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Quiz Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

Say YES to this quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO.

Say YES to this quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO.

Sometimes saying NO isn’t “Being negative” but using your power. So important in The Age of Awakening! Take this quiz and see.

Why I Developed this Quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

Life today is even more complicated than before The Shift, and not just because you’re in the first generation that is learning how to live in The Age of Awakening.

Remember the thrill, when you were two years old, and discovered the magic of saying NO?

Life is way more complicated now. Personal growth since toddlerhood… requires that sometimes you decide to say YES.

Deciding YES or NO, then acting upon it, matters a lot for using your personal power. Especially now, in The Age of Awakening.

Lately we’ve had some great comments here at the blog about using your power to say NO.

Truth is…

This Age of Awakening Has New Rules for Success and Honor and Power

In “THE NEW STRONG” you’ll discover seven Old Rules that used to guide good people during life before The Shift, back in the Age of Faith. I compare them to what works far better now, seven New Rules for The Age of Awakening.

Developing THE NEW STRONG is about using your power and more. To help you adapt your speech and action to this Age of Awakening… I invite you to take the following quiz.

Quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

Answer TRUE or FALSE. Also, maybe, WHY!

Blog-Buddies. Using our COMMENTS box below, please share your personal reactions to this Quiz. Go ahead and list your answers. Of special interest, please share your reasons and even experience related to these quiz questions.

  1. One of the signs of good character is that now you have kept the same friends that you used to have when growing up.
  2. When a friend treats you badly, forgive, forgive, forgive. Make it your mission to figure out why your friend acted that way. Make allowances.
  3. Real friends will know what you want before you ask it. If you have to ask, you might not even have a right to ask. You might be asking too much.
  4. Being a friend requires that you give, not just forgive. Sometimes good friends must give even until it hurts. True friendship requires sacrifice.
  5. “Best Friend” is a lifetime commitment.
  6. When a friendship ends, just drift apart gracefully. That’s the natural way. Saying anything leads to ugliness.
  7. If a marriage is limiting your life, stop being so selfish and remember that you have made a sacred vow.
  8. If do you wind up getting divorced, how can you help to restore your good character? Keep replaying where you went wrong. Feeling guilty is a good sign.
  9. Turn a blind eye to negative behavior from others. Anyone can do disrespectful or hurtful behavior. Spiritual power is yours when you dwell on the moral highground and refuse to let petty things bother you.
  10. Forgiving everyone, every time, will bring you closer to God. Even Enlightenment. Because it’s so very important to always be positive.

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Yay! I want to play! OK, here are my answers:

    1) FALSE! Although in the past, especially in the context of love relationships, I have *definitely* believed this one.

    When I was 12 or so, and my first serious crush didn’t pan out, I was in a full PANIC! I made all kinds of excuses for why that one “didn’t count” and how the NEXT one would be the “forever” relationship! (at 12!!!)

    Luckily, I don’t subscribe to this one anymore. 🙂 I’ve kept very few friendships as I’ve moved from one phase of life to the next, and they’ve usually come -back- into my life after the new phase is established, rather than my needing to cling to them through the transition.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    2) FALSE! Another one I used to live by. My reasoning was something like this: I would want someone *else* to give *me* the benefit of the doubt if I had acted this way–because I would never be doing it maliciously!

    Newsflash: Not everyone is *just like me*! And sometimes people just don’t like me, and that’s fine. I don’t have to take that personally or make excuses.

  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    3) FALSE! I learned this one reading Rose’s The Empowered Empath, in particular the chapter about Intellectual Empath Ability.

    Sure, even folks without this empath gift could make this mistake, but reading this was a big wake-up for me. Again, people are not all “just like me”–so how could they know exactly what I need and want without me saying it?

  4. 4
    Sarah says:

    On a related note, I have been watching someone make this mistake from the other side recently, and it’s almost comical.

    The short version: This particular GLADYS has a habit of regularly asking me, “CAN I JUST [thing she would like to do]?!!!” when what she means is: “Would you please [thing she needs me to do in order for her to be able to do what she would like]?”

    Not only is this (obviously) rude and doesn’t make me want to help her out–but I have NO IDEA what she actually needs from me unless she asks! How funny that she thinks her strategy could actually get her what she wants.

  5. 5
    Sarah says:

    4) FALSE. In my opinion, a good friendship has give and take, and *you* get to decide how much you would like to give, and *you* get to decide how much you would like to be able to “take”.

    Small imbalances with strong friendships will likely be able to right themselves, and this may require a conversation. Strong imbalances indicate a bad match for a friendship.

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    5) FALSE. Silly!

    Why wait for another incarnation to be able to have a new best friend? 😉 Seems arbitrary.

  7. 7
    Sarah says:

    6) FALSE… 🙂 Although there is plenty of opportunity for cop-out of responsibility if you subscribe to this belief!

    [And, to be fair, some weaker friendships do just end this way on their own, and we look back and think “whatever happened to so-and-so?”. But in my experience, if you’re “wishing” a friendship will end on it’s own–it won’t.]

  8. 8
    Sarah says:

    7) FALSE, and
    8) FALSE, though I have to admit a complete lack of direct experience on the marriage and divorce front.

    Although, again, like #5 and #1 in particular, this seems like a good way to waste some time in an incarnation. (The replaying, the guilt, etc. Not marriage itself!)

  9. 9
    Sarah says:

    9) FALSE. Hardly.

    Especially after meeting so many wonderful folks at the New Strong workshop, I am coming to disagree more and more with my formerly held belief that “anyone can do disrespectful or hurtful behavior.”

    I do think just about anyone can do hurtful things unintentionally, or in a moment of pain. But it’s reasonable to ask for an apology or clarification, and it’s not “spiritually superior” to fill in that excuse or apology for them.

  10. 10
    Sarah says:

    10) FALSE!

    Maybe a modified converse is true: “Moving closer to God and Enlightenment, you *may find it easier* to forgive others.” Or maybe not!

    But either way, this is definitely not a case of fake-it-til-you-make-it!!

  11. 11
    Sarah says:

    So I guess, I think they’re all FALSE!

    But generally sweet (some of them), well-meaning, and familiar (to me)!

    There may have even been times in history when it was actually helpful to society for most people to believe these things. But not now, and (I would guess) certainly not for any of the kinds of people interested enough in these matters to be reading a blog like this and really engaging with this material.

    Just my opinion. 🙂

  12. 12
    Mel says:

    This all applies to family too. You’re not obligated to stick around if there isn’t a balanced give and take. This is a radical idea in American society where everything from advertisements to politicians constantly push the family angle.

  13. 13
    Irene says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no and no!

    Full body shudder of revulsion as I read each one of these questions, prompted by how familiar these were. Now, thankfully, *not* how I choose to live.

    Then Sarah said almost exactly what I would have replied to each one in the sequence from #1-11. 🙂

  14. 14
    jane says:

    Haha..!!! Sarah – love all your responses & reasons.. ..and love the ‘yey-wanna play’..!!!

  15. 15
    jane says:

    …I got similar answers. …big ol’ fat FALSE to the whole bunch.. ..and -yet- I’m pretty sure that had I answered these a while back – I’d have had quite a few *stoic/dutiful/spiritual/my-heart-bleeds-for-you* type truuuuuuuuues! Gosh.

  16. 16
    jane says:

    Very much diggin’ the whole message -the Power of No-! …I’m saying YES to that 🙂

  17. 17
    jane says:

    …And for that – Thank You Rose…! And #11 too Sarah, yep – nicely put.

  18. 18
    Kylie says:

    Love all these responses! I’m glad my answers are now all NO.

    Had I taken this quiz five years ago, I’m pretty sure my answers would have been a lot different.

  19. 19

    Interesting… in recent weeks I have been noticing an increasing number of opportunities to set limits. Thanks for blogging, Rose!

  20. 20
    Kira says:

    I answered all of these “false”, but any elaboration will have to wait. I have a lot of work still to do for Confluence (my local science fiction conference; just finished the program book, now have to make the badges and any signs we might need).

  21. 21
    Primmie says:

    All false for me. I’m not a fan of self-imposed positivity or forced forgiveness. Not to say I’m not positive (I am) and I’m quite a forgiving soul too, but only when it’s authentic.

  22. 22
    Brandi says:

    Big NO to all as well -and Sarah has summed them up great.

    Since I have started RES sessions there is no coincidence that I ended a very toxic relationship with a friend.

  23. 23
    Brandi says:

    What helped me see the light was healing through RES sessions energetic subroutines that had me defaulting to the “spirit” of the person rather than saying or doing something about what hurt me.

  24. 24
    Brandi says:

    Also having an Aura Reading of this friend showed me the truth-that I was in emotional and physical stress around them.

    Saying NO is about safety for me and putting myself first.

  25. 25

    Thanks for all these comments, Blog-Buddies.

    For any of you readers who are wondering, BRANDI’s Comment #23 was referring to one of the healing centerpieces that can be done in an RES session of aura HEALING.

    Have you seen references here at the blog to a trademarked skill set called “Vibrational Re-Positioning®”?

    This addresses one of the types of STUFF: energetic subroutines. These are like buggy code in a person’s subconscious mind “software.”

  26. 26

    Many different healing centerpieces are known by RES experts, some required to become apprentices and graduate as professionals in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Others are made available through mentoring, post-graduate add-ons.

  27. 27

    In earlier years, I attempted to maintain a current and complete list of RES skill sets at my website, and you can still read quite a bit there about some of the skill sets that I use to help clients.

    However, I’ve long since given up trying to list all of the skills for aura HEALING and energy READING. These are highly specialized, technically advanced skills in a field that is already at the leading edge.

    Mostly I communicate here about the most widely known skills of RES. And just doing that could be a full-time job. Look at some of the questions that were raised recently in the Comments section at “Cut a Cord of Attachment. Then Done.” !!!

  28. 28

    The practical point is simple:

    What if you would like emotional and spiritual growth from an RES expert? Simply schedule your appointment. Here I’ll use the example of having me, Rose Rosetree, facilitating your session.

    Bring one or two ideas for an intention. This will matter. We’ll discuss. Then I will do a Skilled Empath Merge and assess how to help you, given what’s going on with STUFF in your aura and also given the official intention for your session.

    Every Healing Centerpiece is previewed before it is done. So you can relax and enjoy the personal growth.

  29. 29

    What if you would like aura reading research from an RES expert? Schedule your appointment and relax.

    Having this kind of session can also be simple for you. So please don’t think you need to become an expert or otherwise work hard to prepare.

    You’ll be the client, after all!

  30. 30

    But are you curious about which techniques for aura reading are possible?

    Again, there are actually many different skill sets that an RES expert will have. Trust the facilitator of your session to choose the best option.

    Or, if more than one choice might serve you, enough will be explained to help you to make an informed choice.

  31. 31

    For sure, there can be reading of your aura here and now. For sure, if you bring along a photo of any person, or provide a url to a photograph, reading that aura is as easy as eating pie.

    There is also Thrill Your Soul Aura Guidance.Additional skills are available as well, to be described on an as-needed basis.

    This chart about energetic literacy can give you an idea. There’s more to Rosetree Energy Spirituality than aura HEALING, aura READING, and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

    Hope all of this helps!

  32. 32
    Carl Smuda says:

    I think “False” is the answer for all ten questions.

  33. 33
    Amanda says:

    Yay, a quiz!

    I will be saying False to all. Though I still have some yearnings towards a True, in a ‘wouldn’t it be lovely if’ way.

    1. False. People grow differently and grow apart. Though early, close, always schoolfriends can stay around, it’s spontaneous and can’t be forced.

  34. 34
    Amanda says:

    2. False. I’m much more likely to challenge them! And they can explain to me why they acted that way.

    3. Definitely false.

    4. False. It should be fun on the whole, though of course we all need support sometimes.

    I see a lot of this in the teens around me. My view at the moment is that more than 20% of sacrificial time in a friendship is too much.

  35. 35

    What delightful comments, AMANDA.

    A detailed response like yours is what I was hoping folks would give in responding to this quiz.

    (Still not too late, folks.)

  36. 36

    One of your gems:

    “My view at the moment is that more than 20% of sacrificial time in a friendship is too much.”

    Sacrificial time, indeed! Haha.

  37. 37
    Amanda says:

    5. Nope. Though it can be earned over a lifetime.

    6. Oh I want this to be true! Because if people don’t fit to that degree, bringing up whatever the issue is can cause such an ugly situation – resentments and fuss, and even less possibility of change.

    I would rather exit quietly on the whole if it’s got that bad. And it’s got to be pretty bad if it’s end-of-friendship territory.

    I’m changing my mind. It’s a True! I’s rather avoid all wrangles and slip away under cover of darkness :0)

  38. 38
    Amanda says:

    7. Well, this is why I’m saying True to number 6. I’ve seen instances of this kind of misplaced loyalty leading to tortuous months of marriage guidance counselling, and all sorts of emotional heavings and hoings, and it would have been kinder to everyone to make a clean break and avoid the upset and explanations.

    My biggest False of the quiz.

  39. 39
    Amanda says:

    8. Lessons can be learned, but doing it this way is probably a good way to not learn them! Lesson learning requires a happy frame of mind. So False.

    9. Responding to other people’s negativity depends very much on the situation. If I’m free to leave and don’t know them, I’ll exit.

    If I have to I will say something. If they seem too much like hard work and likely to become aggressive if confronted (see no 6) I will keep quiet. I won’t be ignoring it internally though, or feeling I should rise above it.

  40. 40
    Amanda says:

    10. Forgiveness does bring you closer to God. But it’s spontaneous, and normally means you’ve got happier in life generally.

    Trying to forgive or setting an expectation around forgiveness is unhelpful. And actually bad for our anger muscles, which exist for a reason.

    So sacrificial forgiveness that comes from an idea and requires effort and martyrdom? False.

    Actual forgiveness that rises naturally out of a moving, flowing life? True and huzzah.

    That was really fun. Thank you, Rose!


  41. 41
    Emily T says:

    1 False!

    Sometimes people do not grow with you. Sometimes people change and not in a good way. Back in the day when you might have lived in the same place your whole life and things might not have changed for you very much it would have very well been a sign of your character that you had long standing friends you were loyal to and who were loyal to you in return.

    Nowadays people’s life trajectories can vary so wildly that clinging to people from your home time who are disrespectful of the ways in which you are different to who you were 10 even 5 years ago can be stifling.

  42. 42
    Emily T says:

    2 False!

    If a friend is treating you badly you’re not helping anyone by not doing anything. You’re failing to treat yourself with respect by letting some repeatedly treat you in an unacceptable way. Your friend also isn’t learning from the consequences of their actions.

  43. 43
    Emily T says:

    3 False, some people are good at this, some people aren’t.

    There are also different “love languages” so trying to guess what others needs or having others guess what you need is more than likely going to be a major disappointment.

  44. 44
    Emily T says:

    4 False, I think sometimes you give and sometimes you receive but if it feels like a sacrifice it’s too much.

    For me it’s fun to give (gifts, time, advice, information, my time) and if it felt like a sacrifice I wouldn’t do it.

  45. 45
    Emily T says:

    5. No, I have had best friends that turned out to be terrible friends for me. I like the idea of a best friend, but I never want to have just one!

  46. 46
    Emily T says:

    7. False

  47. 47
    Emily T says:

    8 False, you don’t owe it to your ex spouse or to society to feel miserable or to affect a certain display of remorse just because you’ve divorced.

  48. 48
    Emily T says:

    Out of order lol@

    6 It would be nice if everyone drifted away gracefully but that’s just not reality. I’ve faded out before on some friends, and had to be real explicit with one friend in particular who understandably was confused by my fading.

    It’s more difficult to be direct but it’s fairer to the person to let them know, and if the reason you had to stop being friends with them is due to a particular behaviour you find acceptable, it’s a kindness for them to experience real consequences of that behaviour even if they don’t agree with you.

  49. 49
    Emily T says:

    9 False. It’s not spiritual to continue to let people treat you with disrespect. You are important too!

    In some situations (say at work) if someone’s being disrespectful but I can’t quite rock the boat I still think to myself “you’re being a douche”. I try to speak up for myself though where I reasonably can or remove myself from situations if I don’t have to remain in them.

  50. 50
    Emily T says:

    10 False. You don’t need to make a big show of forgiving someone nor do you need to actually feel like you’ve forgiven someone.

    Trying to override how you’re actually feeling in an attempt to forgive someone when you’re not ready can leave you accepting behaviour that is still not acceptable or even harmful and see the behaviour repeated over and over again.

  51. 51
    Emily T says:

    No 6 – “a behaviour you DON’T find accceptable”! 🙂

  52. 52

    AMANDA and EMILY T., I just loved reading your versions of the correct answers.

    Usually in constructing a quiz I do a better job of mixing in true and false responses, but as soon as I started to address the weird notions that are so prevalent today… I just wanted everyone to have chance to think things like, “False. Wrong. Ick. Malarkey alarm. I can do better than that silliness.

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