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Special Treats at the Pathways Expo, April 3, Include Totally Free Admission for 10 of You

Calling all you Blog-Buddies in the metro Washington, D.C. area.

A special treat comes to our area twice every year, and the next one arrives in just under two weeks. It’s the biggest mind-body-spirit in town, run by Pathways Magazine.

In my experience, it’s the best expo I know. And I write this meaning no disrespect to every organization that makes available these get-acquainted, have-a-taste. resources. I’ve done expos in London, San Francisco, and Cincinnati; participated in psychic fairs and/or given sermons at every Unity church in this area, Science of Mind, The Institute for Spiritual Development, etc., over the last 30 years.

Wow, talk about a blur of motion!

Photo of me, Rose Rosetree, taken at a Pathways Expo by Kevin Locke

Photo of me, Rose Rosetree, taken at a Pathways Expo by Kevin Locke

Sweet people all, organize these events! I mean no disrespect when I tell you that, for me, the semi-annual Pathways Expos are IT. No kidding, the Pathways Natural Living Expo is now the only one where I have a booth. What’s special if you come this year?

For the First Time Ever, 10 Tickets for Totally Free Admission

Yes, this is an experiment. It will save you on admission to the all-day event, where I am among 150 exhibitors.

Granted, admission for the all-day event is just $15, and you can easily download this coupon for $5 off the fee for admission. Such a deal!

But this year I’m going to experiment with more. Or, should I say, less?If you are sure that you’ll attend the Expo on Sunday, April 3, please email me for a free pass. Include your name and address.

I’ll use good old snail mail to send you that ticket. One per person, just as long as supplies last.

Free tickets. No strings. Unless you count metaphysical harp strings being played by some of the angels in attendence. 😉

Seven Perfectly Good Reasons to Come, Even If You Must Pay!

  1. Sample a mini-reading with me: Face reading; empath check; many kinds of aura reading, 10 types of reading in all. (Come by Booth 78 and sign up early, that’s my advice. Sometimes we must turn people away.) Fee per 10-minute reading is $25. Bring recording equipment, if you like.
  2. 56 workshops will be given, each one lasting an hour and included in your admission for the day. I know many of these speakers, have for years. They are among the best mind-body-spirit practitioners in the metro D.C. area.
  3. You can hear a talk I’ll give on energetic literacy.  (It’s listed first in the program. After you click on this link, scroll down a bit to find the Workshop Program.)
  4. Talks at the Pathways Expo are the only free talks, or short workshops, that I give any more. Otherwise come take a weekend workshop, like the upcoming one for Empath Empowerment® on April 9-10. These days I prefer teaching thoroughly, in a comfortably paced setting, with people who bring a commitment to learn.
  5. Books at the booth — many of my books will be available for sale — no shipping fees, browsing available to your heart’s content, and AUTOGRAPHS available. Hey, it will be April. Not too early to do some Christmas shopping. 😉
  6. Meet the remarkable helpers at the booth. (Have I ever lucked out this time! Helpers include RES practitioner ISABELLA CATES and two RES apprentices, VALERIE from Boston and JESSE from Philadelphia. Come meet them!!!!
  7. Darshan. Enjoy auric modeling at my Expo Booth #78. Because every one of my six helpers has a scrumptuous aura, and that includes people living in Enlightenment: ISABELLA and JULIE (whom you may also know from the blog). And, of course, me.

Curious About Aura Reading?

Definitely come to hear my talk on “Auras Can Tell You THAT?”

Here’s the description:

Auras contain such practical info. Learn about 10 different kinds.

  • Online dating!
  • Buying flowers that won’t droop!
  • Spotting liars!

Do you read auras already? Find more ways to use it.

No skills yet? Get inspired to learn, because you can.

Have You Ever Attended This Fabulous Expo,

It’s given in Maryland (in spring) or in Virginia (in fall). Please comment below about any experiences you have had at a Pathways Expo.

To get you commenting — or wondering — here’s a short video about a typical Pathways Expo. (I’m there twice toward the end; as usual, a blur in motion.)

Yes, it’s zany. And yet I think of a conversation I had recently with RES Professional SANDRA HAERING (also in Enlightenment). Recently she did her first expo, there in Minnesota. Like me, she did 10-minute aura readings. “Miracles happened there,” she told me. That SANDRA doesn’t brag, and she doesn’t lie.

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:


    I wish I could go!

    The first time I met you, Rose (in person) was at a Pathways expo! I had been a phone client for a few sessions and it was so delightful to see your enthusiastic and joyful presence in the flesh! It was a total, silly impulse on my part… I found a cheap same-day flight and splurged. XD

    So worth it. Also the best mind-body-spirit expo I’ve ever experienced. I hope it’s a ton of fun!

  2. 2

    SARAH, I didn’t know that. What an honor!

    I’ll forward this comment of yours over to the hardworking people at Pathways.

    They really go the second mile, and the third. And they don’t just take the vendor’s money, they do everything they can to bring people to the Expo.

  3. 3

    From the side of Expo attendees, just ONE of the ways, here is just one of the many ways that caring customer service is built into their business model.

    Staff volunteers are in abundance all day long, maybe a dozen of them. Unfailingly helpful, cheerful, knowledgeable.

    Any time you have a question — or don’t feel comfortable reading the maps provided — ask anyone on staff. They’re easy to find. And. They. Will. Help. You.

    I love these Expo elves.

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    It’s on my list of things I’d like to do someday, but it’s not going to be this year.

    I hope it’s every bit as enjoyable as usual for you, though!

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