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A Guest Post by RES Professional JESSICA GATES

Illuminating a Post-New-Age Consumer Viiew of RES

Illuminating a Post-New-Age Consumer View of RES

RES Apprentice LEO set in motion an illuminating conversation when he guest posted here recently. LEO expressed some of the Frustrations of an RES Apprentice. A Guest Post by LEO.  Great comments followed!

And this even gave rise to a contrasting guest post by a client for sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Stick with those RES Sessions. A Guest Post by Lilian was then followed by a marvelous series of comments from you Blog-Buddies.

And then… another Blog-Buddy got into the conversation. She offered up this guest post: Explaining RES to the Logical. A Guest Post by IRENE . With additional fascinating comments.

Well, today we have another one of this unplanned series — which I might name in retrospect “When You Seek Energetic Healing as a Post-New-Age Consumer.”

This series has turned out to be so validating for many RES clients. And RES apprentices. And RES practitioners.

In that same helpful spirit, today we’re hearing from an RES Practitioner whose website is Jessica Gates Healing.

Go, JESSICA, light us up some more!

“Proper Authority?”

I can relate to Leo’s guest post, “Frustrations of an RES Apprentice.” People around here have told me I don’t have proper authority (bestowed by their church) to do healings with God or Jesus.

(Dare I reveal that I often work with other Divine Beings as well?)

And I’ve also had people tell me they only want me to tell them their spiritual purpose.

Finding clients locally was hard.  I experienced a lot of frustrations.  Still do, sometimes.  But there is so much joy, too.  Much more than the amount of frustration.

Joy through Helping

Oh, the joy of helping clients, one session at a time, watching them progress, sometimes rapidly!

Reading Lilian’s guest post reminded me of one of my clients, a very sweet lady who has been through so much in this lifetime. “Gladys” scheduled one session, telling me timidly that she wasn’t sure if I could help.

Gladys was so pleased with the results of our one session that she has continued to have sessions with me, and is progressing beautifully.  Witnessing such wonderful transformation brings me so much joy!

Another regular client is “Josephine,” who is on Rose’s Enlightenment Life List.

The skilled empath merge with her at the beginning of her session is such a treat! 

I confess to lingering a few seconds longer than is absolutely necessary, just to enjoy the experience.

My first session with Josephine, I wondered if I could really help someone more evolved than I am.  She seems to think so; she calls me every week. 🙂

Most Enjoyable

Working with clients can really be a joyful experience.

  • I get to do Skilled Empath Merges.
  • I get to help clients improve their human lives.
  • It is so exciting when clients come for follow-up sessions.

I love to witness the rapid personal progress each of my clients makes.  Hearing the positive difference in a client’s voice thrills my soul!

Being a part of that, knowing that I’ve helped someone – could there be any greater joy?

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    I have so much respect for you, Jessica!

    Glad you get to do many sessions with non-locals now. 😉

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    Wonderful. I like the RES FAQs on your website.

  3. 3
    Rachel says:

    You sound lovely, Jessica! Sounds like it’s going really well for you now :-).

    On the topic of authority, on the few occasions when I have mentioned some aspect of RES to people who I thought might be open to it, one reaction I commonly get is that people question why I would “put my faith” in someone like Rose, why I would believe what SHE says and why I would trust the opinion of an outside expert.

    Have to say, I normally give up at that point :-(. It just doesn’t seem worth arguing it.

  4. 4
    Sarah says:


    I get what you’re saying in #3 about authority and “putting one’s faith” in a professional. And I have to admit that sometimes I would be better off giving up at that point in the conversation. HOWEVER…

  5. 5
    Sarah says:

    From my perspective, RES is SOooo different from other professional modalities for exactly this reason.

    True, there is always some kind of “expertise” or “professional opinion” involved in terms of e.g. selecting the most appropriate centerpiece for healing, as well as an element of interpretation where energetic literacy is involved. And the skills have been developed by Rose through years of experience, so there is some trust involved in that as well.

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    But in my experience, there is a big-big difference between (just for example) Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research and a psychic-type reading, in terms of whether or not “faith” is required.

  7. 7
    Sarah says:

    I have had psychic-type readings before, where there was a lot of information about what is likely to happen given different courses of action, and which of those courses of action were “approved of”–according to the spirit guides or psychic or whoever else.

    Ultimately: someone else’s opinion (whether human or astral being) about what choices I “should” be making, based on their assessment of the situation and perspective.

  8. 8
    Sarah says:

    Much “faith” required. Little room for self-authority, other than to simply accept or reject the opinion as given.

    (And rejecting it is usually frowned upon, by the professional, because the idea is that the spirit guide or whoever is being consulted “knows better”.)

  9. 9
    Sarah says:

    An aura reading using energetic literacy like Rose teaches can validate the client’s internal experiences, or make conscious some internal experiences which were previously largely subconscious. It doesn’t give information about “should” or “shouldn’t” or, really, anybody else’s opinion at all.

    The practitioner may supplement the reading with a professional opinion as appropriate, but putting any faith in that opinion is entirely optional. 🙂

  10. 10
    Sarah says:

    The end result is that you have a more nuanced set of information from which to form your own opinions and make your own decisions, but that information is still fairly “raw” information–to be run by your own self-authority–and not in the form of someone else’s opinion.

    And the information all comes directly from your own aura, so typically resonates with what you already think/feel/experience, in some way. No faith required.

  11. 11
    Sarah says:

    That being said, because this whole concept is so unique in the mind-body-spirit world (as far as I can tell), it’s sometimes really hard for people to see how it is even possible. Without having the skills or knowledge yourself, it can feel like total magic.

    Imagine learning about the concept of a vaccine for the first time, having no conceptual framework of viruses or immunity. It would seem like magic. On that level, there is definitely “trust” required.

  12. 12
    Sarah says:

    That’s why, for me at least, I spent quite some time reading Rose’s books, blog, and trying to get a feel for the conceptual framework before I felt comfortable even giving it a go.

    Not everyone is so skeptical, but for those of us who are, it really helps to be able to see that there is some method behind the “magic”.

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    And as time progressed, I found that I was more comfortable (for example) receiving aura readings from others once I had developed some energetic literacy myself.

    Then at least I understood the process by which the information was acquired, and the only thing I had to “trust” was the equivalent of trusting that one’s doctor has decent eyesight.

    Also, for me, it is a bit like working out the proof to a mathematical theorem for myself before accepting it as fact. (Can you tell I’m a pure-math nerd at heart? :))

  14. 14

    SARAH, you’ve made some great points. And eloquently, at that! Thank you.

    I’ve got a few simple, objective reality responses as well. These might be helpful in case somebody asks, “Who is this Rose Rosetree? Why trust her?”


  15. 15

    6 trademarked systems within RES, each one registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    2 books that were selections of the One Spirit Book Club, a division of the Book-of-the-Month Club

    1 national bestseller. In Germany. “die Aura erkennen mit allen Sinnen” — In English, that’s “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

  16. 16

    1,000+ media interviews, including praise from

    * “The Washington Post”
    * “The Washington Times”
    * “The Los Angeles Times”
    * “The Catholic Standard”

    Note: In case you’re counting, this short list includes two of America’s three newspapers of record

  17. 17

    A regular column in one of America’s top Mind-Body-Spirit magazines.

    That’s Rose Rosetree’s “Energetic Literacy” column for “Pathways Magazine”

  18. 18

    Finally, for those who respect books:

    42 foreign rights contracts.

    Authorized editions of books by Rose Rosetree have been translated into Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Estonian, German, Japanese, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

  19. 19
    Sarah says:

    And Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

    Wow! What a range… I can imagine how strange it must be, having some people telling you that you don’t have the “right” to be healing with God’s help (as if they were the ones to decide this, not God Himself…)

    …and then on the other hand, helping someone on the Enlightenment life list, and having them come back again and again. (Makes the other folks’ comments seem even more silly.) But what a great testimonial! 😉

    Gotta love Earth School, right?

  20. 20
    Rachel says:

    Dear Rose and Sarah,

    You both make excellent points.

    However, I have also concluded over time that if people “ain’t ready,” then they “ain’t ready.” 🙂

  21. 21

    I did the same thing, Sarah, reading Rose’s entire website and every one of her books (that were published in English at that time) before deciding to schedule a session.

  22. 22

    Thank you, Rachel. 🙂

  23. 23

    Thank you, Lilian. Some of it is kinda snarky, but people really do ask me those questions in that way sometimes.

  24. 24

    Thank you, Isabella. I really do enjoy doing those phone sessions with people I might never have met otherwise. I get to work with some really cool people!

  25. 25
    Sarah says:

    Rachel — Amen to #20… 😉 Sometimes I think I catch myself continuing the conversation more for the sake of practicing articulating some of the subtler aspects of RES than for the sake of convincing anybody, haha!

    And boy, there are a LOT of people who “ain’t ready”. And that is really, really okay with me. At least their self-authority is working well!

  26. 26
    Sarah says:

    And Jessica, I just (re-?)read your RES FAQs section–I think you must have updated this since I last saw it, or I didn’t read it all the way through.

    That is really, really good!! I may have to refer folks to your FAQs page. Usually the people I talk to just get stuck in a loop of “But what do you actually do???”

  27. 27
    Grace T says:

    Thank you, Jessica. I’m excited to read this.

    I do love hearing the range of experience from the other RES pros and apprentices, and really enjoyed Leo’s recent post too.

    This work (and “Post New Age” thinking) is special and different, and some of the challenges are also unique.

  28. 28
    Grace T says:

    I can so relate to the excitement of follow-up sessions and seeing someone transform.

    And I find that it is a special kind of delight to experience a client’s improved functioning in the skilled empath merge at the beginning of a session, even if the client’s conscious experience of their results has not caught up yet.

  29. 29
    Grace T says:

    And there can be a world of difference in results after 5 sessions (for example) vs a single session or 2.

    It is very inspiring.

  30. 30
    Kira says:

    Love your post, Jessica!

  31. 31
    David B says:

    Thanks, Jessica
    And yes you very much have the skills to help someone very awake. Enlightenment and skills are 2 different things. Even if the Stuff is cleared, there can be deeper things or unconscious things, usefully made conscious.

  32. 32
    David B says:

    Seems to me the key with Rose is experience. You don’t have to take it on faith but can experience it yourself. Then you can see it works.

    Heck – you don’t even have to agree with everything she says. We’ve had our debates from time to time. But the skills? Excellent.

  33. 33
    Leo says:

    Your comments, 11 and 12, Sarah, were fantastic.

    Imagine too, if we pulled an average citizen from two hundred years ago and brought him or her to a major city in 2016, he or she would be mystified by the “magic” on display.

  34. 34
    Leo says:

    The ability to travel from North America to Europe in hours, talk to someone instantly from halfway across the world, fit hundreds of libraries worth of knowledge into a tiny thumb drive, etc etc etc.

  35. 35
    Leo says:

    In this Age of Awakening, we’re seeing the introduction of new technology, this time spiritual or energetic in nature (along with many scientific ones too).

    There will be the same slow pace of acceptance as there has been with other radical technologies and theories.

    I mean, I’m pretty sure people were killed at one point for “believing” the world isn’t flat.

  36. 36

    Wonderful comments, LEO and all!

  37. 37
    Irene says:

    This is lovely, Jessica. Thanks for sharing.

    I particularly like this part of your faq 🙂
    That sounds pretty weird.
    *Maybe. It works.

  38. 38
    Julie says:

    I echo the word lovely. Thanks for this post, Jessica.

    I love your last sentence. I feel that way about helping people too.

  39. 39
    Julie says:

    And yes to being able to help someone in Enlightenment. There are many aspects of human life that have nothing to do with consciousness.

    As well as skills to be learned on the life path or PhD programs. Things that haven’t been learned before, because there wasn’t an opportunity or a need to know them before.

  40. 40

    Wonderfully insightful comments here, JULIE. Thank you.

  41. 41
    Rachel says:

    Julie, presumably being Enlightened makes it easier to learn those things, as in having less resistance – or STUFF – to hinder the learning?

  42. 42
    Grace W says:

    Rachel, as another member of the Enlightenment list, I’ll chime in and say that, yes, in my experience, learning has become easier with less STUFF.

    What’s been great fun is the quickening of creating. Meaning that the speed between my choice to create something in particular in my life and the manifestation of it, in certain cases, has been amazing. That is really fun. 🙂

  43. 43
    Rachel says:

    Grace W – thanks for responding.

    Would you be willing to give an example?

    (No worries if you’d prefer not to, I’m just trying to imagine what it’s like!)

  44. 44
    Julie says:

    Hi Rachel,

    One aspect to the speed of learning is having gifts of the soul lit up really brightly.

    The contrast is turned up more highly than before.

    So any natural gifts can just…glow.

  45. 45
    Julie says:

    Anything you are already good at, can be exercised.

    And, at least for me, new gifts are showing up.

    And a sort of spotlight around them, like “Oh, here’s some brightness. Let me go in that direction!”

    For me this is art in the form of photography. A new hobby that has really captured my attention.

  46. 46
    Grace W says:

    Rachel, sure, I’m happy to give an example.Thanks for asking.

    [Note: GRACE W. proceeded to give a detailed answer to RACHEL’S question. I elevated it to Guest Post status. You’ll find it here: ] Thanks, GRACE W!

  47. 47
    Julie says:

    And learning happens so rapidly, with that sort of spotlight in any direction.

    Some areas that I would guess are PhD areas for me are communication and social skills.

  48. 48
    Julie says:

    One example with communication is business communication. Learning how to communicate with clients and what to say when, and how.

    How to handle certain things in business that I never needed to know before, because I only recently started a side business. Like how to handle a client who forgets to pay.

  49. 49
    Julie says:

    But rapid learning in any type of situation. Some things work and some things don’t, but I am eagerly observing and learning from that.

  50. 50

    JULIE, these comments about living in Householder Enlightenment really set a standard for clarity, integrated wisdom, down-to-earth expression.

    Thank you so much. I’m going to flag this set of your comments over at “Spiritual Evolution within Enlightenment, a Comparison Aura Reading of AMANDA FLOOD“.

  51. 51

    Incidentally, there is a reference in your Comment #46 that may be mysterious to some who are lurking here. Thoughtfully, JULIE defined it briefly the first time it came around, in Comment #39, but I’d like to give this useful concept a more than passing reference.

    Blog-Buddies, in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), a “Ph.D.” at Earth School means a part of a person’s curriculum, learning.

    Every human alive is learning something, right? Something individualized, something specialized.

    Just like a major in college, a Ph.D. at Earth School could be something about business or communication or love relationships or whatever. Very individual, and a project worth completing one day at a time.

  52. 52
    Rachel says:

    Thanks for your responses, Julie, that’s very helpful.

    Maybe dealing with clients who wouldn’t pay would have provoked stress and fear before Enlightenment – now they are interesting learning opportunities.

  53. 53
    Rachel says:

    Sounds good to me.

    I’m nowhere near Enlightenment, but I have noticed a speeding up of reactions in certain situations with people, where in the past I would have needed to go home and brood, and figure out what I “should” have said.

  54. 54
    Rachel says:

    Now I am better at responding in the moment.

    I imagine that must be even more automatic with Enlightenment.

    All these comments make me sound like I am very interested in Enlightenment, but I am not really; I just want to improve my human life!

  55. 55
    Julie says:

    Thanks, Rose.

  56. 56
    Julie says:

    Exactly, Rachel. There are many things that could be labeled problems, that are very interesting to me!

    I always did like to study, in school. I still do. I like to have something to examine…

  57. 57
    Julie says:

    #54 – Improving your human life is a worthy goal!

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