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Paying the Price as an Empath. A Guest Post by LILIAN

Paying the price for being born as an empath -- uh-oh!

Paying the price for being born as an empath — uh-oh!

Observant LILIAN has combined two separate themes we’ve been exploring lately.

At the end of her insightful guest post 🙂 you can find links to each of the two themes that LILIAN cleverly brings together in the following article.

At Times, I’ve Paid a Price for Being an Unskilled Empath

I thought it was interesting how the series of wonderful blog posts about “paying the price” was being closely followed by a series of blog posts about empath skills.  I thought to write a post to honor the experience of being an empath, even while unskilled, and what I feel I have gained from simply being born with talent as an empath.

How I Came to Write "THE NEW STRONG"

In honor of all who have been waiting for "The dawning of the Age of Aquarius"

In honor of all who have awaited “The dawning of the Age of Aquarius”

The Shift into the Age of Awakening is the most important “non-event” that ever happened to me. (And probably to you, too, although only you can decide about that.)

How did I come to notice? And why did I wind up writing “THE NEW STRONG”?

I’m going to attempt to answer these questions here, putting together a puzzle that I have never looked at before. Surely “THE NEW STRONG” didn’t just come out of nowhere.

Puzzle Piece 1: From Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Wake up and see the dawn. It’s just starting,” was the gist of what my guru proclaimed on January 12, 1975. He devoted that year to celebrating “The Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.” Ask me nicely and I will sing you the tune composed for the occasion by one of Maharishi’s followers:

This is the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.

Life on earth will be happy and gay.

What did we expect? That Enlightenment, a much higher state of consciousness, would be lived by ordinary people in everyday life.

I couldn’t wait. All I wanted to do for the rest of my life was to help make that happen.

Find Your Vibrational Balance in the Age of Awakening


Here's a hint about the nature of vibrational reality.

Ice can give you a hint about the  vibrational nature of reality on earth.

As I continue introductions to that new resource for you, “THE NEW STRONG” paperback and eBook, let’s take a practical approach today.

THE NEW STRONG is a way of life that’s open to you.

What’s the purpose of this how-to book? To help you turn the possibility of a much better life in the Age of Awakening into a reality.

Might I Recommend that You Read "THE NEW STRONG" S..l..o..w..l..y

This Aha! may help you gain the most from reading "THE NEW STRONG"

This Aha! may help you gain the most from reading “THE NEW STRONG”

Blog-Buddies, with all my other books I have recommended that you do a quick skim-read and let the various ideas go “Boing-boing-boing” in your brain. Then later, you return to go through the book bit by bit.

But this particular book, “THE NEW STRONG,” was written to encourage a process of waking up and aligning better vibrationally

The process of reading (in addition to the Rules & Tools included as content) can help awaken you to living now, aligning you better, given the different ways that Earth School works now vibrationally.

Nowhere in the book itself does it say, “This Program for Easy Vibrational Balance” is best read slowly. However, this is true.

Vibrational Changes. A Quiz to Celebrate Publication Day for "THE NEW STRONG"

Happy Birthday, New Strong

Happy Birthday, New Strong

Most people you know haven’t even asked themselves the first question on this quiz. You, however, will get to answer that question, plus all the rest in today’s quiz.

Responding to these 10 quiz questions can be a fun way to celebrate Publication Day for a how-to that asks and answers many questions of practical importance to people like you. Because like it or not — and know it or not — you happen to be a pioneers of the Age of Awakening.


Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

(Rules & Tools for Thriving in the “Age of Awakening”)

Energy Presence and Social Presence of a Skilled Empath, Part 2

Whatever type(s) of empath you are, your dignity and influence grow so much with Empath Empowerment®

Whatever type of empath you are, your presence grows so much with Empath Empowerment®

From a spiritual perspective, what have been your dreams for having a presence that influences people and uplifts them.

How about dignity? What about power?

Imagine a beautiful kind of power that is integrated with spiritual light and joyful love.

And manners (complete with social presence) to match.

Then know that, depending on whichever type of empath you are — or types — because most born empaths do have more than one gift…

you can bring a huge blessing into this world as a skilled empath.

Which Type of Presence Shift Can Occur?

And Which Blessing?

How This Empowered Empath Stopped Faking It. A Guest Post by IRENE

"Like me. Love me. Please!" Is that a good enough reason to act CHEERFUL?

“Like me. Love me. Please!”
Is that a good enough reason to act CHEERFUL?

What is that person telling you, really? So often, it’s simple.

First, a big welcoming smile. Then, “I’m fine. How are you?”

Isn’t the underlying message often something this?

“Like me. Please, like me. Respect me. Love me.”

It’s not just human to wish to be loved. Seems to me, this is one of the ways that we incarnated beings often reveal how much we are…

Homesick for Heaven

Because in the celestial world where YOU lived before incarnating this time, it really was like that.

More Harmony in Your Life. Newsletter Announcement

More harmony in your life? That happens automatically when you follow the new rules for The Age of Awakening

More harmony in your life? That happens automatically when you follow the new rules for The Age of Awakening

Monday is Publication Day for “THE NEW STRONG.”

In its honor — and yours — a special treat awaits in this issue of my monthly newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper.” In this June issue, I’m going to share an excerpt from that upcoming book, a peek at something very closely linked to your happiness and success in life:

How to live in harmony with life. Given how life really works in The Age of Awakening. 

In many important respects, this differs from how life used to work.

This short chapter from ‘THE NEW STRONG” may shock you, since it begins by negating one of the most popular things you have heard about this new age.

Such Improvement! The Presence of a SKILLED Empath, Part 1

Celebrating the energy presence of skilled empaths

Celebrating the energy presence of SKILLED empaths

Empaths, are you curious? Last week you may have read about The Presence of an UNSKILLED empath.

Today, let’s learn about the presence of an empath who has an altogether different quality of life. Your presence improves along with everything else. Simply because you have developed an effortless little set of skills.

Yes, by “Skilled Empath” I mean any empath who has developed the skills of Empath Empowerment®.

And any born empath can become skilled.

Such a simple statement! Yet have you been struggling, even giving yourself a hard time over “Which empath gifts do I have?”

THE NEW STRONG Will Be Published One Week from Today


Publication Day for THE NEW STRONG is June 13, 2016

Publication Day for THE NEW STRONG is June 13, 2016

Pretty exciting, the great leap that humanity is taking.

It’s a leap into becoming a fast-growing person who lives now, in the Age of Awakening.

A person who stops over-complicating life in that very post-postmodern way that is taken for granted by many of us.

Yes, Smart People Living Now Can Stop the Usual Torment