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Are You Willing to Pay the Price Spiritually?

As long as you're human, usually you will have to pay a price for what you get

As long as you’re human, usually you will have to pay a price for what you get.

Today I’d like to officially set in motion a new theme at this blog: Pay the Price. My perspective comes from facilitating sessions of Energy Spirituality.

Especially the form of it that I use, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Energy Spirituality is a mind-body-spirit field that helps people to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Distinctively, we Energy Spirituality Practitioners use energy-related skills. These are leading-edge skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Helping people to pay the price has come up in many personal sessions for clients. Why?

Earth Economics = Pay the Price

For most things we humans attempt to gain, we must pay the price. Often that price is hidden. Yet we pay it nonetheless.

Earth School is structured that way.

All the examples in this post come from my work with RES clients. Work done here on earth.

  • Energy READING Skills in RES — that means all 15 stages of energetic literacy beginning with Stage 3 skill — can show you about the price to be paid. If you know such a thing exists and are willing to admit it to yourself.
  • Energy HEALING Skills in RES — very often, I’ll help a client to move out STUFF that is related (directly or indirectly) to Paying the Price for something.
  • Empath Empowerment® Skills come at a price. Including that they take a bit of time to acquire. Just because you were born talented as an empath, you can’t just snap your fingers and bam! You’re a skilled empath.
  • Enlightenment Coaching also comes at a price. Just one example: It can be quite a blow to one’s pride to learn that a lovely experience of spiritual awakening is NOT the same thing as gaining Enlightenment.

Bottom line? Blog-Buddies, if you care about emotional and spiritual growth, then get this memo. Whatever we desire, whatever we pursue, whatever is given to us…

We Must Always Pay the Price

Many things about life on earth have changed vibrationally in this Age of  Awakening (the subject of my upcoming book, “The New Strong“). However, this principle is more true than ever for those of us who live now.

Sometimes it’s called “Paying your dues.”

Yet how many motivational speakers, New Age celebrities or Christian televangelists are willing to admit this in public?

How our RES Conversation Began about “Pay the Price”

We were having a discussion prompted by a wonderful guest post by GRACE (from our RES Community Enlightenment Life List), How Enlightenment Can, Indirectly, Help a Person Make More Money. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

Comments revealed many situations in life where we must pay the price for what we’ve got. Even if nobody warned us!

We must pay the price Even if none of our friends talks about it.

Even if none of our friends understands what we’re going through. They may not see the price that we pay. Just as we don’t see the price that, spiritually, other people have to pay.

Longer Definition of the Spiritual Principle of Pay the Price

For every human thing we get, we must pay the price.

Spiritual things may be more grace of God-ey.

And, of course, intersecting karmas with other people — as well as our own karma from other lifetimes reaching us from the past — will count as part of the festive educational experience.

Yes, far as I know, Blog-Buddies, when it comes to getting human-type things like satisfying work or family relationships, them’s the rules:

We’re free to pursue whatever human desire we choose. No matter how noble any desire, we still must pay the price.

And usually that price is hidden. Others won’t know that we paid it.

But the ones who pay? We will never forget.

We may forgive. We still won’t forget.

Now for some examples.

Fame. An Example of Pay the Price

One of you Blog-Buddies might wish to write a guest post on paying your dues regarding fame.

Sure, there’s a hidden cost for <strong>fame</strong>. Questions might include:

1. Why does it seem so wonderful?

2. How does the reality differ? (Including the price being paid one day at a time.)

3. What must a person do in order to pursue fame, over the course of many lifetimes?

4. How likely is it that one incarnation pursuing that fame will be enough for achieving significant fame?

Beauty and Handsomeness. An Example of Pay the Price

One of you Blog-Buddies might wish to write a guest post on paying your dues being gorgeous, exceptionally good looking.

Sure, there’s a hidden cost for beauty or handsomeness. Questions might include:

1. Why does it seem so wonderful?

2. How does the reality differ? (Including the price being paid one day at a time.)

3. What must a person do in order to pursue exceptional physical attractiveness?

4. What about maintaining those looks over the decades? What price must be paid over time?

5. And what price will be paid when those looks are lost? (Because youth is beauty, not necessarily aging.)

6. If you take a multi-incarnational approach to notable physical attractiveness, what would a soul have to do (probably for several lifetimes) in order to be born “gorgeous”?

Marriage. An Example of Pay the Price

One of you Blog-Buddies might wish to write a guest post on paying your dues to get married, to stay married.

The hidden cost of a “good” marriage. Questions might include:

1. Why does marriage seem so wonderful to the person who aims for it?

2. How can the reality differ? (Including the price that might have to be paid one day at a time.) Is marriage worth pursuing regardless of the cost?

3. What must a person do in order to pursue marriage as a main goal in life?

4. Are there relationship skills that could be learned (i.e. another price that might be paid) to increase the likelihood of an authentically happy marriage?

Wealth. An Example of Pay the Price

One of you Blog-Buddies might wish to write a guest post on paying your dues with money.

Of course there’s a hidden cost for wealth. Questions might include:

1. Why does it seem so wonderful?

2. How does the reality differ? (Including the price being paid one day at a time.)

3. What must a person do in order to pursue wealth?

4. How likely is it that one previous incarnation pursuing wealth will be enough for achieving birth into a wealthy family?

5. Which life skills might be part of the price that you pay for financial success?

Pay the Price: An Example.

From Blog-Buddy IRENE:

My friend studied to become a massage therapist. There are many hundreds of massage therapists already in his city. Some are struggling, some are booked out three months in advance.

While he’s doing fine now, he struggled to build his practice right after he graduated. From my observation, that’s part of the learning process, part of learning skills, part of, to use the words from these comments, the price he needed to pay as he developed skill and experience both at the practice of massage therapy and at business.

Who else has an example, Blog-Buddies. Some of you may have many! Well, please comment below. Let’s bring more spiritual truth into this world.

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  1. 101

    Also, I can’t help but notice that many of the big fans of forgiveness are those who exploit, or don’t understand, or haven’t got a clue whatsoever about what it would mean for the person being told to obey, pray, forgive, etc.

    Yes, if you happen to discern an emotion like fire emanating from this blog comment, you’re getting a sense of the rage I feel whenever people make God, or Jesus, or other Divine Beings an excuse for the very worst behaviors or beliefs that are an insult to God. And to human beings who care about God.

  2. 102
    Kira says:

    Aha! That’s why I asked the question in comment 81. I could see the case for resentment, but not killing.

    But thanks to my friend’s typos, I have to double-check everything that looks potentially counterintuitive.

  3. 103
    Kira says:

    I haven’t experienced a lot of “forgiveness” abuse, but that is definitely what I consider it—abuse.

    Forgiveness is supposed to be a good thing, not something to hold over someone or something that allows other kinds of abuse to continue.

  4. 104
    Kira says:

    I don’t recommend my way of dealing with it because I don’t necessarily know if it was the right way to handle things, but I do think that if hard work is involved (in the forgiving process itself, not necessarily in any healing, although healing with RES is so much easier), it’s not actual forgiveness.

  5. 105
    David B says:

    Rose re: comment 98
    There are a number of people who would agree with “not a normal person”. (laughs) Feel pretty normal myself though. More or less.

    Not decades though. Although we didn’t get around to seeing how far back it goes… (vs when I recognized it)

  6. 106
    David B says:

    Hadn’t considered your point though. The episodes of forgiveness arose after you’ve indicated Stuff was cleared, etc.

    There was certainly deeper surrender and a pretty simultaneous view of time, riding on a background of joyful peace.

    Good insight. Thanks.

  7. 107
    Leo says:

    Thanks for this comment David B.:

    “Action always has consequence – it’s a basic principle even in physics.

    But if we let go of what form that will take, we remove resistance from the equation and we often get much better results than we could have imagined.”

    I needed to read this today! Very wise.

  8. 108
    Amanda says:

    Hello David, thanks. 🙂

    These were not ‘work through’ feelings of frustration, they were ‘run away’ feelings.

    I have felt quite literally invisible at times.

    Very much like your description of the conference, it seems that there are very few people interested and many more chasing something different.

    Too depressing.


  9. 109
    Amanda says:

    Rose, I completely agree with you on forgiveness.

    Time enough to forgive once the person is safely away from a bad situation.

    I think true forgiveness takes a long time and ends in the complete removal of a particular pattern or issue.


  10. 110
    Amanda says:

    Kira, I totally agree that hard work is not involved in forgiveness.

    Forgiveness is one of my favourite teaching topics but I have to start with all the caveats and one of them is that it’s an easy surrender into feeling ok about something.

    Not a big sacrificial ‘I’m being so nice’ effort.

    Nor should it substitute for common sense.



  11. 111
    Lilian says:

    Rose, thank-you so much for your indignation. I love you for understanding these things.

  12. 112
    Lilian says:

    You know, time and time again, in my lists of stuff, we got me over-riding my feelings to be what I “should” feel. In the end, it got me into really dangerous places energetically. Especially with things as unstable as they are today.

  13. 113
    Lilian says:

    Church teachings can be over-simplified to the point of uselessness.

    pain=sin(your own, for extra guilt)-> forgiveness -> be saved -> eternal life

    all by “surrendering” *everything* to God ie. take no responsibility.

    What magic formula is this?

  14. 114
    Lilian says:

    If and when I ever get enlightened, I look forward to that final emotional release. Probably from this and all other lifetimes. That sounds amazing. But it’s good to know that it’s normal for that not to happen until I’m in advanced enlightenment. :-p

  15. 115
    Lilian says:

    I do strongly hope that in this post-shift age, we can bring life and truth back into the formulaic concepts often used in religion.

    People like Rose and David are “arcs” of ancient knowledge that can be re-vitalised.

  16. 116
    Lilian says:

    (The ancient knowledge can be re-vitalised, not Rose and David. I’m sure Rose and David are vital enough…)

  17. 117
    Lilian says:

    My experiences have been my price for advancing my spiritual and emotional growth and also my spiritual and emotional knowledge.

    A lot of the challenges in my life has focused on how these two aspects inter-relate.

  18. 118
    Lilian says:

    There’s nothing like learning first hand. Thankfully, because of Rose, I’m able to reap the benefits.

    And maybe help others reap the benefits also…

  19. 119
    Isabelle says:

    I really like what you wrote here, Lilian!

  20. 120
    Isabelle says:

    Very nice blog post, Rose. Maybe I’ll write a longer comment later.

    Now I have to pay some of my price. Kidding. But, actually, true. ?

  21. 121

    Great comment, ISABELLE, that #120.

    Thanks to all of you who have been sharing on this theme. Today I’m taking it one step further with a new article about the hidden price paid by one client for consulting with a lawyer. I was shocked. And fascinated. Maybe you will be, too.

  22. 122
    Nick says:

    I did some coaching once for someone who wanted friends but didn’t have any.

    All she could see was the downside to having friends, that you might have to go out to events when you’d prefer to stay in, you might have to do favours for them, you might have to listen to their problems etc.

  23. 123
    Nick says:

    She liked the *idea* of having friends, but for her the downside significantly outweighed the upside.

  24. 124
    Nick says:

    For me, yes sometimes it’s a pain when you have to cross town to feed your friend’s pet while they are on holiday, and last week I sat through a dreadful amateur dramatic musical because a friend was in it and it meant a lot to her that I went to see it, but for me the those favours are not the downside, they are part of what it means to be a friend.

  25. 125
    Nick says:

    It’s a pleasure to help a friend who respects and values you.

    It’s an honour when they tell you what’s troubling them and likewise listen to you in turn,

    And, yes the performance was terrible, but in a “so bad it’s hilarious” way so I kind of enjoyed it anyway!

  26. 126
    Isabella Cates says:

    Amanda, though I know you were speaking of feeling invisible in the PAST, I might as well tell you now, the blog post you and Rose collaborate on a while back had a big impact on me.

    Also I have been impressed and encouraged by your recent career change, etc, just from the little details you have mentioned here.

    I notice you, and think of you sometimes, and we’ve never even MET! 😛


  27. 127

    Today, LYNETTE gives us a guest post about the price she has paid for beauty.

    First time this physiognomist ever heard of “The Power of Face Reading” bringing clarity to a client about the price she has paid for being beautiful.

  28. 128
    Rose Rosetree says:

    To some people, changing your legal name may seem outlandish! Stupid! Etc.!!!!!

    But people who have commented at this blog post about self-naming — and Name Alignment® — used to pay a heavy price for living with their old names.

    After aligning names better, see what improved for the Blog-Buddies who commented on this topic!

  29. 129
    Morgan says:

    Thanks Rose for sharing your counter-culture opinion on the topic of forgiveness.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that forgiveness is an enabling tactic for the perpetrator and excuses the person from making retribution (and taking responsibility).

  30. 130
    Morgan says:

    Plus, I’ve never been able to forgive willingly…too much anger I couldn’t “let go, and let God”.

    I’m so relieved you are a spiritual leader who stresses accountability for one’s actions.

    What a relief to not feel shame for not being able to FORGIVE.

  31. 131
    Rose Rosetree says:

    MORGAN, thank you so much for sharing all this.

  32. 132

    Today’s inspiring article about an amazingly successful singer, Jakub Józef Orliński.

    This article may remind you that what looks easy in someone else still requires that each of us must pay the price. Sometimes in advance, sometimes afterward, sometimes both.

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