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Do NOT Use Aura Reading… When?

Surprise, Rose finally figures out sometimes it is better NOT to read auras

Surprise, Rose finally figures out… sometimes it is better NOT to use aura reading skills

Who would have thunk it? One day I would write a blog post on when NOT to use aura reading.

Mostly, of course, I encourage everyone reading these words — you, with your fine word literacy — to use an equally useful kind of literacy. Energetic literacy.

Of course, this Aura Reading Coach is in favor of aura reading. Of course, I’m usually engaged in pointing out the so-many benefits.

For instance, look at this list of aura reading topics you can learn to research when you wish to. (Courtesy of this so-practical book on aura reading and more.)

And, of course, I urge you:

  • Not to just use any old kind of random energy sensitivity but to develop real aura reading skills.
  • And not to stop with beginner energetic literacy. But to get yourself skills, Stage Three Energetic Literacy.
  • By developing that much skill, you’ve got game in The Age of Awakening. You can read auras on yourself plus every other human being you choose. In person or from a photo.

Well, today I’ve got more to say about that than you might expect. Probably you already know…

Outside Your Technique Time, Aura Reading Is a No-No

If Technique Time is a new concept to you, hallelujah! Limiting your daily technique can make a huge difference. You can start reading about this here.

Also you’ll find loads of other free content about this aspect of consciousness lifestyle here at the blog.

But the really useful info about Technique Time is contained in my books.

  • Limiting Technique Time is a small part, but important part, of developing The New Strong.
  • You’ll also learn about limiting Technique Time in my how-to for empaths. The fullest explanation comes in “The Empowered Empath:”

That said, I’m going to assume that you know about this version of “When NOT to Do Aura Reading… or any other version of Technique Time.” Because I’m eager to give you some new understandings never presented before at this public blog.

No Aura Reading for Consciousness Lifestyle, Either

But first, maybe I ought to explain what it means, “Aura reading for consciousness lifestyle.” 🙂

Before The Age of Awakening, spiritual seekers of Enlightenment were familiar with the expression “state of consciousness.”

And psychological seekers of self-actualization were also familiar with basic concepts related to “consciousness.”

Now, in this Age of Awakening, however, we need more precise and sophisticated language. That means language that comes from RES experts, or others with comparable credentials.

I Supply Language Based on Energetic Literacy.

For Those Who May, Or May NOT, Have Energetic Literacy Yet.

Most of you who are reading these words are not aura reading experts. That’s fine. You don’t have to be.

I make available to you as much knowledge as I can teach you appropriately.

Beyond that, it’s time to draw a line.

I do not discuss at this blog the specifics that I will gladly teach you later.

Eventually you may have earned the right to be given that highly sophisticated knowledge. It is a privilege. To me, this knowledge is sacred.

Sacredness aside, that’s how other professions work. Not only RES.

What professional training aims to explain to random blog readers… the most advanced skills in that profession?

Health Professionals Do NOT Teach Surgery Skills Online, Do They?

Instead, you can read some excellent articles with sound health advice. These articles can help you as a consumer. They can educate a lay person about the things that are appropriate to understand… without having to attend medical school.

But how much is appropriate to put online? What is available for a blog versus a self-help book? And what is not available for any online conversation whatsoever?

What is appropriate for the patient to understand only before actual surgery is performed?

Hello, Rose! Only recently have I begun to appreciate that I face a similar ethical and educational challenge.

What Has Made this “Do NOT Use Aura Reading” Idea Tricky for Me?

  1. I want so much to help everyone use enough  aura reading skill for Stage Three Energetic Literacy to become as common as word literacy is right now.
  2. Everyone who uses good skills of aura reading can benefit so much in everyday human ways.
  3. Many of you Blog-Buddies are so gosh-darned smart, I have sometimes been tempted to overstep the type of conversation that ought to happen at this blog.

But NOT any more. Out of respect for you. And out of respect for me and my time. And out of respect to serious students of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

In personal mentoring, I can teach you a lot. You can take one of my in-person workshops, like the one coming up next for Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 1, Workshop.

Otherwise, as I’ve finally realized, it is not helpful for anyone to engage in technical conversations at this blog in addition to the general interest info.

Please Accept My Apology. I Never Thought About  “NOT Use Aura Reading”

Have I been consistent about this before today? Nope. I just didn’t think in this way before. So I apologize to all of you who have gotten the wrong impression… from me!

When I encounter old blog posts where I crossed that line, I’ll fix ’em. (If you find any, just email me the url at and I’ll fix them too.)

Duh! I could have remembered. The Catholic church makes an important distinction for exoteric teachings that go out into the world versus esoteric teachings. In this respect, religious professionals are like those who educate surgeous. And I can be that way too.

This Week, I Finally Got It. When to Recommend That You NOT Use Aura Reading

Like me, you may find this historic perspective interesting.

This blog is a historical document about living in the transition into The Age of Awakening and, then beyond. Of course, this blog mainly supports a community of smart, independent, kind people who are interested in deeper perception. Not as a paranormal exercise nor as a way to have interesting conversations where we share whatever we know or suspect about energy sensitivity.

Instead we engage here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” to share appropriate knowledge in all those specialties you’ll find on the left column on this screen.

Well, this Last Week of July 2016, I Understood Better the Scope of this Blog

In effect, I started saying NO and NOT. I stopped enabling comments that might distract me and others from the mission of this blog.

For instance, commenting at Your Thoughts Are Just Thoughts. Not Things. Good to Know in The Age of Awakening., I made this comment related to my emerging understand of what NOT to use and do at my blog:

[A question about the contents of a Rose Rosetree book has been edited out by the blog monitor.]

Another example: Today at Aura Reading Leonard Nimoy. A Guest Post by IRENE, I made this comment related to my emerging understand of what NOT to use and do at my blog:

[This comment has been edited by the blog monitor. I consider it an unproductive use of our time to speculate about spiritual addiction and extreme spiritual addiction, Blog-Buddies.]

Yes, I’m learning too, Blog-Buddies. I’m learning what to do and NOT do as the founder of a RES, a brand new field in mind-body-spirit.

Everyday Aura Reading Does Not Include All the Skills of an RES Expert

Aura reading is only one of those skills. They’re all so easy and delightful for me, easier than eating my favorite food — ice cream — on a hot summer day.

I tend to forget that all of you don’t know all those skills yet. Oops! Sometimes I feel as ridiculous as if I just dumped the whole bowl of ice cream on top of my head, and there it is, dripping down my face.

Not to Complain. No Repining!

For practical purposes, Blog-Buddies, all people living in The Age of Awakening need to understand some basics about consciousness. Basics that Stage Three Energetic Literacy can deliver. That is what I teach the general public, including you wonderful readers.

The basics you need. About aura reading, empath skills, energy healing, moving forward on your path to Enlightenment.

Although I long to teach you EVERYTHING, that’s just silly of me.

How Much Do You Need to Understand about Aura Reading?

Just how to use it to make your life better. Not to assess how people use their consciousness.

By way of analogy, there are many ways to explore psychologically how people use consciousness.

What do you need to understand about state of consciousness from a psychological perspective?

 Waking state, altered version of waking state, meditative state, sleep, or dreaming.

The language I just used here is the language of regular people.

What if you are a professional psychologist or neurophysiologist or another expert whose career depends on knowing about states of consciousness? Then you need extra language, more protocols, more complex ways to pinpoint state-of-the-art knowledge.

Now I’m Clearer about No and Not

May this distinction make things easier for all of us from now on. My first recommendation?

NO Aura Reading for Consciousness Lifestyle.

Not unless you have become one of my RES apprentices. In which case you have already had a great deal of training. Your skills of energetic literacy and RES energy healing are excellent. You are stable enough emotionally, and clear enough in your aura, to be entrusted with more depth of information.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have accepted you as my apprentice. So you will do well with the knowledge not taught at this blog.

Plus, you’ll be using that knowledge to help clients. Not just some interesting hobby, such as folks do at so many New Age and spiritual and parnormal websites. Speculating away. Theorizing away. (And, sadly, in The Age of Awakening, maybe making themselves more vulnerable than they would otherwise be to STUFF, including spiritual addiction, etc.)

What Do Normal People Need to Know and NOT Need to Know, Reading Auras?

It’s plenty to have concepts about spiritual addiction, extreme spiritual addiction, and spiritual shutdown. Great to know what you can do to avoid spiritual addiction.

If you have a friend who might be in spiritual addiction, I wrote this article for you. Just do what that recommends and you can help a lot. No need to read that friend’s aura to use the help offered there!

Otherwise, if you are NOT an RES expert, hello, Rose! Why would you need to use aura reading to evaluate if a person is in one of the not-so-great consciousness lifestyles?


Everyday Aura Reading Does NOT Include Skill for Enlightenment Coaching

Just for fun, you’re invited to use aura reading on folks who have been placed on my Enlightenment Life List. You’ll find loads of links to photos of people who have been identified by this Enlightenment Coach, examples of what it is like to live in Enlightenment.

But this is not what it means to use everyday aura reading.

What about state of consciousness from a spiritual perspective?

More is going on with people than: no progress, experiencies of transcendence, random moments of spiritual awakening, or Enlightenment.

Personal growth now requires that you understand more of the nuances. More. Not all.

Spiritually, in the Age of Awakening, your consciousness lifestyle matters. (“The New Strong” is all about that, using your consciousness lifestyle, plus understanding rules & tools to help you make rapid progress towards Enlightenment. In order to have a much better life.)

When you have at least Stage Three Energetic Literacy, plus you have developed solid skills at Enlightenment Coaching, you’re in a position to start discerning Enlightenment.

At the Enlightenment Life List, and sometimes, elsewhere, I use those skills to educate you about Enlightenment. Not to teach you how to become an Enlightenment Coach.

Not so that, your sweet enthusiasm, you will take aura reading and use it for purposes NOT intended, like that one.

Please Do NOT Use Aura Reading for These Purposes

Just in case it may apply to you, here is what I recommend:

Do NOT use aura reading skills as a substitute for aura healing skills. A reading is not a healing.

Do NOT use aura readings skills as if you had also been trained in how to evaluate Enlightenment.

Do NOT stop learning from me until you have satisfied your desire to learn all the skill sets of RES. Read the books. Take the workshops. Do the personal mentoring. It will be my delight to teach you!

Just don’t explect this blog to be how you tet there. It’s great if you’re “just” an interested, talented hobbyist. You do have the option, a different option, of reading this blog as somebody who is personally studying with me to gain more advanced skills. 🙂

Golly, it has taken me how many years of blogging to figure this out? Let’s start fresh now, with more clarity.

And if you have read all the way through to the end of this post, aren’t you awesome! Thank you.

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Thank you, Rose!!!

    Sometimes a “no!” is so refreshing, even for (one among) the recipient(s).

    I had a big “a-ha!” moment reading this post, the details of which are also outside the scope of the blog 😉 but my THANK YOU! is not. 🙂

    Looking forward to continuing to learn all I can–to HELP people, including myself! Not expecting to exhaust my desire for new RES skills anytime soon.

  2. 2
    Irene says:

    To sum up what I got from this post:

    This blog is for general info. Like learning any other sophisticated skill-set, learning RES skills requires an investment of time beyond just the blog into the books, workshops and/or mentoring.

  3. 3
    Irene says:

    Some are interested in pursuing this to the professional level as an apprentice and then practitioner. Others want to have sessions where the skills are provided by the RES expert.

    Still others want to know basic aura reading and general skills but for anything specialized they’ll find an RES expert.

    Any of these options is entirely fine.

  4. 4
    Irene says:

    Aura reading is great for lots of practical uses (and way more effective than just a hunch). Use only in Technique Time.

    Having aura reading skills doesn’t mean you’ll know everything about your research subject. Some things require more specialized skills. That means stage three energetic literacy aura reading is valuable, but it’s also not everything.

  5. 5
    Irene says:

    And because some of those skills are so specialized, some discussions aren’t appropriate for the blog.

    This seems very reasonable to me 🙂

  6. 6

    SARAH and IRENE, thank you so much for these insights, as all of us move forward together.

  7. 7
    jane says:

    Really good reading all recents posts & comments – this one as well..! ..& great to see a good example of NO in action! …nice one Rose 🙂

  8. 8
    AJ says:

    Sorry, Rose! The moment I read this, I realized I did the same thing while nominating someone for the Enlightenment Life List.

    I tried to phrase it in a way where I’m not an expert at the subject, but I got too technical! I’ll honor this going forward!

  9. 9

    AJ, how sweet of you to put it this way. Your teacher hadn’t been clear. We’re both learning.

    Lucky us!

    And JANE, there’s something so delectably British about your writing, “Nice one.” Thanks also.

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