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Loving Face Reading. A Guest Post by Portia Chan

Face reader Portia in 2010

Face reader Portia, a newlywed in 2010

I love looking at faces. If I had been blessed with the talent, I would have liked to be a portrait artist.

I love all kinds of visual arts, but painting is my favorite.

And portraits, especially ones that show not just physical traits but give insight into a person’s soul, are my favorite.

Looking at Two Familiar Faces

On New Year’s Day, David and I did our selfie with my iPhone.

Face Reader Portia and her husband in 2016

Face Reader Portia and her husband in 2016

Face reader Portia in 2016

Face reader Portia

Looking at it, we noticed that the pose looked familiar.

I searched our photo albums on Shutterfly, and then found the photo (top) from our wedding day.

Then, when the two photos were put together, we saw the blessing of growing older, happier, and wiser together.

My contacts did not match with most mascaras, so the glasses came back out. It’s easier with two young children, and my daughter picked out my frames.

David grows a season beard from November to February. It’s warmer, saves time, and looks nice! Grrrr!!! 🙂

Face Reader Portia Sees More in Family Photos

More than ten years ago, I met Rose Rosetree. She is an expert face reader and she read my 30-year-old face back in 2003.

I went to a workshop she gave in Richmond, and was fascinated. My favorite thing was her comparison face readings, where she looked at different photos of you from over the years and told you what she could see in your growth and development as a person, as seen in your facial features. Fascinating!

A Blessing that Is Under-Appreciated

Growing old is a blessing. And wisdom is a gift.

In a society that prizes youth, it’s easy to forget this.

When I went to the Solemnity of Mary Mass on New Year’s Day, I got the most lovely reminder of this.

A very handsome, older, Asian couple motioneded to me, asking me to make room for them on the pew.

I did so, and they smiled. They looked like what I picture David and I will look like at around 70 years old. The husband wore a nice suit, and a baseball cap, which he removed in the chapel.

And the wife had some funky red glasses and a nice patent leather black purse.

I hope and pray every day that we will be given the blessing of long life, and good health, and that we’ll be there for our children and that they, too, have good health, great friends, loving relationship with their Creator and fellowship with their community.

And a Note from Rose

Big thanks to Portia for this love-inspiring guest post! Her face reading skills have been ripening over the years, just like her marriage.

Seems to me, one of the best things about a happy marriage is evolving together. Face reading, or physiognomy, can bring insights into that evolution.

Not all systems of face reading help a physiognomist to do this, however. In fact, here’s something wild!!!!!!!

I just typed “comparison face reading” onto Google and only found articles done by this physiognomist. Me, the one who does just about nothing to actively seek SEO and who fares pretty dismally that way with empath, cords of attachment, auras, and most of the specialties at this blog. Haha. Finally, Rose Rosetree is at the top of a page in Google that isn’t just a search on my name!

Anyway the system of face reading I know best, Face Reading Secrets®, strongly emphasizes free will. It shows up in comparison face readings, but also compatibility face readings, even the face reading service that I do for identical twins.

Certainly free will comes up again and again in the three-part face reading that I am in the process of writing about President Obama. Every potential challenge that you learn about in Face Reading Secrets is an invitation to the use of free will, right?

If you’re spiritually inclined, this sort of face reading could have been developed just for you.

I would love to do a short face reading for you. Or teach you how to read faces. One of the best ways to use it can be to read the secrets of your happy marriage.

As Portia knows, there is more to a happy marriage than growing old together. It’s how you grow old.

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  1. 1

    Maybe PORTIA will inspire you to do some comparison face readings on your own. I know a lot of you Blog-Buddies have studied face reading, especially from my books. Best one yet being “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

    Well, have you ever taken photos of yourself from different times in your life and done your own comparison face reading?

  2. 2
    David B says:

    Very sweet, Portia. Thanks for sharing.
    From another David. 🙂

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Beautiful photos both. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4
    Irene says:

    Portia, these are lovely photos. Such a beautiful way to be aware of change, growth and development, and also what stays the same (like the closeness of the body language).

  5. 5
    Irene says:

    I too have looked at others older than myself and thought “that’s what I want to look like when I’m that age”.

    When I was twenty, I decided I needed to smile a lot so I’d have happy wrinkles when I got older 🙂

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