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Aura Reading Mike Pence, the Presumptive Republican Candidate for Vice-President. Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES.

Great Republican President Abe Lincoln. I wonder what he would make of Lincoln Land Veep Candidate Mike Pence.

Great Republican President Abe Lincoln, I wonder what he would make of Republican Veep Candidate Mike Pence.

This just in. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has selected his running mate, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana.

Energy Spirituality Professional, ISABELLA CATES, offered to research his aura. Skip to the end of this insightful guest post for more about energetic literacy skills.

Just a bit more preface for now, though…

Because Otherwise You’ll Find This Aura Reading Quite Shocking

(Hey, You’ll Still Probably Find It Quite Shocking)

These days, Blog-Buddies, many people are finding it difficult to adjust to the Age of Awakening. Hey, that’s why I wrote “THE NEW STRONG,” to help. During this transitional time, people are responding in certain ways:

  1. You Can live in human-based spirituality. Or even upgrade it to living “THE NEW STRONG.” Or even receive a Divine upgrade and cross the threshold into Enlightenment.
  2. Others are clinging to life while avoiding energy sensitivity that happens so easily. And therefore, for a time, they are living in spiritual shutdown.
  3. Others are seeking solutions through psychological overwork and spiritual addiction— either or both. Easy to overcome. 🙂
  4. Some drift into extreme spiritual addiction, which could be considered a way of teaming up with non-human spirits (entities). I wrote about that directly for the first time in this recent blog post. Usually I only refer to this in personal sessions of Energy Spirituality and when training experts in this field. But yes, for more than a decade, as a small part of the field of Energy Spirituality, it has been necessary to deal with this consciousness lifestyle.

Please don’t worry about developing extreme spiritual addiction. It’s unlikely to happen unless you’re desperate for ever more fame, market share, money, or power over others.

However, I’ll warn you right now, Senator Mike Pence is one of the people in that fourth group. And a certain new British Prime Minister also is experiencing a variation of this transitional problem — just for now, a blip in history, as people are adjusting to life in the new years of the Age of Awakening. (I’m so sorry to report this news that will impact Merrie England, but there it is.)

Oh yeah, guess what else?

Ayuhuasca Can Also Lead to Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Recently, by popular demand, I also wound up publishing a series of four articles about Ayahuasca.Well, these are also portraits of extreme spiritual addiction.

Some people enjoy this energy sharing, like the three shamans I researched. Others don’t, and Mike Pence is one of the people who has passed a point of no return (for a while at least) and is NOT enjoying his current state of consciousness.

ISABELLA has been blunt in describing what is going on at the chakra databanks of this Indiana Governor, including how he feels at a subconscious level.

Again, warning. This is not pretty. But I decided that in the case of important political candidates or government leaders, it is important to use deeper perception to tell it like it is.

This blog isn’t about politics, nor do we emphasize this flukey problem which causes problems for a relatively small number of people, mostly celebrities. Just check out the great majority of articles here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

However, this blog is about using energetic literacy to function better in the world, make smarter choices. In advance of America’s presidential election, I think it’s important to post aura readings of both candidates for president and vice-president.  So today it is Pence’s turn. Go, Intrepid ISABELLA!

Here Begins ISABELLA’s Aura Reading of Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence

Here is the picture I used, Mike Pence standing on stage with Donald Trump a few days ago, before he’d been officially selected.

Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Physical Reality

12 feet.

Slimy. So deeply entrenched in his ways of thinking… and then acting… that it’s as if he will never be able to climb his way out of this swamp he lives in.

Presence of many astral entities, just clamoring for attention.

  • From the entities: Hatred for humanity. Willingness to grab power in whatever ways possible.
  • As for Mike Pence, feeling deep down powerless as a person. He is still aware to some extent of the movement into extreme spiritual addiction.
  • Also, seems to me, he is terrified about what’’s happening, how he’’s lost control of himself.

Attention from adoring others is the only thing that makes him feel good again, even if that’’s only for little shards of time, as his awareness (and his sense of self) very quickly alternates between variations on creepy, hateful darkness and the sweetness of receiving attention (and political power) at a rally.

Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth

17 inches

Of disgusting slime

Pain, suffering, and humiliation…  and feeling like his pain, suffering, and humiliation are the only ones that matter.

In this databank right now, Mike Pence is desperately screaming, “I matter! I matter! Help me!”

He is feeling so out of control, as if his life is happening without him. Like he has lost command of the control board to his own life.

Aura Reading Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

2 inches

Slimy as can be.

Hatred and disdain for human beings. “They are all so stupid and inferior.”

For Mike Pence, now, there is no need to tell the truth… The only motivator might be the screaming, aching pain he is feeling inside, pretty constantly, as this databank screams out,  “HELP ME!! I AM SOOOOO LOST!!!!”

But at this point, the way Pence acts is probably not ever motivated by his human pain, or by anything like compassion, understanding, or sadness.

Due to the entities who are now mostly controlling him, the man is motivated by hatred, disgust, and a delight for messing with people.

About the entities: Mean, nasty, carelessly cruel and cruelly careless.

As for Mike: Increasingly out of touch with human goodness, with layers and layers of nastiness building on each other like layers of a swamp.

Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

2 feet. Hard and coated in slime.

“I will do what I say I will do if it means Donald Trump will pick me as his running mate.”

In other words, Pence is able to selectively follow through when it means he’s getting something he wants.

In this case, he has determined that in order to be selected by Trump as VP, he’’s got to follow through with Trump and his camp in the weeks he’’s being vetted. He’’s got to seem like an upstanding guy. For now. To the people that matter.

Other than personal grabs for power, or casually messing with people just for the fun of seeing them feel powerless because of something oh-so-powerful he did, there’’s no concern for integrity here.

In the deep recesses of this databank, Mike Pence’s soul has given up. (For now, anyway.)

Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

Out into deep space

A deep allegiance with astral intelligences beyond this planet. When it comes to these energies (which are not remotely Divine) Mike Pence is in total alignment, total integrity.

Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

5 feet.

From the entities: Hatred of people. Out for revenge. “God hates me, and I hate Him back.”

And: “This is so much fun, playing this game of human and getting to hate everyone so closely. It really has a big impact, bigger than I would have had otherwise.”

Aura Reading High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill


For now, Mike Pence’s soul is sleeping. Fitfully, as if having the worst and longest nightmare, one he can’’t wake up from.

A total loss of control of his own life while he watches terrible, terrible things happen.

There you have it, folks, the running mate selected by Donald Trump.

More about Aura Reading

Joy. Helping people to wake up spiritually. Skills for depth aura reading.

All these are my emphasis in every skill set of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Usually you will read auras for fun, just like reading regular words on a screen or a newspaper for fun.

But, hey, how many ugly things are showing up these days in newspapers and the like?

That’s the only reason I am devoting blog space to the topic of extreme spiritual addiction. Voting is a choice. Know about the choices and share this idea with your friends.

Just for perspective about the gentler joys of learning to do your own aura reading, with accuracy and ease, know that Stage Three Energetic Literacy allows experiences like these to become available:

  • Doing a three-part Lie Detector test, with uncanny accuracy and plenty of nuance
  • Previewing a new date sexually (Reading chakra databanks like, “What Joe is like as a lover?”)
  • Reading gifts of the soul at the Divine, or Etheric, or Higher Self level
  • Reading the size and quality of any chakra databank —  aura information at the astral or psychic or subconscious mind-level.
  • Reading auras from regular photographs, online or hard copy
  • Reading auras in depth and detail whenever you like, really smart for an Aura Reading Consumer

Here is a useful resource for learning more about aura reading — how it doesn’t have to be psychic development when taught as a form of energetic literacy, our Top 10 List about Energetic Literacy.

Finally, if you’re really curious about the full range of energetic literacy skillsas they can be developed by YOU, here’s an update about that was published in April 2016.

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  1. 1
    Irene says:

    Yikes. This is sad news.

    Thanks for doing this reading, Isabella.

    Time to keep on doing our human best to live our human lives.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    Wow. I’m… (nearly) speechless.

    Thank you, Isabella, for doing this research. And thank you Rose for sharing it.

  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    Today’s The Onion article took on a whole new meaning for me after reading this:

    As they say, this is all really happening.

  4. 4
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    Wow. Just . . . wow.

  5. 5
    Jnana says:

    Oh God, please let the Democrats win!

  6. 6
    David B says:

    Thanks, brave Isabella.

  7. 7
    Rachel says:

    I am simultaneously looking forward to reading your newsletter – and alarmed to think about what I might read in there :-(.

    It is one thing to make a choice to avoid celebrities who seem ‘off,’ but quite another to avoid political leaders, presidents, prime ministers.

    On the plus side, it’s finally motivated me to go ahead and order “The New Strong.”

  8. 8
    Emily T says:

    Wow! Ummm… Wow.

    Thank you Isabella for doing the research!

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Yikes, I knew he was bad with one glance but I assumed that he would be in spiritual shutdown, as would the new Prime Minister.

    Thanks for doing this reading, Isabella.

    Sarah–that Onion article is dead on.

  10. 10
    Claudia says:

    Thank you Isabella for your courage and bravery and sharing this reading.

  11. 11
    Brandi says:

    Thank you Isabella.

  12. 12
    Dana K. says:

    Wow. I figured whoever would choose to run with him would be in a bad way somehow or they wouldn’t do that deal. But this is particularly insightful and although tough to read, thank you Isabella.

    Previously when I read in the history books about some of the most atrocious acts done by leaders and countries I couldn’t imagine how any of it could come about. But this year and with this election, I now understand.

    The only good news being that his soul thrill is so very low. I’ve read here before Rose says that’s an indicator of success.

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    Dana, your #12:

    “Previously when I read in the history books about some of the most atrocious acts done by leaders and countries I couldn’t imagine how any of it could come about. But this year and with this election, I now understand.”

    I can relate to this statement. Although perhaps, for me, I still cannot claim to “understand”…

    I am, admittedly, still learning just -how much- others are not all “just like me”!

  14. 14
    Irene says:

    Dana, #12 is very moving and insightful.

    I had a similar reaction when I visited the Holocaust exhibit at the Imperial War Museum in London several years ago. They laid out the buildup to WWII so clearly that it was almost logical.

    By the time they reached the atrocities, I could understand how and why it happened. So heart-breaking to watch that callousness and dismissal grow.

  15. 15
    Irene says:

    Sarah, in #13, I agree. It is still so often a shock how very different from me others can be in their priorities and in what they do here.

  16. 16
    Irene says:

    Sometimes it feels like I’m not doing enough, yet the light we bring to the world matters. It is enough.

  17. 17
    Irene says:

    One thing that my SEAH sessions earlier this week really emphasized to me: The life I have here matters. I need to and want to do my best to live the best life I can. This planet has big learning potential and that comes from the big challenges that are here.

    But this life also isn’t the end. Rose quotes Dr Coletta Long saying, “We will always be in some body somewhere”. The somewhere that isn’t this life might be a little easier too, particularly the part before we incarnate somewhere else.

  18. 18
    Amanda says:

    Oh dear. I am irresistibly reminded of the old notion of ‘selling your soul to the devil’.

    I hope this is transitional, as you say, Rose! The world feels like a very odd place at the moment.


  19. 19
    Isabella Cates says:

    No problem, guys. As soon as I saw him on TV I knew he would be important to research.

  20. 20
    Christine says:

    So when someone has a high soul thrill for a particular career or role it’s a good indicator that they will be sucessfull at that? I thought it would just mean they enjoyed that thing. What about things one enjoys but that they aren’t successful at?

  21. 21

    CHRISTINE, doing well at the High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill means only that.

    For more understanding about aura reading in general, of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research in particular, I really must refer you to session time with an RES expert.

    Good that you’re curious. In session is the place for such inquiries, not my blog.

  22. 22

    Thanks to all of you who have been commenting at this thread.

    Deeper perception is about reality. Usually what you find is delightful, or pretty close.

    But we do live in interesting times.

  23. 23
    Julie says:

    A great time to be humble, simple, pure.

    And remember basic humanity.

    It could be argued that there is no greater force in the universe than purity.

  24. 24
    Julie says:

    From regressions, what remains at the end? The pain?


    The basic decent human who was there all along. Has been there all along.

    And will be there…all along.

  25. 25
    David B says:

    “there is no greater force in the universe than purity.”
    In Sanskrit, they call it sattva. Another word it means? Clarity.

  26. 26
    Sandra says:

    Thank you the brilliant aura reading of Pence, Isabella.

    I agree with some of the other: it was courageous and a great service. I wish more people used 3rd stage energetic literacy before voting.

  27. 27
    Dana K. says:

    Super sorry if I caused any confusion with that last piece on my comment. I know Rose deals enough already with clarifying RES is absolutely not psychic work, and not predictive.

    Yes we all have free will and the environment this year is a doozy! Taking action and being responsible for ourselves so important.

    Guess I just needed a piece of hope to hang my hat on but likely should have kept my thinking to myself in consideration of the scope of the blog….

  28. 28

    No worries, DANA K. I treasure your comments.

    It never hurts to remind readers that RES experts provide neither psychic work nor mental health services nor medical services.

    It’s energy spirituality, which is plenty. And it’s called “Rosetree Energy Spirituality” to cut down on people who pretend to be affiliated with my work and really aren’t.

    For some reason, more infringers are grabbing “Empath Empowerment” than “Rosetree Energy Spirituality.” 😉

  29. 29
    Carl Smuda says:

    Wow. I take knowledge from y’all. 🙂 every single comment.

    When I saw Pence for just a few seconds on a 60-minutes commercial I saw that face.

    And it had that ‘missing wrinkles’ look that Rose talks about in “Reading People Deeper.”

  30. 30
    Carl Smuda says:

    it was creepy for me to recognize that just days after reading a little.

    Thank you Isabelle for that frightfully disturbing reading.

    Mother of Pearl Fire on the Poop Deck!! Now I really really want to obtain 3rd Level Energy Literacy.

  31. 31
    Carl Smuda says:

    We are in for some bad times me thinks.

    We need the New Strong. I’m convinced there is a bad storm coming and when the Dross is finally gone More Awakening. 🙂 Jai Guru Dev

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