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Abortion Cord of Attachment. Informative, Always

May today's blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Abortion Cord of Attachment. May today’s blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Abortion Cord of Attachment. When one of my Energy Spirituality has had an abortion or miscarriage, guess what? Often I’ll facilitate cutting her cord of attachment to the soul involved.

What did I learn from cutting this particular cord of attachment for Gladys? Today I’ll tell the tale. Expect inspiration — at least, if you believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Caution: Read no further if you are staunchly anti-abortion. Because I won’t hide my equally strong, and different, values on this highly-charged issue.

I won’t even call anti-abortionists by their chosen label “Pro Life.” Because I believe that, if you really care about life, the life of a human woman must come first. Being alive, and having free will, she has the right to make decisions after the start of a pregnancy.

The term “Pro Life” is a mockery to me, since it disrespects the life (and free will) of a woman who happens to get pregnant. Moreover, it starts off a human lifetime at a distinct disadvantage.

That said, Blog-Buddies, if you are willing to read further, I think you’ll be educated and inspired.

Inspired? Why?

That’s what happens to me every time I facilitate cutting a cord of attachment that my client has to the start of a fertility connection. One that ended through miscarriage, abortion, adoption, or an early death.

Did You Know THIS About Cutting Cords of Attachment?

Whenever the cordee is deceased, there is always the possibility of a ghost complicating the energy healing process. This holds true for ANY cord of attachment to someone who has died.

Sometimes — not always, but sometimes — the person’s astral presence continues on earth after the lifetime — although that soul could move on to its next right place, its heaven. (There are a few exceptions, beyond the scope of this article to discuss.)

Anyway, what do we call it when a soul stays here, on earth, in its energy body? A ghost.

Either intermittently or regularly, a ghost can haunt a person. Including a woman like Gladys who wisely terminated a pregnancy.

And if you knew the circumstances, which will of course be withheld here, you would most likely agree about the wisdom of Gladys’ decision. Unless you just don’t believe that a woman has the right to exercise her reproductive rights. In which case, remember that I did warn you to avoid reading today’s article, right?

Personally I can’t resist adding this. IMO, a better name for “Pro-Life” would be “Sperm Worshippers.” Because so many adamant abortion opponents seem to sanctify one little part of a man… His one-time transmission of seed… Over the entirety of an existing woman’s life.

Like his seed matters more than her freedom, health, and choice of lifestyle.

Is it really “pro-life” to believe that any woman who happens to be impregnated must now be sacrificed to her fertility? While the man who donated the seed goes free to live his life, on his terms, without necessarily having any obligation whatsoever?

Phew! Nobody Said Abortion Was a Lighthearted Topic

Okay, let’s return to the realm of the relatively non-controversial, but maybe for you unexpected…

Helping a ghost move to its next place of expression. Off earth! Sometimes that’s part of the service provided. Like when this particular cord of attachment was cut for Gladys.

Look, here’s a summary. What happened when I facilitated cutting this cord of attachment for Gladys? Since it was unusually complicated…

Abortion Cord of Attachment. In this Case, the Cordee Had Become a Ghost

And not just a typical ghost but an angry ghost.  Here’s what Gladys and I learned about this particular ghost:

Originally he had a life contract for a very brief experience of pregnancy. This abortion was a meant-to-be, like most abortions and miscarriages — I wouldn’t be in a position to use the word “all,”  although I suspect that is usually true.

Plus, did you know this? Some miscarriages occur because the soul changes its mind and requests that the life not move forward. Like being in a bus and you pull on that chain thing to tell the driver, “Please make a stop. I want to get out.”

Regarding the soul I’ll call “Joe,” hello! He chose to experience human life at Earth School for fewer than six weeks. Why a soul would make such an arrangement? Many possible reasons!

Regarding the purpose of this brief life contract. Mainly, Joe aimed for education about human life. Like dipping his toes in the water of incarnation on earth. Maybe another factor was this: Human life is quite different since the start of the Age of Awakening.

Abortion Cord of Attachment Surprise: Why Did Joe Become a Ghost, Then?

Joe fell in love with Gladys as a mother. That became a problem since his original life contract was meant to be short.

During the pregnancy, Joe forgot that he had agreed to such a short start of a life. Only! He became angry and resentful that Gladys was terminating the pregnancy.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that I’ve helped a client where the soul of the cordee stuck around after the termination of a pregnancy. To me, it’s a quick but poignant, and very important, part of problem-solving when cutting a cord of attachment.

Nevertheless, this was the first time since 1986 that I encountered a ghost who was angry at my client.

Angry Joe was, though,. And evidently he’d been sticking around ever since the abortion, blaming Gladys and scolding her.

Well, that ended, soon as I co-created this session with Divine help. Phew!

The ghost’s rage ceased. Joe wound up apologizing to Gladys, actually, telling her what a great mother she would have been (and could be later to somebody else). Gladys got to say goodbye.

Both this part of the session AND moving out the cord of attachment allowed this abortion to finally be over for Gladys.

But even if a stuck spirit hadn’t been a factor at all, cords of attachment to shorter periods of pregnancy tend to be very intense. Below is the complete set of cord items, which Gladys graciously gave me permission to share with you in this educational post.

A Few Technical Points That Might Interest You

The cordee was a soul who was observing the construction of the start of a body. The body in preparation was not, technically, a “person.”

During pregnancy, a soul can be positioned inside the mother-to-be’s aura, even look out through her eyes or other parts of her body.

But much of the time, even for several months after birth, the soul is not localized in the developing or new body.

How do I know this? From many sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. And also from RES sessions where I facilitated cutting cords of attachment after a miscarriage or abortion, or the death of a child.

Therefore, how do I react when I hear well-meaning people fixate on “The Life” or “The Person” or “Killing”?


Of course, everyone has the right to a belief system around abortion, and my perspective is hardly the only one that a good person could have. Here I’m just sharing my professional work at my RES blog.

Incidentally, Gladys was using birth control when she got pregnant anyway. And she had been in a relationship with the sperm donor, but that relationship had ended.

Anyway, here comes the set of cord items that got stuck in Gladys’ cord of attachment to soul involved in the pregnancy.

Abortion Cord of Attachment. When the Relationship Included Abortion

In the Recovery Room, after the abortion procedure has been done.

  1. GLADYS: Feeling very alone, with a familiar kind of loneliness.
  2. GLADYS: “Of course, I’m alone.”
  3. GLADYS: “When it matters, I’m always alone.”
  7. THE SOUL INVOLVED IN THE PREGNANCY: “You will pay for  this.
  9. GLADYS: Feeling like a bad person. (A thought fed by patterns in collective consciousness.)
  10. GLADYS: Feeing cursed, because I had the abortion. (A thought fed by patterns in collective consciousness.)
  11. GLADYS: “Of course, I’ll never be able to have children in the future.”
  12. GLADYS: “Having this child was my only chance.”

Logical Consequences that Gladys Could Expect

With the cord gone, these are some of the results (a.k.a. “Logical consequences) that Gladys could expect:

  • None of that feeling, widely popularized by anti-abortion activists, that a woman automatically feels bad long after the abortion. (I wish every abortion provider could have an RES practioners on staff; and the same for attorneys who help married people to get divorces.)
  • Gladys’ usual sense of connection to people she loves can return. In contrast to what? Being subconsciously and energetically imprinted, for the rest of her life, by upset emotions during the abortion procedure.
  • Gladys left her RES session with a restored sense of being a good person who has made a responsible choice.
  • And now she looks forward to having children in the future, when she is in an appropriate relationship and otherwise the circumstances are favorable for her making a lifetime commitment to becoming a mother.

What About You? Are You Qualified to Cut a Cord of Attachment to Someone Now Deceased?

If you’re wondering about this, Blog-Buddies, good. That would be a highly practical question.

Once you get yourself solid skills (see more on that at the end of this article), it is fine to facilitate cutting just about any cord of attachment for yourself.

An exception? For an RES hobbyist to cut the cord of attachment to a cordee who committed suicide, or who died in any other way.

My recommendation. Do not facilitate cutting a cord of attachment to any pregnancy termination, whatever the circumstances. Or to any cordee who is now deceased.

Be smart about this, Blog-Buddies. Book a session with an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). This is a job for somebody with extra knowledge and skills, just in case there does happen to be ghost involvement. That way, you can enjoy better growth on your personal path.

Yes, You Can Learn Effective Skills to Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing

As noted in Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing — cutting cords of attachment can be a powerful skill for self help.

Especially helpful if you’re emotionally stuck. Or seeking spiritual growth.

Healing these patterns energetically is the specialty of Energy Spirituality. Not other forms of holistic healing like energy medicine.

Unfortunately many people outside of this field are getting on the cord-cutting bandwagon. Well meaning healers who lack good skills. Maybe caring. All they know is that cutting cords of attachment has become trendy.

How much quality control will be present when a hobbyist or even a professional in an entirely different field of work just adds on some cord cutting?

If I’m trained as a chef, does that mean I could read an article on dentistry, then offer cavity removal as some kind of a la carte item on the menu?

I would like to teach you a quality way to cut cords of attachment that really works. It’s actually the only trademarked system in the U.S. for effective and permanent removal of cords of attachment: 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

  1. In Energy Spirituality sessions, sometimes the RES Expert will choose this Healing Centerpiece. Then you can experience first-hand how freeing the results can be.
  2. Never ask for “a cord cutting.” This blog post details why not.
  3. Actually Energy Spirituality contains many skill sets for Energy Healing. Trust that an RES expert will choose what will help you the most, given the intention for your session and what the RES expert identifies when doing preliminary research on your aura.

Here’s one last resource that you might find helpful:  Search on “Start Here.” Always a great place to get an introduction of RES specialties. This one is Cut Cords of Attachment, Top 10 List

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  1. 1
    Jnana says:

    An eye-opener!

  2. 2
    Grace T. says:

    Amazing post, Rose. Bravo. Thank you Gladys for allowing this to be shared.

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Perfect. That cord sounded hard… I’m glad Gladys is free (with the extra spiritual and emotional growth in her pocket.)

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    I’ve had my own experience with that kind of cord and it was also intense… oh yes.

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    Again, showing how RES is so uniquely useful.

    It’s just amazing that, with RES, we can have these intense experiences of growth, get cleaned up and be free to learn and do yet more things in life. 🙂

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Yes, I agree. Thank you Gladys and Rose.

  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    Also, this shows how energy awareness can be used to develop our understanding of ethics.

  8. 8
    Emily T says:

    This is so timely for me as I attended a fundraising strategy session for a charity that helps poor (financially poor) Irish women access abortion in England.

  9. 9
    Emily T says:

    I love the “Sperm Worshipper”. I will be using that!

    I also have a “Whaaat?” reaction to pro-forced pregnancy beliefs. It just does not make sense to me.

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    The cord items also suggest to me the importance of dismantling strong cultural normative ideas such as “all women will/should feel guilty or sad or bad after an abortion” etc etc. ad infinitum so the weight in collective consciousness is lifted for everyone.

  11. 11
    Dana20 says:

    This was so informative!

    I had remembered that you have written before about how the life-contract agreements that mothers and unborn babies can have and that sometimes souls do just want to have a short taste of life on Earth.

  12. 12
    Dana20 says:

    But this cord dialogue and your discussion really showed the importance of having an RES practitioner to cut a cord of attachment with someone who is deceased.

    It also showed how painful some of society’s beliefs can be if someone has taken them on at any level.

    I hadn’t thought about how that STUFF can remain. Another compassion opener for me. Thank you!

  13. 13

    Thanks for all your comments, DANA20 and EMILY T. and LILIAN and KYLIE and GRACE W.

    Related to that Comment #12 DANA20, isn’t it ironic?

    Some staunch anti-abortion voters and activists are beautiful believers. Maybe not as gentle as you — but I can’t think offhand of another human being I’ve known who is as instinctively, thoroughly, passionately, and thoroughly gentle as you.

    But still, very sweet and gentle people. My hunch is that many of them take an anti-abortion stand because they can’t bear to harm the innocent.

  14. 14

    Yet, sadly, the big, loud media shaming of women DOES almost invariably harm the innocent… women.

    Meanwhile the souls who signed up for miscarriages and abortions were NOT innocent. They chose that short life. They agreed to it, as a BENEFIT to their evolution one way or another.

    Plus, these are immortal souls, created by God, just like every person we meet who does get to incarnate on earth in a human embodiment.

    Souls cannot be killed, and they are not killed, when a pregnancy is terminated.

  15. 15

    One reason I chose to publish this blog post was to add a quiet voice in order to take some of the steam out of (what I see as) boiling hot, righteous beliefs, based on incomplete information and screamed in churches and at the media again and again.

    Screamed until the ill-informed dogma takes on great force, a type of illusion so powerfoul that it could subconsciously influence a smart, awake woman like GLADYS.

  16. 16
    Renee says:

    Thank you Rose.
    and thank you Gladys.

    So many women experience such guilt for doing what is destined and right for them.

  17. 17

    RENEE, you’re so welcome.

    It is just delightful to find a comment from you. 🙂

  18. 18
    David B says:

    A friend of mine is an MD. She did one abortion and then felt cursed for taking a life. Eventually, she arranged for Indian yagyas to purify it. No wonder Buddha dumped all that.

    Pregnancy is a powerful thing on many levels. Culture can add such baggage and expectation to it.

  19. 19
    Lilian says:

    Absolutely, Rose. Having an abortion was an interesting experience for me, in many ways. I was brought up Catholic (a liberal cultured North London version of Catholicism, this is England…)

    It reminded me that you do need to think about ethics in a methodical way, which wasn’t a bad lesson.

  20. 20
    Lilian says:

    But then, what evidence do you use? Science does say life, as a genetic entity does start at conception. But that’s not the full picture.

    The conclusion that it is bad contradict the social ills that come about when abortion is denied… lol

    You can do a “judge by fruits” analysis on that. :-p

  21. 21
    Sarah says:


    This post has been so informative and eye-opening on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin.

    Rose, and Gladys (if you’re reading!) — thank you. This has got to be the first time on Earth that this perspective has been shared in this kind of way.

    So clear. So (after-the-fact) obvious, as RES has a tendency to be…

  22. 22
    Lilian says:

    Michael Newton did do a lot to develop my understanding of how a soul incarnates into a body over time. And that made intuitive sense…

  23. 23
    Sarah says:

    I second (and underline, and bold, and point to repeatedly) Lilian’s comment #7. THIS.

    Please, let’s do away with the bizarre speculation about what is righteous in God’s eyes.

  24. 24
    Sarah says:

    We have energetic literacy–we can see FOR OURSELVES the cost of an abortion versus the cost of anti-abortion rhetoric.

    (As if those even seemed legitimate to compare, after reading this!)

    Eyes open, folks.

  25. 25
    Sarah says:

    This is not about developing some elaborate belief system about when life begins or what happens when we die.

    It’s about noticing what’s up, right here, right now, for real, live people (like Gladys!), on the surface and on a deeper level.

  26. 26
    Sarah says:

    And on a more personal note, I had been (coincidentally) thinking about what I would do if I found myself in a situation where I was unexpectedly pregnant and it would not be appropriate for me to bring a child into the world.

    (I just do this from time to time, as it has always felt like a responsible thing to do, being a woman of child-bearing age.)

  27. 27
    Sarah says:

    This post was a bit like a splash of cold water on my face.

    I realized that I have always taken -for granted- the assumption that an abortion is a horrific, life-changin, and life-long-regret-inducing experience, to be done only in the most extreme of desperate circumstances, like amputating a gangrenous limb.

  28. 28
    Sarah says:

    (And I’m quite definitely pro-choice!)

    Hence my regularly asking myself, “If I *had to*, could I go through with this?”

  29. 29
    Sarah says:

    Whoa. And suddenly I can see clearly that this is all part of that cultural programming, referenced in that first Logical Consequence.

    It’s like that illusion just “popped” for me, as well.

  30. 30
    Sarah says:

    And now it seems like a real waste of time to keep asking myself that question.

    I know it’s something available to me in case it’s ever appropriate, and otherwise I don’t need to think much about it.

  31. 31
    Sarah says:

    And, well, Gladys must be one pretty darn special woman for “Joe” to have fallen so thoroughly in love with her that he wouldn’t LEAVE! Hopefully he learns his lesson and is nicer next time around.

    And hopefully Gladys’ hypothetical future children are a bit more grateful! (laugh)

  32. 32

    LILIAN, about your Comment #22, Michael Newton’s books were very influential for me as well.

    The combo of reading them and having a session as a client with somebody who trained with him… inspired me to offer a type of past-life regression where the client revisits the Planning Meeting for this incarnation and gets to choose important questions, ask them, and have them answered.

  33. 33

    What’s are the differences between what I offer in “Life Before This Life” and Michael Newton’s pioneering methodology?

    * Everything about my approach is modified by the orientation and skills of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

    * The astral emphasis is gone. It’s replaced by the perspective of a soul’s long history and a methodology that is based on co-creating with the Divine, rather than spirit guides.

    * Removal of large frozen blocks is an option, as appropriate, even if this isn’t the emphasis for this type of session.

  34. 34

    I’m realizing that so far I have never written a description of this service at my workshop or blog, although I do include this training when I apprentice students in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

    Must put this on my to-do list! Clients have found this one-time type of past-life regression to be very helpful.

    Yet more evidence that with RES services, the service leads and the promotion lags far behind. Oopsie!

  35. 35
    Cathy says:

    I would never even have imagined this was possible. My learning curve for the day 🙂 thank you for sharing Rose.

  36. 36
    Lori says:

    Thank you Rose and Gladys! I so agree with this wonderful post.

  37. 37
    Lilian says:

    Ah, what I liked about SEAH is that we removed sooo many frozen blocks.

    It was exhausting, for quite a while after, but getting information and just getting stuff removed are two different things.

  38. 38
    Lilian says:

    For someone like me, maybe less information is more, or I’ll overthink it…. :-p

  39. 39
    Lilian says:

    And, talking of over-thinking it, aura readings are a wonderful way of informing difficult decisions.

    My most gratifying experience with this was when I was deciding when to leave my last boyfriend and to straighten out my understand of what was going on…

  40. 40
    Lilian says:

    When Rose described the energy interaction, all remaining guilt about the pain I might cause evaporated…

    There was a power game going on energetically that I would never be able to “win”.

  41. 41
    David B says:

    I can recall when younger reading about “when the soul enters the body”. Like when the fetus starts kicking.

    But I soon noticed that every source had their own story. At birth. At a certain trimester. etc.

    That’s a good marker that there is no one answer. Depends. Some are reticent, some jump right in…

  42. 42
    Lilian says:

    Such a clear picture: so helpful.

  43. 43

    Thanks, CATHY and LORI and LILIAN.

    Regarding that Comment #37, just to be clear, every client for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® has unique experiences. Yours have been just perfect for you, LILIAN, in the context of who you are, what you needed, and loads of other way-complex variables.

    In my experience, most clients do not find it to be exhausting. Just today, I facilitated a third session over this weekend for GLADYS. She left glowing, joyful, and perfectly ready to drive home for the next eight hours.

  44. 44
    Lilian says:

    lol. Sorry, Rose. That’s just me again. :-p Maybe it won’t be that way again if there is a next time.

  45. 45
    David B says:

    Soul relationships can be a complex dance.
    My sons both have past life connections. But there was also a soul who wanted to come in as a daughter. But the right opportunity didn’t complete. She took a supportive role instead.

  46. 46
    Kira says:

    Very interesting!

    I am also a fan of Michael Newton’s books; they resonated very strongly. It was as if I almost remembered some of the types of experiences he described. Not consciously, but not very deeply hidden, either.

  47. 47
    Kira says:

    I suspected such short life contracts existed after reading those books. (I don’t remember reading about that specifically in the books I have.) It’s good to see confirmation.

  48. 48
    Kira says:

    I’m also a fan of comment 7. I’ve always been a strong believer in individual differences and situational ethics, but I used to despair of ever being able to attain the relevant information to properly assess situations in order to determine the best course of action.

    I hadn’t thought this out yet in so many words, but as soon as I saw Lilian’s comment and Sarah’s and Lilian’s related comments, I realized it’s a major factor (possibly the biggest) in my enthusiasm for energetic literacy.

  49. 49

    KIRA, I’m a fan of your Comment #47 praising Comment #7.

    Aura reading (energetic literacy) is such a useful skill. In the weeks lead up to my annual Aura Reading Workshop, Level 1 (early in June, the 9-10th), I’m aiming to post some related articles.

  50. 50

    Partly I relish the historical record function of this blog, because I’m quite sure that if people should check out blogs like mine a hundred years from now, they will have quite a giggle.

    “How primitive humans were at that time.”

    In retrospect, how comical, me with my poignant little articles saying:

    “Yes, you really might wish to learn how to read people’s energies accurately.”


    “There are REASONS why this skill can help you. Valuable reasons, folks.”

  51. 51
    Renee says:

    Thank you Rose!! This post had/has a lot (as you know) of personal meaning for me and I am so grateful to you for it.

  52. 52
    Lilian says:

    Kira, you’re a lady after my own heart.

    “I’ve always been a strong believer in individual differences and situational ethics, but I used to despair of ever being able to attain the relevant information to properly assess situations in order to determine the best course of action.”

  53. 53
    Lilian says:

    Of course, not all close blood connections are soul connections… they can just be karma contracts… fun fun.

  54. 54
    Kira says:

    Thanks for comment #52, Lilian!

    I’m glad you liked that quote, and I’m extra glad it was that particular one because I meant “obtain” instead of “attain” and it was bugging me when I figured that out while drifting to sleep. So now I can mention it more easily!(I was sleep-deprived yesterday. I got a total of 6 hrs. of sleep between Friday and Saturday and hadn’t caught up yet by the time I wrote that.)

  55. 55
    Anon-o-mouse says:

    As someone who Rose helped cut an abortion cord of attachment, I just wanted to say that angry ghost at the end of the cord is unusual.

    What surprised me in my session was the amount of love and gratitude from that soul to mine for allowing them to experience the few weeks of life that they had signed up to.

  56. 56
    Anon-o-mouse says:

    They got exactly what they wanted from the experience.

    There was no shame, or guilt or anger involved. Just love.

  57. 57

    Thank you so much for sharing, ANON-O-MOUSE.

    You’ve got it exactly right. Every other such cord of attachment that I have helped to cut, every other time there was an abortion or miscarriage, the soul with the brief life contract was grateful.

    With this Healing Centerpiece in a session, my client often weeps. In addition to the usual STUFF removal and PUT-IN that expresses the client’s soul better, there is a sweet kind of closure.

  58. 58

    But let’s remember, in Gladys’ situation, being in her presence was irresistible to that briefly incarnating soul.

    The malice began as love.

  59. 59

    Of course, there are so many other possibilities as well.

    So far, I haven’t had a client yet who came from a background where Sex Education consisted of lectures about abstinence, fire and brimstone.

    Yet common sense, experience, and even statistics tell us that a high proportion of girls who become pregnant come from such homes.

  60. 60

    Here’s a typical, sobering article about how many girls are taught abstinence, then get abortions:

    “According to a study by the Guttmacher Institute, “Almost three-quarters of women obtaining abortions in 2008 reported a religious affiliation. The largest proportion were Protestant (37 percent), and most of the rest said that they were Catholic (28 percent) or that they had no religious affiliation (27 percent). One in five abortion patients identified themselves as born-again, evangelical, charismatic or fundamentalist; 75 percent of these were Protestant.”

    Those are probably quite some cords of attachment! Again, I envision a future where RES practitioners work at abortion clinics and also are in practice along with divorce attorneys. So much suffering could be averted.

  61. 61

    One more share about my experience when cutting cords of attachment to a soul involved in an abortion or a miscarriage — sometimes there is no strong presence of that soul.

    However, the cord items are still highly distressing, in a very personal way.

  62. 62

    Blog-Buddies, are you familiar with the “Yuckiness Index” that I’ve developed about cords of attachment? Then here’s a question for you: What is true of every cord of attachment to a soul involved in an abortion, a miscarriage, or an adoption?

    Every one that I’ve facilitated removing has scored a 10 on that measure of inner pain and turmoil, the Yuckiness Index (where the maximum score is 10).

  63. 63
    Jeanine says:

    Gladys, thank you for allowing this to be shared.

    Rose, comment 61 answered the question on my mind. After having a cord cut just yesterday, I feel so much lighter!

    I also feel the cumulative effect of sessions, as if results from other sessions were just amplified. Sessions of RES are such a great investment. It’s fascinating what can be accessed with skill and then healed.

    So thankful!

  64. 64
    Irene says:

    My stance on abortion is that abortion needs to be legal, based on the fact that making it illegal does NOT cut down the number of abortions performed.

  65. 65
    Irene says:

    It only makes the number of women who die as a result of poorly performed abortions skyrocket.

    Even if someone believes that abortions should not happen, making them illegal only causes problems; it doesn’t solve any.

  66. 66
    Irene says:

    Energetic literacy like this is a super-useful way to clarify what’s actually going on. Many thanks to Gladys and Rose for this post.

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