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New Empath Contest, Where All Who Enter Win Something

Empaths in bloom. That is one way to think about our latest contest.

Empaths in bloom. That is one way to think about our latest contest.

Empath Empowerment® is inspiring Blog-Buddies all over the world. In your honor, let’s have a new Empath Contest.

It will honor all of you who are empaths plus all of you who are curious about empaths. Whether you personally are an empath or not. Because it is such fun when I facilitate a Skilled Empath Merge, which is the unique kind of energy reading done with the skill set of Empath Empowerment®.

But first things first. As you regular readers here may know, an empath is somebody who has at least one trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

  • Not “Somebody who feels other people’s feelings.”
  • Not “A sad, victim of a person who is doomed to suffer.”
  • Not “A psychic who constantly notice energies and is extra-intuitive due to being an empath.”

Empaths are somewhat common, too: 1 in 20 people. And that includes many a public figure who is known for something other than being an empath.

Skilled Empath Merge, the Contest Prize, Is the Deepest Kind of Perception

Body language and expression, right at the surface, can tell you a lot!

Face Reading will tell you wonders. Those who learn the system of Face Reading Secrets® are often shocked at the accuracy.

Aura Reading — well, that’s the essential skill of energetic literacy. Just as math is the basis for every kind of science, aura reading is fundamental for every kind of mind-body-spirit work. Important whether you’re a practitioner or a client/consumer. Stage Three Aura Reading is the equivalent of reading the words on this screen. Of course you can learn this form of literacy about energy. And, yes, it’s a skill. Way more useful than being “energy sensitive.”

Skilled Empath Merge is like an aura reading, and it’s described in the same way: One chakra databanks at a time. Only Skilled Empath Merge is more personal and, therefore, more powerful in the quality and amount of detail available.

So I’m looking forward to awarding the Grand Prize for this New Empath Contest, and sharing it with you here.

There will be only one Grand Prize. So…

Why Will Every Contestant Win Something?

To enter, you’ll name one public figure you are curious about.

Please, choose somebody who is either very talented, super-gorgeous (a different kind of talent), or a person who has become famous for doing something important (whether seemingly talented or not). Somebody you are curious about. Including whether or not that person has a gift as an empath.

One winner will be selected.

The Grand Prize? I will publish a Skilled Empath Merge, here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” about the person named in the winning entry.

What’s the special and unusual part? For every nomination, I will do a YES or NO empath check. Is that person an empath or not?

What a great way to follow through on your hunch that Joe or Gladys or whoever may be an empath. Or definitely couldn’t be an empath — and yet is somebody you admire.

What Inspired Me

Lately I’ve been doing free Empath Checks for people who are planning to take my workshop for empath skills (which, at this writing, still has three places left): Are you an empath, yes or no? That’s the simple answer you get from one of my Empath Checks.

It’s fascinating doing these, which has me eager to do something similar about all nominees for the contest prize of a full Skilled Empath Merge.

Plus I know, from moderating an open Facebook group for Empath Empowerment® Skills, that many an empath has been influenced by the confusing empath-talk out there on the Internet, etc. So maybe this contest can help bring clarity to beautiful people who are just beginning to learn discernment about studying with people who aim to help empaths. By now there are loads of them.

For instance, here’s the result of googling on “Empath Coach.” With those 143,000 hits, I notice I’m not even on the first page. Although I’m the only Empath Coach in America to have developed a system that’s so distinctive that it’s trademarked. Or to have published a book on how to do Skilled Empath Merge. (Along with three other books that help empaths.)

And, for the life of me, I can’t believe that any born empath would ignore that possibility of doing Skilled Empath Merge… if they knew it existed. 

Skilled Empath Merge isn’t just way practical for getting inside information about anyone you like. It’s the biggest fun you can have with your clothes on.

Still, I appreciate that those who find my work in this field are lucky. Usually, I suspect they are told by friends. Unlike so many empath coaches who rank higher on Google, I don’t actively pursue search engine optimization. Besides, helping empaths isn’t the ONLY thing I do.

Which is why I appreciate whenever you Blog-Buddies tell someone about this skill set for improving your life. Thank you!

How to Enter

  1. For this contest just one entry per person, please. Here at this post you’ll receive that empath check on your nominee. Which is why I’m holding participation to just one nomination per person. (If you invite a friend to nominate someone, that would be fine. Maybe you were planning to introduce a friend to this blog anyway. What a perfect time!)
  2. Supply the name of your candidate. Feel free to choose anybody in sports or business, a performer or creative worker, a scientist or teacher, a politician. Must be a public figure, though! Even though your weird Uncle Joe seems endlessly fascinating….
  3. Describe why you are curious. What’s the context for wishing to know what that person is like? Go into as much detail as you like, and at least one sentence. (More detail may add to your chances of winning the contest.)
  4. Add one or more links to a webpage about that person. Or that person’s surprising or amazing behavior. Or wondrous achievements!
  5. Supply at least one photo link to your nominee. Preferably make that photo a full head shot, i.e. Show the complete face and neck from the front. (The big exception is this. What if this particular person has already been nominated? Then just name that person and add why YOU are curious about what makes that person tick.) As always, paparazzi-type photographs are not allowed.
  6. Only complete nominations, with all the five previous points addressed, will be eligible for that freebie, my empath check for the nominee.

Final date for entries to this Empath Contest is May 15, 2016.

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  1. 101
    Lilian says:

    It might be better to live in a happy bubble of goodwilled non-empath ignorance and not be aware of the extent of drama going on in our fellow humans. 🙂

  2. 102

    LILIAN, I get such a kick out of you.

    Please tell us what “wibliness” means. Is there also a verb?

    You know, all of us don’t live in Scotland. (Maybe Blog-Buddies from other lands also are familiar with this word. It hasn’t dawned yet in Washington D.C. I can tell you that.)

  3. 103

    GRACE W, that’s an interesting question in your Comment #100.

    The answer hinges on the word you used, “skilled.”

    Skills do not show in a person’s aura, like whether you know how to assess the value of antique cars or you know about the care and feeding of leopards.

    Empath skills concern consciousness, not leopards. Nonetheless they are skills.

  4. 104

    A psychic reading might turn up info about a person’s hobbies or skills. Energetic literacy skills are just reading, that’s it.

    What if I weren’t using aura reading skills but, instead, doing that most intimate form of energetic literacy, a Skilled Empath Merge? Even that would tell me (or you) what it was like to be the leopard expert, as a person.

    Putting it another way: “Only” literacy-type info about what a person is like. Not process-type info about what the person does.

  5. 105

    Funny you would ask that question NOW, GRACE W, because I have first-drafted a blog post about stages of energetic literacy.

    Aiming to make this live later this week, I find this topic just fascinating.

    You see, I hadn’t thought much about how many stages of deeper perception had developed so far.

    Then I started to redesign the Empath Empowerment Level 2 Workshop, inspired by the magnificent group of participants last weekend in the Level 1 training for empaths.

    After I saw what could be included, I realized it was using stages of energetic literacy beyond #3. So I began putting together a developmental model of which skills have developed when, in my experience. Of course there has been a sequence of skill development.

    Putting this together was quite the aha! for me.

  6. 106
    Lilian says:

    Wibliness: a word I’ve made up and use, hoping that it’s evocative enough to be self explanatory.

  7. 107
    Lilian says:

    To describe someone so full of wibbles that it’s hard to know how to manage communication with them. (Especially in the workplace.)

    I find it’s best to know as little about this person as possible in order to minimise the sense of responsibility and also panic that you may feel at the thought of having to coordinate with such a person in a rational way.

  8. 108
    Isabella C. says:

    Haha, Lilian, I really like that word, and love your comment #109. I agree. Let other people have their wibbles. You don’t have to join in and can show the way to reality by how you communicate.

    Usually, if you communicate in your normal way, bringing things gently back to reality when someone begins to go off the rails, things will work out fine.

  9. 109

    SARAH, thank you for your Comments #66-69 with the nomination of I would like to nominate coach Rich Litvin.

    The links for his website and photo don’t seem to be working. Please submit a new photo link. Doesn’t have to be current, since empath gifts are for life. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  10. 110

    Empaths are always themselves (unless dealing with extreme spiritual addiction).

    The difference is, a skilled empath is REALLY living with a strong identity as an individual.

    While an unskilled empath isn’t doing as well, has more problems. (Related to Imported STUFF, as discussed in my first three books for empaths.)

    Use any of these to become empowered as an empath. 🙂

  11. 111

    KRISTINE, thank you for your nomination in Comment 85 of Julio Olalla, the founder of Newfield Network, which provides coach training and personal/professional development.

    He sounds great. 🙂

    Yes, not only is Julio Olalla an empath; he has that fairly unusual gift for being a molecular empath. Nice catch, nominating him, KRISTINE!

  12. 112
    Irene says:

    I would be fascinated to find out more about Trudeau. Most of the other Canadians I know adore him, and everyone outside of Canada I’ve spoken to thinks he’s wonderful.

  13. 113

    So, SARAH, finally commenting on your nominee, coach Rich Litvin.

    Nope, not an empath. However, Mr. Litvin does have a talent that some people have: Sending out a strong personality projection.

    This distorts a person’s auric modeling, causing a person to seem subconsciusly like someone he or she is not. Not really.

  14. 114

    So Rich Litvin has a talent, being used in that photo link you supplied, SARAH, for being a warm and caring person.

    That probably contributed to a subconscious sense that he is warm and caring. And, therefore, maybe an empath.

    He may be a great coach notwithstanding. The not being an empath. The sending out of a personality projection.

  15. 115

    Just a bit more, since this topic came up here.

    Blog-Buddies, don’t feel the least bit jealous if you don’t have talent for sending out a personality projection. This isn’t needed to succeed (in an honest way). Nor do you need this to be effective.

    As a point of information, nobody on my Enlightenment Life List sends out personality projections. (If there’s a talent for that, the individual isn’t using it at the time of the photo I researched about that nominee for my List.)

  16. 116

    As to the so-appealing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, graciously nominated by EMILY T and discussed in Comments #121-128.

    Fascinating he is, for sure. Definitely not an empath.

  17. 117

    It’s very complex, doing aura reading or face reading research on a political leader.

    What do you do with that information as a voter or a follower of politics in order to inform youself properly?

    Occasionally there will be information that, to me, would be a real deal-breaker about voting for somebody. Such as yesterday’s insightful aura reading profile of presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, done by ISABELLA CATES.

  18. 118
    Kristine says:

    Sarah, you’re welcome! I was pretty excited when I saw that Julio Olalla is an empath and a rare molecular empath.

    I looked up the chapter on molecular empath ability in The Empowered Empath and “exceptional ability to validate the experience of others” is exactly what I witnessed. It was definitely a treat to be in his presence.

  19. 119
    Erica says:

    Hi Rose,

    I’d like to nominate Australian comedian Dave Callan.

    In addition to being hilarious, he seems like a really compassionate and lovely soul. I think he may be an empath because he seems to have a real equanimity in his interactions with other people, and I wonder if that comes from a compassion borne of understanding others’ experiences. Also, I wonder if some of the really good comedians are empaths because they have that deeper ‘read’ of the room – he is a truly excellent comedian.

    This is a picture of him:

    This is his Wikipedia page:

    And this is his official Facebook page:

  20. 120
    Evgenia E says:

    Hi Rose,

    I would like to nominate Sean Penn

    Sean Penn is an actor and always appears to want to be in the midst of either helping Haiti Relief, or interviewing a Drug Cartel, so I am very curious to know what is going on in his aura, perhaps what propels a person like him to seek such dramatic experiences in life.

    Link to the article:

    Link to picture:

    Thank you!

  21. 121
    Helen says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Rose! I would like to nominate Pharell Williams, as I’ve been watching him on The Voice, and he’s been so heartwarming and wise and zen!

    Here’s a link at IMDB:

  22. 122

    Shalonda Holt’s gifts as an empath? Yes.

    Today I profiled her with an aura reading in this blog post.
    Here comes a list of her empath gifts — something I would not do for you but appropriate for reading a public figure at a time when EMPATH EMPOWERMENT is a lively topic here at the blog.

  23. 123

    This empath coach finds the following empath gifts in The Washington Post’s Teacher of the Year, Shalonda Holt:

    * Molecular Empath Ability
    * Intellectual Empath Ability
    * Environmental Empath Ability
    * Physical Intuition

    In short, Shalonda Holt provides a great example that an empath is. Here’s my definition: An empath is the 1 in 20 people who was born with at least one gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

    Have you ever been told, “An empath feels other people’s feelings?” Misleading and horribly incomplete as a way of understanding what it means to be an empath. You will find something quite different if you learn the system of Empath Empowerment®.

  24. 124

    Golly, we haven’t had new nominations here in a while.

    Remember, Blog-Buddies, this contest stays open through May 15, 2016.

  25. 125

    Hiatus done! I’m back to the “Everyone WINS!” aspect of this contest.

    The Winning Entry won’t be announced until after this contest closes on May 15. Much a time is left yet, so do invite your friends to do a nomination.

  26. 126

    ERICA, thank you for your Comment #143, with your nomination of Australian comedian Dave Callan.

    I think he may be an empath because he seems to have a real equanimity in his interactions with other people, and I wonder if that comes from a compassion borne of understanding others’ experiences.

  27. 127

    ERICA, before I do that research, I’d like to take the opportunity to do a little educating. Because, you know, that’s what I do around here even more than run the occasional contest.

    You made a couple of points that suggest (if I’m correct) that you share two assumptions that many people have about empaths. So I’d like to address them.

  28. 128

    If my comments so far haven’t shocked you, and other Blog-Buddies, maybe this one will:

    Whatever makes you think that empaths necessarily have compassion?

    What maks you think that empaths have a conscious-level understanding of others’ experiences.

  29. 129

    A SKILLED empath can purposely do Skilled Empath Merges, and then gain great insights on the level of consciousness.

    But even this doesn’t mean the empath has what other people call “compassion.”

    Especially because the empath might be a plant empath, or have intellectual empath ability, or have one of the other 15 empath gifts that isn’t likely to deliver what most folks consider to be “compassion” anyway.

  30. 130

    Okay, Blog-Buddies (including ERICA), let me know if you have questions about any of this.

    Now on to that fine nomination. That comedian Dave Callan?

    Reading his aura, it’s immediately evident that Dave Callan is loaded with talent, including being a really funny guy, a born performer who loves the spotlight, and a natural boundary smasher.

  31. 131

    But is he an empath? Nah.

    He isn’t even a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

    As you may know, even 3 out of 4 HSPs is not an empath.

    ERICA, sometimes people think that just because a person is smart and insightful, like Dave Callahan, that the person is an empath. But nooooooooooo.

    Isn’t it plenty to be smart and insightful?

  32. 132

    EVGENIA E., than you for your nomination in Comment #144 of the actor Sean Penn, who has been involved in so many good causes.

    Is he an empath?

    Yes. Sean Penn even has that rare gift of being a molecular empath. Which is the one empath gift I tend to announce when I find it, just because molecular empaths can have no clue about this one (unless they’re familiar with Empath Empowerment®).

  33. 133
    Leo says:

    Sean Penn is a molecular empath? That’s a shocker to me! There are always new surprises to uncover with stage three energetic literacy.

  34. 134
    Logan M. says:

    Annette Larkins


    Probably the most famous raw vegan in the world, Annette larkins has been a raw vegan (only eats fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds) for 27 years and looks no older than 25 whilst being 73 years old!

    Shes published a few books, been interviewed quite a many times, speaks 3 languages, and grows all her food in her backyard.

    Chances are she’s in spiritual addiction, but I will leave that up to your expertise to determine. She’s fascinated me for a long time and i’ve always wondered where her drive comes from to live such a life. I reckon shes at the least a plant empath.

  35. 135
    Happy says:

    I am curious about him because he seems to have obtained the role in the webshow of the one who doesn’t win anything. Or the one everyone asks to do a lot of pretty strange things, eating of terrible tasting things among them. The one people laugh at.

  36. 136
  37. 137
    Alan says:

    Hey there, hope you can preform an empath check on: Elliot Hulse.

    Elliot Hulse is mostly known for his youtube videos on strength training, but also ties in topics like bioenergetics, meditation, chakrahs, etc. and how to utilize all this good wholesome knowledge or these practices for “becoming the strongest version of yourself.”

    Lately on his youtube channel, he has been showcasing his own gym called, Strength Camp, where clients visit for things ranging from your classic fitness training, to mentoring, or even class-sized Dynamic Mediation sessions.

    I’m curious to know if he’s an empath because he is a self-made teacher, teaching strangers a whole span of topics and it attaches a deeper, reaffirming, truth, if you will, to his teachings for me–if he is one.

    Really appreciate it, ROSE ROSETREE, for doing it for free. I hope there’s someway I can repay you.

    Here is a link to his youtube channel: [Link Removed]

    First-Time Poster

  38. 138
    Erica says:

    Hi Rose, your explanation here was really helpful – thank you. I really was labouring under this misconception that empaths must be compassionate – at least emotional empaths – because they can feel what it feels like to be another person, right? That should equip them better to take the other person’s perspective and/or inform more gentle/compassionate responses?

    But your correction is clear – and useful. Assuming that neither that empaths are compassionate nor that compassionate people might be empaths seems very important.

  39. 139

    ERICA, I’m so glad you’re getting this point. It has really big implications.

    Showing compassion is a social skill that all normal people can learn. (Not people who have certain kinds of psychological dysfunction.)

    By contrast, being an empath, any kind of empath, is about how your consciousness works. Until a skill set like Empath Empowerment® is gained, there can be many problems. One may even be appearing LESS compassionate than most people.

  40. 140

    Most empath gifts have NOTHING to do with emotion.

    Suppose that you, for instance, ERICA, have four different empath gifts and one of them is Emotional Intuition — how helpful would it be if you were to refer to yourself as an “Emotional Empath”?

  41. 141

    The process of gaining Empath Empowerment starts with learning about your gifts.

    What are they, really?

    What do you have? What don’t you have?

    How have these gifts, unskilled, caused problems for you so far? (Those problems stop when you become skilled as an empath, not that hard a thing to do, as you probably know by now, ERICA.)

  42. 142

    Thanks for these splendid nominations, RACHEL and ANN.

  43. 143
    Helen says:

    Watching Pharell Williams coach contestants on “The Voice” with such heart and wisdom is a pleasure every episode!

    I’m glad he’s an empath AND on the road to householder enlightenment and will continue to keep tabs on him!

    Thank you, Rose!!!

  44. 144

    This contest is officially closed. Thanks so much to all who entered.

    I’ll be responding to the nominees later, selecting the Grand Prize, and doing the reading.

    Today I’m relaxing, having just given a brand new workshop, the very advanced new Empath Empowerment Level 2 Workshop.

  45. 145

    All 10 of the participants were successful at every one of the advanced techniques learned.

    Mostly skill sets I have never taught before!

    So many skills, and participants found them easy to learn. They were ready. 🙂

  46. 146
    Emily Turner says:

    I saw this article, Rose, a quiz with 150 questions whether someone is an Empath.

    One response is: “Staring at screens all day can deplete you”
    So ludicrous yet 99% of the questions are equally as irrelevant to what it actually means to be an empath.

  47. 147

    EMILY TURNER, what a good catch. Yes, a tremendous amount of nonsense is aimed at empaths.

    Unlike when I published the first book in English for empaths (2001), we empaths are now considered a big and desirable market. Actually, I’ve been noticing a new — and very unfortunate — type of coaching for empaths. I have it flagged for a future post. Consider what you wrote here to be a tasty appetizer for truth seekers who happen to be born as empaths.

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