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Steady as You Go… Adjustment Years in The Age of Awakening

Steady as you go, steering past storms in this new Age of Awakening

Steady as you go, steering past storms in this new Age of Awakening

“I keep beating myself up over whatever I say and do.”

When Joe told me that in a session, it helped me to understand what I had noticed in his aura.

Joe’s intention for our session had been “To like myself more.” During the Skilled Empath Merge that followed, I discovered that Joe was quite spaced out. As I put it, “You’re flirting with spiritual addiction.” Which was so uncharacteristic for this long-term client. Joe hadn ‘t suffered that problem for years.

By the end of our time together that day, Joe’s aura was beautifully back to normal… and then some. His soul was being expressed more clearly. And what happened wasn’t just due to his Healing Centerpiece for that session of aura healing (a skill set for removal of many hundreds of frozen blocks that had been energetically triggering his distress).

Was there learning too? Definitely. A lot of our success together was related to my realizing what I’m going to share with you today. Today I’m giving you a longish post; if you persevere, I think you’ll find it to be time well spent.

First, let me ask you this question.

Have You Been Worrying Lately about an Old Insecurity?

Everybody has at least one. Could be, for instance:

  • I’m too fat.
  • Nobody likes me, really likes me.
  • People take advantage of me.
  • I’m a failure.
  • My money is going to disappear. Then what will I do?
  • I can’t keep up.
  • My health is bad and getting worse.

Adjusting to The Age of Awakening Stirs up Old Insecurities

Granted, most of this adjustment process is subconscious — related to the new vibrational flexibility in the Age of Awakening. Still, how are we to handle that?

Aha! The very problem that “THE NEW STRONG aims to solve, with its Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.

However well people learn to adjust, there will growing pains. For instance, earlier this year, I’ve written about how often people are, rightly or wrongly, describing themselves as anxious.”

Adjustment Involves Not Just Moods But “Consciousness Lifestyle”

Even more than troubling moods, what are the bigger adjustment problems in The Age of Awakening? Patterns with how consciousness is routinely positioned. Sounds abstract, maybe, but know that this kind of problem is very real. Altogether central to what happened with The Shift into The Age of Awakening.

Also it might be comforting to know that Energy Spirituality offers real help with that, help that is especially easy to receive by reading “THE NEW STRONG.” (To give you an idea, here’s a link to the Annotated Table of Contents.)

What kinds of adjustment problems with consciousness are especially tied to The Age of Awakening? Ever since The Shift, I have seen certain problems regularly in my work in Energy Spirituality. Problems with “consciousness lifestyle.

My analysis is based on extensive research into people’s auras (Stage Three Energetic Literacy)… going all the way back to 1986, which is… gulp!.. 30 years. So that’s many thousands of human energy fields and…

Yes, I find that certain common problems are about adjusting to this Age of Awakening:

  • These days I think of spiritual addiction as an adjustment problem related to The Age of Awakening. In spiritual addiction, a person’s awareness keeps moving into the astral vibrational frequencies, rather than dealing with human reality. Only this shift comes so easily now, people don’t know they’re doing it.
  • Spiritual shutdown is also an adjustment problem related to The Age of Awakening. A person hunkers down, resisting any energy sensitivity. This form of denial results in having a particular form of STUFF, gray slime, deposited into the person’s aura. Resistance begets resistance, causing a vicious cycle characterized by a survivalist emphasis on security.

Confused Adjustment to The Age of Awakening — The Political Fallout

Do facts matter any more, human reality-type facts?

Only if you’re making good contact with human vibrational frequencies.

  • Folks in spiritual addiction barely make contact with human-style objective reality.
  • Those in spiritual shutdown DO believe they are making contact with objective reality. Yet, as Blog-Buddy IRENE pointed out recently, people in spiritual shutdown may consciously be in denial about all those energies they suppress. Meanwhile, the process of denial causes those energies to run the person’s behavior, unbeknownst to that individual’s conscious awareness. As for behavior? Folks keep repeating a small selection of “facts” as though they were gospel.

Both spiritual addiction and spiritual shutdown are so common now. Even if you didn’t know about these adaptation problems from aura reading, you’d see signs of it by observing some of the bizarre, extreme behavior in current events.

Today Britain votes on Brexit, where this American has formed a picture of what’s happening by American newspapers of record. Please forgive my ignorance, compared to what you Blog-Buddies from the U.K. know. Far as I have read, much of the national debate is characterized by distrust of experts, anger, and a desire to keep “others” out of the way.

As Anne Applebaum wrote yesterday for “The Washington Post” (my italics):

“The real surprise is not that the Leave activists dispute predictions of slower growth or financial chaos. It’s that they don’t care about them. As Financial Times columnist Janan Ganesh wrote recently, “They can live with a recession if they must.”

How do I interpret this? Ooh, you guessed it. IMO, Disdain for facts today relates directly to adjustment problems in The Age of Awakening. Spiritual shutdown causes stuck anger to run people, even while they’re utterly blind to it. Or to inconvenient facts.

Many observers of the political scene in America now find that Trump’s popularity also depends on distrust of experts, anger, a desire to keep “others” out by “building a wall.” As for his stunning disregard for the truth? His lying is extraordinary, although Trump’s supporters don’t care.

When people have patterns of consciousness lifestyles where they don’t make contact with reality, why would mere facts care?

Energetic Literacy Research Links Spiritual Shutdown and Spiritual Addiction to Off-Kilter Actions

If you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy, use it to read photos of folks with strong security-based worldviews. Often you’ll find spiritual shutdown.

For instance, you can use this photo link to check out the aura of the notorious Thomas Mair, being held for the murder of MP Jo Cox.

Or you can skip that depressing kind of aura reading research and let me summarize my findings. Folks who commit hate crimes, join neo-Nazi groups, speak stridenly as “patriots,” etc. — they’re usually in spiritual shutdown; their auras rife with extreme patterns of anger and hatred.

Evidence to this aura reader of… poor adaptation to vibrational changes that have occurred in The Age of Awakening!

By contrast, you can use energetic literacy to savor a more normal consciousness lifestyle, what I call human-based spirituality, in the chakra databanks of this Brexit protester, dressed in red. Fittingly, her sign at the demonstration reads, “Your hatred isn’t welcome HERE.”

On my side of the pond, some populist voices combine beautiful ideals with scoffing at reality (specifically, what really works in American politics, paying attention to what has been happening in government, who has caused our gridlock). Senator Bernie Sanders has appealed to many idealists who are down to earth and aim to move the nation forward in directions he has proposed. Fair enough.

But have you been perplexed by other fans of Bernie Sanders who can’t accept his defeat in Democratic primaries and are even vowing to vote for Trump instead? I haven’t read all their auras, of course. But I think this one is fairly typical: Click on the link just provided; you can easily find the woman with a raised fist, a red vest, and gorgeous long hair.

What does her aura proclaim, loud and clear: Spiritual addiction. Hello, there’s that second, so common, adaptation problem in The Age of Awakening!

The Global Refugee Crisis Can Also Be Seen in Relationship to Poor Adaptation to the Age of Awakening

Not to blame the poor refugees! But it is certainly strange that the largest population displacements are occurring since World War II. Bad though things have been, we haven’t been having a world war, right?

Well, if you start reading auras of people in countries where unrest has reached crazy proportions, you’ll find so many people in either spiritual shutdown or spiritual addiction. They’re struggling to deal with reality, and their adaptation problems have led to what kinds of behavior?

Behavior driven by fanaticism. Awareness at human vibrational frequencies can protect us from irrational acts, cruelty, and such.

Seems to me, religious ideals don’t necessarily bring truth, fairness, justice, consideration, or other traditional human virtues into life on earth.

When awareness is distant from our humanity, it becomes all too easy today to treat people like theories, trivial details.

It seems noble to pursue “righteousness,” regardless of the human consequences. Isn’t that how some of the greatest cruelty is perpetrated?

Displaced persons are the casualties.

  • Seems to me, in this Age of Awakening, many otherwise puzzling political actions can be explained by fanatical, security-based, behavior being driven by denied energies (spiritual shutdown).
  • Equally troubling behavior has been driven by extreme idealism that has lost contact with reality (spiritual addiction). Although that doesn’t generally lead to such vigorous action, more to dropping out, spacing out, living “holier than others.”

In the resulting chaos, millions are running for their lives. Over 65 million displaced persons in the world right now! Struggling for physical survival, each of these persons is getting a crash course in “Pay attention to human vibrational frequencies.”

Beyond compassion and simple human decency, here’s another reason to do all you can to support them: Refugees are helping to steady collective consciousness, adding to the numbers of people who position awareness primarily at human vibrational frequencies.

Indirectly they counter-balance some of the people who or behave with irrational cruelty, while dominated by denied astral energies.

Meanwhile help is withheld from millions who feel too busy to act, consoling themselves with the dreamworlds of their ideals, feeling superior.

Psychological seekers and meditators, not just New Agers, are often bemused with The Romance of the Astral. Lacking energetic literacy, they don’t know they can also be in the mess of either psychological overwork or spiritual addiction.

Yet there’s still plenty of good news available. For instance, Blog-Buddies…

YOUR Consciousness Lifestyle Can Be Well Adapted to the Age of Awakening

You don’t have to be a refugee to take a healthy interest in your humanity.

Stay in touch with reality, weird though it sometimes is, Blog-Buddies. At this blog you’ll find many articles about living in a way that’s vibrationally balanced, a.k.a. human-based spirituality.

What more can you do to improve your adjustment to life after The Shift? Use the pioneering knowledge and skills in THE NEW STRONG,” those “Rules & Tools for Living in the ‘Age of Awakening.” This consciousness resource can help you to achieve an even better adaptation to living in the Age of Awakening.

Besides That, What’s a Human-Type Thing You Can Do Starting NOW?

Like my smart client Joe, don’t take it seriously when anger and criticism are so strongly expressed in collective consciousness.

Do what you can. Donate and vote and volunteer.

Otherwise steer steady as you go.

Worries Can Be Catching. So What? Don’t Believe in Them.

When subconsciously dealing with the sort of mess in the world today, with such angst in collective consciousness, guess what?

Like Joe, you’re dealing with powerful energies of strife and confusion. Distress is in the auric modeling of so many people you meet — at work, on the street, on TV.

That impacts you to some extent, giving rise to feelings of worry that you will label with your oldest, nastiest fears. Your worst insecurities. Hello!

So see these as waves on the sea of life.  Steer steady.

The practical way of doing this does not involve a ship’s steering wheel: Keep reinserting yourself into reality.  Do the best you can, under the circumstances. Let that be enough.

Incidentally, after his session with me, Joe’s aura was back to normal; doing better than ever, actually. And he told me, to paraphrase:

Spiritual and energetic truth have resonated for me.

I feel better aligned now. More hopeful. More safe. More like myself.

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  1. 101

    There is a direct correlation between following Law of Attraction practices and falling into spiritual addiction.

    However lovely and aspirational an Aber’s experiences, there will likely be real problems with poverty, underachievement in worldly terms, and other difficulties that I detailed in that how-to book with “10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium.”

  2. 102

    Of course, while in spiritual addiction or spiritual shutdown, a person still is human — still thinks and feels.

    Beyond that, objective reality does give us some yardsticks for evaluating how effective a particular way of living might be.

    An example might be leading a stoner lifestyle, where “Joe” feels tremendously wise and as though he is growing so fast, and as though he is in an amazing relationship with God, and as though life would be great if only everybody would join him in this “so-wonderful” way of life.

  3. 103

    Well, aura reading cuts through illusions in a pretty practical way.

    As folks are finding here in Sterling, Virginia… where I’m teaching the Aura Reading Level 2 Workshop this weekend.

    So Joe, who is having a beautiful life, and doing ther best that he can, and is a beautiful being, to boot…

  4. 104

    What shows in his Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Reality?

    It’s shut down, distorted in such a way that informs an aura reader that Joe is living in a dreamworld. A lovely dreamworld, yet a dreamworld nonetheless.

  5. 105

    And what shows in Joe’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source?

    Despite his belief system as a proud pothead, and validating the other data I have gathered over the years about how regular use of weed propels folks into spiritual addiction….

    In this typical example, Joe’s “Spiritual Growth” chakra databank is in total shutdown. He couldn’t be more stuck, in terms of his spiritual evolution.

    That’s the process of what’s going on with his energy field, to somebody who has Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

  6. 106

    So there’s my perspective. Maybe you agree with it, maybe you don’t. Regardless, it has been quite rigorously tested.

    Really, the best research of all, from my point of view, is how I help clients to move out of spiritual addiction or spiritual shutdown and then have much, much better lives.

    When clients update me on how they are doing, such as getting a big raise at work or having a marriage greatly improved, that’s meaningful to me as well as that client.

  7. 107

    As for looking at anything political in terms of spiritual addiction and spiritual shutdown, LILIAN, you’ve brought an important reminder that I don’t specialize in this.

    Nor do I plan to.

    Only use the parts of Energy Spirituality that help you. 🙂

  8. 108
    Amanda says:

    I do agree with you, Rose. I am very sure that politics will have been affected by the Shift and that voting patterns will also be affected.

    There are some people I would consider to be rational and awake, but the evidence of daily interactions shows that there’s plenty of spiritual shutdown and spiritual addiction going on.

    It shows up in responses to the results.

    Forgive us for going off-topic, Rose! It’s so huge I think your British Blog-Buddies have needed to talk it all out to try and find our feet again!

  9. 109
    Amanda says:

    Emily T, one of the sad things for me is that you and others who belong here might feel as if you’re not wanted.

    You are wanted. The immigration issue is current, not historical, and based on the unknown future flows of cheap labour from poor countries – nothing to do with the welcome presence of a next door neighbour.


  10. 110
    Amanda says:

    Right. No more Brexit. I am firmly on topic again, Rose!



  11. 111
    Lilian says:

    Sorry for thinking out loud. It seems as though there is always a duality of opinion on earth. So even if everyone was adapting perfectly, we would still be having these debates. But maybe in a more intelligent and graceful manner. It seems that this duality will become more abrasive for a while as different camps are dominated by spiritual addiction or shutdown…

    (For example, questions about the relative merits of globalisation/protectionism have been around for 100s of years, literally. The protectionist Corn Laws in the 1800s caused famine… not so fun times for working people.)

  12. 112
    Lilian says:

    I’m just hoping we don’t have the capacity to drive ourselves over any kind of cliff, collectively.

  13. 113
    Jane says:

    Rose – thanks for the steady advice;

    “Like my smart client Joe, don’t take it seriously when anger and criticism are so strongly expressed in collective consciousness.

    Do what you can. Donate and vote and volunteer.

    Otherwise steer steady as you go.”

    This is indeed good advice. I’m usually quite comfortable to discuss political matters – yet, I am aware of my own tendency to get swept up in the emotive aspects. So for now, for me – ‘steady as she goes’. Thanks for that reminder Rose.

  14. 114
    Lilian says:

    Rose, I know you don’t take aura reading requests, but if you feel like doing a UK leader then George Osbourne might be interesting..

  15. 115
    Emily T says:


    Taken me a while to get back to you, but thank you for your wise and kind words.

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