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Aura Reading Muhammad Ali for Power

Celebrating Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in the world

Celebrating Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in the world

I don’t get boxing. Do you?

Yet I’m curious about the legendary public figure, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, who died this weekend. An Olympic gold medalist by the age of 18. An anti-war protester during the time of the Vietnam War. An outspoken leader on civil rights.  Beloved by millions all over the world who mourn him today.

Here is one of the stirring articles paying tribute to Muhammad Ali. And here’s another, describing him as the greatest boxer of all time. Finally, here is a link to the photograph that I used for today’s aura reading.

Nine RES Workshops in a Year? Advance Notice on What Is Changing

One week from today, I’ll be offering the Aura Reading Workshop, Level 1.

Many of you Blog-Buddies are used to seeing the annual Calendar of Workshops at my official website, expecting to see a huge range of distinctive workshops that you won’t find elsewhere.

Still others of you display a very sweet enthusiasm. You contact me from time to time, asking when I will come to your city to give a workshop. Well…

Time to Consider What Is Humanly Possible

Students love these Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) workshops, and I love teaching them. Moreover, these workshops are the very best way to learn skills that involve deeper perception.

The Presence of an UNSKILLED Empath, Completed

If you think there are lots of circles in this picture, that's a tiny amount, compared to the problems of unskilled empaths

Do you see lots of circles in this picture? That amount is TEENSY compared to how many problems an unskilled empath can suffer, detracting from personal presence.

Empath Empowerment® is quite simple to learn, one step at a time. But types of suffering that an empath can experience? These are tremendously varied.

Every single empath gift can make life really complicated, until you get empath skills.

And isn’t life today already more complicated than it has ever been in human history?

Just remember, Blog-Buddies, the story of every born empath can always have a happy ending! The trick is to learn those pretty simple skills.

The Presence of an UNSKILLED Empath, Part 1 of 2

Empath talent isn't just beautiful. Until you're skilled, empath gifts cause SUFFERING.

Empath talent isn’t only beautiful. Until you’re skilled, empath gifts cause SUFFERING.

May today’s article cheer you… if you’re an empath but not yet skilled!

Weirdly cheering, yet cheering nonetheless.

What if you are a skilled empath by now, like so many of you Blog Buddies?

Then may today’s article bring you compassion for ways that you used to suffer. Because unskilled empaths can endure suffering that would widely be acknowledged as terrible… if only that suffering were not also so subtle and, therefore, deeply hidden from view.