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How Anita Hill Helped Me Read Auras

"Aura Reading Through All Your Senses." Thanks, in part to Anita Hill.

“Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Thanks, in part to Anita Hill.

Anita Hill is in the news again, with a new movie on HBO. “Confirmation chronicles the intense confirmation battle for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after Anita Hill, a former employee, claimed he sexually harassed her.

Recently National Public Radio has broadcast “The Real Story” behind the confirmation battle. Nina Totenberg, the reporter who broke the story, has fascinating things to say about what transpired. Two audio links are supplied at the link I’ve just given you; both give insight into Anita Hill, a woman who spoke truth to power; Nina Totenberg, a reporter who wouldn’t give up; and the horrendous backlash that followed Anita Hill’s courageous testimony.

From a political perspective, you may find these podcasts fascinating. Especially if you care about Black Lives Matter, or today’s harrassment in the American workplace (where race is the most common problem, followed by sexual harrassment), or even today’s new sexual warfare being conducted over bathroom privileges, like the city in Alabama that has enacted a law, “Use bathrooms matching your biological sex  or face six months of jail time.”

Today’s blog post gives you a different kind of inside story. About another kind of truth that Anita Hill set in motion. Indirectly. About the system trademarked as Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

In the political scheme of things, I know that my discovery was small potatoes. But I’m going to share that story because, in the world of energetic literacy — including the part of the world about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — energy READING skills are a pretty tasty and nourishing kind of potato dish, too.

Note: Today’s blog post adapts a newsletter article from May 2014. To receive this leading-edge RES resource, go to the Rose Rosetree website and sign up. That simple.

What Anita Hill Did, Not on Purpose

The initial setting to start something bold and new… couldn’t have been less inspiring. Neither for Anita Hill nor for me.

Let’s start with her.

The attorney came forward during the confirmation hearing for a highly partisan choice of Supreme Court nominee.

Would Clarence Thomas, nominated by President Bush #1, be given a lifetime appointment?

That was an especially big deal considering his age, as Thomas was just 43 years old at the time. Just to give you an idea, what was the average age for all the other sitting Supreme Court Justices at the time of their respective confirmations? Hello, more like 53!

It was hardly a comfortable role for Anita Hill, Thomas’ former employee, a Supreme Court nobody, and an African-American, and a woman, and having to bring up some pretty disturbing facts about sexual harrassment, on national TV. Live and in person and greatly outnumbered by the white men who would decide whether to believe Anita Hill or Clarence Thomas.

With, maybe, 40 years of a future Supreme Court Justice’s decisions hanging in the balance.

My Big Aha! about Energetic Literacy. Not on Purpose, Either.

During that confirmation hearing, in my little way, I was also in a pretty uncomfortable role.

Not for political reasons, of course. I knew nothing about Anita Hill’s side of the story, or that there even was a story. Back then I paid scant attention to politics.

What did I notice (minutely)? How weird it felt, being a new mother.

This first-time mother was 43 years old (just like Clarence Thomas, actually).

Unlike the soon-to-be confirmed Mr. Thomas on my TV screen, I was pretty darned exhausted.

The problem wasn’t my son Matt, who was an easy baby and — in the eyes of his parents, at least — perfect in every way.

No, it just was a tough new job for me. Before giving birth, I had never even changed a diaper. And yet,  by the time I became a Mom, I had developed a different specialty: I was expertly schooled in perfectionism.

Great, just great! In my new role, as mother, I had moved — with my husband Mitch — to a house in a new neighborhood.

Our first time ever in the Bible Belt, well, well.

We had no friends there except for each other. Neither were family members closer than eight hours away. Neighbors were decidely unfriendly, too.

In short, nobody we knew could advise us on the care and feeding of babies. If it took a village to raise a child, we were sunk.

Even preparing the kid’s usual meal (milk) took more energy than I let myself admit.

Blog-Buddies, do you think this might have been a tough combo, having zero skills while demanding that I instantly become a really, really good mom? Yes, all of this added up to…

Cute Baby, Yet Much Distress for Mom

So there I sat, that fall morning in 1991. The TV was turned on, while my son lay in my lap.

Matt was contentedly semi-snoozing, while I was crankily semi-snoozing.

Annoyingly,  the same broadcast appeared on every channel, no matter how much I channel flipped. It seemed to be some boring kind of court proceeding, not that I knew a thing about it.

Voices were droning on and on. In memory, the live broadcast I “chose” to watch was black-and-white. That’s how dull it seemed.

While I Barely Paid Attention, Unexpected Drama

Suddenly the visual scene changed on my TV set. The camera lingered on a closeup of one man.

Voices were droning away as that camera lingered. Not that I cared.

Suddenly I slipped into aura reading, which had become an interest of mine. I had even published a book that took me 6 1/2 years to write, “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

Standards of “Energy Hygiene” that I now implore my students to learn, were unknown to me yet. All day long, my consciousness would drift in and out of the astral, and here it was happening again.

That explains why I slipped into reading auras but not why I saw something so unusual. As this man came into focus energetically, I saw pus coming out of his Throat Chakra.

A quick informational download followed this perception, that this man was a chronic liar, habitually deceptive, secretive in order to pursue his big ambitions, and almost entirely without remorse.

Now, that experience — unlike the rest of the TV show — was in full color. As I recall it, anyway.

And, as an aura reader, never before had I encountered anything so ugly.

Who Was That Emotionally Masked Man?

Being a stay-at-home Mom, when I wasn’t caring for my son or dropping into the sleep of the exhausted, I had plenty of leisure time.

Curious about the broadcast I had seen, especially the identity of that deeply sinister man, I started paying attention to current events as never before.

For the first time in my life, I began reading my daily newspaper and listening to news on National Public Radio. Within a few days, I learned that I had been watching Clarence Thomas’ Confirmation Hearing. According to public opinion research, the majority of Americans believed that Anita Hill was lying.

Such a head scratcher, given what I had seen! Because Mr. Pus in His Throat Chakra — that was Clarence Thomas, Esq.

It’s true that, within a year, public opinion flipped.

In addition, Anita Hill’s testimony gave rise to America’s first honest public conversation about sexual harassment. After having more time to reflect, the majority of Americans believed Anita Hill — although that change of opinion did nothing to budge Justice Thomas from his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

What did budge for me? Something that also would have big practical implications for people who share my interest in mind-body-spirit.

The Practical Limits of Aura Reading

Everyone alive has an energy field, full of bits and bytes of information. Aura reading means downloading that information. These days, I’m more likely to call it “Energetic literacy.”

When you have developed skill, you do this accurately. In the 1980’s, I had developed a system for reading auras in person, from photos and even — you guessed it — from TV shows. By 1986, I had published the how-to “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” and it had been selected by One Spirit, a division of The Book-of-the-Month Club.

Therefore, by the time of Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing, I was very used to using the 100+ aura reading techniques in that book. Information from auras can be useful for a variety of practical purposes, such as insight into relationships and better health, smarter choices as a consumer.

But political anything? That application hadn’t occurred to me yet.

Something else hadn’t occurred to yet me, either. How unusual it was that I used quality aura reading for a wide range of practical purposes in everyday life.

Another Surprise for This Aura Reader

Fact is, in 1991, it riled me that current public opinion continued to make Clarence Thomas the hero of that very public drama about personal conduct around sexual politics. How could any aura reader let lying like that go undetected?

So I conducted a survey, the best I could manage while still dazed, overwhelmed, and exhausted as a not-quite-young (yet still very-new) mother.

By 1991 I knew many aura readers in the Washington D.C. area. They used their skills for energy medicine techniques like Reiki, or as professional psychics, or simply as hobbyists.

During his confirmation hearings was Clarence Thomas telling the truth or lying? I developed a survey for my fellow aura readers to weigh in.

When those surveys were returned, I read them. And, wow, I was absolutely flabbergasted.

Really I couldn’t have been more shocked had I learned that, oops! “While in labor at Shady Grove Hospital last May, Mrs. Weber, you have actually given birth to triplets. And now, lucky you! Those two extra babies are being shipped to your home via UPS!! Expect to receive them any minute, Rose!”

How Is Aura Reading Useful, Anyway?

What shocked me so, pondering the survey results from my fellow aura readers? It had zero to do with whether or not they thought Clarence Thomas was telling the truth.

Instead, one aura reader after another — every single one — told me this:

“I have no opinion whatsoever.”

And why not?

These hotshot aura readers didn’t believe it was possible to read auras from newspaper photos or watching TV. Also…

Unknown to them were any practical, everyday applications for learning what made a particular person tick at a particular time.

To me, that had been the whole point of reading auras. For years! Still, it never had entered my head that all other aura readers weren’t doing that too.

What an astounding discovery that was, back in the day!

(And astounding or not, it’s still true of most aura readers now. But not those I have trained. Haha!)

Leadership among Aura Readers. Could That Even Be Allowed?

Soon as I read the survey results, with a startle, I realized, Anita Hill wasn’t the only one reluctantly dragged into a form of leadership.

A different sort of leadership might be needed about aura reading, too.

Fortunately, it has been a way less public (and far less harrowing) type of leadership than than was thrust upon the strong shoulders of Anita Hill.

Truth Delayed, Not Eradicated

Over time, the value of Anita Hill’s courage has been vindicated. Sure, Clarence Thomas remains on the Supreme Court, enjoying his lifetime appointment. Yet a much bigger cause has been served, opening up conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace, with legal redress that continues to improve to this day.

Ironically, Clarence Thomas’s victory brought steely resolve to me around teaching energetic literacy. Whatever it takes.

When the majority of people have learned this skill — whether through my help or however they wind up learning — may it be harder for people to stand up in public and lie and get away with it!

Bring on the lie detector tests, deception detection made so much more reliable with Stage Three Energetic Literacy! Bring on depth aura reading that you can learn, regardless of whether you are:

  • Clairvoyant or not.
  • A psychic or not.
  • An energy worker or not.
  • An empath or not.
  • Left-handed or right-handed or French-speaking or anything else.

Human? Intelligent enough to learn to read words in books or on a screen?

Then you can read auras in depth and detail. Get yourself those skills and do your part to bring truth, sweet truth, into this world.

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  1. 1

    That book cover at the top of your screen? It’s from the first edition of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

    The cover design, the second edition cover redesign, the interior book design and the immaculate typesetting… all were a gift from my oldest friend, Eda Warren.

  2. 2

    Anita Hill has gone on to teach at Brandeis University, where the motto is “Truth, even unto its innermost parts.”

    That’s where Eda and I went to college, BTW. For both of us, the quest didn’t end with graduation. We still seek truth, even unto its innermost parts.

  3. 3
    David B says:

    Quite the story, Rose. Always interesting to hear how such things unfold.

    I can remember when there where just a few channels, B&W, and big events took over all of them. American events would sometimes dominate Canadian TV too.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this story Rose. So interesting to read about the time before RES as we know it came into being. It’s a reminder that bodies of work don’t come fully formed, but start with a seed.

    It makes me wonder what initiative I’ve started now that years from now I’ll look back and say, that’s how it started. On another note, it’s still shocking to me that he was appointed to the Supreme Court, and that there is such a thing as lifetime appointments. So messed up!

  5. 5
    Valerie says:

    This IS fascinating Rose. I really enjoy hearing about how your process unfolded. I continuously am in awe of RES, its power, and its practical use in daily life.

  6. 6
    EmilyH says:

    I liked this article, very interesting.

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