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How NOT to Use Energy Reading

Let's shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Let’s shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Sunshine, they say, is the best disinfectant. In a way we’ve brought extra sunshine into this blog by inviting your questions of general interest at Ask Your Questions about RES.

Does that mean all you Blog-Buddies who comment there will look beautifully backlit, suffused with a kind of golden glow?

Aw, I’m fond of you’all. But that isn’t what I mean here.

It’s more about shining the light of knowledge to brighten things up. What’s the fun in polishing a table the room is so dark you can hardly see the gorgeous oak table in the first place, let alone how the wood seems to wake up and give you its loveliness more than ever?

Likewise sunlight might prove downright indispensible if the room has some cobwebs or grime. Until you see them, how can you clean it up?

Well, let’s explore something about energy reading meant to be beautiful but actually more in the cobwebby category.

Remember that question about ANONYMOUS about wishing to do Skilled Empath Merge with spiders? That was a topic for our last post, Skilled Empath Merges… When Your Gifts Include ANIMAL EMPATH ABILITY.

Well ANONYMOUS followed up his wish with this very important idea, so important for educational purposes anyway:

“Maybe it would be a fantastic way to dissolve any arachnaphobia residing in ourselves.”


That’s the short answer. Now hear this… everyone.

A Reading Is Not a Healing

See those words framed in sunlight, if you wish.

Definitely think about them. A Reading Is Not a Healing.

In RES we don’t take a hit-or-miss approach to something as important as your quality of life. When we RES experts faciliate aura healing and transformation, or sometimes the different type of session that is an especially effective form of past-life regression, the point is to facilitate permanent energy HEALING.

Our model for emotional and spiritual growth is quite simple:

  • Emotional and spiritual problems are caused by STUFF, at an astral level within a person’s aura. A level that corresponds to the subconscious mind.
  • 15 different kinds of STUFF have been identified in RES.
  • For every one of these kinds of STUFF, there are skills for permanent energy healing.
  • STUFF can always, always, always be healed. (When the practitioner has skill.)

Please note that the emotional and spiritual problems addressed in RES are ordinary-type problems, not mental health problems (for which you would go to a mental health professional, not an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality).

Let’s Be Honest about Energy Healing Skills

People today fling around psychological diagnoses as if they were experts, but often these terms are misused.

If ANONYMOUS has an extreme terror related to spiders, a condition that strongly limits his life, call that a “phobia,” and don’t seek out the services of anyone in mind-body-spirit… unless that person also happens to be a qualified mental health professional.

But for a fear of spiders, yes, I suspect that professional work of the RES kind could help.

No disrespect intended… Professional work with RES is different from what any of you Blog-Buddies can do… until you have graduated from the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Yes, I write books that are loaded with help for energetic self-healing. It’s a series now called “Energy HEALING Skills for the Age of Awakening.” These skills will work, too, if you follow the systematic instructions:

And, yes, I’ve also written books for energetic literacy, a series called “Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening.” Amazing and varied ways to safely do Skilled Empath Merge is the specialty of one of those books.

But none of my books about Energy READING Skills claims to give you Energy HEALING Skills, and vice versa. And no combination of skills, bit by bit, will equal the rigorous training and apprenticeship process that go into making an RES professional. I want to help you to give yourself as much good help as possible, within…

The Limits of Do-It-Yourself Energy Work

Let me give you an example of those limits, using the hypthetical example of ANDY, who has a fear of spiders.

What if he sought the self-healing approach? As an RES practitioner, how would I help him if he came to me for a READING-type approach that he could then use on his own… to help him to get over a fear?

I’d refuse. Then I’d ask him if I could help him in another way, such as a session of Aura HEALING and Transformation. 🙂

What if ANDY insisted that all he needs is a reading? Many a newbie-type client takes this approach: “Tell me about my STUFF. (Then I’ll be able to heal it with Reiki or tapping, etc.)”

Can’t work. Sorry.

If the self-healing skills aren’t developed enough to include finding the problem, how would those skills be adequate for healing the problem?

Besides… Neither Reiki nor Emotional Freedom Technique removes STUFF. These are skills of energy medicine and energy psychology, respectively. Not any of the forms of STUFF identified in RES are addressed. This shouldn’t be surprising, because this is an entirely different field, energy spirituality.

If you have an aching tooth, do you go to a car mechanic or to a dentist?

And, yes, I know that many forms of energy medicine and energy psychology are wildly popular because they promise “Learn this one easy, simple way to heal just about everything.” Lately I’ve encountered many clients who are attemping this with the Emotion Code.

Well, good luck with that!

In this Age of Awakening, everybody — and I mean everybody — is energy sensitive. But that doesn’t mean that we can then learn a super-simple, fix-everything approach and that will work as advertised.

Permanent energy healing takes more than talent. It requires skill, appropriate knowledge and skill.

Belief that Energy Reading Will Heal You? This Can Cause Bigger Problems than It Solves

So what happens if ANDY seeks the kind of reading that will give him “clarity” and thereby stop the fear that has been bothering him. He might seek:

Well, good luck with that, too!

Maybe there will be some powerful ideas, that inspire ANDY. But it’s unlikely that a reading (including most kinds of past-life regression, which often amount to a reading done under hypnosis) will move out the STUFF causing ANDY’s fear.

And what else can happen? Meaning no disrespect to the talented and dedicated practitioners who work in the above-mentioned areas:

  1. Frozen blocks from past incidents can be triggered, exacerbating the fears.
  2. ANDY may move towards, or accelerate, the vicious cycle of spiritual addiction.
  3. The practitioner may be in extreme spiritual addiction, setting in motion an additional form of STUFF. (Note: My tentative plans for tomorrow include going through the latest batch of nominees for the Enlightenment Life List. In transitional years of this Age of Awakening, you can receive quite an education into the mess-ups going on energetically with people who are working as psychics, healers, and more. Indirectly, you can be reminded to use your discernment about choosing any kind of healer, etc.)


Aim for personal growth, Blog-Buddies. And how wonderful if you’re open to energy healing and huge personal development! No need to be reasonable in your expectations, your dreams for what your life can be.

Please, dream big. Aspire for greatness.

When you pursue your goals, just be a smart Post-New-Age Consumer. I hope today’s article has helped.

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    “A Reading Is Not a Healing”

    and from a comment on the Ask post:
    “Healing makes a terrible substitute for dealing with human-type, objective reality.”

    Problems in life can’t all be fixed by “healing”. Such an approach indicates avoidance or addiction rather than practical skills.

  2. 2
    David B says:

    I have certainly experienced that once something is conscious (reading) it can then be healed. But it’s 2 steps with 2 different skill sets.

  3. 3
    David B says:

    For example, knowing about bicycles is not the same thing as knowing how to ride one.

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    Your list of possible readings Andy could seek reminded me of one of the many ways I’ve been protected from myself.

    I participated in a guided meditation meant to allow us to do our own reading of the Akashic records. It didn’t work for me. I had a book in hand, but there were no words on the page.

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    I wasn’t particularly distressed by the fact that I didn’t get any information, but I did mention it to the meditation facilitator, and she suggested that next time I tried a meditation leading to the Akashic records, I could use a reference librarian.

    In other words, I would have a question or questions in mind and ask it (them) of a being associated with the records, who would look it up and tell me whatever answer was there.

  6. 6
    Kira says:

    That method did work for me, and here’s my belief as to why: I’m the sort of person who has a great deal of trouble stopping reading a book once I’ve opened it, especially if it’s interesting. So I have no reason to think I’d be any different trying to read an Akashic record, hence the mud for someone else to do the actual reading.

  7. 7
    Kira says:

    But even though I did get answers of a sort by working with a reference librarian, they were vague or “you already have that answer in you”. Almost all of my attempts at various types of psychic reading have been like that, and some others’ readings for me as well.

    It’s as if “a reading is not a healing” is so ingrained in me that readings don’t give anything useful if I’m trying to substitute them for healing.

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    And this was before I ever heard of Rose, or heard/read that “a reading is not a healing”.

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    At least now I know better than to try to substitute a reading for a healing!

  10. 10
    Rachel says:

    Re: comment 1.

    Ah David, so true! So many of life’s problems require action, not healing (but I would suggest that healing supports a person’s ability to take the needed action…)

  11. 11

    RACHEL, so true! 🙂

    That balance between energy HEALING and making smart choices is one reason why Energy Spirituality includes Soul Thrill® Aura Research, supplementing the sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING.

  12. 12
    Kira says:

    Ah, the consequences of commenting using handwriting recognition rather than typing–comment 6 says “hence the mud for someone else…”, but it was supposed to say “hence the need for someone else…”. Thought I had caught them all.

  13. 13
    Lilian says:

    Kira, do you use handwriting recognition to post comments? That’s pretty cool.

  14. 14
    Lilian says:

    It’s up to everyone to figure out what they need in order to progress. The right information means that you’re empowered to make the right choices in life, the best “put in” for your life.

    But as Rachel says, healing frees up time and energy to actually do the things you want to do.

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