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The Ugly Side of Seeking Enlightenment. And How Aura Reading Can Help You on Your Spiritual Path

Just in case youve been waiting for Krishna or Jesus to send you a Valentine in the sky

Just in case youve been waiting for Krishna or Jesus to send you a Valentine in the sky

Prepare for grit and grime and down-to-earth, all ye who enter into reading today’s blog post. Because, really, there’s more to Enlightenment Coaching —  or energetic literacy — than fantasizing about happy rainbows and friendly cupids. Or, perhaps, receiving a special delivery cosmic valentine from your favorite form of God.

Today I’m longing to tell it like it is. So I will. Hey, this is my own personal blog.

For years I’ve been writing about why energetic literacy is an essential skill for us, living now, and very attainable for all of us who wish to learn it.

Plus that book contains a step-by-step dismantling of “The Myth About Auras.”

What Motivated Me to Write Today’s Post

Yesterday I was appreciatively reading an article at DAVID B’s blog, “15 Stages of Energetic Literacy.”

On came an important comment by “GLADYS” that could have come right out of the myth-busting part of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” GLADYS probably spoke for many when she wrote:

“This is all too complicated for me. I just assumed with enlightenment, the 3rd eye opens, clairvoyance and all the other clairs happen and no effort is made to develop perception.”

Today’s article is dedicated to her, and all seekers of Enlightenment whose current beliefs are similar. Also to all you Blog-Buddies who aim to protect yourselves on your sacred path by becoming smart Post-New-Age consumers.

(Consider, God doesn’t give you these smarts. If you wish to develop them, that’s your job.)

Seeking Enlightenment? 7 Reasons Why Reading Auras Can Help You

Yes, here come seven reasons why reading auras could help you A LOT if what you’re seeking is Enlightenment.

You’re invited to read and comment here, especially if you think that aura reading is just an unnecessary detour along that path.

Why develop energetic literacy?

#1. Avoid Unnecessary Detours on Your Path

Before, or even after Enlightenment, a person can get stuck. Or, as DAVID B. and some of his friends call it, “Go sideways.”

Think that any of this comes with an announcement? A warning label, perhaps?

What is one of the most shocking things that has happened to me yet as an Enlightenment Coach? A friend sent me an electronic flyer for a prestigious conference on Enlightenment. Photos of six presenters were included. Curious, I used some of my day’s Technique Time to read their auras:

  • Two of them were in Enlightenment. Gorgeously and distinctively, this showed in each speaker’s aura.
  • Two others? In spiritual addiction. Not Enlightenment. Oops!
  • Two others, the most famous ones of the group? In extreme spiritual addiction. No longer in Enlightenment.

Well, in a way this was shocking. In other ways it was not.

Why not shocking?

It’s not shocking that a flyer like that would have been distributed. Because you will see plenty of mess like this, when you have developed everyday useful skills for reading auras.

  • Like many of the readers of this blog, I have developed basic aura reading skills that are reliable.
  • Within the system I teach, this would be called “Stage Three” Energetic Literacy.
  • Of course there are plenty of skilled aura readers who have never studied the particular system I teach but have achieved this skill in other ways. Skill that brings good results — hey, that’s great and that’s plenty!
  • In addition to everyday, workable, skills at energetic literacy, I have developed additional expertise. This IS more complicated than what most people ever would need to use. DAVID B. and I have been excited enough at the latest development for specialists like us… that we have written about this at our respective blogs. DAVID B. even gave our community here a gorgeous flowchart to summarize it, which wouldn’t have occured to me. Wonderfully thoughtful and generous!

Bottom line: Everyday skill at reading auras is no more complicated than reading words on a page.

As I teach it, developing this skill might take less time than you’ve taken to clean your house for a few months, or wash your car this last year, or how much time you spent shopping (for non-essential items) since this year began. But even if developing these skills were harder to do, you might find it worthwhile.

People today who have developed Stage Three Energetic Literacy are the leaders in this new Age of Awakening.

We’re the exception, not the rule. (Not yet, anyway.)

So it’s not shocking to me that a flyer like that would have been distributed.

Ready for a laugh?

In human terms, to a person with energetic literacy skills — who also knew how to discern Enlightenment, in contrast to spiritual addiction, etc. — how crazy-weird was that flyer?

Imagine that experts have organized a conference to “Become a Top Model.” It’s promoted, showing headshots of the main speakers.

Two of them look very attractive, and their grooming is what you would expect from a professional model.

Two haven’t washed in a while, and they don’t even have attractive hairstyles! 😉 And the other two look even worse.


Why else not shocking?

Sadly, it was not shocking to me that a well-organized conference about Enlightenment, in 2015, would select four speakers who were not in Enlightenment.

Why would four people not in Enlightenment be selected to headline a prestigious conference on Enlightenment? For variety, let’s go for an answer in the form of a question:

Blog-Buddies, how high a proportion of the conference organizers could, themselves, read auras? Who knows!

Many may have believed exactly as GLADYS now believes. Including conference organizers who were in Enlightenment.

Yes, hello! Just because somebody lives in Enlightenment does NOT mean that person has developed skills for energetic literacy. Lacking skills, even somebody in Enlightenment can be stuck at Stage One Energetic Literacy — interesting but notoriously unreliable.

Also not shocking

I wasn’t shocked to find public figures, even prestigious spiritual teachers, whose auras are pretty corrupted by now.

Living at this time, the early years of the Age of Awakening, is challenging for us all. And some people just haven’t done as well as others at remaining energetically balanced.

What DID shock me

What shocked me — what appalled me — was the idea tjat thousands of beautiful seekers of Enlightenment would trustingly go to this conference and sit for hours… trying purposely to entrain… with people who are not in Enlightenment at all, and whose auric energies are not helpful in the least for gaining Enlightenment.

#2. Don’t Romanticize Enlightenment, Not If You’d Really Like to Attain It

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness, folks. That’s all. That’s plenty.

Beautiful students of Enlightenment, like GLADYS, have been told many things about Enlightenment. Some of them are true. Some may have been true at one time but are not true of life in this Age of Awakening. Others have never been true.

One such belief, elsewhere in GLADYS’s comment, went “Seeing the energy is giving the ability to heal.” Maybe that was true at the time of Veda Vyasa. It sure isn’t true now.

To this aura reader, facilitator of aura healing, and Enlightenment coach, a great deal of harm is done when people have this particular notion. A reading is NOT a healing. That is why, in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) I teach these skill sets separately. (And one reason why they work is that they ARE taught separately.)


What if you have studied Hinduism, as GLADYS wrote in her comment for the DAVIDYA blog? What if you dearly love ALL the beautiful ideals that you’ve been told?

With all respect, you might wish to reconsider them. Hinduism has a long tradition of romanticizing spiritual matters, and I write this with quite a bit of direct knowledge of such things, as well as a powerfully strong love of Hindu Gods, devatas, and what I have personally received from studying Hinduism.

Fundamentalist Christians can sometimes have a similar romanticized, idealized idea of what is promised in their religion.

Haven’t you met beautiful Fundamentalists who believe along these lines?

“I’m born again. For keeps, I’ve made my bargain with Jesus. Now that I am saved, I can do pretty much anything I want. Jesus will always forgive me. that’s the deal.”

Warning, Blog-Buddies: Now I’m going to translate this romantic ideal into less reverent language…

“Because I have made my  bargain, what does it mean that I’m  Born Again? There will be no karma from anything I do, no matter what. Jesus will clean it all up. That’s his job. Jesus is like the guy at the circus who scoops up elephant poop.”

A comforting belief? A belief that causes many people to be lazier and more ignorant than they need to be?

If you’re NOT a Born Again Christian, perhaps you smiled a bit at my example here. You know it’s beautiful at best, ridiculous at worst. Well, how is that any different from beliefs many good people have about  Enlightenment? I mean “different” in the sense of being “less preposterous.”

Well, phew! Let’s stop here in our survey of SEVEN ways that spiritual seekers can benefit from developing regular, workable energetic literacy.

Comment away. Tell me how I’m wrong. Or right. In your personal experience.

This is a teaching blog, after all.

Later I’ll do a follow-up post, and maybe I’ll manage to get through all of the other five in one little article.

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  1. 1

    You know, Rose, this can actually be comforting, in a way, for those of us not yet spiritually enlightened, and for many of us who seek enlightenment, but wonder if we’re even close.

    We can STILL develop skills of energetic literacy, even if we won’t reach spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime.

    That’s what I get out of reading this, anyway.

  2. 2
    Irene says:

    Jessica, I too find this cheering. Enlightenment is great, but won’t come just because I want it and won’t solve all my problems when it shows up anyway.

    This article points out ways (and benefits) for how I can move forward in my life – humanly forward and also gaining skills for wisdom and discernment about the energetic side of things.

    For someone who really likes to learn things and really likes to have things make sense, I much prefer this approach to a romantic, mysterious ideal.

  3. 3
    Irene says:

    Speaking as a former “Christian”, no one I knew was quite so blatant as to admit “Now that I am saved, I can do pretty much anything I want”.

    However in the disorienting bewilderment of having to obey external pronouncements of what’s true instead of respecting one’s own self-authority, such a belief deep down certainly helps ameliorate the terror of eternal damnation since you can never quite measure up to the guidelines.

    Nonetheless, the Divine doesn’t fit well in the category of elephant-poop-scooper!

  4. 4
    David B says:

    To take your example of said conference in #1 further, the talks by the enlightened in the example got 30-40 people. The less they where so, the more they attracted. The extreme addition examples got hundreds and top billing.

    Why? Because most attendees where chasing concepts. Ideas about what it was. Or to tie in to #2, romanticized ideas of it.

  5. 5
    David B says:

    The organizers have the “try anything” mindset but emphasized fame to attract participants. And were happy to spread “realistic” romanticized ideas.

    Energetic literacy? Not even on the radar. What’s the point if the world is illusion? (a great idea if you’re trying to avoid your life)

  6. 6
    Joyce says:

    I agree with you, Jessica. This is comforting. And the skills Rose teaches are part of what thrills my soul.

    Through energetic literacy we can truly “avoid unnecessary detours.”

  7. 7
    Joyce says:

    I had a misconception about Enlightenment that has gotten sorted out.

    If I have it correct, it’s about expressing our soul clearly in our own unique way, not bogged down with STUFF.

    This doesn’t mean you’ll never have to work again or deal with anger or sadness. But you deal and get back to enjoying your life.

    And even not living in Enlightenment we can still enjoy our lives.

  8. 8
    Joyce says:

    As for the “born again” belief, I have experienced a sort of shaming when asked “are you saved” or “born again.”

    Almost a pitying or an anticipation of calling me a heathen internally if I say no…never to be spoken to again, unless to convert me to believing as they do.

  9. 9
    Joyce says:

    When I was in high school a random stranger on the train asked me if I was saved. I told him no and he proceeded to tell me how I would go to hell.


    Even with my stage 1 energetic literacy back then, I knew not to take that guy seriously. I said something like “yeah, OK” to brush him off.

  10. 10
    Joyce says:

    In retrospect, my relationship with my God is personal and not up for public discussion and I could have just said “none of your business!”

  11. 11
    Joyce says:

    For spiritual seekers, it seems essential to have energetic literacy.

    In the same way most wouldn’t have someone without the proper credentials work on our teeth or do surgery, it’s helpful to know aura reading can give us insight into someone’s internal credentials.

  12. 12

    JESSICA, IRENE, JOYCE: Applause for your wise comments!

    DAVID B, applause for you as well. But really, I am shocked by your Comments 4 and 5. Ouchers!

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    Eek, “ouchers” is right!

    Although your comment in #5, David, reminds me of that question Rick Archer is always asking in BATGAP interviews… something along the lines of challenging “there’s no person here” with a mundane question about hitting your thumb with a hammer or passing the salt.

    That idea: “the world is an illusion, anyway, so why bother with energetic literacy?” does sound like something I could imagine a certain kind of person saying. And I would want to ask, Rick Archer style, “why bother keeping your eyes open while driving a car?”

  14. 14
    Irene says:

    David B, what you describe is the sad part of what Rose described in this post 🙁

  15. 15
    Sarah says:

    Loved your example of the models, Rose. 🙂 More and more, I am coming to see things in a way that this analogy makes total sense. Meaning: more and more I am using energetic literacy and seeing similarly absurd juxtapositions.

    It’s almost more jarring to have the mix, rather than to have an entire conference made up of speakers in extreme spiritual addiction, for example. That would be upsetting, yes, but not quite as “??!??!”-provoking as seeing the folks in Enlightenment lined up next to them.

    Actually, come to think of it, I know why this feeling is familiar… Ahhh, U.S. politics!!

  16. 16
    Irene says:

    What very little I experienced of this before coming across Rose’s work seems to me to be a looking for an easier way than developing skills and paying attention to life.

    Except that it’s not easy at all. It’s incredibly difficult and confusing and baffling and makes no sense and requires all the effort, but expects you to achieve it completely effortlessly.

    Hmm, typing that makes it seem alarmingly similar to my experience of “Christianity”. Interesting!

  17. 17
    David B says:

    Hi Rose
    I’m not shocked anymore. I’ve seen people slavishly follow charismatic jerks, tell me talk of the divine is delusional, and insist superficial things like posture will get you enlightened.

    I spent much of my time at the conference in a group of the awake. There was light, even in the clouds. 🙂

  18. 18
    Kira says:

    Speaking as someone who adores romantic, mysterious ideals (unlike Irene), I also like to learn things and have them makes sense.

    I can’t even imagine a) anything connected to consciousness or auras being too complicated for me or b) not wanting to develop perception.

    But then, learning comes easily to me. I might feel differently about it if I had to really work to understand things.

  19. 19
    Kira says:

    It’s natural for me to take for granted how easy it is to learn from Rose’s books, but based on the Q&A sections I’ve read, a decent amount of people seem to expect to have to work hard and need to be persuaded to stop trying so forcefully.

    Perhaps if GLADYS and those she spoke for knew how easy it is to learn aura reading RES-style, they wouldn’t cling so hard to that view of enlightenment.

  20. 20
    Kira says:

    I have actually met someone whose belief was pretty close to the fundamentalist “Christian” belief in the post. But there’s an interesting twist to it.

    My acquaintance was a Calvinist, and my understanding of his belief is that God already has a list of who is saved and who isn’t. It doesn’t matter what you do during your lifetime; you’ll never get moved to the other list.

  21. 21
    Kira says:

    You would think that such a belief would give the believer license to do anything, similar to the “Divine pooper-scooper” belief, but my friend was pretty strict about what he could and couldn’t do—no drinking, premarital sex, etc.—because his beliefs required him to act as if he was on the “saved” list.

    Just think—a religion that makes you act uptight despite the fact that you can’t change whether you’re going to hell or not!

  22. 22
    Delphine says:

    Loved your comment Irene: “Enlightenment is great, but won’t come just because I want it and won’t solve all my problems when it shows up anyway.”

    About responsibility for our actions. A friend put it this way:

    I was taught to take responsibility for my actions. At a young age, that felt quite heavy, and I somewhat envied christians. It seemed they could do whatever, then go to a priest, say sorry, be forgiven, and feel light again.

  23. 23
    Grace W says:

    Great post, Rose. It reminded me that “spirituality” in American culture seems to so often be devoid of intelligence.

    There is such a lack of discernment among so many people I’ve met, lots of naivete.

  24. 24
    Grace W says:

    It’s as if all spiritual teachers are the same.

    Anything related to “energy” is the same.

    No concept of being a smart consumer or that perhaps there is a middle ground of smart, grounded teachers who get results.

  25. 25
    Grace W says:

    There is such idealistic, romanticized nonsense espoused in spiritual circles these days.

    I know that out your way, you tend to encounter more of the fundamentalist Christian types.

    In my neck of the woods, there’s a lot of spiritual addiction and glowy, idealized concepts about spirituality.

  26. 26
    Grace W says:

    I rarely even discuss spirituality any more because even the mention of the word tends to result in a hijacking of the conversation into the realm of concepts and assumptions.

    I’ve met many people who are quite attached to these concepts.

  27. 27
    Grace W says:

    GLADYS’ quote is pretty interesting. ?

    I find that since I’ve crossed the threshold into Enlightenment, there is really no wiggle room in relation to continuing to develop my perception.

    Meaning that if I veer off course even slightly, I seem to get clear feedback and not always of the most comfortable variety!

  28. 28
    Grace W says:

    The good news is that I feel more perceptive than ever, more clear, and can make subtle changes and decisions more quickly.

    But I do still pay attention and develop my energy literacy skills, for sure.

  29. 29
    David B says:

    One of the give-aways to me is how angry or dismissive people get if you have a different perspective.

    You’re going to hell, are deluded, etc. Not about discrimination but having an easy out.

  30. 30
    David B says:

    Hi Sarah re: Comment 13

    Right. And they’ve clearly not read much of the classics. Like Shankara’s story, who revived non-duality.

    He’s walking along the river and his foot gets stuck. He calls out to a washer-woman on the bridge for help.

  31. 31
    David B says:

    She responds – what does it matter if it’s all illusion?

    He realizes it’s the divine mother and goes on to write a famous long poem to her and thereafter recognizes the divine.

  32. 32
    Leo says:

    Ha ha ha …

    Your comments 23 – 26 Grace W.

    You took the words out of my mouth. Incredibly frustrating, ain’t it ?!

  33. 33
    Sarah says:

    David B, thank you for those comments #30-31! I will admit that I haven’t read much of the classics, either (although I would really like to). That story sounds interesting. Hmm.

  34. 34
    Sarah says:

    Kira, # 18: “But then, learning comes easily to me. I might feel differently about it if I had to really work to understand things.”

    Yes, I can relate to that. I have been lucky enough to have some experiences in my life when I REALLY struggled to learn something from someone who was a master (and thus found it very simple), and I say “lucky” because it allowed me to realize how I have been on the other side of it, like you say, and to have some patience and compassion for those who are struggling with something that came naturally to me.

    I know what you mean, though, especially regarding Rose’s books and techniques. There have been some pieces which felt to me like, “Oh, well of course! That’s only natural, given all the rest of it” and yet I’ve seen others struggle with those exact pieces.

  35. 35
    Amanda says:

    This reminds me of my brief experience of being ‘born again’.

    I was in a ski lift queue in New Mexico and we had to pair up, so I paired up with a big guy from Texas.

    He was perfectly normal until we were on the lift and there was no escaoe. As soon as we’d taken off he turned to me and said ‘So. Are you born again?’

  36. 36
    Amanda says:

    Long story short, it was easier to go with it, so I agrred to be born again. I had to say something three times, I can’t remember what, but along the lines of welcoming Jesus.

  37. 37
    Amanda says:

    I didn’t feel much different to be honest.

    But wow, it was easy! Three sentences and saved!

    I have no idea what we’re all doing working at self-improvement, getting involved with learning things, living engaged lives.

    We could just sit on a chairlift and get it done with three sentences!



  38. 38
    Sarah says:

    Hahaha, Amanda! That’s a really funny story.

    I also like the implication that not only is it *possible* to be totally “saved” in three sentences on a chairlift, but that the best way to go about converting/recruiting people is to wait until they (literally) can’t escape.

    It reminds me of the way small children sometimes physically restrain animals like cats in order to pet them because they “like it”–if they really liked it, would you need to restrain them? Haha. Now that I have you trapped on a ski lift, be saved, and LIKE IT! 🙂

  39. 39
    Irene says:

    Kira, such a different experience you describe in #18-19 from what I’ve experienced. Learning comes really easily to me. Usually!

    Some parts of RES I seem to pick up super easy. Other parts Just. Don’t. Work. until I get mentoring and/or healing help from Rose.

    And most of the time I don’t even really realize I’m having trouble, except that I finally clue in that it just kinda sorta doesn’t seem to work quite right.

  40. 40
    Irene says:

    Sarah, as you describe in #34, I too am becoming grateful for the challenging bits. I’m developing more compassion for myself and for others as a result. Even though it’s darned irritating to have this be hard sometimes! 🙂

  41. 41
    Amanda says:

    Sarah, I found all of that funny too! And I don’t know why, but his being from Texas put the cherry on it.

    It was like going to the Eiffel Tower or the Parthenon, as a tourist – fundamental Christianity from a big Texas dude!



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