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What’s Special about the NEW Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

Introducing the NEW Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

Introducing the NEW Empath Empowerment®     Level 2 Workshop

For a decade now, I’ve been teaching workshops to help empaths.

Once a year, the Empath Empowerment® Level 1 Workshop has been offered. Often, taking this workshop has been — as a graduate from 2016 wrote me just this week — life changing.

That term is not one to be used casually. Taking that workshop for empaths IS usually life-changing, and in a wonderful way. Because I estimate that it moves an empath’s skill level forward by six months or more. And that’s whatever the empath’s level of skill was to begin with, whether a total beginner or pretty darned skilled.

For many years (although not every single year) this empath coach has also been offering an Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop. Results for the graduates have been so wonderful. But now, what’s going to change? Something big.

For 2016 this workshop for empaths is completely redesigned. I find it absolutely thrilling, how much I’m going to be able to teach. Such advanced material!

Today I’m going to tell you about it, while there still is time to enroll in this FIRST-TIME EVER, most advanced workshop for empaths, to be held May 14-15, 2016.

What Inspired This Empath Workshop Upgrade

Immediate inspiration was the response of my students earlier this year when I facilitated the Empath Empowerment® Level 1 Workshop. The degree of comprehension, for many, went far beyond what I was used to when teaching this workshop.

Another inspiration was putting together a current list of the 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy that I use in my work. You can read about these 15 levels of aura reading through a cleverly constructed chart, a gift from David Buckland. Or you can read about all  the 15 stages of energetic literacy in more detail, at a dedicated blog post.

The skills and understandings that will be presented in this advanced workshop can help empaths grow in ways that are possible in this still-new Age of Awakening. And if that concept doesn’t inspire you, maybe you’re not yet understanding the tremendous potential available now, here at Earth School, for extraordinary spiritual evolution.

Hey, you don’t have to take ANY RES workshop, or any other workshop, to evolve now.

  • How fast can you evolve now, on your path to Householder Enlightenment?
  • Even if you do NOTHING for personal growth (zero Techique Time, for instance) how fast are you growing?
  • Golly, I’m going to do a separate blog post on that one after publishing “The New Strong”! For now, I’ll just say, “Way, way faster than you probably think.”

That momentum is being carried forward with the innovative, improved Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop.

What’s Included?

There will be personal explorations, where you learn skills.

Also there will be demonstrations of skills that I will use to help every participant to adjust better than ever to the lifestyle of a skilled empath.

Want specifics? Yes, I’ve got some for you.

The workshop components listed below are all planned. The worksheets will be ready. How many of these I manage to squeeze into our jam-packed weekend for empaths… that will depend on the speed of learning.

Because I personally know the empaths who have already signed up, I’m sure that this is going to be the most productive of all the advanced workshops for empaths I’ve been able to teach thus far. To this consciousness nerd, just thrilling!!!

Personal Explorations in the Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

Every empath in this workshop will explore these NEW skills:

New depths to the “Coming Home” technique.

That’s a big upgrade over the already-powerful “Coming Home” technique as presented in the Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop and also in “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts”

Learning to “Ride the Consciousness Elevator” while in Skilled Empath Merge

For thrill, this beats any ride you might take in any amusement park. (A quiet, spiritual kind of thrill, of course.)

Discovering how to Research “Gifts of the Soul” while in Skilled Empath Merge

This is not just practically useful. I find it to be quietly, glowingly thrilling. One of the sweet surprises that every born empath has the sheer talent to experience in this way.

As always, a certain vividness is available through Skilled Empath Merge. Yet, simultaneously, you’re more peaceful inwardly as a result.

That’s because of how all the Empath Empowerment® techniques are constructed,. Co-creating with Divine help and protection the empath is completely safe — no Imported STUFF or other nasty side effects of exploring.

For that, you can rely on carefully constructed techiques, plus how the skill set is sourced.

Exploring Skilled Empath Merge with a Regular Photo

The level of depth available here far surpasses the (admittedly amazing) “Magic Picture” technique in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Doing Skilled Empath Merge to Learn about Yourself at a Different Stage in Your Life

All course participants have the option of bringing a photo, from babyhood on. Then you’ll learn how to research in great depth, with compassion.

As with other optional things to bring along when attending this empath’s workshop, I will supply substitutes. But really, who isn’t curious about what made you tick at that certain bygone stage in your life? And how hard is it to find a suitable photograph — even one from last year can be quite a contrast.

Skilled Empath Merge with EITHER a Crystal or a Plant or an Animal or a Machine

At this point in the workshop, you’ll choose one way to do an advanced technique of Skilled Empath Merge.

  • Choose to do a Skilled Empath Merge with a crystal if your empath gifts include being a Crystal Empath
  • Choose to do a Skilled Empath Merge with a plant if your empath gifts include being a Plant Empath
  • Choose to do a Skilled Empath Merge with an animal if your empath gifts include being an Animal Empath
  • Choose to do a Skilled Empath Merge with a machine if your empath gifts include being a Mechanical Empath

What if you don’t have any of these gifts? Hey, no worries. You have some of the other 15 empath gifts or you wouldn’t be taking this workshop.

At the time when course participants are exploring in this way, you will be able to observe someone else in the workshop doing one of these exotic forms of Skilled Empath Merge — also fascinating. And (in my opinion) a privilege to witness.

Personal Demonstrations in the Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

Not only will I be demonstrating RES Energy HEALING in some ways you may never have witnessed before (in a personal RES session with me).

Every time I will tie this into an aspect of developing greater ease and effectiveness in your lifestyle as a skilled empath.

Personal demonstrations will include samples of:

Vibrational Re-Positioning® to Transform Beliefs

Yes, this is possible to do at a subconscious and astral level.

Vibrational Re-Positioning® to Strengthen Your Sense of Self

Yes, this is possible to do at a subconscious and astral level.

Vibrational Re-Positioning® to Empower You in Relationships with Other People

Yes, this is possible to do at a subconscious and astral level.

Consider Attending, You Empaths with a Pioneering Spirit

When you are in the first group to receive new knowledge in this field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), your energetic stamp is upon it. Your questions shape how I teach, and at a very influential stage for that kind of knowledge.

But don’t just come to help me serve humanity! Come for some rapid personal growth in the direction of YOU. Human YOU.

YOU, the born empath who deserves to live juicy and strong, waaaaaay empowered.

WORKSHOP TITLE: Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

DATES: May 14,15 2016

LOCATION: Sterling, Virginia (Discounted hotel rooms available for out-of-towners)


PREREQUISITE: Either graduating from Empath Empowerment® Level 1 Workshop any time in the past 10 years!

OR Completing this requirement through personal Day(s) of Mentoring in advance of the workshop

SIGN UP HERE: And read about specific details as well.

Questions, anyone?

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  1. 1
    Jessica Gates says:

    This is so exciting to me!:

    How fast can you evolve now, on your path to Householder Enlightenment?
    Even if you do NOTHING for personal growth (zero Techique Time, for instance) how fast are you growing?
    Golly, I’m going to do a separate blog post on that one! For now, I’ll just say, “Way, way faster than you probably think.”

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    Oh, BOY, Rose!

    I was excited for this workshop before… and now I am REALLY excited!

    I have a “younger-me” photo in mind that I’d love to track down and bring to the workshop.

    And I’m excited to see other familiar empath-faces and/or meet new ones!

  3. 3

    Thank you, SARAH.

    And a different kind of oh boy!

    The next person who comments will move this blog into 31,000 comments.

  4. 4
    Rachel says:

    Wish I could come!

    Rose, you know how you have mentioned ‘sponsorship’ with regard to running workshops abroad? What exactly does that entail?

  5. 5

    I wish you could come too, RACHEL. It has been years since I’ve seen those gorgeous blue eyes in person.

    And congratulations on — just right now — adding Comment #31,000 at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    The main thing sponsorship will entail can be announced when I have caught up enough to all my projects-in-progress to be ABLE to entertain the idea realistically. Not now. Not yet.

    My friend DAVID B called me on that here at this blog and he is absolutely right. When I’m ready, I’ll let all of you know. That is definitely not now. Laughing…..

  6. 6
    Kira says:

    I was really hoping to come, but I will definitely need the downtime that weekend. My radiation treatments don’t make me tired, but it turns out that having to go somewhere at a specific time every weekday is more taxing than I remembered. I’m also starting to get itchy, so I’d likely be distracted by my clothing bothering me during the workshop.

    Only 9 treatments left, at least!

  7. 7

    KIRA, there will be other times. I’m so glad you’re doing well. Have been thinking about you often, of course. Just nine treatments left, yes!

    You can even do personal mentoring for Empath Empowerment(R) Level 2, you know.

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    Thanks, Rose, for thinking about me! 🙂

    Yes, I know there will be other times. Considering that most likely, that same weekend next year in May will be either my 30-year high school reunion or next year’s chorus competition (or both), I may seriously consider the personal mentoring, but it loses something without the other people. (I can also wait for 2 years if that’s what it takes.)

  9. 9
    Melodee says:

    Oh, SAD. This weekend looks amazing, Rose. Next time, I hope!

  10. 10
    Grace T. says:

    Wow, Rose, this is so exciting. Your workshops make me want to relocate to the DC area. Wish I could be there for this one.

  11. 11

    Thanks, GRACE and MELODEE and KIRA.

    This morning I’ve been preparing the handouts for this Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop.

    To find an assist for one of the skills I’ll be teaching, I went to “The Master Empath” — only to discover that this part of the book had to be moved over to a sequel. Right, I remember now.

    I can only cram so much into a book. So a lot of my book-quality writing goes into folders for one sequel or another.

    Sure enough, I found this thrilling material about “Riding the Consciousness Elevator” and adapted it for one of the workshop handouts that I’ll be teaching for the first time on May 14 or 15.

  12. 12

    Then, just for fun, I went over to my list of books I’m actively working on, many of which have been mostly first-drafted.

    This doesn’t include cool ideas for other books. These merely cool concepts are kept some other place: Filed, effectively, under “Whenever, If-Ever.”

    By contrast, the Live In-Progress Manuscripts are developments within RES with skills that I use now, or downloads of info about this field that I’ve been given to share. For sure, I care about these books in waiting, Live In-Progress. I care about sharing this material passionately. Every bit of the info resonates for me as true and important and HELPFUL.

  13. 13

    For the first time within memory, I counted how many of these books-in-waiting there are. As of 5/5/16, the number is 22.


    No wonder I feel such anticipation whenever giving a newly designed workshop or bringing a new book to press. There is so much I can give you folks when you are ready.

    But I can’t, for instance, teach a few more book’s worth of empath skills… until more folks are buying and reading the four that have been published already.

  14. 14

    Blog-Buddies, how can you help me to bring this near-future into the present?

    Spread the word about RES Empath Coaching, or Energy READING Skills or Energy HEALING Skills or even the Enlightenment Coaching. You know, a bit here and there. When you find the chance to say a gentle something.

    Invite friends to check out this blog. Or buy a book for a gift. It’s amazing how many people would tell RACHEL or others, “I’m not ready.” But if they were actually given a little Book 1 of any of the four RES series in print, they would take a look.

    Seems to me, more and more people are becoming ready for this Age of Awakening, Post-New-Age-type knowledge.

    They just haven’t heard about it yet.

  15. 15
    David B says:

    22! Well – I can suggest you retire from teaching, this blog, and healing. Then at an accelerated rate of 2 books a year, you’ll have them done in 11 years.

    But instead, you’ll continue and the number in the pile will grow further.

  16. 16
    David B says:

    The workshop sounds wonderful. I’ll need to do #1 first though. I want the in person with others experience. Then you can see what the process is for others too.

    (consciousness geek that I am)

  17. 17
    Lilian says:

    Rose, don’t stop interacting with people.. As much as David B would love to read all your books. :-p

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