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Aura Reading 15 Stages: Full Energetic Literacy

One of the earliest photos of me teaching aura reading. Where else would you find a statue like that? A "Tea Garden" in Los Angeles

Aura Reading 15 Stages? Easy! Here’s a photos of Rose teaching aura reading at a “Tea Garden” in Los Angeles, 2008-ish.

Announced on November 7, 2017: This blog post is now obsolete. Click here to learn about 21 Stages of Energetic Literacy now used in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Aura Reading 15 Stages? Effortless! Each of those 15 stages of energetic literacy involves specific skills. Neither psychic development nor difficult. Simply the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, as taught by Rose Rosetree.

Welcome, my fellow consciousness nerds! Welcome, all who are curious about what aura reading can be. Welcome, those of you who’ve had sessions with me and wondered, “How did she do that?”

Today’s article is dedicated to you. Nothing in this world brings me greater joy than co-creating new knowledge in this emerging field.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) exists to help people, that simple. New discoveries flow because of those who value the help. Then this human teacher, co-creating with the Divine, receives more to share than ever.

Aura Reading 15 Stages. Here’s Your List.

Supplementing this article, special thanks to David Buckland for creating a clever flowchart to show the development of energetic literacy.

Inspired by you, I am so happy to announce today the first comprehensive listing of all the stages I know about, so far. Yes, for the first time I will go public with 15 stages of RES-style Energetic Literacy. All are part of the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

For years, I’ve held back and only written about the first three stages of energetic literacy.

But there is more, definitely more. The skills flow on demand, as is the case with my learning, then teaching all of these: RES Energy READING skills, RES energy HEALING skills, Empath Empowerment® Coaching, and Enlightenment Coaching.

All four specialties within RES are designed to work in the Age of Awakening. These days, all the four specialties are growing as fast as my springtime garden. Tulips fully shouting their joy. Shy lilacs, preparing to blossom. Gloriously fragrant peonies that will be ready… when they are good and ready.

So here we have a something new, Blog-Buddies. A current list.

15 Stages of Energetic Literacy Used in RES by April 18, 2016

Stage 1 Energetic Literacy: General Energy Readings

Picking up a vibe. Seeing a color. Noticing light. Feeling an energy field. Sensing that a person is good or bad. Any of these random experiences would count as the sweet beginning of energetic literacy.

But Stage 1 is just a start. And energy sensitivity can become just a shiny new toy, not used with discernment.

My advice? Stage 1 Energetic Literacy is beautiful. Just don’t get stuck there, Blog-Buddies.

Stage 2 Energetic Literacy: Generalizations Plus Some Skill

Generalizing about auras. Finding a way to read auras when you wish to, not just by chance.

Often Stage 2 Energetic Literacy involves trying to see auras, or copying a teacher famed for clairvoyance.

Generalizations are common, such as the “color by number” type of aura reading, where the goal is to see a color and then apply set meanings to interpret the color. Or sometimes the name of a color is presented as if this actually constituted a meaningful aura reading.

Generalizing about chakras is also common. External validation keeps aura readers motivated. (This can also keep aura readers from developing fully, doing justice to their awesome lifelong gifts for reading auras.)

Anyone at Stage 2 Energetic Literacy can progress farther. However, certain habits may need to be un-learned. I would definitely recommend either taking a workshop with me or doing personal mentoring.

Stage 3 Energetic Literacy: Fluent, Effortless, and Practical Aura Reading

Using your God-given gifts for reading auras. Being able to read anyone’s aura in depth and detail. Developing your own interpretations for what you find, and using internal validation to refine your skills.

In short, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is when you begin to use aura reading in practical ways, to enrich your life NOW.

Incidentally, this is as far as I got when writing “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical.

But full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy also includes reading chakra databanks. And reading auras from regular photos.

You can learn these components of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy from “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.” I do recommend that, if you’re serious about aura reading, you first play your way through “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

Stage 4 Energetic Literacy (Optional): Skilled Empath Merge in Person

Available to empaths only and, of course, skilled empaths only — as all empaths can become more comfortable (personally) and more skilled (technically).

The skills of Empath Empowerment® are mostly a whole other specialty, not in the RES category of energy READING skills. An empath can become skilled without even caring to learn techniques for Skilled Empath Merge.

But if the empath is ready to learn, it’s so valuable. Because Skilled Empath Merge brings more personal experience of another person’s aura than can happen from aura reading techniques. That’s why I count this as Stage 4 Energetic Literacy.

This kind of empath merge is done while your “Discovery Person” — the recipient of your Skilled Empath Merge — is physically in the room with you.

Stage 5 Energetic Literacy (Optional): Skilled Empath Merge from Regular Photos

More advanced than Stage 4 techniques, this form of Skilled Empath Merge allows one to experience directly what it is like to be your Discovery Person, while that individual isn’t in the room with you. Instead you’re using a skill set for researching that person from regular photographs.

This is comparable to reading auras from regular photos in Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Only the empath’s equivalent allows for an immediacy of experience that is more personal and intense… and transformative for the person using energetic literacy.

Around here is as good a time as any to mention that progressing to Stage 3 Energetic Literacy and beyond can allow a person to make tremendous strides in personal evolution.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that about half my apprentices in RES are also on my Enlightenment Life List. And the others, who also routinely use skills of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, are moving forward very, very rapidly on that highly personal path to Enlightenment.

Stage 6 Energetic Literacy (Optional): Skilled Empath Merge by “Riding the Consciousness Elevator”

This form of Skilled Empath Merge brings the ability to research chakra databanks at will.

This is comparable to reading chakra databanks in Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, only more personal and intense. And amazingly informative.

Stage 7 Energetic Literacy: Reading Chakra Databanks from Head Shots

Most of the aura readings done at this blog have been done from photographs that did not show the entire torso. Did you ever wonder how that was possible?

It’s a big enough deal, learning the Stage 3 Energetic Literacy skill of reading auras from a picture…

  • That shows the body parts you’ll research (like the ribcage area)
  • Which correspond to chakras (like the Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • And, therefore, contain all the chakra databanks within that chakra (like “Sharing Power in Close Relationships” or “Intellectual Growth).

With all respect to aura readers in different fields — psychic development, channeling, mediumship, energy medicine, energy psychology — they’re usually at Stage Two Energetic Literacy tops. Of course, they have skills they will NOT be taught in RES, and can help people so beautifully.

However, it is a very big deal to be able to research chakra databanks OR read auras in detail from regular photos. To combine this is — woo-hoo, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

In the context of valuing technical skill, Blog-Buddies, you can appreciate this. It is another big deal, advanced (though totally effortless), kind of skill when you learn how to read any chakra databanks you wish from a photo big enough to show a person’s face and neck.

For many years, it took me a long time to do this phase of energetic literacy. After many years and many aura readings, I found a faster way to do this. Now I can teach it much faster, hooray! (When the student is ready.)

Stage 8 Energetic Literacy (Optional):  Skilled Empath Merge with a Non-Human “Discovery Person”

A “Person” Who is Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, or a Machine.

Your ability to do this depends on whether or not you have the related empath gift:

  • Animal Empath Ability
  • Plant Empath Ability
  • Crystal Empath Ability
  • Mechanical Empath Ability

Then comes the skill of safely doing this sort of empath merge.

Stage 9 Energetic Literacy: Thrill Your Soul Aura Research

This is one of the most practical applications of energetic literacy.

A specialized version of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research is adding a bit more skill and then facilitating Name Alignment® Research.

Stage 10 Energetic Literacy: Vibrational RePositioning® to Transform Beliefs

Researching the impact of one belief at a time on a person’s chakra databanks — that’s Stage 10 Energetic Literacy.

  • An existing belief could be researched based on what is in a chakra databank (i.e., It’s ongoing at a subconscious level).
  • Alternatively a belief being researched could be installed as a form of PUT IN, or waking up a stronger soul expression.
  • Appropriately facilitating this sequence is the easiest technique to learn within Vibrational Re-Positioning®.
  • I’m mentioning it here because, seems to me, it is a distinct, developmental skill within reading auras as well.

In case you’re wondering…

Vibrational Re-Positioning® comes at the leading edge of RES energy HEALING. The trademark covers a variety of skills that allow the RES practitioner to help clients overcome problems and evolve extra-fast.

These energy HEALING skills are specialized, demanding development within energetic literacy,; they’re kind of fascinating for client and RES practitioner alike.

But the bigger point is how this particular skill of Vibrational Re-Positioning® can transform beliefs in a highly specific way, changing impacts around causation of karma. Afterwards the client easily begins living the results of an upgraded belief.

Stage 11 Energetic Literacy: Remote Aura Reading for a Client

Using energetic literacy when you are present with a person in energetic real time but you are not physically present together.

This skill of energetic literacy must not be taught too soon. I make it available to RES professionals only when I’m convinced they are ready. Otherwise they just won’t do as good a job as they otherwise could.

You can see, on this list of RES experts, the individuals whose scope of practice includes doing sessions over the telephone or smartphone or via Skype.

The relevant analogy would be when a ballet dancer would like to start wearing toe shoes. When the dancer is ready, it becomes ethical for the teacher to teach.

Stage 12 Energetic Literacy: Reading Energetic Holograms of Your Client

An energetic hologram is stored information, a deep part of a person’s subconscious mind and aura.

Whenever you have been with a person in energetic real time (in the room, on the phone, via webcam), hello!

Your aura contains complete aura-level information about yourself and every other person who was present with you, one split second at a time. That’s an energetic hologram.

In session, it can be helpful to pull out one energetic hologram after another, researching chakra databanks as appropriate.

What Else Matters about Energetic Holograms?

Like everything about RES skills of energetic literacy, co-creating with God makes it sing. The process always involves a particular  skill, developed through consulting with Highest Power. In addition, when that particular skill is employed in your session, Rose will co-create with your choice of the Divine.

So little is known so far about energetic holograms. Please don’t confuse this stage of energetic literacy with a psychic reading, where a spirit guide might report a story.

Reading energetic holograms of a client is not done by receiving info from spirit guides. Furthermore, the client does not learn a story or interpretation. (As pychics often do. However beautifully done, this would be a story with an edge, an angle. Not so with energetic holograms.)

How Do I Pull out an Energetic Hologram?

Click here for a YouTube video where I do this kind of aura research for Gladys.

Perhaps you’d also like to read the accompanying blog post that explains energetic holograms a bit more. Also, this is where to ask your questions about the energetic literacy skill of reading energetic holograms.

Stage 13 Energetic Literacy: Reading Energetic Holograms of

Your Client Plus Another Person

Reading an energetic hologram of any individual is a bit of heavy lifting. Okay, it feels more like “light lifting.” Still, it’s a very abstract advancement of energetic literacy.

Exponentially more challenging — although totally easy once you get the hang of it — is moving out an energetic hologram from a person who was with your client at the time of the incident.

Then, too, you can research one chakra databank at a time. For example, helping your client Gladys to understand what made Joe tick during an incident for which no photograph is available.

Stage 14 Energetic Literacy: Reading Energetic Subroutines

In this skill of energy HEALING in RES, the practitioner facilitates permanent removal of “Energetic Subroutines.” These are energetic patterns at a subconscious level that cause a person to habitually substitute one kind of talent (and its related chakra databank) for something else.

In “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” you can read many examples of energetic subroutines that are collateral damage from doing Law of Attraction practices.  (Sorry about that.) (Like any kind of STUFF, energetic subroutines can always, always, always be healed.)

This blog post can also help to expand your understanding of energetic subroutines.

As a skill of energy READING, this stage of energetic literacy is fascinating and illuminating. It is also required for Vibrational Re-Positioning® to Remove Energetic Subroutines, which is one of the skill sets for energy HEALING covered by the trademark for “Vibrational Re-Positioning®.”

Stage 15 Energetic Literacy:

Vibrational Re-Positioning® to Awaken the Soul’s Potential

For now I’m bundling many skills of perception and energy healing under this same category. I mean, really, 15 stages is plenty for now. Don’t you agree?

Just FYI, the aura reading component for this category includes how to research Soul-Level Agreements from before this incarnation, agreements that can often be changed.

And then there’s my absolute favorite for now, which is the slow-motion reading of the firing of chakra databanks. When this is combined with one of the fancier skills of Vibrational Re-Positioning®, what happens?

The RES practitioner is able to delicately co-create finding and reprogramming the equivalent of buggy computer code in the client’s aura and subconscious mind.

Maybe that sounds abstract, but it’s used to help solve some very human-type problems, like self-confidence with business or spontaneously putting yourself first.

In Conclusion, for Now

Some of these skills may find their way into workshops. How can you tell? Look at the descriptions for any of my workshops, available here. I think you’ll find it pretty easy to figure out.

What about gaining these skills from my how-to books? To date, “only” the first three stages of energetic literacy are taught through my books. Might I suggest? Your progress will be far more enjoyable and rapid if you can do some personal mentoring with me, or take a related workshop.

  • A skilled teacher is necessary because problems like these are almost impossible to detect. In “The Martian,” the hero does pretty big-deal surgery on himself. In real life, people don’t have to do such heroics.
  • Teachers are especially important for skills that involve consciousness, which in RES means energy READING skills, energy HEALING skills, empath coaching, and Enlightenment coaching. No matter how big a fan you are of do-it-myself, for certain skills it has its limits.

If you undergo personal mentoring or a workshop, you don’t have to know in advance there’s a problem or limitation. It’s my job to identify and coax away old habits of straining, trying, focusing hard, etc.

Time and again, a Day of Mentoring winds up including a huge breakthrough for my student. New kinds of effortlessness are discovered — useful for spiritual evolution, not just energetic literacy. So please consider that, if it appeals to you.

In my experience, learning the first three stages of energetic literacy can be a very helpful part of your path to Enlightenment. (Though no energetic literacy is required for developing higher states of consciousness. You do know that, right?)

Summing up, from a Teaching Perspective

Blog-Buddies, you can definitely learn all the first three stages of energetic literacy. Know that this is the basis for all mind-body-spirit work.

I believe that sound skills of aura reading can greatly help anyone who works in mind-body-spirit — adding precision.

To be blunt, energetic literacy is needed for maintaining quality. Otherwise it’s too easy to confuse beliefs and hopes with results. A bit like recent exchanges we’ve been having about the gap between how lovely a vegan lifestyle appears versus what results tend to be.

Just as mathematics is the language of science, we benefit from learning energetic literacy for energy healing arts or coaching empaths or serving in a leadership role for those who seek Enlightenment.

Of course, if you’re involved in the field of energy spirituality (in contrast to energy medicine or energy psychology), it is really, really helpful to be able to research your clients appropriately.

Well, three cheers to any of you who have read all the way to the end of this article!!! Questions, anyone?

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  1. 1

    That photo at the top of the post looks a bit strange, Blog-Buddies. But if you click on it, you’ll see the sculpture in all its glory.

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    Oh so interesting! Now that I’ve filed all of my taxes, maybe I’ll have some time to work thru your books that I haven’t gotten to yet.

  3. 3
    Dana K. says:

    Super cool!

  4. 4

    DANA K, thank you for all your blog contributions today.

    And there you are, KIRA, in leadership, as usual. 🙂

  5. 5
    Sarah says:

    Yippee!!! Wow, Rose! This is really packed with great information.

    Some of these are stages I’ve experienced/experimented with… some are stages I have plans to try for the first time, soon, and some are on my “hope to one day learn” list!

    Cool to see that whole spectrum laid out like this.

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    I’m especially excited about stages #6 and #7… They’re sitting right at that “edge” for me. Not quite comfortable, or not there yet, but ready to learn!

    Especially this “faster” way for reading headshots. I am not sure if the way that I have learned from you is the fast way or the slow way? I will have to ask in a session!

    And I have been planning to try stages #5 and #8 for the first time this week!

  7. 7
    Sarah says:

    One of my favorite lines in your post: “When I can share the best that I know with you, and you really get it, that gives me heart to share more.”

    Yes!! Hehe. Sometimes I wish there were an easier way to convey electronically the giddiness with which I gobble up and cherish all that you share!

    Reminiscent of a proud cook happily offering heaping platefuls and then beaming when the eaters come ’round for seconds. Luckily, there seems to be more room in me for RES-treasures than for pork chops and mashed potatoes, LOL!

  8. 8
    Irene says:

    This is fascinating, inspiring and, well, wow!!

    One thing (among many) that I love about RES is how clear it is, making logical sense to my brain as well as validating and explaining what I experience in the less-organized parts of me 🙂

  9. 9
    Irene says:

    Are all of these stages sequential, following one after the other as you learn the skills?

    Some seem evident that they have to follow another, like learning how to do Stage 5 (skilled empath merge from photos) would happen after you had already mastered Stage 4 (skilled empath merge in person).

    However I would guess that, for example, non-empaths could develop Stage 7 skills without Stage 4-6 skills (which are all empath-related).

  10. 10
    Logan M. says:

    All of this is super awesome and motivates me all the more to attain stage 3+ energetic literacy!

    The thought of what the future of RES holds, and what lies ahead that we cannot see yet excites the willy-nilly’s out of me.

    You are a rock star Rose, for those who choose to position their “heads” in this direction and for those who would benefit but don’t know it yet. Thanks for allowing RES to be apart of the human endeavor 🙂

  11. 11

    IRENE, yes about your Comment #9. “Sequential” is the practical version of “developmental.”

    I would usually teach these skills in a sequence. Such as how I structure my workshops and personal mentoring.

    And by optional, you’re right again. “Optional” here means, “Of course, if you’re not an empath, don’t bother with this skill.”

  12. 12

    LOGAN M., thanks for all your appreciative words here in Comment #10. You know I would love to teach you every “stage” of the way.

    On a personal note, isn’t this your first comment at the blog? Great to hear from you here. Please comment more, and not just to praise Energy Spirituality or me. 😉

  13. 13
    Lilian says:

    Monty Python: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
    Our chief weapon is surprise…
    surprise and fear…
    fear and surprise….
    our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency….
    Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency…and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope….
    Our four…no…
    amongst our weapons…. amongst our weaponry…
    are such elements as fear, surprise….
    I’ll come in again.

  14. 14

    Yes, LILIAN, I see the connection.

    While laughing so hard.

    Our family owns a complete set of “Monty Python” DVDs, and we don’t have many of those fancy sets. Gonna watch this part again. Thank you.

  15. 15
    Lilian says:

    sorry, this sprung to mind. 🙂

    But seriously, building discernment of many kinds is very important and helpful in these times.

  16. 16
    AJ says:

    Thank you very much for sharing all of this Rose. I’ve heard you use many of these terms beyond Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. I’ve often wondered what all of the stages are.

    I have a question. Are there certain kinds of STUFF that require someone to be born an Empath to identify and facilitate its removal with RES?

  17. 17

    You’re welcome, AJ. What a great question! It deserves a thorough answer, so here we go, one comment-sized chunk at a time.

    Remember that this was a list of energy READING skills of RES (so far, as this form of energy spirituality develops).

    It would be an entirely different thing to list the energy HEALING skills of RES. This is more to be shared with the community of RES experts. And then shared with a client, on a need-to-know basis.

  18. 18

    By way of analogy, it’s like going to the tailor to get a new suit altered to fit you just right.

    That tailor tells you where to stand, and to watch out for being poked by pins… not all the technical bits about bulges here and seams there.

    I know I haven’t answered your specific question yet, but I thought this groundwork had to be laid first.

  19. 19

    An Energy Spirituality professional (or even apprentice), has solidly learned the energy READING skills and also the energy HEALING skills.

    In addition, that Energy Spirituality expert has learned application skills, discernment, how to select which “Healing Centerpiece” for a session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING.

  20. 20

    Being born an empath has nothing to do with whether or not an Energy Spirituality expert can use our energy READING skills and also the energy HEALING skills.

    All that matters is whether that empath is a SKILLED empath.

    That is required before being accepted into the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Reasons are obvious, right, AJ and other Blog-Buddies? (Otherwise, ask.)

  21. 21

    Now for an answer to your Comment #16 related to people who are using energy HEALING skills they have learned from one of my books, an Energy Spirituality workshop, or personal mentoring.

    These would be people like you, AJ: Interested, talented, willing to take the time to learn the skills properly as they are taught.

  22. 22

    And here I am pausing to smile, because I’m making big progress in bringing to press my latest how-to book, “The New Strong.”

    It is loaded with do-it-yourself energy HEALING skills as well as information that thrills me every time I read it.

    (And read it I do, over and over, now doing final-final-final-final-final edits.)

  23. 23
    Julie says:

    So neat to read all of the stages. I have some but not others. Knowledge keeps advancing!

  24. 24
    Julie says:

    About the photo at the top of the post – I didn’t look for a moment at the sculpture.

    But I did think the picture of you was very sweet, Rose.

  25. 25

    AJ, every time I teach you or others how to do the energy HEALING skills of RES, that skill has been selected as something suitable to teach for do-it-yourself purposes.
    It is taught in such a way that you don’t have to have energy READING skills beyond Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

    Because the energy HEALING skills are taught separately from the energy READING skills.

    Seems to me, many eager teachers and students get into trouble when they don’t make that distinction. We know, “A reading is not a healing.”

  26. 26

    There is one exception to not needing energy READING skills to do well at a skill set for energy HEALING. That exception is “Cut Cords of Attachment” — either:

    *The easier book recommended for beginners

    *Or the more comprehensive how-to book, useful when you’ve had some experience

    *Or the Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop

    *Or the Cut Cords of Attachment Level 2 Workshop

  27. 27

    For any of these it is highly recommended that you first learn skills of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

    Because the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® includes doing aura reading of the cord of attachment itself. Unless a good job is done here, the results of the process won’t be nearly as good as they could be.

    And you only get one chance to gain the full healing potential of cutting any one cord of attachment. At least if you do this with skill, so it’s a permanent healing every time, every cord.

  28. 28

    For self-help and self-study, you don’t have to be an empath to learn the skills of energetic literacy that I would teach you.

    They are skills, taught so that you can understand them.

    And, for those of you with big curiosity about gaining a whole lot of these energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills, you might wish to become my apprentice just so that you can learn way more skills (and sophistication) than can be made available to the public at large.

    Phew! Think your question is answered now, AJ. 🙂

  29. 29
    Kira says:

    Love the Spanish Inquisition sketch, Lilian! My husband and I also have the complete Monty Python collection.

    (And now that I know that you have it, Rose, I’m more likely to drop Monty Python references.)

  30. 30
    Irene says:

    Ooh, did anybody notice? Rose now has over 2,000 blog posts!!!

    That’s pretty amazing! Congratulations 🙂

  31. 31

    IRENE, thank you. Gawrsh, I hadn’t been paying the slightest attention to that part. It’s the comment exchanges that I’ve been noticing, because those are the so-lively teachable moments.

    After reading your comment, IRENE, I counted back. Blog post #2,000 was dedicated to Dr. Coletta Long, my mentor and biggest inspiration for past-life regression. Without her I couldn’t be doing the work I do now with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

    So many of us have had cherished teachers, like Coletta for me. It’s like finding a true friend. To me, that’s the grace of God.

  32. 32

    With every relationship I have with you Blog-Buddies, or with clients, or students, or even readers; even with the publishers of my foreign editions,I hope to keep faith with that relationship.

    To do my part and meet you halfway.

    And what great timing to have this little thread, since just now on the FB Group for Empath Empowerment® Skills, I just wrote a bold new post — pinned for the next 24 hours — about co-creating with the Divine — who always comes to meet us halfway as well.

    You can find the short article here, with the heading “INSPIRED BY HAVING GANESH JOIN OUR GROUP.”

  33. 33
    David B says:

    Wow, Rose.
    At first, I thought it a little wonky. Shouldn’t there be branches? That doesn’t necessarily come after that….

    But then when I read the details, I saw you where progressing through stages of skill in aura reading.

  34. 34
    David B says:

    And what a remarkable spread of skills – the vast majority of which are unknown to most aura readers and teachers.

    The books, a big stretch on current understanding and they cover only a little of it.

  35. 35
    Irene says:

    Great teachers are indeed a wonderful gift of Divine grace. Thanks for being one of mine 😀

  36. 36
    Lilian says:

    KIRA, yes, that quote does capture the state of mind you get into while editing. 🙂 Having creative thoughts and organising creative thoughts are two different things entirely.

    I realise that Monty Python quotes may not be quite as mainstream on your side of the pond.

  37. 37

    Thank you so much, everyone, for understanding and appreciating. I’m touched.

  38. 38
    Kira says:

    Lilian, Monty Python quotes are quite common among most of my circles of friends, but not among the general public.

    Appropriately for the “So Many Toys” post, I have a game called Monty Python Fluxx.

  39. 39
    Kira says:

    And Rose, I’m truly thankful for the work and teaching you do.

    I’ve known for a while that I’m interested enough to consider your mentoring program, but it hit me recently that what you teach is essentially what I wanted to study in college when I created my own major.

    It wasn’t so much cognitive science that I wanted, it was consciousness science, and there weren’t any classes for it.

  40. 40
    Grace W says:

    Kira & Lillian, remember “My hovercraft is full of eels!” from Monty Python? It’s my favorite line & I thought of the sketch often years ago when traveling with a Berlitz phrase book with helpful lines like, “I believe you have dropped your handkerchief” and ” Would you please help me put on this wig?”

    I did end up using both phrases. In their absurdity, they actually helped me connect with the people I was trying to talk to.

    Another toy! Language 🙂

  41. 41
    Kylie says:

    I love Monty Python..

    My favorite is the Life of Brian. “What have the Romans ever done for us?” “The aqueducts, the sewers, make the streets safe at night.”

    No, what have the Romans ever done for us. Nothing!”

  42. 42
    Julie says:

    I like that one too, Kylie!

    I also like the Bookshop sketch, with the impossible customer asking for title after title.

    One of which: “Ethyl the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying”.

  43. 43
    Kira says:

    My husband has a shirt with the entire paragraph of euphemisms from the Dead Parrot skit. And some pair or other acted the whole thing out at every high school play cast party.

    I’m not sure if I have a single favorite line, but if I do, it’s almost certainly from Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

  44. 44

    Moving from the delightfully ridiculous to the sublime, let’s pursue a thread that began as Comments #1 and #6 where these stages of energetic literacy were simplified in a beautiful graph.

    Blog-Buddy LILIAN asked about what I teach in my Aura Reading Workshops.

  45. 45

    I’m really delighted to respond because there isn’t room for discussion at my website, where official workshop descriptions are given, such as the summary of what’s what for my Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop, which will be held in 2016 on June 11 and 12.

    My official workshop descriptions are always a good place to start for understanding what you will actually GET when you take one of my workshops.

    So any of you who are interested in how this description fits into the model of 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy, you might like to read that first.

  46. 46

    Before going into the technical bits related to our shiny new model, some general comments for context.

    These stages could be called “15 Stages of for Development of Aura Reading as a Person Who Lives in the Age of Awakening.”

    You really can learn every bit of skill and knowledge taught in the Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops.

  47. 47

    It could be just a casual interest. You CAN be just curious.

    A hobbyist.

    Or somebody who works in mind-body-spirit and you already have worked long and hard to become an acupuncturist, a psychotherapist, a massage therapist.

    You might be a psychic or have paranormal interests.

    Many students in that workshop room are just there for fun, too. Until you’ve taken an RES workshop, you may have no idea how lively they are, with a unique shape to the learning that is spontaneously created as I interact with group members and emphasize what will be most helpful on that occasion.

  48. 48

    When it comes to learning more advanced skills, that those I’ll be listing in the comments in today’s sequence, that’s where you would do personal mentoring with me.

    Or you would apply for the serious professional program in this field, the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

  49. 49

    Like Energy Spirituality experts, including graduates of my mentoring program, additional instruction is available by request.

    But I can’t promise to teach you beyond what is in these workshops. I won’t teach you a skill until you are ready to learn.

    No worries. I won’t ever waste your time in a session (including one for mentoring). To me, this is a sacred responsibility. Not just a job.

    I care as passionately and deeply about helping you to learn, in a mentoring session, as you care from your side.

  50. 50

    The more advanced stages of Energetic Literacy do require some commitment, some talent, maybe even a certain development of consciousness.

    It’s very individual. Plus — and this matters to me as a teacher right now, maybe always — I need to know the character of the person I am teaching. The integrity. The purity of heart.

    Some of these skills may be new in the world, related to emerging opportunities that can make living in the Age of Awakening a kind of golden age for consciousness. The first hundred people, then the first thousand, shape a body of knowledge. The individual players influence how that knowledge lands in collective consciousness. So I reserve the right to teach, or not teach these RES skills that are emerging in the world.

    A world of benefit, and fun, is yours by gaining the Energetic Literacy skills that I make available to the general public.

  51. 51

    Later this year, incidentally, I’ll be sharing at this blog a similar, developmental List of Energy HEALING Skills in RES.

    Only this will be an exoteric-type list. It will be for the public, about what I teach and how you can learn it.

    You see, in RES it is tremendously important that energy READING skills are taught completely separately from energy HEALING skills. I don’t find that in the very different (often so-beautiful and powerful) work I’ve seen in either energy medicine, energy psychology, empath coaching, or Enlightenment coaching.

    Maybe this is one reason why my RES apprentice, LEO WATTS, recently contined this phrase to describe RES: Really Effective Skills.

  52. 52

    Also planned is a more esoteric-type list that I aim to develop. This one will be meant to help Energy Spirituality experts to learn which skills are currently used in this field.

    That’s on a need-to-know basis. Get ready, Energy Spirituality Professionals and Apprentices. This is going to be such big fun for us!

    And, later, so very helpful to our clients. But trust me, Blog-Buddies, by the time somebody graduates as a Practitioner, that person has skills that are complete for helping any client who would come for an Energy Spirituality session.

    It’s just that some additional skills are a bonus.

  53. 53

    By way of analogy, you know there’s a difference between what a plumber would tell you when helping you clean a clogged drain, or coaching you to prevent plumbing problems at home.

    More is required for the professional training that would be involved in becoming a Master Plumber.

    And then the Teachers of Master Plumbers would need to know more still.

  54. 54
    Donna says:

    Wow…what a world of possibilities. I am curious to know more.

    I’m not sure why I am though. I know that does not make sense. But right now, in this minute, I don’t know why.

    I know there is so much more that we can do to grow, to better ourselves, to make our experience here on earth better for others and ourselves…but I still wonder..will I stick to this learning…Will I have time to address it properly etc…..thinking out loud!

    Thank you Rose. Wonderful list of thought provoking skills.

  55. 55

    Okay, in the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop, what do you learn, related to Stages of Energetic Literacy?

    1. You understand Stage One Energetic Literacy way better.

    Everything that’s covered in the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop will help you to understand with a depth about your life experiences, and personal immediacy, that allows you to own the knowledge.

    Consider that a taste, if you like, of the integration of RES knowledge for every RES professional.

  56. 56

    Why does it matter, deeply understanding the strengths and limitations of Stage One Energetic Literacy?

    Because everyone alive can have that. And most do. (The exception being those in Spiritual Addiction, who resist. And get grey slime as a consequence.)

    Yet the vast majority of people who have Stage One Energetic Literacy have no clue, intellectually, what that is. Or how depending on that level of developent, alone, causes problems.

  57. 57

    2. You learn about your lifelong gifts for Energetic Literacy.

    * How they have been shaping your life experience since birth.

    * How you have suffered by not understanding and valuing your personal gift set.

    This knowledge illuminates every skill of energetic literacy that you will ever learn, Stages One through Fifteen.

    And, again, there’s nothing like this workshop for giving you deep understanding and experience. The group experience and methods of teaching really help make this become a powerful foundation for all your development of aura reading skills.

  58. 58

    In my role as an Enlightenment Coach, I believe that this part of the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop can accelerate a person’s progress towards Enlightenment.

    Quite a few of the people on the RES Community Enlightenment Life List have taken the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop.

    I believe this has helped accelerate how they have crossed the threshold into Householder Enlightenment.

  59. 59

    3. Taking the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop, you learn *or advance) your skills for Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    You learn different techniques for reading auras on purpose.

    You also develop appreciation for your unique, soulful language that YOU will use for expressing these perceptions that otherwise would be subconscious, not conscious.

  60. 60

    4. You also get to clean up any limiting habits of confusion that are common for people who develop Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of this, educationally.

    Workshop participants may not even notice this happening, but this teacher sure is aware. This is one reason why I restrict enrollment to 25.

    Many people are stuck with limiting fears and habits and outright misunderstandings about even the simplest experiences at Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    Both process and content during the workshop helps each individual to give up that limiting kind of mix-up, that can go very deep indeed. To progress fully as an aura reader, this must go.

  61. 61

    By way of analogy, have you ever seen a group of second graders in reading class?

    There might be little Gladys. She has picked up the habit of moving her lips and silently saying the letter sounds out loud.

    Why won’t computers ever replace teachers of regular literacy? One reason is that it takes a human teacher to notice this add-on to reading, then gently and kindly show Gladys how she doesn’t need to do this kind of thing.

  62. 62

    5. One of the most important things taught regarding Stage Two Energetic Literacy is EFFORTLESSNESS for doing techniques.

    This is a foundational skill. You might be amazed, Blog-Buddies, how bad habits around focusing, concentration, etc. are addressed, and gently removed, for many who take the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop.

    Aura reading cannot progress properly, nor a person’s sacred gifts for energetic literacy, be honored… unless these obstacles are overcome.

  63. 63

    My ability to include this for every workshop participant was honed by the years (1790-1985) that I taught Transcendental Meditation.

    Plus I brought related skills and abilities into this lifetime.

    Funny example: Here’s something I didn’t understand at all… until I taught about clairaudience in teaching the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop.

    Back when I used the “Checking Procedure” as a TM checker (and later initator and later Governor of the Age of Enlightenment), guess what?

  64. 64

    I would always hear “the sound in the room” during checking or initiating, and this helped to inform how I used my skills to help a TM meditator to break patterns of effort.

    All this was so effortless for me (as all of a person’s aura reading gifts are), that I never gave it a single conscious thought until using the knowledge of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

    Instead I assumed that “everybody did that.” 😉

  65. 65

    6. The student lets go of limiting ideas, beliefs, and habits related to wrongly interpreting what is perceived in auras.

    Technically this is a skill of Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    Another way that bad habits and misunderstandings continue to limit the progress and accuracy of most aura reading as it is practiced today.

  66. 66

    7. “A master technique for interpreting your perceptions of the human energy field.”

    (These words come from the official description of the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop at my website.)

    This is when students progress (or refine their skills) at Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

  67. 67

    8. Doing aura reading in a way that expands consciousness and helps you to evolve spiritually.

    Like any of the skills from Stage Three on up, there is an ever-fresh, totally spontaneous awakening of consciousness.

    many of you who’ve been in session with me have witnessed my reading auras. Suddenly I will start laughing with surprise and delight.

    This process begins for you, or accelerates, while taking the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop.

  68. 68

    9. Learning a reliable, honest, powerful skill set for making sense out of your aura readings.

    Yes, this is energetic literacy, folks. It isn’t about treating your energy field like a machine. It isn’t about working with astral-level guides or spirits to make sense out of life.

    In the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop you start, or improve, making HUMAN sense out of the information found in auras.

    With all respect to reading auras for energy medicine or psychic work, it’s very valuable to interpret information from auras in terms of a person’s emotions, spiritual experience, and behavioral patterns.

    This, of course, is what RES is all about, our little niche within mind-body-spirit.

  69. 69

    Unless an aura reader learns how to interpret auras in these human and meaningful way, there will be failure to progress at the higher stages of developing energetic literacy.

    Again, comparing this to word literacy. How much reading would you be doing, Blog-Buddies, if it were all about treating everyday life in a mechanical way?

    Like a walk down the street becomes:

    * Move your right foot.
    * Balance on it.
    * Step forward with your left foot.

  70. 70

    Granted, as I’ve said, if you work in energy medicine, you can use your level of Energetic Literacy and then apply it to the work you are doing professionally in that different version of mind-body-spirit.

    Donna Eden, the Founder of Eden Energy Medicine, met me initially because she was so impressed with “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

    She even had it sold, once, at one of her workshops.

    Donna, of course, is the consummate systematizer of knowledge and instructor in her form of energy medicine. But she’d be the first to admit that her body of work in includes not much about energetic literacy.

  71. 71

    Practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine often have progressed no further than Stage One or Two of Energetic Literacy.

    However, they have superb energy HEALING skills for energy medicine. That’s their magnificent expertise.

    Same thing for Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch.

    Professional teachers of Healing Touch are magnificent, in my experience. And those who graduate from Healing Touch workshops can really help themselves and others with those energy HEALING skills.

  72. 72

    Imagine how much better these energy medicine practitioners might do if they could find their way into reading auras.

    I’ve spoken with Janet Mengen. She was given a copy of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” And she spoke favorably enough of it that she promised to incude it among the recommended readings for her field.

    Unfortunately she never followed through on that particular promise. Perhaps because she was so busy, pioneering a field that grew to perhaps 50 times the size of RES at present.

    Or perhaps it was because she, like Donna Eden, never really believed in the importance of reading auras.

  73. 73

    Both Donna and Janet Mentgen had superb talent for reading auras, but (in RES terms), to my knowledge, neither one has progressed technically beyond Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    Their focus has been on energy HEALING skills.

    Remember, Blog-Buddies, it isn’t that common for folks who develop systems in mind-body-spirit to NOT make the distinction in RES between energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills.

  74. 74

    10. Learning a range of techniques for aura reading so that you can best wake up (and benefit from) your personal set of gifts.

    The Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop includes a minimum of six different techniques for reading auras. Sometimes I teach more, depending on the group.

    One reason why folks fail to progress with energetic literacy is that they are taught techniques that emphasize a gift that person doesn’t have as a big deal in his or her gift set.

    Every graduate of the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop learns enough techniques to progress rapidly, and keep on developing power and skill and accuracy.

  75. 75

    11. You learn how to read chakra databanks.

    This is one of the most important things about Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

    DAVID B did include this in his chart. Only he referred to chakra databanks just as “databanks.”

    Totally understandable, because one can fit only so much information onto a graphic before it becomes too complicated and visually unappetizing.

    But what will you find if you google “databanks”? I just did, and got 527,000 hits.

    The word “chakra” was not included. Why would it be? These days, do you think most people who use databanks are aura readers?

  76. 76

    Over time, I believe, the term “Chakra Databank” will be far better known.

    It is indispensible for Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

    However what happens if you google “chakra databanks”? I just did and got 13,600 hits.

    My merry RES experts and I, and you Blog-Buddies, still might have a bit of work to do, making a dent in collective consciousness. How many people interested in aura reading even know that chakra databanks matter?

  77. 77

    Of course, the fun and practicality of reading auras really takes off once you can read chakra databanks.

    Just look at some of the aura readings (and Skilled Empath Merges) that have been done at this blog. Here’s one link to many examples of energetic literacy that include chakra databanks.The humanity of energetic literacy really begins to show through, once you learn to read chakra databanks.

  78. 78

    What about calling chakra databanks “The Nadis”?

    That’s great if you do energy medicine, and have a mechanical interest in energies.

    That’s also great if you are an Enlightenment Coach (or spiritual teacher) who works with The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.

  79. 79

    Supporting spiritual seekers, in this Age of Energy, to attain Householder Enlightenment is a different matter, seems to me. For this, it is essential to understand chakra databanks and be able to read them.

    Because we progress humanly towards Householder Enlightenment.

    * The emphasis is not on consciousness.

    * Neither is the orientation of the spiritual seeker on using consciousness as the frame of reference for assessing spiritual development.

    * Nor is renunciation encouraged as a lifestyle.

  80. 80

    However, for the new kind of Enlightenment Coaching that is available now, in the Age of Awakening, it seems to me that a minimum of Stage Three Energetic Literacy IS required.

  81. 81

    Incidentally, one of the reasons I admire my colleague DAVID BUCKLAND so much is that he already has huge leadership among spiritual teachers (I’d call them “Enlightenment Coaches”) who support what I call “The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.”

    Again and again, DAVID has expressed interest in energetic literacy and also in the separate skill sets within RES of energy HEALING and Empath Empowerment(R).

  82. 82

    Casual readers of this blog, and even you regularly contributing Blog-Buddies may have no idea of how exceptional this is.

    The rule is for Enlightenment Coaches to dismiss Householder Enlightenment and to espouse the common notion that “In Enlightenment, I will know everything about reading auras and I will automatically be able to heal people, too.”

    The kind of belief suited earth fine before the Age of Awakening. But now?

    I’ll be questioning it further in Part 2 of my short series of posts that was begun in last blog post here, “The Ugly Side of Seeking Enlightenment. And How Aura Reading Can Help You on Your Spiritual Path”

  83. 83

    Well, the hours have flown by. This teacher of energetic literacy has enjoyed answering that “Little” question from LILIAN about what is taught in the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop.

    Will I take this much time, and go into this much detail, to tell you what’s taught in Level 2? That will depend on the level of interest you’all show in this topic.

    Will there be comments about this or not? I have no idea!

  84. 84

    I’ve gone into loads of technical detail because, hey, I am a consciousness nerd.

    Really, folks, you can take the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop and fulfill a LOAD of goals, personal goals, that you have for the weekend’s festivities.

    And you can do all that without having the slightest interest in my pedagogical exercise here of sharing some of my secrets — ooh, never before written about at this blog or anywhere else — about what I am doing, technically, as a teacher.

  85. 85
    Julie says:

    Fascinating comment #50, Rose.

    “Some of these skills may be new in the world, related to emerging opportunities that can make living in the Age of Awakening a kind of golden age for consciousness. The first hundred people, then the first thousand, shape a body of knowledge. The individual players influence how that knowledge lands in collective consciousness.”

  86. 86
    Julie says:

    It’s amazing how shapeable the world is right now, and our own lives, and what we’re involved in.

    If ever there was a time to not be powerless, this is it.

  87. 87
    Julie says:

    As a favorite bowling team member of mine used to say:

    “Let’s make some things happen!”

  88. 88
    Julie says:

    Hopefully I’m not the only one excited about the possibilities.

    Not ethereal, castle-in-the-air possibilites, but things that can be brought through.

    Or “landed”.

  89. 89

    Such wonderful comments, JULIE. Thank you.

  90. 90
    Irene says:

    Ok, this is a great bunch of information buried in the comments here. I think this deserved its own post! (#44-84 about the what you learn at the Aura Reading Level 1 workshop)

    I particularly appreciate the description on how one of the goals is to help you get out of your own way. Which is something I’m finding from the personal mentoring on this workshop (since I can’t make it to the workshop in person).

    This is really valuable information and I am very curious to see more about level 2 as well.

  91. 91

    IRENE, thanks! I’m still aiming to make that post. It’s been a bit busy around here.

    Speaking of which, Canadian RES Apprentice GRACE recently posted an aura reading of the controversial wife of your new prime minister.

    Although we aura readers may take it for granted, the degree of precision is pretty darned practical. I thought it might be fun to give a shout-out to the precision that’s available, effortlessly.

  92. 92

    In Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you’re getting lavish amounts of detail, depending upon what interests you, reading the aura of any person in the room with you at any given time.

    Loads of dependable, accurate details, reading any chakra databank you wish among the hundreds you might choose from. (Learn to do this, with a variety of techniques, from “Read People Deeper.”)

  93. 93

    What’s also available, effortlessly, once you have developed In Stage 3 Energetic Literacy?

    Read the aura of a person in any photo or still shot from a video. Like when GRACE T. clarified in her Comment #25: She was reading the aura of Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau while speaking, before she burst into song.

    Grace T. could have done it the other way as well. So much precision is available to anyone.

    And this is just with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, right?

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