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Celebrities Who Are Not Quite Themselves

When a celeb does not seem like herself, or himself, any more

When a celeb no longer seems like herself, or himself, or themselves.

Two days in a row? I can’t stand this.

Okay, I’m going to share some RES perspective on what has been happening lately.

For years this sort of thing has happened to some celebrities and other public figures. Aura-wise it’s not pretty, even when otherwise they are exceptionally pretty people.

A Question Posed in Today’s Washington Post

Today a light-n’-fluffy article in the newspaper riveted my attention. This was a story on the front page of the feature section: “Taylor Swift Just Can’t Help Herself.”

“Every time you think #Hiddleswift (now the world’s most talked-about couple) can’t get any more eye-rolling, they outdo themselves,” wrote reporter Emily Yahr.

And, later, “At some point you have to wonder: What exactly is Swift doing?… But doesn’t she know how much this relationship is being mocked for looking so fake? It’s especially strange, as she’s usually image-conscious to the extreme.”

Well, I’ve got an answer. When I read about a celebrity who starts acting remarkably not like herself (or himself), I’ll use a bit of Technique Time to research what’s going on in that person’s aura. Especially if I take a look at that celeb’s head shot and the eyes look cold and detached.

So I did that today.

Sigh! Taylor Swift’s name is now added to a certain list — one that I update and share with my RES experts — a list of public figures who have fallen into extreme spiritual addiction.

What, Now Emma Watson?

So for, Blog-Buddies, I’ve told you about today. Now, about yesterday. What was the front page story on the Post’s “Style” section?

Five full-sized pix of celebs were accompanied by political quotes. “Star Power,” read the headline. Monica Hesse reported how, “In times when the people we elect aren’t offering us action, we have celebrities and their opinions to help fill the void.”

Which public figures were featured? Beyonce, Amy Schumer, Natalie Maines, Jesse Williams, and Emma Watson.

Emma didn’t look like herself. Oh dear. Sweet and brainy little Emma Watson, whom I watched grow up in the role of Hermione Granger. So adorable! Just this week I’ve been watching a fancy boxed set of Harry Potter DVDs, finding the British actress so delightful.

By now this aura reader knows what that empty-eyed look is likely to mean, Emma Watson so unlike herself that I did a double take. Not just the edgy hair and the rest of her outfit. I mean eyes that no longer look as though they belong to her.

When You Notice That, What Then?

To sum up so far, what you notice can start with a casual look — what, around here, amounts to “Stage One Energetic Literacy”  — easy to do but highly unreliable. So yeah you catch a vibe or look at the public figure’s eyes… and that person no longer seems like that person you had come to know and love.

What can you do then? If you have developed Stage Three Energetic Literacy — which, of course you can learn — that person’s energy field is easily researchable.

So you can make note of your little curiosity. And you just might resolve to do some researching the next time that you’re going to do your 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time for personal growth.

That’s what I did today, after the shock of seeing yesterday’s morning paper, and then today’s. I made a mental note to research the celebrities NOT already on that list of mine. So after researching Taylor Swift, I checked out the celebs from yesterday.

  • Beyonce and Amy Schumer had, sadly, already been noted for having moved into extreme spiritual addiction. Still living that conscious lifestyle. Okay, their choice.
  • Jesse Williams — he researched fine. Actually I only included him for thoroughness, because he seemed warmly human and feisty and quirky. 🙂
  • The ones I was concerned about were Emma Watson and Natalie Maines. Because both did seem more like dolls than people. (Just my reaction, you know.) And uh-oh!

That totes up to four out of five big names, each one living the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction. Broadcasting their so-confident, so-cool auric modeling from a prominent photo in one of America’s most influential newspapers. A story about celebrity role models.

Hey, in this post-postmodern world of illusions, that’s life today. Like it or not.

“Extreme Spiritual Addiction”

Recognize that term? You may have already seen it occasionally at my blog, especially my response to certain candidates for my Enlightenment Life List when that public figure is actually quite far from Enlightenment. Maybe you’ve wondered, “What is extreme spiritual addiction?”

Well, here’s what’s going with “extreme spiritual addiction”? When you use skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy, researching one chakra databank at a time:

  • With extreme spiritual addiction, a person is co-creating. In life. All waking hours. Quite consistently. Co-creating an identity that involves the influence of a bunch of astral beings.
  • Read any chakra databanks you like. It won’t have the quality of that person’s individuality. More like a committee, and with a very astral flavor.
  • Of course, some people revere that. Check out just about any Hay House author, for instance!
  • To those who live that way, it may well feel lovely.
  • For sure, the consciousness lifestyle that I call “extreme spiritual addiction” is a person’s sacred choice and, really, none of my business.
  • All I’m saying here? Personally, this aura reader doesn’t like it.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Extreme spiritual addiction could be considered a version of co-creation with astral-level intelligence. This is nothing like RES skills that I teach for co-creating with God.

Nope, Beyonce and Taylor and Tom are exploring a kind of life-sharing experience between a human identity and some astral entities.

Once people make a transition into that lifestyle, they’re no longer quite themselves. No longer are you hearing the voice of Johnny Depp or Celine Dion or Louis C.K. It’s a committee now, broadcasting through that person’s mouth.

What Does That Mean for You and Me?

Look, for years I’ve been noticing people struggling to adapt to The Age of Awakening. Recently I published “THE NEW STRONG” for the sole purpose of helping people like you to adapt better. What other people do with their own personal consciousness doesn’t have to be any of your business.

Only it’s quite unsettling if you look at somebody who’s like extended family, beloved entertainers like Ellen DeGeneres or Steven Colbert or Jimmy Fallon and… they’re just not themselves any more.

Should that happen, Blog-Buddies, provisionally consider your insight to be valid. Don’t second-guess yourself or doubt what you’ve felt. Until you research with Stage Three Energetic Literacy you can’t be sure, but these days it is wise to assume that probably whichever person you suspect of living in extreme spiritual addiction… really is.

No need to worry that it’s contagious. Consciousness lifestyles are sacred examples of free will. Your self-authority can still work quite fine, thank you, although I wouldn’t recommend staying in that celebrity’s fan club.

Not Unlike Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Over the decades, haven’t you learned to handle celebrities with cosmetic surgery? Those washboard abs and washboard foreheads!

Here at this blog it’s called “The Anorexic Ideal “. Why does it come up here? Because, when reading some celebrities’ energy fields you can hear subconscious-level screams of “Feed me.”

Between the mandatory self-starvation and the surgically altered faces, in certain countries (America for one) many of us no longer think twice when we see a female star who looks the same age as her famous grandchild. Or the 60+ actress who still looks like she’s 30.

Some folks develop a taste for that, even. Like, “Of course women with self-respect will get themselves cleaned up with a scalpel.”

While others of us resist that. Me, for instance. I don’t applaud looking “plasticized to near-perfection” (words which might come in handy if Tom Wolfe were to write an update of “Bonfire of the Vanities.”)

Making the choice to “Get work done” or, let’s face it, “Get lotsa, lotsa work done” — that’s a personal choice. Sacred as such.

Still, just because something is possible here on earth doesn’t make it okay by my standards. It’s important, I feel, to still notice when other people are walking around that way. Beyond that, admittedly, I’m not going to catch Botox by looking at a many-spendored, much-injected singer gone Barbie.

Energetically there’s something similar going on with influence-makers who are living in extreme spiritual addiction.

Therefore, I invite you to discernment. Know that you do have a right to your opinion, your preferences. Whether yours match the mainstream or not.

Some Practical Pointers for Dealing with Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Although not contagious, what’s happening with extreme spiritual addiction these days strikes me as pretty weird nonetheless. If you agree, here come some pointers that might prove helpful.

What if some performer or other public figure starts to look weird, sound weird, or behave in a strangely unusual manner? Don’t shrug it off.

Case in point: Ellen DeGeneres serving tequila to some of her celebrity guests on a show I used to enjoy, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show. ”

Really, can you believe this? Of Ellen, the gentlest of comedians who would never have hurt a fly. Or even humiliate one. And now?

“Before they played ‘Heads Up,’ Ellen DeGeneres demanded that her guest drink an oversized shot glass of tequila. “She’s bossy on her show!” the … star exclaimed before dutifully downing the liquor and following it with a margarita.”

Remember that Celebrity Watching Is Optional, Right?

Don’t necessarily think, “Same old fave of mine.” After that public figure changes, you might wish to stop watching. Sure I enjoyed Reese Witherspoon back in the day. Now I’ll keep the memory of that enjoyment, wish her well, and move on.

After all, watching a particular performer isn’t like feeling obligated to join the family for Christmas dinner. Possibly your relatives are also a bit weird, by your standards. But in quite different ways. Their own, distinctive, all-too-human ways that have driven you nuts for years.

Will there always be fresh new celebrities to watch instead of your former faves? You bet. And, fortunately, many long-time beloved entertainers are still truly themselves.

What If YOU Start Feeling Weird?

Suppose that, for no earthly reason, you begin to feel vaguely unlike yourself. Maybe you’ve come down with a new kind of brain fog. Or you just don’t feel quite right emotionally.

In that quite unlikely event, you might schedule a session with any trained RES expert. We’ll be able to tell if what’s bothering you is a kind of contact high related to people in extreme spiritual addiction. If so, every one of us RES practitioners and, even apprentices, has learned a skill set of RES aura healing which is designed to sort that out.

You see, there are some differences between you and Beyonce. Okay, several differences.

One difference is that you LIKE feeling like yourself. That is, the authenticity people know you for… isn’t an act but is deeply felt.

Unlike so many public figures who have gone in that extreme direction, you care more about being yourself than feeding desires for fame and market share.

Or seeking more-more-more power over “the little people.”

It comes naturally to you, demanding that you remain in charge of your own mind and your life. Sovereignty that belongs to you, with maybe a nod to God and some space for Grace.

Perhaps sometimes you’ll co-create with the Divine, but you won’t take advice from spirits.

Because. This. Is. Your. Life.

And you’d like to keep it that way.

Also Good to Know:

Sometimes You Might Feel a Certain Fatigue

Just From Being Part of Life’s Current Vibrational Mess

Extreme spiritual addiction is going on. Definitely. For years, I’ve been tracking it.

The summer of 2016, though? The worst I’ve seen. Witness what I’ve been finding in place of my usually pleasant little feature articles in The Washington Post.

Although you’re still basically feeling like yourself, don’t be surprised if this happens:

Sometimes you may feel groggy after you wake up, as though there’s a heaviness to life. (And assuming that what’s happening couldn’t possibly be a hangover. 😉 )

Well, don’t be alarmed. It will pass. Probably just a few hours into your day and ah! You’ll feel as though the sun has broken through some passing clouds.

I’d call it, “Getting used to living on earth during transitional years of The Age of Awakening.”

Or to be really fancy, I’d call it, “You’re part of collective consciousness on earth, while human beings learn how to handle the new vibrational rules in The Age of Awakening.”

Blog-Buddies, if I know you, guess what? You’ll make it through. You’ll make it through whole. And what inspiring Teaching Tales you will have for your grandchildren!

P.S. Yes, I really do think that “THE NEW STRONG” can help.

P.P.S. About the model featured in the photo at the top of today’s blog post. She looks off to the side in a way that has, I hope, flagged your attention.

Don’t confuse that with extreme spiritual addiction. Her eyes are warm and alive, brimming with a very human expressiveness. All of us can’t boast such a gorgeous complexion. Still, like her, we’re identifiably human. And in charge of our own personal consciousness. Here’s to keeping it that way!

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  1. 1

    What a strange time this is, indeed. Thank you, Rose.

  2. 2
    Irene says:

    In my opinion, The New Strong definitely helps! It helps me understand the big picture of what is happening, what’s changed in the world and why that matters. And it helps me choose my consciousness lifestyle with greater clarity and understanding.

    Every individual is free to choose how they wish to live this life. And I choose human 🙂

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    Speaking as one of the people who had a contact high related to a person in extreme spiritual addiction, what I found most disturbing is that *I couldn’t tell anything was different*. I also have difficulty seeing the lack of presence in celebrities’ eyes.

    I’m very glad I arranged a session with you, but I arranged that session to work on something else I’d been planning to work on since the first session.

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    I feel kind of like I’m lacking a sense that others have.

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    I’m especially curious to see what will become of these people. Will any of the astral entities give up at some point? Will the people figure it out and try to fix it?

    I’m glad you’re periodically checking at least some of them.

  6. 6
    Cathy says:

    No, not Emma Watson :'( wonder what she has taken up to become like this? Too much yoga? Meditating?

    Loving the New Strong, very helpful, very noticeable differences, for me at least. Slowly working through, chapter by chapter.

  7. 7
    David B says:

    We do indeed live in curious times. And it may get worse before it gets better. The famous are something of a reflection of the whole.

    But as group consciousness rises, people will either get clearer and disentangle or the group will stop resonating with them and they’ll loose their fame.

    I’ve seen both in smaller scales.

  8. 8

    CATHY, thanks for your Comment #6. (Everyone today, thanks for your comments!)

    What causes somebody to move into extreme spiritual addiction? Not that I’m a big expert on this, nor do I wish to become one. But I’m reasonably sure it isn’t brought on by too much Technique Time.

    That simply causes feet off the ground, spiritual addiction.

  9. 9

    Those who move into extreme spiritual addiction seem, in general, to fall into two categories.

    Some want more fame and influence. More, more, more. Therefore, they’re very interested in psychic-level guidance.

    Just as a celebrity like Johnny Depp might seek more and more advice, following it, no longer caring if he “feels like himself” because he’s so used to doing and acting and presenting as directed.

  10. 10

    The other pattern I have observed is when people have really terrible energy hygiene.

    They’re reading auras all day long.

    Or asking their guides what to do.

    Or channeling a favorite being of “higher intelligence” than themselves, some astral being who provides “superior knowledge” or attunements, etc.

  11. 11

    So stick with regular human-type reality and you’ll be fine.

    Worst case is spiritual addiction for a while.

    And then, if you do bring that Technique Time down to 20 daily minutes, tops, you’ll be living in human-based spirituality.

  12. 12

    CATHY, on a joyful note, how wonderful that you’re finding noticeable results from “THE NEW STRONG”!

    And that slow reading (for that particular book) really does seem to be best.

  13. 13

    Please do this: Share your experiences in a review at Even one sentence, plus a good sprinkling of stars, can really, really help others to try the book. Here’s a NEW STRONG link to take you quickly to the page for reviewing!

    So far we’re up to just three reviews. Thank you, IRENE, for the latest. 🙂

  14. 14
    Cathy says:

    Rose, I had to leave a review on the Canadian site,it appears to be the first one there.

  15. 15

    CATHY, thank you so much.

    Of course, that’s the way to go. Let other people in your country learn about this indie self-publisher.

    Although I don’t understand the mysterious minds who rule, I do notice that the three reviews that show up so far for “THE NEW STRONG” at Amazon in the U.S. come from readers who live in England, Norway, and Canada.

    Maybe after a while reviews travel from one Amazon to another, like the folks in moving portraits at Gryffindor.

  16. 16
    Irene says:

    I purchased my copy from the US site before it was available on the Canadian one, so it directed me there for my review.

    Generally I’ve noticed if you’re on an Amazon site with only a few reviews, there will be a link to another site with more (usually

  17. 17
    Julie says:

    I used to enjoy reading People magazine and seeing the photos of the dressed-up stars in their gowns and moments of glory.

    But it’s less fun for me now. Too many examples of extreme spiritual addiction. It doesn’t inspire like it used to.

  18. 18
    Christine says:

    If everyone is so much more energy sensitive now why do I find it hard to read my own aura (when I’m practicing during technique time).

    I also feel like Lira. I couldn’t tell anything was different with Jimmy Fallon. I guess I’m still in stage 1 energetic literacy.

  19. 19

    Thanks so much for your comments this afteroon, IRENE, JULIE, CHRISTINE.

    Regarding Comment #18, you’ve raised a very interesting point.

    CHRISTINE, do you understand that energy sensitivity is something everyone can have but that aura reading is a SKILL?

  20. 20

    If you go back and read just about any blog post where I have written about energetic literacy, I have written about it as a skill.

    Check out these articles, for instance. They’re all in the category of Aura Reading SKILLS.

  21. 21

    You don’t have to guess about whether you have skills, CHRISTINE. You learn them. You practice them.

    * I have written books about these skills.

    * I do personal mentoring about these skills.

    No doubt many newbies to this blog are not used to understanding that energetic literacy is a form of skill, just like reading. Thanks for the opportunity to make this point again.

  22. 22

    About learning those skills, most people do learn quite easily when it’s the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

    But if not, it might be smart to have one or more sessions of RES energy HEALING. Because STUFF could get in the way.

    Just as some people work with a tutor for learning the skill of word literacy! Everybody doesn’t work at the same rate.

  23. 23

    How do you think people get from the no-skill state of Stage One Energetic Literacy (which you mentioned) to Stage Three Energetic Literacy?

    They linger long enough to learn.

  24. 24

    In that regard, if I can mention a detail from your comment without making you feel self-conscious but to make a teaching point….

    You referred to “Lira.” Her name is KIRA. Actually KIRA is one of the most prolific commenters at this blog. If you slow down a bit, CHRISTINE, you may find other details here at this blog that you’ve been missing.

    Some people are so eager to learn, they race through reading material at this blog and elsewhere. In their sweet enthusiasm, they miss out when they don’t have to, you know?

  25. 25
    David B says:

    Amazon is a little obscure sometimes. Like your account for one works for at least several countries. But they prefer if you shop your country.

    If you comment on the country site where you bought, you can be marked as a “verified purchaser”, which has a higher profile as some try to game the system.

  26. 26
    Irene says:

    Christine, I learned aura reading skills from Rose in personal mentoring a few months ago. I very highly recommend it!

    It is wonderful to be not just talented at noticing energies, but to also be skilled at using effective techniques to gain relevant, important information and insights.

    This is making a big difference in my life. 🙂

  27. 27
    Brandi says:

    Hi Rose just curious when you say that some of the Extreme Spiritually addicted folks pursue their desires through physic guidance -is this done consciously or subconsciously? Like might Johnny Depp have some on-hand guru/psychic guiding his choices based on becoming more famous?

  28. 28

    BRANDI, questions like these are none of your business. Nor mine.

    With all respect, I won’t be publishing future comments like this, nor will I respond to them.

    Please, Dearest BRANDI, direct that curiosity towards making your own life good, okay?

  29. 29
    Claudia says:

    Thanks Rose. That explains why I had a negative reaction to a small photo of Taylor Swift that I briefly noticed while on line at Whole foods two days ago.

    She was wearing sunglasses, but something felt “yucky.”

    I do not have stage 3 energetic literacy yet, but I have always been a sensitive empath.

  30. 30
    Claudia says:

    Following the guidelines of The New Strong, I chose not to dig deeper into what provoked my reaction, just let go and did not feel any yucky on me.

    I have been doing lock the door and hide the key and I find it beneficial.

  31. 31
    Brandi says:

    Rose thank you for the reminder..interest in me and my life. ?

  32. 32
    Lilian says:

    Thanks for noting that being in the collective consciousness these days can be tough.

  33. 33
    Morgan says:

    Rose – can a person choose to get out of extreme spiritual addiction? Your comment made me think Ellen must surely be struggling inside to do things so contrary to her free will…”Really, can you believe this? Of Ellen, the gentlest of comedians who would never have hurt a fly. Or even humiliate one. And now?”

  34. 34
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Responding to your question in Comment #33, MORGAN: Far as I know, no.

    This consciousness lifestyle is non-negotiable.

    Unlike all the other consciousness lifestyles.

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