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RES for beginners. Let's settle down and answer one question at a time.

Questions fly by about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Let’s answer one question at a time. Could improve your life!

Do you have questions about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)? Here’s the place for them.

Several excellent questions have arrived at the blog recently, thanks to JANE. Not only will I respond to them, but I’m creating this blog post in honor of curiosity, hers and YOURS.

Question 1. What Does RES Offer You?

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) really does include a lot of resources for you.

There are many specialties here, and all of them are designed to help you.

If, like JANE, you are new to RES, you might be dazzled with all the potential here. This blog, like my official website, includes many specialties that you won’t find elsewhere.

They could be compared to differently colored sections of a beautiful array; all parts fit together to form a distinctive system of mind-body-spirit healing.

Lots of variety. But, yes, to symbolize this “beautiful array” I  have just placed a picture of a PINWHEEL at the top of today’s post. A pinwheel, for crying out loud! A pinwheel, as in something that could make you start feeling like a twirlyhead!!!!

But I’m here to help you sort this out. I don’t feel like a twirlyhead about all this, and you don’t need to either. 😉

Once a pinwheel gets moving, it could become quite a blur. Some newbies to RES get intimidated. I know. But you don’t have to let all the oomphies here make you dizzy. I hope that today’s post can help, and that you will read the Q&As to follow. Maybe even add to them.

In the main post here, I’ll give you some RES basics (and exceptionally candid talk, actually). Please read the whole article. Then skip down to the COMMENTS section. Read away and ask your questions, adding ones of general interest, as explained next. And I’ll respond as best I can.

Ground Rules for RES Questions

This is important. This blog post invites you to ask questions of general interest about using skills of RES. Only.

Please do not:

Ask about something that you read in one of my books.

  • If you think about it, it’s unreasonable to expect me to rewrite or add commentaries to my published books.
  • Instead, save up your questions and ask them during a personal session with me, as time permits.

Ask me to explain something that happened to you in everyday life.

  • If you think about it, it’s unreasonable to expect me to do this at a public blog.
  • Instead, if you’re curious, book a personal session with me and I can probably tell you a lot, using techniques like pulling out an energetic hologram.
  • But if you’re looking for a psychic’s explanation, don’t book that session with me. RES brings a down-to-earth perspective about emotional and spiritual growth, using deeper perception.

Ask about something that happened in a session, or follow-up questions from sessions.

  • Please do not comment at the blog or email me with questions concerning sessions.
  • In session I do my very best to help you. When that session is over, it’s over.
  • By all means, save up your questions and ask them during a follow-up personal session that you schedule with me.

Ask about something that happens in one of my workshops.

  • During all RES workshops, you have a high degree of availability to ask questions to me, both during the workshop meetings and during breaks. That’s it.
  • You might wish to save up your questions and ask them during a personal session with me, as time permits.
  • Also, consider re-taking a workshop. You’ll receive a 50% discount on tuition, yet probably get twice as much from the workshop.

Do Ask Questions of General Interest about Topics and Articles at this RES Blog

Once you start reading the comments and responses here — whether here or at any other blog posts about “Deeper Perception Made Practical” — you’ll get a sense that we’re pretty down-to-earth people, growing fast. And not particularly weird, as human beings go.

Together we’re creating an informal online community that is smart, curious, kind, honest… Well, see for yourself. RES started as one skill set after another that I developed and began offering to clients worldwide. I never set out to found a field (Energy Spirituality) or put together a system (RES). Somehow it happened.

And I never could have planned that such a sweet community would develop around all this. But here we are! 🙂

Let’s Start with a Basic Definition. What Is RES?

RES uses energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that work especially well in the Age of Awakening (the era when we live now).

RES also includes Empath Coaching and Enlightenment Coaching.

If you wish to begin, start wherever you like. Here are some ideas you might explore.

  1. Go for a Personal Session of RES

Yes, I’d recommend that you follow up interest in RES by setting up a personal session.

I’d recommend a session of RES Energy HEALING, because this can help you feel better and have a better life. You can read up on all this at my main website, but even that can be a bit like a pinwheel ride.

  1. You’ll make an appointment with Mitch. After you use that link to commit to the appointment, contact him. Emailing him will actually get you a quicker response than calling and leaving a message. He’s at .
  2. When you have your appointment, be there! Call or Skype or come in person, your choice: Be on time, because my sessions start on time.
  3. Bring ONE intention for personal growth, like “A stronger sense of self” or “More emotional stability” or “Move forward faster on my spiritual path.” And away we’ll go. (If you’re not sure, that’s okay. We can always find an intention together.)

That’s it. You’ll have 55 minutes of my undivided attention. Your session will be recorded, too (though I can’t promise that recordings will come out. You know how that is. Usually they do, and you can always make your own recording for a spare).

Know this, new clients: I care as much as you do about making your session time count to really, truly help you.

What else? Nearly all of my clients like their sessions well enough so they have at least one follow up. Some folks even make standing appointments at regular intervals, but there’s never pressure to do that. Just saying.

2. Take an RES Workshop in Person

You can find information here about the workshops I give in person each year. Because there are so many specialties in RES, I only offer some of my workshops each year. Every workshop that I do offer is only given once.

A workshop will move you forward six months at your present skill level. Each workshop is thoroughly structured, so you’re sure to learn a lot. Yet I’ve also learned how to pace workshops for comfort. There’s going to be fun along with the learning. You’ll meet friendly people, too.

As Workshop Coordinator, Mitch will help answer your questions about logistics. Many workshop participants come from out of town, so every workshop is convenient to the biggest airport in Metro Washington, D.C. Also convenient for locals, a shortish taxi ride from the Reston-Wiehle metro stop.

Discounted rooms are available in the same hotel as the weekend workshop. We’re in a nice part of northern Virginia, a peaceful suburb away from the intensity of downtown.

Quote/paraphrase from a client yesterday, who has taken some of my workshops: “Rose, you have no idea how vague some teachers are. When people take your workshops for the first time, I don’t think most of them are prepared for such a quality experience of learning.

“When they take an RES workshop, they are given so much to help them learn, and then what they learn is so helpful.”

What about teleseminars? Last year I gave my first teleseminar, and I’m aiming to refine that and develop more as well. But please, don’t wait for that. If a workshop isn’t feasible for you, go on to the next option…

3. RES Books Can Teach You a Lot

It’s true. Over 375,000 copies of my books have been sold worldwide. Two of them have been selections of One Spirit, a Division of the Book-of-the-Month Club. You might like them, too!

Last year I grouped these books into four series. Here is a current list. This post will give you an alphabetical list, complete with links that will give you a great introduction for free. Almost all have eBook and print editions both.

Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening

  • The NEW Power of Face Reading
  • Aura Reading Through All Your Senses
  • Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras

Energy HEALING Skills for the Age of Awakening

  1. Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection
  2. Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing: Cord-Cutting Made Simple and Effective
  3. Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality
  4. And, coming on June 27, 2016….

The New Strong: Stop Fixing Yourself… And Actually ACCELERATE Your Personal Growth (Rules & Tools for Thriving in the Age of Awakening)

Empath Empowerment® Books

  1. 30 Days to Empath Empowerment
  2. The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy
  3. The Empowered Empath (Expanded Edition): Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts
  4. The Master Empath: Turning ON Your Empath Gifts at Will in Love, Business and Friendship (Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge)
  5. The Roar of the Huntids: A Spiritual Thriller (A novel for empaths.)

Enlightenment Coaching for the Age of Awakening

  1. 365 Ways to a Stronger You (eBook), Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God
  2. Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium
  3. Your Happiness Project: A Self-Hypnosis CD

4. Sign up for the RES Newsletter

“Reading Life Deeper” is sent out once a month. There’s always an exclusive article, developed just for the RES community. That main article can canswer some questions.

You’ll find other news, about our latest happenings with those four topic areas, just mentioned, for RES skills. And you’ll also find “The Best of the Blog” — highlights from the previous month.

5. Consider Becoming an RES Practitioner

The field of RES is growing, whether you’re interested in part-time work or going full time. It’s such a powerful way to help people.

Today, between starting this blog post and completing it, I had two sessions. At the end of the first, a long-time client, GLADYS, thanked me for how I’ve been able to help her. She included said something like this, “You have helped me more than anyone, anyone else in my life.” This sure made my day.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to help people, too? Here is how to get started at becoming an RES Practitioner.

What else is good to know from the outset about the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality? You study with me bit by bit.

Nothing slick about this program. It just produces RES professionals, Turns out, this mind-body-spirit specialty is growing fast.

No, I’m not one of those “Shameless self-promotion, go for the ka-ching, and sign ’em up” School of Rigid Packages Few Folks Ever Complete.

In RES you take six requirements, one at a time, at your own pace. Afterwards we can discuss apprenticing. Questions and answers, back and forth.

What Else Can Help Answer Your RES Questions?

Read this blog, of course. You can sign up for notification of new posts and comments. Otherwise you might just check in here every day. There’s always something interesting and new.

Really, how often do you find a personal blog with this many comments, at least quality comments?

To avoid pinwheel-type overload, this can help: Click on any link on the left to pursue a particular interest. Right away you’ll find LOADS of articles that you can read for free.

Note: For beginner-type introductions, click on Hot Topics. See that, right on the top where the blog begins, second from the left?

Another free, and highly interactive, RES resource is my Facebook Group for Empath Empowerment® Skills. Also lively enough to be worth checking every single day.

Sometimes You Can Enter Contests Here, Too

Of course you have people whose faces you’d like me to read. Or auras you’d like me to read, etc.

How best to let me know about these requests?

  • Please, don’t send me blog comments or emails with your requests. They will be deleted.
  • Do enter contests. That is when and how to request a free reading of a public figure. You just might win!
  • A free aura reading service that I do offer is on a limited basis. This is for learning about the state of consciousness of a public figure whom you believe might have moved into Enlightenment. Please read the blog post carefully before you propose anyone. I’m glad to do this for free, but not glad when people do the equivalent of grabbing. Play nicely, Blog-Buddies!
  • You can always set up a session with me for aura reading research. Because it’s just you and me, you’ll get the most candid aura reading of anyone you like, public figure or friend or potential boss or lover. Just set up your session and also send me an email on the day of your appointment, an email that contains either copies of photos OR links to Facebook or LinkedIn. Fun!

Yes, RES is for your fun and profit, your education and recreation. All built into the pinwheel-like variety. Ask your questions and you’ll be halfway to answers!

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  1. 1
    Jane says:

    [Adapted from JANE’s original comment elsewhere at the blog.]

    Is it possible that non-empaths can actually ‘like’ the temporary-fix of an unskilled-merge?

  2. 2
    Jane says:

    [Adapted from another one of JANE’s comments that inspired today’s blog post.]

    Is it possible that another person, a non-empath, might start to expect or demand an unskilled empath merge from the empath?

  3. 3
    Jane says:

    [Breaking up and slightly adapting JANE’s original question]

    Might another person resort to strange behaviour in order to push/coerce/tip an unskilled (learning to be skilled) empath into an unskilled-merge?

  4. 4
    Jane says:

    On reflection – the situation that prompted that questioning – was most likely a situation of STUFF – (e.g. frozen blocks wobbling, or some other form of stuff STUFF!), rather than subconsciously being ‘pushed’ into an unskilled empath merge.

    If that makes any sense.

  5. 5
    Jane says:

    I guess this is where good Energetic Literacy can help discern what’s going on – whilst firmly being focused in the here & now – objective reality! …(and recognising when STUFF could be triggering ‘spiritual hysteria’ type thinking – aka – paranoia !)

    And – I realise I’m still ‘guessing’ to some extent!…. roll-on Energetic Literacy

  6. 6

    For starters, I’ve gotta say that I LOVE all of these questions from JANE.

    Yes, JANE, the thoughtfulness and sincerity of your asking really impressed me.

    Today is one of those days when I dropped everything to respond properly to something at this blog.

    Yes, so far today I have not done a thing to typeset “The New Strong.” Sigh!

    But this is my choice. I’m making my choice, and it’s nice thing that my bosses (human one, Rose; Divine one, God) support my free will in such matters.

    Really, I may have the best job in the world.

  7. 7

    Response to Comment #1.

    Who cares?

    It is none of your business what other people want.

    Possible exception? If that person asks you for a favor. In. Words. (Out loud, and in a language that you can speak.)

    Then you have the right to say yes or no.

  8. 8

    Sure, another person might like being with an unskilled empath for many reasons, and might take advantage socially.

    But, again, who cares?

    Hey, JANE, I promise this will not be the answer to every single question posed at this blog post. 😉

  9. 9

    That other person, who likes to SOCIALLY take advantage of an empath might be an empath or not an empath.

    What do I mean, SOCIALLY take advantage?

    Because your Comment #2 implied to me a fear that another person might ENERGETICALLY take advantage of an empath.

    Which is, with all respect (and please don’t let this shock your refined British sensibility)… NONSENSE.

  10. 10

    JANE, you’re still pretty new to RES. You will discover that this field does not encourage (or condone) random fear-talk about being hoodwinked, coerced, discombobulated, or otherwise victimized energetically by other people.

    Most of this so-popular talk online is ill informed, at best. For example, check out these related blog posts:

    * Psychic Development Is Optional. Empath Skills Are Not.

    * Buh-Bye, Fears about Psychic Coercion. Let’s Get Skills.

    * Protect Yourself Energetically from Psychic Vampires, Self-Healing Series Part 4

    * And, as you may have surmised, other articles are related to that “Part 4” one. Find them here.

  11. 11

    Well, I just went down for another cup of coffee and told MITCH how delightfully I’ve spent my morning (outside of the sessions, which had their own delight), and how much I enjoy JANE’s questions.

    Yes, that MITCH isn’t only my Session Appointment Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator, Webmaster, Marketing Manager around here. He is also my husband of 25 years.

    Anyhow, here was HIS comment. “You know, I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter books lately. It is really, really clear to me why your favorite character was Hermione.” Haha.

  12. 12

    Dispatching the rest of Comment #2, nobody can MAKE an empath do an unskilled empath merge.

    It’s up to each empath alive. Am I going to get myself proper empath skills or not?

    Until you get solid skills as an empath (okay, they’re abstract, and done in consciousness, the opposite of “solid” really… but you know what I mean, JANE)… you’re doing many hundreds of unskilled empath merges every single day of your life.

  13. 13

    These unskilled empath merges occur even if you’re alone in a little room most of your waking hours.

    It’s on YOU.

    So don’t worry about others making this happen.

    For more details, just turn to the illustrated example of unskilled empath merge in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

  14. 14

    Responding to Comment #3, JANE and others, how can I put this delicately.

    “Strange behaviour” is the rule in human life. Not the exception.

    And not uniquely inflicted on empaths.

    “Strange behaviour” even happens in Merrie England, which rivals Japan for The Fanciest Manners I Have Encountered Anywhere. You may know a few things about fancy British manners, considering how you spelled the word “behaviour.”

  15. 15

    We empaths are not frail, susceptible to whims of others, or otherwise disabled.

    Granted, much of the conversation online fosters such beliefs.

    Not my fault! So much nonsense is taught in the name of helping empaths. Use your consumer smarts, folks!

  16. 16

    So this Empath Coach doesn’t know everything in the universe. But I do teach one system that definitely works, Empath Empowerment®.

    And this skill set, that you can definitely learn from one or more of my books, does make fears such as you have voiced here… laughable. And irrelevant to your personal experience.

  17. 17

    JANE, I am overjoyed that you asked the question in Comment #4.

    “On reflection,” you began.

    My answer? Please, please spare yourself. Do not reflect in this particular way.

    It would be a total waste of time.

  18. 18

    It’s hard in a way, being really smart, especially if you’re also well educated.

    Not just JANE here, either, Blog-Buddies. Many of you have been encouraged to think in totally impractical directions, just because you’re smart enough to do it well.

    With all respect, truly, you might just as well have been educated into analyzing goat poop. What is the point?

    If you’re interested in RES, there are loads of productive things to explore. This is line of worrying is not one of them.

  19. 19

    And then the marvellous Comment #5, which I am so very, very glad you contributed here, JANE.

    This is not obvious to newbies to RES. So consider it a trick question:

    Can “good Energetic Literacy help you discern what’s going on” in everyday life?

  20. 20


    The only exception would be if you become an RES apprentice or practitioner. Then doing this is YOUR JOB.

    And you have learned skills for helping your client.

    And you do this only while you are in session, not all day long.

  21. 21

    If there is ONE THING ALL RES EXPERTS KNOW, it is to limit yourself to “20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.”

    This sort of energetic analysis or use of being energy sensitive is another of those big Waste of Time topics. It actually counts as “Technique Time” and can propel a person into Spiritual Addiction.

  22. 22

    Actually, all RES experts know a lot of things besides this. 🙂

    Taking good care of themselves comes first, however, and they know better than to walk around all day long musing on energies, STUFF, and what is going on with random people’s random energetic experiences.

    This kind of inquiry is a very Age of Awakening way to space out, comparable to “working on yourself” psychologically all day long.

    Neither is helpful. Either sit in session with a professional or just live your life.

  23. 23

    In conclusion, JANE, I wouldn’t encourage you to fear either “spiritual hysteria” or “paranoia.”

    You’ve just got a healthy curiosity. Now that you’re excited of the promise of RES to transform your life, you’re just getting a bit over-enthusiastic.

    To keep things simple: From an RES perspective, the best way to have a good life is to limit Technique Time to 20 minutes per day and otherwise dunk yourself into human life.

    As if you were a tasty scone or donut, and life were a really nice cuppa something delicious.

    Okay, the analogy falls apart, just as the pastry would with prolonged dunking. But I’ll bet you got the point anyway.

    You’re doing just fine, Dear Heart! You’re just learning, that’s all.

  24. 24
    Jane says:

    Thank-you Rose …I felt a bit silly posting the questions 🙂

  25. 25

    You’re welcome, JANE.

    RES can help solve a lot of problems, but don’t expect it to protect you from feeling silly. 😉

    Oh well.

  26. 26
    Jane says:

    Rose – thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I love all your responses – especially the parts with ‘Who Cares’ and ‘Nonsense’ – (…and if you were to say that with a British accent it might even be; “complete & utter nonsense”) !!!! – and you brought a big warm smile to my face.

    And I’m laughing too – because it is soooo absolutely TRUE. Thanks Rose – love how you keep it real and grounded. I’m gona read through those links as well – just had to say thanks first! 🙂

  27. 27
    Isabella C. says:

    Laughed out loud and from the heart at Mitch’s comment about you and Hermione, Rose. LOL

  28. 28
    David B says:

    Not to worry, Jane.
    I produced more than a few “teachable moments” when I first started commenting on this blog.

  29. 29
    Sarah says:


    I really loved all of your questions, too! And big thank you, Rose, for taking such care to answer these questions in a careful and detailed way. Some of the nuances were definitely not obvious!

  30. 30
    Sarah says:

    And welcome to the wonderful world of RES, Jane! 😀

    I remember having so many similar thoughts and questions and concerns when I was first getting started with RES. There is SO MUCH amazing information and new ideas and new skills packed into this system. Any one piece of it could have been completely life-changing for me on its own.

  31. 31
    Sarah says:

    I remember that head-spinny feeling like: “Oh gosh, this problem I have has been unskilled empath merges all along! No, wait! Maybe it’s a cord of attachment… Or frozen blocks? I better use energetic literacy to figure it out! Oh dear, maybe I am going to go into spiritual addiction if I keep thinking about this…”

    And I still occasionally have a fleeting thought along one or more these lines, but now I know better than to put too much stock in it.

  32. 32
    Sarah says:

    The biggest things I’ve learned:

    It *really doesn’t matter* whether a particular issue is coming from a cord of attachment, or unskilled empath merges, or frozen blocks.

    It’s not my job (as a client, or potential client!) to figure it out.

  33. 33
    Sarah says:

    I can trust the system and the experts to be effective in helping me, keeping my own intentions at a human level.

  34. 34
    Sarah says:

    And: Natural curiosity (associated with newness), like wondering if maybe some of the problems I’ve had all along are STUFF-related, rather than a psychological disorder or other sort of problem, is not energy hypochondria.

    It’s more like the ticking sensation when a part of you starts to wake up.

  35. 35
    Sarah says:

    Now, speaking as an RES apprentice who facilitates sessions, sometimes for myself, I *still* don’t play with/pay attention to random energies all day long.

    If I catch myself starting to wonder “is this [human problem] about a cord of attachment or psychic coercion or …” I simply make a note to book an RES session, and then I stop thinking about it until the time of the session.

    Even if that session is with myself. 🙂 it’s a fantastically freeing way to live!

  36. 36
    Kylie says:

    Questions like these for Rose are like catnip for a cat 🙂 I enjoyed reading this thread.

  37. 37
    Jane says:

    Thank-you – you guys, I’m usually very shy about posting comments online anywhere, ever!…, (so this feels doubly new to me).

    I massively appreciate hearing everyone’s comments – it really helps to widen my perspective and understanding (and maybe not feel so massively silly).

  38. 38
    Jane says:

    Thank you David B – haha! that is definitely reassuring to know.

  39. 39
    Jane says:

    Thank you Sarah – …and thank you for such a lovely, articulate, down-to-earth description of how it feels being new to RES – completely reassuring to hear that someone else had similar thoughts and feelings – phew…!!!!

    Re; #31 – HAHHA….!!!! Yup – that sums up exactly what I was going through.

  40. 40
    Jane says:

    Thanks again to everyone – all very valuable learning experience for me, and great reminder that all I have to do is focus on human-level normal things – and not stress about the rest.

  41. 41
    Kira says:

    Rose and Isabella, I too laughed at that comment.

    When Hermione corrected the other student’s faulty pronunciation of “Wingardium Leviosa” in the movie, my friend turned to me and said, “She’s you!”

  42. 42
    Louise says:

    Rose you said in comment 13, “These unskilled empath merges occur even if you’re all alone in a little room most of your waking hours”.

    How is this so? I thought it was when we were with others.

  43. 43
    Louise says:

    Although I do remember a story in Be the Most Important person in the Room, where one man felt suicidal depression from one of his workmates when he was at home away from the other guy and I wondered how this could be.

  44. 44

    LOUISE, I’ll start by responding to your second question first, the one in Comment #43. Because the answer is embarrassing. I’d just as soon get it over first.

    The anecdote you’re remembering does NOT come from “Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.”

    It comes from “Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit.”

  45. 45

    As you correctly remembered, this WAS an incident about a guy who felt really bad, and I flagged it as being about an empath merge with “Joe’s” boss at the newspaper.

    Well, there are many reasons why I don’t sell that book any longer, why I remaindered it (and thereby lost quite a bit as a publisher). “Empowered by Empathy” is very out of date.

  46. 46

    Don’t get me wrong, it was the first book in English for empaths. It taught the basic method of Empath Empowerment, even though I didn’t trademark it until later.

    But I’m still learning (as you regular blog readers may have noticed). My energy hygiene wasn’t great, during the nearly four years that I was involved in writing that book. My knowledge wasn’t as clear then as it is now.

  47. 47

    Hey, are any of you using computer software from 1997? Because that’s when I first-drafted that book.

    So, Louise, that story from Joe was a true story and empath skills WERE helpful to him.

    But — euww, I’m nearly blushing as I type — that was not an example of unskilled empath merge, resulting in Imported STUFF.

  48. 48

    Back then I didn’t have the terms unskilled empath merge, skilled empath merge, or Imported STUFF.

    Although “Empowered by Empathy” did contain a lot about them, and the best understandings to date.

    So that’s not a great way to illustrate your question in Comment #42. But… now to answer that original question…

  49. 49

    You can have an unskilled empath merge when alone in a room because you’re looking at a photo of a person or you’re or watching an actor on a TV show.

    Just as, in “The Master Empath,” I teach many skill sets for doing Skilled Empath Merge with a photo or while watching TV.

  50. 50
    Louise says:

    I’m sure I read it somewhere, I have almost all your book except Empowered by Empathy! Thanks, for explaining about empath merges with pictures and people on TV, I wasn’t clear on this even though I kinda knew it, it hadn’t quite sunk in, even though I have done the magic picture and the other one also in Become the most Important person in the Room. So much fun stuff to learn yet!

  51. 51

    There is so much to discover and benefit from as an empath. Yes!

    BTW, I located where you found that outdated part (describing the upcoming workshop for empaths April 9-10). Asking for it to be moved out. So thanks, LOUISE.

  52. 52
    David B says:

    I can relate, Rose. I wrote a book in ’07 that was never published. I dug it up yesterday to get a chart out of it.

    Some stuff in there I’ve never written about on the blog. But also, some cringe-worthy bits.

    Lots of growth areas. 🙂

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Rose!

    Is it possible for animal empaths to be able to do skilled empath merges with insects? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be one of the world’s most feared insects, spiders!

    Maybe it would be a fantastic way to dissolve any arachnaphobia residing in ourselves.

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Also, is it another way to verify which empath talents you have by attempting skilled empath merges with plants, animals, machines, crystals etc. and seeing if you get an experience/ merge out of it?

    Thank you!

  55. 55

    Let’s have at your questions now, ANONYMOUS.

    Is it possible for animal empaths to be able to do skilled empath merges with insects?


    Crystal empaths can merge with different gemstones. I’m still aiming to do a Skilled Empath Merge with the Hope Diamond. It’s on my list of fun projects.

  56. 56

    Is it SMART to do a Skilled Empath Merge with someone (human or animal) that is feared?

    That’s an entirely different question, isn’t it?

    The answer there is an emphatic no.

    Would any of you Blog-Buddies care to comment on this idea?

    I would like to hear from at least one of you before responding to ANONYMOUS’s next comment.

  57. 57
    David B says:

    On fear, I’d suggest it depends a little on why the fear is there. Is there a phobia that can be released? Or is the fear for good reason?

    I know that’s not what you where asking, Rose, but it’s how I look at it. What is the trigger for this response? Should I be releasing or paying attention?

  58. 58
    David B says:

    Yoga has a saying – avert the danger. Is doing a merger with a danger a good idea?

    But if it’s just a phobia? Would not clearing it first be a good idea?

  59. 59
    Sarah says:

    I think there is a big difference between “find mildly icky and don’t understand” and genuine fear.

    To answer your question, Rose, I would imagine an analogous situation with people.

  60. 60
    Sarah says:

    Let’s say that I want to understand an annoying acquaintance better, possibly increasing my compassion for that person.

    I would START with aura reading, to make sure there isn’t something really disturbing going on. Then, maybe, I would consider a skilled empath merge.

  61. 61
    Sarah says:

    And maybe I would learn something about that person that helps me to be less annoyed or bothered by them.

    I could do the same thing with the ladybugs filling my kitchen. They aren’t HORRIBLE (actually kind of cute), but sometimes a little annoying when they land on my face while I’m cooking.

  62. 62
    Sarah says:

    Maybe if I had inside knowledge about what it is like to be a ladybug, this would be less annoying and a little cute. Who knows.

  63. 63
    Sarah says:

    But, hypothetically, poisonous spiders that I am really scared of? No way!

    This would be (to me) like doing a skilled empath merge with a person who really frightens me–say a famous psychopath.

    Why bother! And it might be quite disturbing, psychologically.

  64. 64
    Sarah says:

    There are much safer ways, seems to me, to gently decrease the effects of phobias like arachnophobia.

    Perhaps hypnotherapy? (I have not tried it, not for addressing phobias, but I bet Rose or another hypnotist/hypnosis client at the blog could comment on that!)

  65. 65
    Sarah says:

    And–I admit–I am eagerly awaiting your response, Rose, to ANONYMOUS’ second question. 🙂

    It is one that I have wondered myself!

  66. 66

    SARAH and DAVID B, thank you for these fascinating responses. Already we’ve got enough going so that I aim to develop a stand-alone blog post in response. 🙂

    But first I’ll be completing the series of articles with the comparison face reading of President Obama.

    Blog-Buddies, please add your thoughts here too. They will help inform the article inspired by Comments #53 and 54. Plus it will be great to read your ideas, opinions, theories.

  67. 67
    Jane says:

    I’d love to add some thoughts/ideas/theories to this topic – though these are rather ‘loose’ and casual ideas – rather than ‘fixed’ beliefs or opinions – so I’m throwing this into the mix more as a way to add to the discussion …. (and I’m new to RES – so may not have the RES lingo/terminology)…

  68. 68
    Jane says:

    Re #53 – I reckon I probably wouldn’t choose to do a skilled empath merge (with something that scared me) – either out of curiosity or as a means to ‘face my fears’ . . .

  69. 69
    Jane says:

    But – I reckon – IF – I worked with an endangered species or worked in the Amazon rainforest doing fieldwork & research – AND was an expert in spiders, or whichever animal/species – . . . then – *perhaps* it could be useful to do some well considered ‘research’.. (maybe there would be other forms of ‘research’ that wouldn’t be as intense as a skilled empath merge …I don’t yet know enough about RES and Energetic Literacy to suggest what could be an alternative ..?!?!)

  70. 70
    Jane says:

    . . .IF – the process of doing that research were to enable ‘saving/helping’ a threatened species …and done with a healthy sense of respect toward the animal/insect/species – and a very clear awareness of my objectives.
    THEN – in that situation it might be a valuable tool/process.

  71. 71
    Jane says:

    This perspective comes from someone who is very new to RES – and very new to turning OFF all empath gifts – so perhaps, at this point in time I have a greater sense of caution than someone who is well practiced/skilled at turning gifts ON and OFF – and knows a whole lot more about the process.

  72. 72
    Jane says:

    BUT – I do like the questions.

    From my understanding as it is now – I wouldn’t want to ‘mess’ around with other species’ ‘consciousness’ – without having a lot more knowledge of what that entails, (although – I realise that’s most likely because I’ve been doing the ‘mess’ around thing most my life as an ‘unskilled’ empath – and am enjoying the sweet peace of the OFF skills at the moment!!!!).

    So – it will be very interesting to hear more what Rose and you other RES experts have to say on this whole topic.

  73. 73
    Jane says:

    With regards to the whole ‘fear’ aspect.

    IF – I was a scientist and expert in the chosen insect and animal – and didn’t personally have any ‘phobia’ … maybe ‘personal fears’ wouldn’t be an ‘issue’ as such. – I don’t know!!!! (RES newbie here!)….

  74. 74
    Jane .. says:

    BUT – with regards the general ‘fear’ that us humans have often had of poisonous/predatory/dangerous species – well – there’s probably a very good reason for those old ‘survival’ instinct type feelings of fear. …and that might ‘flag up’ all kinds of gunk (obviously a skilled merge wouldn’t take-on STUFF – but it might open a Pandora’s Box of ‘information’ ….?!?!? (or maybe not – I don’t know enough about skilled merges!!!)

  75. 75
    Jane .. says:

    I dunno if I’ve properly thought through my comments – but it’s really interesting to hear what’s already been stated by Sarah & David B – and I like that the question(s) was put out there – and quite liked Rose’s invitation to add a bit of theorising – or random thoughts/ideas …

    I say ‘quite’ liked – as I have a feeling it may have been a ‘trick question!!!!’ … 🙂 –

    in the nicest way possible x

  76. 76
    Jane says:

    Having said all that – I’ve since gone away, and come back reading through this with fresh-eyes – I can see that a lot of my ‘comments’ are simply an expansion on ideas and ‘questions’ posed by both David B and Sarah …

    So I’ve pretty much just added my ‘twist’ on what you guys had already put out there! … ah well 🙂 c’est la vie

  77. 77
    Sarah says:

    Jane–I love your comments!! For what it’s worth, I think you’ve added a great deal to the discussion.

    Also, fascinating, the idea of using skilled empath merge with endangered species as part of a job aiming at wildlife preservation. I have heard of animal communicators using their skills and gifts (which are NOT the same as empath gifts, just to be clear) to a similar end.

    I could see skills of energetic literacy (skilled empath merge or otherwise) being useful as well.

  78. 78
    Sarah says:

    So here’s another, related RES question, which Jane hints at as well in #69.

    How can one use aura reading research on non-human subjects? In Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, you talk about reading the auras of flowers and produce, but that is (to me) pretty different from reading the aura of a human–chakra databanks and all.

    So maybe something like: do animals have chakra databanks, and could I research them to learn more about that animal?

  79. 79
    Jane says:

    AND – (excuse the terminology – my choice of words may muddle the point I’m trying to reach for here …) – on the level of astral/collective unconsciousness – well – maybe some of that ‘fear’ belongs to the animal/species in question (i.e. not just the ‘collective unconscious’ fear that us humans have, but rather also, ‘collective unconscious’ fears from the chosen insect/species) –

  80. 80
    Jane says:

    AND maybe our apparent ‘fear’ of them – is, in part – like a form of their body-armour – (like a subtle ‘Keep of the grass’ sign – that we read, translate, interpret and feel as ‘fear’ – thus ‘thinking’ – ‘we fear them’)

  81. 81
    Jane says:

    and maybe that’s how ‘they’ (whichever species etc.,) have historically ‘protected’ themselves from human predators.

  82. 82
    Jane says:

    A bit like the spiders and frogs that aren’t poisonous yet have red flashes/stripes on their skin – to ward-off predators – as the red colour usually indicates a poisonous animal –

  83. 83
    Jane says:

    but some animals just ‘fake it’ and have evolved with the red colouring as protection.

    If that makes any sense ….!!!!!

  84. 84

    Well, this is turning into a festival of interesting questions. Yes, some are really about RES and others not so much.

    So this educational opportunity is giving me quite the education as well.

    Here goes…

  85. 85

    Over at SARAH’s Comment #34, curiosity about which kind of STUFF is involved in a human problem may sometimes be appropriate for you as my RES apprentice.

    However, I don’t recommend that people who aren’t RES apprentices or professionals think about this.

    And it’s even a tricky question about whether it is appropriate for RES experts to do this. So, SARAH, I’ll add this to my ongoing list of topics for when we RES experts get together and talk. 🙂

  86. 86

    The basic short answer for everyone reading this article, it isn’t recommended that you try to figure out which form of STUFF bothers you.

    Use any RES skill sets in the way they are taught. As in my books or the upcoming workshop on April 9-10, given just once a year, Empath Empowerment Workshop Level 1.

  87. 87

    Yes, SARAH, your Comment #35 gives an excellent practical perspective. So helpful for everyday life!

    Thanks. 🙂

  88. 88

    Responding to your Comment #68, JANE, this is excellent RES-style practical advice, related to Human-Based Spirituality:

    Yes, to your reluctance to do Skilled Empath Merges either out of curiosity or as a means to face your fears for personal growth.

    Idle curiosity is the lifeblood of much media coverage but I’m not convinced it’s needed for having a quality life.

  89. 89

    In selecting when and why to do Skilled Empath Merge, it can help to think of this as sacred.

    Sacred as a prayer.

    Or sacred as sharing love with the one you love.

    Valuable, not just a way to try something new or paranormal or play with energies like a shiny new toy!

  90. 90

    Regarding Comment 69, this strikes me (with due respect) as beginning to enthusiastically cross the line into the paranormal.

    If you’re an expert at helping spiders, use those skills. Advance the body of knowledge. Get published in journals. Team up with your human peers.

  91. 91

    So, with Comment 70, it’s useful to sort things out with human common sense — which is, of course, why you’re commenting here. And that’s great.

    RES skills are meant to help you function better as a human, not to replace other professional skills.

    Probably, JANE, apart from a bit of research for personal growth, aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge are best used to SUPPLEMENT professional skills.

    I could see that if you’re working with human clients but not with patients or subjects who are in animal bodies. For that, seek training as an animal intuitive, etc.

  92. 92

    Yes, there are wonderful professional skills that involve energy and animals, such as “Healing Touch for Animals.”

    Just get solid skills. Whether you’re having a conversation with an animal or helping the animal’s energy field to function better, that is a skill set that works on its own.

    After you learn that skill set properly, you might wish to take one minute per session to do aura reading or a Skilled Empath Merge, right?

  93. 93
    David B says:

    re: comment #78
    Sarah – you can think of an aura as a field effect of energy. The energy of life (and auras) comes from chakras.

    So if it has an aura it has chakras. But obviously that energy is expressing very differently in an apple or a spider or a human. So – very different databanks.

  94. 94
    David B says:

    Also – produce is not the whole life form. An apple contains the seed of the tree but not the tree itself.

    Thus, divorced from it’s life source, the prana will fade and the produce will deteriorate.

  95. 95
    David B says:

    NOT speaking as a RES expert but RES is about Energy Spirituality and thus is about human energy and the effect other things may have on that.

    A dog, for example, would place very different values on the same produce. 🙂

  96. 96

    Regarding Comments #72-75, and then #79-83, these questions really are theorizing (or theorising) in England. Really, that’s where I draw line around what is ultimately practical and RES and what isn’t.

    True, there are sometimes references here to collective consciousness, but that’s about people and my role as an Enlightenment Coach.

    Endangered species and all, of course it’s a valid topic that may fascinate, but not so much for this blog.

  97. 97

    Over at Comment 77, SARAH, you’re close to my perspective when you write that “I have heard of animal communicators using their skills and gifts (which are NOT the same as empath gifts, just to be clear) to a similar end.”

    The emphasis in RES now and for the foreseeable future is to help people. And if someone has the empath gift of Animal Empath Ability, fine. But that’s not where I’m encouraging exploration when there is still so much to do for personal growth for humans.

  98. 98

    And I agree totally with your Comment 78, SARAH:

    “How can one use aura reading research on non-human subjects? In Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, you talk about reading the auras of flowers and produce, but that is (to me) pretty different from reading the aura of a human–chakra databanks and all.”

    The purpose of using Technique Time on research like this is to smash your boundaries and help you grow spiritually. Plus to help you to buy better roses and apples. Simple, easy, quick.

  99. 99

    Do animals have chakra databanks? I don’t know. I doubt it. And, personally, as an individual, I don’t care.

    Please do NOT aim to research them in order to learn more about that animal.

    Your time on this earth is finite, SARAH. So ask yourself, “What would be the purpose here?”

  100. 100

    Example 1: You love to ride horses.

    Then do a simple Skilled Empath Merge on your horse.

    Like the “Magic Picture” technique in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    Take the one minute of Technique Time, if it pleases you. And then focus on riding the horse. Use equestrian skills.

    Leave the horse’s energetic experiences to the horse. You get to be the human in this interaction.

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