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Confusion about The Age of Awakening. We Can Overcome.

YES! We can sort through the energetic mess of adapting to The Age of Awakening

YES! We can sort through the energetic mess of adapting to The Age of Awakening

Emerging from confusion, from great big mess — yes all of humanity can do that.

And you don’t have to wait for anyone else to live in a way where you are well adapted to life in The Age of Awakening.

Yesterday’s article went into some detail about the mess and confusion running rampant in this new Age of Awakening.

Now it’s Giggle Time. I’m going to share an example of…

the confusions I was summarizing in yesterday’s blog post: What Is The Age of Awakening? A Vibrational Perspective.

(And, yes, I’d recommend you read that post first. Especially, please note the distinction made between human vibrational frequencies, astral vibrational frequencies, and The Divine vibrational frequency.)

Mixing up Empath, Energy, Spiritual… And So Much More

An inadvertently funny example came to my attention this weekend, when I found an online review of The Master Empath.

With all appreciation to the sweet and well-meaning book reviewer, “Gladys,” below I’m going to alternate quotes from her review — set off in purple italics — with a vibrational analysis of what her language suggests to me. What might Gladys might be doing with the positioning of her consciousness?

I found this topic very interesting.

Many, many people today find energies interesting. Those energies have become so easy to access, many people spend more of their waking hours hanging out in energy than paying attention to regular human vibrational frequencies.

I am on a spiritual journey

It’s common for people to believe that becoming energy sensitive means they are progressing spiritually. Except:

The Divine vibrational frequency is not what most people are experiencing when they notice energy.

It’s far more common for those “on a spiritual journey” to keep dipping in and out of the astral all day long.

Whether Christian or New Age, or on another spiritual path, this aura reader finds that most people who say, “I am on a spiritual journey” are living in spiritual addiction.

and [I] believe in the Law of Attraction

To learn about the dismal energetic consequences of following Law of Attraction practices, see this book-length expose of Law of Attraction, backed up by hundreds of aura readings — plus this how to about “Secrets of Success and Prosperity” recommends different strategies,  more vibrationally strengthening, that work far better.

Incidentally, I had a session just last week with GLADYS, a 20-something who has developed the habit of positioniing her consciousness in human vibrational frequencies. She just got a salary bump of an extra $25,000. Didn’t even ask for it!

and [I’ve been] staying away from other people’s negativity,

Isn’t that New Age gospel? During the New Age Years — 1980 – 12/21/12 — it may have helped some people.

In this Age of Awakening, it’s downright dangerous. Because, of course, people position awareness into astral vibrational frequencies every time they try to figure out, “Is this person negative?”

so I was interested in reading what this book had to say.

I liked how this book differentiated empaths from spirits and clairvoyants,

I’ll let you Blog-Buddies imagine (or report) what the state of “empath education” is today that a person would ever, ever need to have somebody make this distinction?

How mushy has the thinking become for sweet people like Gladys that this is her big takeaway from an advanced book for skilled empaths:

  • The 1 in 20 humans who are born as empaths… with at least one skill for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person (my definition of “empath”)
  • Are not the same as spirits — beings at astral vibrational frequencies
  • Or clairvoyants. In my experience as a teacher of energetic literacy, when learning to read auras, some people notice they are clairvoyant. Many others don’t. Yet everyone can succeed.
  • What really adds to the confusion? Mixing up the ability to read energies with skill (a.k.a. energetic literacy) with being a psychic.
  • But why would learning to read auras — which everybody can do — ever be confused with being an empath, a way of being born for 1 in 20 people in the world?

Well, I suppose that for many still adjusting to The Age of Awakening, “It’s all about energy.” That’s why.

But what changed with The Age of Awakening wasn’t having energy on earth. Or being energy sensitive. We’re dealing with a different reality vibrationally, with enormous choice about how we engage with energy.

Glorifying energy  just makes the confusions worse. See what I mean by a mess?

and [Rose Rosetree] explained what it meant to be an empath and how one can go about recharging those energies.

Actually, there is nothing — zero — nada — zilch — never — in any of my four books in print for empaths that explains how to “recharge” “those energies.” Or to “supercharge them” (see the next quote from Reviewer Gladys). Haha.

Except, wait a minute. What if one is thinking that “It’s all about energy” and “One happy family of people who do things with energy” and “Beautiful, positive people who are on a joyful spiritual path.”

Then wouldn’t it be easy to get everything consciousness-related all jumbled up?

Yes, to me, a mess.

Unfortunately, this book states that you are either born an empath or you are not, so while you can supercharge your powers you cannot strengthen powers you do not have.

Laughing yet? Or maybe scratching your head?

Only in the Age of Awakening would somebody who just read “The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy” feel disappointed because they weren’t lied to and told, “Sure, let me teach you how to BECOME an empath.”

Admittedly, many empath coaches aren’t lying, when they offer up ideas like this.

And I just googled “Become an empath” and got 534,000 hits. Ouchers!

What explains this befuddled kind of mess? Do those empath coaches just think, “It’s all so beautiful. I feel so high. Isn’t it wonderful when you let your life be all about energy?”

Yes, “All about energy,” with maybe not making such great contact with what well-adjusted humans call “Reality”!

Age of Awakening Backstory

To some extent, occasional blog posts here can help you to understand better what is going on in the Age of Awakening. Although no amount of blog reading can compare with the impact of reading that carefully structured, how-to book, “THE NEW STRONG.” Might I recommend that you get your own copy? And read this one slowly; for instance, thinking and feeling through the implications of each of the seven New Rules in the Age of Awakening.

Anyway, this backstory info about the Age of Awakening may be helpful for you, plus any friends with whom you share this blog post.

To appreciate what has been happening with the Age of Awakening, it’s really helpful to have good skills for aura reading, so you can tell what has been going on with people like you and me. Because of my work in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I’ve been able to track in detail the huge adjustment problems that most people have been having.

Because Age of Awakening didn’t just happen, like a big-deal television broadcast of a superbowl. Life on earth has changed vibrationally, as described in this article,  Find Your Vibrational Balance in the Age of Awakening.

For one thing, Beyonce didn’t even sing… to herald in this new age. 😉

Despite the lack of fanfare, we are definitely in a different age, whether you call it “The Age of Awakening” or “The Age of Aquarius” or “The Shift Age” or other names.

My understanding of this has been evolving, for sure.

And then I’ve been able to put together many strategies that help: Both skill sets for energy healing and knowledge; information that helps people to make sense out of things.

This Top 10 Article about the Age of Awakening gives you a good sample of some of my earlier writings on this topic, before publishing (one week ago) a book entirely dedicated to the leading edge of knowedge for living now, “THE NEW STRONG.”

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    (laughs) Yeah, it’s a little cringe-worthy when a review is more about what they believe than the book. But at least it may lead a few people to it, even if its the wrong starting point.

    I recently saw a popular Youtube video where the speaker said everyone can become an empath (one kind) but the rest of it was tips for coping. The first one was to wear a special stone that absorbed negativity. Why would you want to become an empath if you then have to cope with it??

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    I have to laugh at myself. I’ve only just gotten to the first technique in The New Strong (it’s tonight’s project!), but everything I’ve read so far and Rose’s related blog posts just seem like info I already know.

    But I’ve only known it for a relatively short amount of time! It’s amazing how fast it just became part of my background knowledge!

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    This is info I would have been willing to die for in high school or college, mind you—not that it was relevant yet, but even just the tangential (to the New Strong topic) info about aura reading and auric modeling.

    Heck, the info in Journey of Souls blew my mind when I read it within the last 10 years.

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    It’s like I was tossed into a pool and told to swim, and I spent a lot of time thrashing around and nearly drowning, then started finding ways to stay afloat and eventually *noticed* I was managing to stay afloat and was wowed each time I realized I had learned another way to swim, and now I’m so used to the water that I’m doing handstands on the bottom of the pool.

  5. 5

    A delightful series of observations, KIRA!

    I’m especially pleased to read, from your Comment #2, how you are pacing yourself when reading “THE NEW STRONG,” allowing yourself to integrate widely and deeply.

  6. 6

    DAVID B, in your example what was proposed truly was preposterous.

    As an empath coach, I was puzzled for years about how there could be the muddle-headed notion of “Becoming an Empath.”

    But with the knowledge in “THE NEW STRONG,” doesn’t it make sense?

  7. 7

    Ever since humanity has moved into The Age of Awakening, people have experienced greater energy sensitivity.

    Most people, excepting just those in spiritual shutdown. Yet few have gained good skills for reading those energies. Hence the mess of “becoming an empath” or “psychic vampires” or “toxic personalities.”

  8. 8

    Many Hay House experts, and other authorities on personal development, are… when it comes to aura reading, truly illiterate.

    They’re stumbling around with Stage One Energetic Literacy, in contrast to their big talents that lie elsewhere, or professional training at other skills. So there’s been a very misleading, well, mess.

    And then the online imitators, merrily promoting themselves, also lack Stage Three Energetic Literacy. So they carry the nonsensical ideas forward.

  9. 9

    Unfortunately this gives a bad name to empath coaching that would have legitimate value; or to energy healing like cutting cords of attachment.

    Recently “Joe,” an RES professional told me about what has been going on with “Gladys.” She studied with me briefly and immediately began “improving” upon a method that already works just fine, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

  10. 10

    Gladys offers — what else? — “Cord cutting sessions.” For which she charges $200.

    (I haven’t raised my rates from $150, not for many years. This isn’t about what my services are worth, and how the going rate for sessions like these has been rising over the years. It could be difficult for many of my clients to handle a fee increase like that, so I’m holding back on making this sort of change through this year and the next. Then we’ll see.)

    If any of you wonder why it is an obvious tip-off of unprofessionalism to advertise oneself as offering “Cord cutting sessions,” check out this blog post about RES.

  11. 11

    What’s the real kicker here?

    Clients have come to Joe for sessions of RES, and they have asked him to check about some of these cords of attachment that were supposedly cut by Gladys.

    Well, guess what? Those cords of attachment had “come back” because they weren’t properly removed in the first place.

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    We’re humans, we are here to be humans.

    You have to be who you are – Idlewild

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