted about naming myself after a movie character.

  4. 104
    Kira says:

    It felt somehow too blatant. I think in retrospect that I felt that way because I knew in my heart that it was a sacred decision, and as such, one I didn’t want to have to explain, and because a reasonably well-known movie was involved, I knew I would at least occasionally be asked to explain.

    I think my attempts to get others to name me were attempts to make it mundane, so that I wouldn’t feel so odd about explaining why I wanted to be called something else.

  5. 105
    Kira says:

    As it is, I almost never talk about all the coincidences I’ve had related to the movie and/or to my name, or the deep meaning it has for me; I long ago figured out that I could just explain that I’m an Olivia Newton-John fan without going into detail.

  6. 106
    Kira says:

    (I brought it up here because I trust y’all with information that is sacred to me. :))

  7. 107
    Kira says:

    David, re comment 57, about spiritual teachers who don’t call themselves that:

    My favorite person, the one in my comment 12, is somewhat like that. She was one of my teachers in high school, but not a spiritual teacher; in fact, she’s probably an atheist. Nevertheless, she became my favorite person because I could actually feel myself growing due to her influence.

  8. 108
    Kira says:

    I spent years trying to figure out the nature of my relationship with her, until I found John O’Donohue’s definition of “anam cara”.

    This quote of his truly describes how I feel about her: “…You are joined in an ancient and eternal union with humanity that cuts across all barriers of time, convention, philosophy and definition. When you are blessed with an anam cara, the Irish believe, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home.”

  9. 109
    Kira says:

    (And once again, that is so personal that I very rarely mention it and even more rarely attempt to explain it.

    I can be very forthcoming with info about myself when I trust my audience, but to put it into perspective: I’m much more likely to talk about my depression and having been suicidal than I am about the meaning behind my name or my relationship with my friend. And I only talk about my depression when it seems like talking about it would help someone else.)

  10. 110

    It says a lot about you and also this community, KIRA, that you would trust us with information that is sacred to you.

    Thank you.

  11. 111
    Julie says:

    Hi Kira,

    I sometimes write too, poetry and journaling.

    The content of the journal entries can be useful to look back upon, to see the progress and change.

    And the process of writing can be surprising for me, generating things that I didn’t intend to say or mean to say, but nonetheless want to be said.

  12. 112
    Julie says:


    I was touched by the anam cara comment. And isn’t that the truth? Beyond space and time, and only a thought away (if that).

    I looked up the literal meaning of anam cara, and found “soul friend”.

  13. 113
    Julie says:


    I was grabbed by that phrase “resolute intellect”. I haven’t heard it before, but just did some reading online and at your blog.

    It sounds very in tune with the big themes here of discrimination, truth, and inner-directedness.

    Knowing what must be done, or what needs to happen, according to inner truth.

  14. 114
    Julie says:

    Although it sounds like it happens automatically, more and more as a person gets clearer. Not a mental should, but a spontaneous expression.

    Maybe not that different from what Rose calls spontaneous soul expression.

  15. 115

    Definitely not different, JULIE.

    “Resolute intellect” is traditionally associated with Enlightenment. Between DAVID B.’s state of consciousness and his deep study of traditional Vedic knowledge, part of his role as an Enlightenment Coach (seems to me) is to breath life and truth into these traditional terms. A welcome change from much that you’ll find in the Outer Guru Market today!

    Anyway, JULIE, this phrase that DAVID B. has used is something you can probably relate to personally, as one who has crossed the threshold into Householder Enlightenment.

  16. 116

    Before you’ve crossed the threshold into Enlightenment, a resolute intellect might seem hard to have.

    But in Enlightenment? That’s a snap.

    * Resolute intellect.
    * Emotions that flow without impediment or denial.
    * Body awareness with self-acceptance.
    * Spiritual connection to Source, as the most natural thing in the world.

    All are attributes that occur spontaneously in Enlightenment.

  17. 117

    Or, sure, JULIE, this kind of traditional language can be put in the soul-expressive language I favor (as an Enlightenment Coach with special interest in the Age of Awakening version of self-realization). Then Householder Enlightenment includes:

    * Unrestrictedly expressing your intellectual gifts of the soul.
    * Unrestrictedly expressing your mental gifts of the soul.
    * Unrestrictedly expressing your emotional gifts of the soul.
    * Unrestrictedly expressing your physical gifts of the soul.
    * Unrestrictedly expressing your sexual gifts of the soul.
    * And so forth. Chiming through all the potential of your soul to be embodied as you are in this lifetime, living on earth right now.

    Just being yourself, as someone co-creating with God (in a concentrated presence, blended with “self”) as the most natural thing in the world.

  18. 118
    Julie says:

    Wow, a powerful response, Rose. Thank you!

    I love the conclusion and the stress on the word natural. How natural it all is, for these attributes to flower.

  19. 119
    Kira says:


    Thanks for your comments! About the writing,

    I have found that not only does my writing often teach me things about myself right away, it also sometimes teaches me things about myself across time. Things I wrote long ago now resonate in ways they didn’t before.

  20. 120
    Kira says:


    Thank *you* for creating and maintaining this space where I, and I’m sure others, feel safe, and for gathering people to feel safe with. 🙂

    I share when it feels right, and it’s wonderful to have found people who often relate to the things I share.

  21. 121
    Lilian says:

    Rose, thanks for your answer. So Brahman enlightenment is enlightenment with more enlightenment… :-p

    It’s interesting to hear about your background in the blog posts over the last few months. To be honest, knowing that you lived in a TM ashram until your 30s made me think “This Rose is obviously a very spiritual person, but maybe she knows very little about real actual life.”

  22. 122
    Lilian says:

    I’ve had to accept this in people many times in my life… so that’s no insult or lack of respect. But obvious heartache about TM means that you do have experience in human level heartache and disillusion and you’ve taken responsibility for yourself in human ways (financially, among other things, I would imagine.)

  23. 123
    Lilian says:

    I am a hard taskmaster, that gives you points in my eyes. lol

  24. 124
    Lilian says:

    I think post shift is a whole different ball game, and who knows what kinds of states of consciousness is possible in this age.

    Souls have all kinds of experiences, on this and other planets and dimensions to incarnate into. All different..

  25. 125
    Lilian says:

    My context is the past life regressions we’ve done in SEAH… particularly that lifetime as a rebellious self-monk wondering why the Church guarded religion as a special secret code… all very much my personality now.

    I don’t know if I would have coped with an ashram path to enlightenment!! I can’t imagine it…

  26. 126
    Lilian says:

    man, i’m not really in the mood for writing clearly… what is a “self-monk”, that was some mangled elf-editing. “self-determined” was semi deleted.

  27. 127
    Julie says:

    I also liked this find from David’s blog, related to comments 74 and 115.

    Ritam means “that consciousness which accepts only truth”.

    Hence the need for a teacher who has high truth value.

    To jumpstart our own and lead us out of confusion.

  28. 128
    Julie says:

    And to help find the way to divine qualities. Truth being one.

    Another, for example, joy.

    A Dancing Shiva? Maybe.

    Or a Dancing Snoopy:)

  29. 129
    Kira says:

    Near the beginning of February, I saw Kung Fu Panda 3, and I wrote a comment (or set of comments) about it that I intended to post but couldn’t decide where (since there wasn’t a recent blog post on the topic at the time). I just thought of it again now, with the explanations of Brahman consciousness, and realized that even the original topic of a change in the guru system is relevant.

  30. 130
    Kira says:

    (If you haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda 3 and don’t want spoilers, now is the time to stop reading for a bit!)

  31. 131
    Kira says:

    When I saw the movie, I was struck by the fact that Po, the titular panda, moved into Enlightenment during the course of the movie. This is not often seen in movies, especially not in animated comedic action movies.

  32. 132
    Kira says:

    I was further struck by the fact that, while not as precise with definitions as Rose is, it seemed that Po was moving into Householder Enlightenment instead of the Simplicity model.

  33. 133
    Kira says:

    In the series as a whole, there is Master Oogway, who seemed the typical Simplicity Enlightenment representative—lived alone on a mountaintop and spent his time meditating.

    There is Shifu, the Kung Fu teacher and Oogway’s student, who had not moved into Enlightenment but wanted to; he was looking forward to retiring as Kung Fu master so he could live in a cave and learn the power of Chi.

    Then there is Po, who seemed very firmly tied to householder life. The way to train him was thru his love of food, and he was a fan of Kung Fu the way one would be a fan of celebrities. He enjoyed it for the “cool” factor.

  34. 134
    Kira says:

    When Po returned to Shifu with Oogway’s staff, the look on Shifu’s face was priceless, and I could just picture earnestly striving renunciates everywhere looking at householders who gave up nothing and yet moved into Enlightenment with that same expression.

  35. 135
    Kira says:

    Anyway, I wasn’t originally going to go into more detail because I wanted to solicit others’ thoughts (among those who saw the movie) first, but now that I’m putting it in this post’s comments, I want to relate it a bit more.

  36. 136
    Kira says:

    I’ve already hinted at this a bit: in the first movie, Shifu tries to teach Po in the traditional way, but nothing he does works. It’s not until he takes advantage of Po’s love for dumplings that he is able to devise exercises for Po that Po can actually do.

  37. 137
    Kira says:

    Continuing on that theme, in movie 3, Shifu retires and leaves Po in charge of teaching the other 5 of his fellow students (who were Kung Fu masters before Po even started, incidentally). Po’s first day of teaching goes horribly, and he leaves the Kung Fu school with his newly-found father to learn how to be a panda (he was adopted by a duck).

  38. 138
    Kira says:

    He thinks he’s learning how to be a panda so that he can learn how to harness the power of Chi, but his father has deceived him in order to convince him to stay with the pandas; while they used to, as a species, know how to harness Chi, they’ve forgotten, and no living panda knows it.

  39. 139
    Kira says:

    But there is still a major threat in the world, and Po is still motivated by his need to save his original village and his friends, so even though he was traumatized by trying to teach Kung Fu and by having his father lie to him, he puts all that aside to teach the panda village Kung Fu so they can hold out against the bad guy until he can use his signature move.

  40. 140
    Kira says:

    He makes the same teaching discovery Shifu had with him: he finds what each panda is good at and turns that into a Kung Fu attack move.

    So at this point, he’s an external guru, of sorts, but he’s definitely specializing the curriculum for each student.

  41. 141
    Kira says:

    In the interest of not giving too much away, I’ll just skip to the point where he does eventually have to learn the power of Chi, and he has to rediscover it from inside himself.

    So, in a way, learning how to be a panda did help. He learned more about where he came from, and was able to distinguish which panda traits were a fundamental part of him and which were just not at all intuitive for him.

  42. 142
    Kira says:

    He went from learning Kung Fu from a guru (in the first movie), to teaching it as a guru, to looking inside himself for knowledge. And he spent time learning what it meant to be a panda, which would be equivalent to learning what it means to be human.

    This movie is much more about entertainment than about Enlightenment, but it does seem to be on the right track with some of its messages, and I think that’s pretty cool.

  43. 143
    Kira says:

    (Ooh, forgot to elaborate that when Po is specializing the curriculum for his panda students, he is specializing it to everyday, Householder-y things they do. Such as dancing or rolling or hugging.)

  44. 144
    Joyce says:

    Aww, Kira, your analysis of Kung Fu Panda 3 makes me want to see the movie again!

    I loved how Po took note of the natural interests of the pandas (in the householder-y way you mentioned). Some were things they weren’t necessarily great at, but they enjoyed. Once he gave them a reason to do more of that thing, it seemed like they improved and became “skilled.”

  45. 145
    David B says:

    re: Comment 113
    “resolute intellect” is indeed a feature of established awakening.

    Prior to this, we are caught by self-concepts and Stuff, a poor foundation for the intellect. But when this is cleared, then the intellect gains the platform of the changeless within.

    So yes, true discrimination.

  46. 146
    David B says:

    re: comment 127
    Ritam is related but slightly different.
    It’s a way of describing a layer one stage deeper than the intellect.

    This layer is commonly known as the “bliss body”. It’s a layer beyond Stuff. Once we have clear access to that, only what is true arises there and the intellect can then discriminate it.

  47. 147
    David B says:

    Some people describe the intellect as intuition. Same principle, just a different subjective experience of it – one that is more felt.

    The ritam layer is a big subject as it is also what physics calls the unified field, “virtual fluctuations” in it giving rise to our world.

  48. 148
    David B says:

    I enjoyed KFP3 too. Po was the innocent, falling into it. A bit instant-enlightenment ish but talk of energetic literacy too.

    Cool he was restoring the pandas innate skills in that area.

  49. 149
    Julie says:

    Thanks, David. That makes sense. “The intellect gains the platform of the changeless within”. And so do the other attributes as Rose talked about in comment 116.

    I can’t describe it but I sure do relate to the phrase resolute intellect, in a more than casual way.

    Perhaps I especially experience it and notice it, because it is needed!

  50. 150

    Perhaps too, JULIE, that experience you’re having especially is related to how you are here as a person.

    DAVID B may not know this about you, and I hope you don’t mind my blowing your cover, but you are one of the RES folks who is just off-the-charts brilliant.

    That intellect plays such a role in your who-you-be (along with so many other qualities you have in this lifetime, qualities that I just love).

    When intellect is such a major attribute of your life in this incarnation, why WOULDN’T you especially notice this facet of Enlightenment?

  51. 151

    Golly, I just noticed that this blog post has managed to scoot all the way up to #8 on our current list of Most Popular Posts.

    Thanks again to all who have been contributing here. 🙂

  52. 152
    Julie says:

    Thanks, Rose! Such an amazing compliment.

    I don’t think of myself that way. But definitely I have been described as intellectual. Although I forget about it, it’s a major part of how I’m set up.

  53. 153

    Learn about paying your dues and tapas… at the main post and comments here, at “Are You Willing to Pay the Price? Perspective from RES”

    This concerns hidden, yet essential, aspects of playing the guru game for those of us who are evolving in the Age of Awakening.

  54. 154

    About “The Guru Game,” IRENE has given us all a gorgeous guest post, with inspired comments to follow.

    Yes, you can learn a great deal about winning YOUR guru game from this article.

  55. 155
    Irene says:

    Thanks, Rose 🙂

    This idea of following your inner guru is so comforting to me. Two years ago, I think I would have thought it was stressful and intimidating, thinking that the responsibility for choosing my spiritual path is all on me and what if I mess it up.

  56. 156
    Irene says:

    Now, from inside this way of living, it’s relaxing and powerful.

    I can listen to my inner sense of self, respect the pace of growth that I can handle, co-create with the Divine, clearly communicate to others what I need (conflict is becoming less scary), and do more of what is deeply important and deeply soul-thrilling to me, while living an increasingly effective real-world human life.

    And I get the bonus of progressing swiftly towards enlightenment? Sign me up! 🙂

  57. 157
    David B says:

    That self-authority and inner sense of self is key.

    However, we also want to do what we can to clear Stuff. That way it’s a real inner sense of self and not some old rehashed story of supposed-to’s and such.

    That’s what messes up our confidence in our authority.

  58. 158

    DAVID B, so true! Thank you, and thank you as well IRENE. 🙂

    Adding to this theme of The Guru Game, here is a fresh new post about unintended consequences of… doing a brief consultation with a lawyer.

    Gotta love Earth School! It’s so complicated. And yet we can all win at The Guru Game.

  59. 159
    Irene says:

    David B, I definitely agree!

    It is only with the removal of Stuff that I’m really able to access my self-authority and inner sense of self. Two years ago, before I found skills, knowledge and healing that worked, that is, pre-RES, it did not work very well 🙂

  60. 160

    Here is another link to paying the personal price for something in life: Are You Willing to Pay the Price Spiritually? Perspective from RES.

    If you don’t have a physical guru to advise you, isn’t making this type of choice one of the ways that we householders can evolve faster?

  61. 161

    And what about this version of obeying your inner guru, since you’re living as a householder in the Age of Awakening?

    “Paying the Price for Your College Degree” — or whatever you do to further your career.

    Is what EMILY describes here any less sacred than having a guru tell her, “Finish school”?

  62. 162

    When a community of people follows a guru, or spiritual teacher, some are better looking than others.

    But how often is that remarked on?

    I love this guest post on paying the price of beauty. Take a look!

  63. 163

    When you think of spiritual evolution, or following a spiritual master, do you think of talent being encouraged?

    I mean, talent at human, householdery things.

    Well, check out how this on-his-own householder had to deal with performance pressure as a pianist — starting when he was just four years old.

  64. 164

    Today’s article about growing fast could add a bit of spice to your personal Guru Game.

  65. 165
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Very relevant to The Guru Game is this blog post on creativity.

    Not so much the blog post itself. See especially the comments!

  66. 166
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Also relevant to playing The Guru Game in the Age of Awakening? Naming. (Especially, check out the comments at this Name Alignment® article.)

    In olden days, of course your guru would give you a new, spiritual name.

    Well how about co-creating a name that helps you to evolve at top speed? Expressing yourself humanly, too! As someone seeking Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  67. 167
    Morgan says:

    Rose – “siren song of cult ideals” is beautifully put. It really captures the allure/inspiration of idealism that gets an idealist hooked in.

    And I will vouch that when I exited a X-ian cult, I wanted to do it slow and easy so it took over 10 years… but I was savoring the experience for what I think was what your comment meant, “…when somebody properly exits a cult, that may provide a learning that a soul keeps for the rest of that soul’s long history.”

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