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Seeking More Clarity about the ENERGY Aspect of Your Personal Presence? Aura Reading Helps.

For a strong personal presence in the Age of Awakening, energy DOES matter

For a strong personal presence in the Age of Awakening, your energy DOES matter

Presence has become a big, juicy, important topic in this Age of Awakening — the era on earth that began on December 21, 2012 and is the topic of my upcoming book, “The New Strong.” (Click here to learn basics about this age, sometimes called “The Age of Aquarius.”)

For every one of us, presence means power. A stronger presence means that we will have more power, and with that the ability to make more money, wield more influence socially, date or marry a mate of a higher caliber than you would rate otherwise.

What if you’re already in a love relationship, and should you already have children? By developing a stronger energy presence, you can shift the balance of power in your life. You won’t have to become a tyrant, either. (Ugh! Which of us would really prefer that sort of energy presence?) Instead think of benefits like:

  • More self-confidence
  • More self-respect
  • More respect from others
  • More likely to speak up for yourself
  • More likely to be heard by others when you do speak up for yourself.

Secrets of Energy Presence Show in Your Aura

That energy field of yours is packed with useful information. And some of it is about your presence, and the impact it has on others — just what you’ll be reading about today.

But how are we to know about it? Must we duplicate the talent of top casting directors for Hollywood’s biggest movies?

Nope, all we need is simple literacy. Energetic literacy. Because nothing informs you more accurately about energetic presence than developing solid skills of energetic literacy.

In fact, a person might wish to learn aura reading just to explore the mysteries of personal presence. It’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for THIS age. So much about power depends upon a person’s energy presence, yet many people are oblivious to it and only notice social presence instead.

With today’s article, let’s start to bring clarity to the mysteries of energy presence. I’ll give you the benefit of the energetic literacy skills I’ve developed, plus my perspective as the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

( I say start because I have planned out a sequence of six more articles to supplement this one. Woo-hoo! Let’s get going with this one.)

(BTW, at the end of this article you’ll find resources to help you to explore energy presence, supplementing what you read at this blog.)

The Truth of Your Energy Presence Always Shows Subconsciously

Auric modeling is the technical name for this. Whenever you see a photo or are in the room with somebody, that person’s aura is fully present. And, therefore, your subconscious mind recognizes who that person is.

The conscious mind notices behavior and various objective-reality markers of human presence like your:

  • Body Language
  • Vocal quality, including the pacing of your speech
  • Clothes and Grooming

You can read more about these social aspects of presence at the earlier articles in this series, especially the wonderful comments. (For details, skip to the final, “What Else?” section of this article.)

What happens when people do well-meaning tricks to upgrade their social presence, like “smiling with your eyes”? They add a mixed message. Yet smart, striving people like Alan, who commented yesterday, just have not been told anything about the energy presence aspect. They’re trying so hard to win a stronger social presence, as if that would matter most.

And in the Dale Carnegie days, of “Win Friends and Influence People,” it DID work pretty darned well. Now that we’re in the Age of Awakening, maybe not so helpful any more.

Why? To be blunt, it’s phony. For instance, about “smiling with your eyes,” there’s no earthly (good) reason to greet every person you see with a fake smile.

Lying for the sake of a more friendly response? Trying to  trick life into give you a stronger presence than you have earned? Hey, here at Earth School, we’re all experimenting. Consequences, however, includes devaluing what an authentic smile from you would actually mean. Plus, the rest of your aura negates the smiling. (Unless you’re a professional buffoon, or high on drugs, or what an astute observer has called Paul McCartney: “Charmingly insincere.”)

Why would an adult really think it is smart to do fake-smiling at everybody? Even babies, fresh from God, don’t smile at every random person.

Whether we’re babies or self-actualizing adults, in the Age of Awakening, Dale Carnegie-style manipulation won’t help as much any more. Because everybody can feel energies, and so we can tell that trickery is involved. Even the most sincerely meant manipulation and trickery.

If, within, you know you are holding your body just so, to make a certain impression — that shows energetically. Whereas if you just are improving your posture because that is healthy for you, that’s different. No mixed message is produced energetically. Interesting, right?

Four Different Consciousness Lifestyles Have Huge Influence over Your Energy Presence

Your consciousness lifestyle is a different kind of habit from “Pace and lead” or other techniques that people use to influence others subconsciously. Thanks to auric modeling, there’s no phoniness and no ability to lie, either. Your presence is what it is, unless you’re a world-class actor.

Consciousness lifestyle has a huge effect on your energy presence right now. If you’re not already familiar with that term, click here to learn about consciousness lifestyle before continuing with this article.

Whether you know about consciousness lifestyle or not, you have one. It is the single strongest component of your energetic presence.

So keep reading to learn about what you show the world.

Your Energy Presence in Spiritual Shutdown

What if you have the consciousness lifestyle of spiritual shutdown?

Your aura proclaims that you are down-to-earth. Your values are solid and unchanging.

No airy-fairy nonsense for you!

You hold no truck with people who talk about energy things, or spirituality.

“Give me that old-time religion. It’s good enough for me.” That could be your auric motto. Unless you’re an atheist. Or you’d call yourself an agnostic, if you bothered to think about such foolish things.

This energy presence will be immensely reassuring and give you an instant edge when dealing with the 45% of Americans (and so many other people worldwide) who are also in spiritual shutdown.

Your Energy Presence in Spiritual Addiction

What if you have the consciousness lifestyle of spiritual addiction?

Your aura proclaims that you’re a very spiritual person. There will be variations on this energy presence if you’re a pothead, you live in extreme spiritual addiction, you’re a spaced out New Ager or a spiritually addicted Christian or Sikh, etc.

Socially, this kind of energy presence is very advantageous for your popularity. You’ll be highly attractive to people who are living with the same consciousness lifestyle.

Plus there’s a certain feeling of spiritual superiority, or protection, or receiving constant guidance from Spirit… and since this is part of your consciousness lifestyle, you’re not bragging if you feel special in this way — an entirely different way if you have the energetic presence of spiritual shutdown.

Although these folks won’t respect you — and may respond to your presence with instant contempt — your energy presence in spiritual addiction will  give you an instant edge when dealing with the 45% of Americans (and so many other people worldwide) who are also, knowingly or not, living in spiritual addiction.

Your Energy Presence in Human-Based Spirituality

Many of you Blog-Buddies have the consciousness lifestyle of human-based spirituality.

Many of your friends may have it too. You pay attention to objective reality and regular thoughts and feelings, with awareness usually positioned at the comfortable surface of life. Sure you can go deeply into psychological growth, analyzing life or people. And when you do techniques for spiritual growth, you’re aces at that, too.

But you keep such personal-growth pursuits to 20 minutes per day, maximum.

Your aura proclaims that you’re well balanced, both down to earth and growing. Your energy presence seems brighter and freer than that of folks in either spiritual addiction or spiritual shutdown. Because, let’s face it, you’re growing faster.

There’s nothing inherently sinful or wrong about living in spiritual addiction or spiritual shutdown. These are perfectly valid, educational ways to experiment with… for as long as a person likes.

However, a person doesn’t evolve very quickly with either of these consciousness lifestyles. Pardon my saying, as someone with the perspective of facilitating the kind of past-life regression I use and teach (with a first-ever graduate as a professional at Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, official as of yesterday — a jubilant blog post to come tomorrow)…

Often a human lifetime includes the unforgettable kind of learning that results from pursuing what, by the time of a life review, is understood to be a “failed experiment.”

So congratulations if your energy presence shows that you are growing fast. Other people who are as well, or people who would like to be growing faster, will be attracted to you.

Your Energy Presence When Living The New Strong

Well, this is a different consciousness lifestyle. More about it will be written about this blog, especially in June 2016, when I’ll be publishing “The New Strong,” with its “Rules & Tools for Thriving in the Age of Awakening.” And the first workshop with the new concepts and knowledge will be held July 9-10, 2016, details here.

For now I’ll just say that my experience so far about this consciousness lifestyle is limited. A certain DANA (who edited the book) and a certain ISABELLA (who is writing the first book review) are the only people besides me who have read it so far.

Still, I’m reasonably sure that the energy presence with this consciousness lifestyle is that of a person who is well adapted to living in the Age of Awakening. A person who evolves especially rapidly, either towards Householder Enlightenment or having crossed that threshold.

And, even more than with people in Human-Based Spirituality, somebody who lives The New Strong has an energy presence that is especially effective with people of every other consciousness lifestyle.

We’ll see, won’t we. 🙂

Resources for Learning More about Your Energy Presence

Once a year I give a weekend workshop that helps participants move directly into full, everyday energetic literacy — what is called “Stage Three Energetic Literacy” in RES.

That workshop has resulted in a 100% success rate over the last several years: Stage Three Energetic Literacy, whether the workshop participant came with no aura reading skills so far or already has studied aura reading in the past.

Every graduate of this energetic literacy workshop had successfully learned a range of skills, in order to read auras in depth and detail. If you have ever been told the whole point of auras is to see them, clairvoyance, I wish you could meet graduates of the Aura Reading Workshop, Level 1.

Even better, I wish you could attend. It’s June 11-12, 2016. And we do have some seats left at this time. (In case it’s of interest to you, we have obtained discounted rates at the same hotel, near Washington D.C.’s biggest airport, for all course participants. And yesterday Workshop Coordinator Mitch negotiated a discounted rate for the Sunday night, as well. Yeah, Mitch! Yeah, out-of-towners!)

If you’re at all curious, check out my description of the workshop. I’d love to help you to feel good  about yourself in this way, because so many people don’t just miss out on this vital literacy. They get a sickish, sad feeling that they will always lose out, or they don’t have “the gift.” Nonsense!

Learning to read a person’s energy presence — up close and personal, directly, whenever you like — will teach you more than any blog post ever could.

What Else?

Regular readers (Blog-Buddies) and lurkers alike, you’re invited to see previous articles in this series:

The Powerful Presence of an Aura Reader

How Aura Reading Can Help You with the SOCIAL Aspect of Personal Presence

And I give big thanks to the article that started this thread, written by intrepid blogger David Buckland

Finally, this article cautions you to avoid going overboard on reading people’s energies, even though everyone living today can be energy sensitive.

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  1. 1
    Brandi says:

    Oh Rose I am so excited for the New Strong!!!!!

    To be able to cultivate an energy presence that will allow us all to interact with people of every other consciousness lifestyle!

    That is great-because lets face it these are our family/friends/co-workers and I do want to continue to socialize while I’m growing.

  2. 2
    EmilyH says:

    I think sometimes people fake smile because they are masking pain rather than being insincere or manipulative. It’s generally polite to smile even when you don’t want to sometimes. However there probably are people who fake smile for different reasons.

    Also is there not some sense of superiority (at times) for people claiming enlightenment, just like some who are spiritually addicted.

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    Interesting! Looking forward even more to the new book!

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    Can’t make the aura reading workshop, as expected; I have a chorus performance during that weekend.

    Which reminds me, performing in a Sweet Adelines chorus is another reason besides acting to manipulate one’s posture and expression, especially if it’s a competing chorus. We get judged on how well we express the emotions of our songs.

  5. 5
    David B says:

    Oh – interesting you describe The New Strong as it’s own Consciousness Lifestyle.

    Would it be fair to add 2 more types? Living enlightenment with and without the New Strong. Unskilled and skilled?

    Or do you see lifestyle as distinct from stage?

  6. 6

    Oh, DAVID B, did you see in the main post how I referred to six follow-up articles? Tee-hee.

    You bet I’m not forgetting that topic. Your comments here just delight me.

    And speaking of delightful, thanks also to fast-growing BRANDI, compassionate EMILYH, talented KIRA. 🙂

  7. 7
    Irene says:

    Fascinating series. I’m looking forward to the rest of the posts. And to coming to the workshop in July! So excited about The New Strong!! 🙂

  8. 8
    Irene says:

    Somewhat related to #2, I only just stopped faking cheerfulness as a way of handling pain (physical and emotional). It took several sessions with Rose to get here.

    It’s a big shift in how I function energetically, so must be shifting my auric modelling too.

  9. 9
    Irene says:

    It also has more obvious external signs as well.

    A polite smile as EmilyH describes only happens briefly for social reasons now, which is a very different thing than the distortion that the smile was before (trying to mask what I was feeling).

  10. 10
    Irene says:

    It’s astonishingly comforting and freeing in to a degree I wouldn’t have expected.

  11. 11

    Gee, Blog-Buddies, by the end of this week we may well reach 32,000 comments here. Sweet!

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