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The Differently Disturbing Aura of another Ayahuasca Shaman, Metsa Niwue

Once again, Ayahuaca moves glorious human consciousness into the mud of low-level astral experience

Once again, Ayahuaca moves glorious human consciousness into the mud of low-level astral experience

Still curious about what Ayahuasca really does? Me too.

Let’s continue this series about the dangers of Ayahuasca, offered with all due respect to the well-meaning spiritual seekers who have been considering drug tourism to gain the so-touted benefits a drug-induced high.

Here’s another side of the story, the energetic side — researched with the precision of Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Sure, let drug advocates with undeveloped energetic literacy bend over backwards to provide “medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.”

People are the guinea pigs in this shockingly irresponsible experiment. Talk about contexts? The ultimate context is what a drug does to a person’s consciousness, and how a person will live as a result… long after the Ayahuasca high fades.

For that kind of context, no research tool on earth works better than energetic literacy, which is way more than being “energy sensitive.”

Today we’ll research a Frenchman turned Ayahuasca advocate… to find very different ways that the drug impacts him. Draw your own conclusions about what the first and second Ayahuasca tour guides share in common!

Ayahuasca Alert. How Guillermo Arévalo's Aura Is Almost Unbelievably Ugly

Underneath the lush of an Ayahuasca high, consciousness turns spiritually barren

Underneath the lush promises of an Ayahuasca high, consciousness turns spiritually barren

Thanks to all you Blog-Buddies who have supplied background on Ayahuasca, the fad drug that supposedly gives people a powerful spiritual awakening.

Supposedly, you can get clear awareness of God — or a cooler equivalent — without paying any price whatsoever — beyond the cost of drug tourism. Can we humans really obtain anything of value without paying the price?

If you go to What Does Ayahuasca Do for Spiritual Development? Welcome to a New Kind of Group Contest, you’ll find a series of comments for a quick introduction to the latest seeker’s wonder drug.

Encouraged by you Blog-Buddies, today I’m starting a new series of consumer articles on Ayahuasca: Some written by me, with guest posts a-coming from other members of this informal online community who have, also, developed solid skills of everyday energetic literacy.

Skilled Empath Merge with Tim Urban

Empath skills can bloom any time of year.

Empath skills can bloom any time of year.

So much has occurred since our New Empath Contest, Where All Who Enter Win Something. There you learned about a lot of empaths, many non-empaths, and even several public figures in extreme spiritual addiction.

Nothing like energetic literacy research to sort out what’s what!  So every contestant won something: aura reading feedback about a beloved public figure. Maybe you’ve been waiting, though.

What about the Grand Prize, that Skilled Empath Merge?

Well our Grand Prize is being awarded today. Cynthia wins. In Comment #147 she nominated Tim Urban who writes a blog called Wait But Why.

The writing at his blog is so fresh and witty, the graphics superb. And even though I haven’t heard Tim Urban’s Ted Talk, the fact that he’s done one really ups the respect I have for him. Plenty of folks have cute websites loaded with post-postmodern attitude. But real substance?

Now that’s a combination that catches my eye. You too?

Becoming Less Critical of Myself. A Guest Post by IRENE

No wonder flip-flops are so popular. That is just how our guest poster feels a lot of the time.

No wonder flip-flops are so popular. That is just how our guest poster feels a lot of the time.

As I learn about Enlightenment and hear the real-life experiences of those living in Householder Enlightenment, I’m becoming less critical of myself.

See, I have these moments (lasting seconds or hours or days) where things just start to work for me, where I see clearly and know the exact right thing to do or say next in order to get where I want to go in objective reality. Moments when things just make sense, and I can move forward confidently.

Then it gets all messed up the next day.

What Enlightenment Is

Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree, introducing you to her Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree, introducing you to her Enlightenment Life List

Today I uploaded a video to introduce the Enlightenment Life List. Blog-Buddies, the video was taken last weekend at my Aura Reading Level 2 Workshop.

It’s a something. Not fancy. But at least maybe you can find some useful information there.

Golly, that could be my epitaph, you know! The video lighting is so NOT flattering, and oboy, this is not nice to do to a woman of 68! But no repining…

Here’s a link to the newly uploaded Intro to my Enlightenment Life List.

And an answer to the question, “What is Enlightenment?”

Here’s my perspective, as someone who — over the years — has become an Enlightenment Coach.

Patrick Lives THE NEW STRONG. A Guest Post

You can find a clickable, readable back cover of The New Strong at my website or

Living THE NEW STRONG brings fun, human-type fun.

PATRICK has surprised me with an email. That email made my day.

He had just finished reading “The New Strong.” This inspired him to send  me a report on his personal progress… not just vibrationally. In life. 

PATRICK had been doing sessions of aura healing and aura research with an RES Professional (not me). Reading that book really helped him to consolidate his understanding of what has happened, results in his life that (I’d say) unfolded simply because of better vibrational positioning, less STUFF, and a stronger sense of self.

Which human-type results, exactly?

And what does it mean, in human terms, to get results from those “Rules & Tools” in “The New Strong” — its Program for Easy Vibrational Balance?

You’ll see. With permission I’m quoting his email below.

Inspired by PATRICK’s appreciative words, today begins an occasional series of guest posts where some of you volunteer (like PATRICK) to report.

Which results you have had from reading “The New Strong” — or from sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — or both. Big thanks, PATRICK!

Yes, Patrick Has Started to Live THE NEW STRONG