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True Signs of The Age of Awakening

Show me a sign, a true sign....

True signs? Ooh, show me a sign, a true sign…

Not optional: You Live in The Age of Awakening. Are you looking for true, reliable signs of that? Do you wish to see signs, tangible signs, that something really did happen with the Shift into The Age of Awakening?

Or maybe you are seeking signs of personal awakening, spiritual growth. That’s beautiful, too.

In the process of seeking those true signs, have you noticed? There’s so much confusion, even crazy talk. Let me help you sort out the sign-seeking with today’s article.

True Signs of the Age of Awakening #1.

Avoid Vibrational Confusion.

Whatever your belief system, it can help to recognize this: Vibrationally, life on earth has changed.

How can people find true signs about spiritual Awakening when they don’t know the difference between “energy” and “vibrational frequency”? Sadly, they can’t.

Astral is not Divine, but both are noticed as energy. Still, they’re not just alike because of being noticed as energy. Astral and Divine are completely different vibrational frequencies.

While human is a third vibrational frequency. A pretty important vibrational frequency, actually, for anyone who aspires to spiritual awakening.

True Signs of the Age of Awakening #2:

Get Clarity About Your Vibrational Freedom

This earlier post can introduce you to The Age of Awakening. What does that kind of awakening mean vibrationally?

For a more thorough explanation, might I suggest my new book about “The New STRONG“?

Looking for signs of The Age of Awakening might convince folks that something has happened. But people won’t just stumble into the equivalent of my “Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.” Yet, given the chance, that’s pretty easy to learn. Helping people to adjust faster to the Age of Awakening? That’s why I wrote “THE NEW STRONG.”

Lacking clarity, people stumble around with a kind of vibrational confusion. And sure, millions of sweet people are looking for true signs. For street signs. For any random signs. Because adjusting to The Age of Awakening can be weird until you understand what is going on and what to do about it.

True Signs of the Age of Awakening #3:

Purposely Choose Your Consciousness Lifestyle.

Consciousness lifestyle is optional. Actively choose yours and you’re far more likely to get something good. Otherwise, our new vibrational freedom in the Age of Awakening can lead to spiritual stuckness.

Unfortunately, for some beautiful people, today’s vibrational freedom results in spiritual shutdown. This results in refusal to recognize the obvious. Example? That there is something seriously wrong with Donald Trump.

For others, vibrational confusion causes spiritual addiction — including those who are addicted to drugs and also those who stay high without drugs, enthralled by The Romance of The Astral.

When I publish the three prizes for our still-in-progress Olympic Empath Contest, you’ll be learning about one such gold medalist. And maybe you’ll be as shocked as  I was, doing that Skilled Empath Merge.

Your consciousness lifestyle can be glorious in the Age of Awakening. Living in Human-Based Spirituality, or even The New Strong, will be true signs of adjusting well to The Age of Awakening.

True Signs of the Age of Awakening #4:

Political Clarity

Vibrational confusion explains a lot about political views that you’ll hear expressed. Whether about the squeaker Brexit vote. Or America’s upcoming presidential election. Or other big-deal happenings around the globe.

  • What does it mean when voters explain their choices based on facts? (True facts, not made-up-ones.) They’re on track for human-based spirituality, growing fast spiritually.

Vibrational confusion may still exist for such voters, but at least they emphasize human vibrational frequencies when making political choices.

With a bit of coaching, people now in human-based spirituality can stop seeking “true signs” about energy. Instead they can make the slight vibrational adjustments required to live THE NEW STRONG.

  • How about adults, old enough to vote, who explain their choices on how they feel? Or what they hope?

Whatever else is going on, that’s a true sign, alright. A true sign of vibrational confusion. So far, those voters are not adapting well to The Age of Awakening.

Have You Been Seeking True Signs of Age of Awakening?

I wasn’t. Not until a google search brought me a startling discovery. On a whim, I googled “True Signs of the Age of Awakening.”

Guess what? Although Google showed zero exact matches…

There were over 56 million hits. Turns out, loads of readers are seeking signs, true or not, about this new age. Or signs of spiritual awakening. So let’s start a little thread going.

What have you heard are true signs, important signs, about spiritual evolution?

By contrast, what do you, personally, consider true signs awakening or living in this Age of Awakening?

Also, what drives you crazy because it’s so un-helpful? And yet this is being praised and encouraged as a “True sign of spiritual awakening?”

You bring up the example. I’ll dissect it vibrationally. Let’s make this a group learning. What really did change in this Age of Awakening, our new vibrational freedom? Can you come up with is a true sign of Awakening. Quite distinct from outdated thinking from the New Age Years (from 1980 until The Shift into The Age of Awakening on 12-21-12)!

Could be fun, not just educational. Hey, I’ll start.

True Signs of The Age of Awakening #5:

Drawn to Inspiration.

(Does That Count as a True Sign?)

One of google’s top-ranked articles on signs of spiritual awakening is an article by Kristen Butler. She proposes this idea:

“You find yourself drawn to inspiration and personal development. During your spiritual awakening you are being guided towards your best self. Who we are and who we are going to be can be seen in our daily habits. As we are drawn to the light, we look to surround ourselves with inspiration, positivity and personal development activities. This could be in the form of physical or spiritual. For example, you may be drawn to reading self help books, practicing yoga, meditation, praying, personal development seminars, running, walking, going to church, listening to audio books, etc.”

“True Signs” of the Age of Awakening… Can Be Hits or Near Misses

Initially, this “sign” might simply seem preposterous. Haven’t human beings always been drawn to “the light”?

  • Is it somehow a new, true sign about spiritual development that, in this Age of Awakening… Hay House makes millions of dollars each year?
  • Was it just some fluke that Gutenberg started out by publishing the Bible, not just some tasty cookbook?
  • Are you shocked that that many people go to church? (Hey, folks also did that quite a lot during the Dark Ages in Europe, remember?)

But, in a way, Kristen Butler has a point.

Not a True Signs of the Age of Awakening…

When It’s Vibrational Confusion, Not Awakening

Vibrationally, what does it mean when people feel drawn to the spiritual? Or they’re seeking it all day long? Is that a sign of Enlightenment?

No. To this Enlightenment Coach, living a higher state of consciousness means something altogether different. Although having an Awakening experience or two is good, that’s different.

Awakening experiences do not mean Enlightenment.

Kristin’s alleged sign of spiritual Awakening, or progress towards Enlightenment, is nothing of the sort.

To this aura reader and Enlightenment Coach, she has given a sweetly intended set of instructions for moving in to spiritual addiction.

True Signs of the Age of Awakening #6:

Living Smart. Living as Humans!

To sum up, in The Age of Awakening, a new vibrational freedom is available.

It’s available to everyone, whether we know it or not. Consequently, we can easily spend most of our waking hours entranced by energies.

So alluring, the Romance of the Astral!

Because, when we’re taking an interest in the spiritual, most likely, where is our consciousness positioned? At astral vibrational frequencies. This is not helpful for spiritual growth.

What works better? Take an interest in your human life. (Except for 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.)

Taking an interest in human vibrational frequencies? That’s a common denominator for every single member of the RES community who has moved into Enlightenment.

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  1. 1
    Brandi says:

    True signs? Knowing so many are crossing the threshold into Enlightenment as householders-real people who do normal people human type things.

    Personal true sign is my own leaps and bounds of growth once I stopped actually romancing the astral.

    What’s driving me crazy? Everyone claiming to be having Kundalini awakenings-seems some symptoms sound astral like-not divine like.

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    I’m just going to follow along here for a while. I can’t think of any examples of signs, either true or “true”, right now, but I’m definitely interested in what others will post!

    Brandi, I like your comment.

  3. 3
    Eleanor says:

    Brandi, I like that! Especially your True signs: everyday folks like us Blog-Buddies and even some celebs/politicians moving into Householder Enlightenment!

    What’s driving me nuts lately is the fact that some of the previously fringey stuff is now *too* mainstream. I ventured a cautious introduction of RES to someone especially scientifically minded over the weekend and was (pleasantly) surprised that it wasn’t immediately dismissed, but -unpleasantly- surprised that it was immediately likened to one of a dozen other UNHELPFUL ideas out there about how to help people (but not pointing fingers!).

  4. 4
    Eleanor says:

    So another true sign, to me, is that people are becoming much more open-minded about different paths of personal and spiritual development.

    A not-so-great side effect would be that many of these paths have fake “true” signs associated with them (like how well the people following those paths can fake cheerfulness, confidence, or growth of any sort).

    Boo! Aura reading cuts right through all that fake-ness, luckily!

  5. 5
    Eleanor says:

    Haha!! Here’s a sign of the times:

    The folks next to me on the train, having a very stereotypically… Age of Faith type conversation about hard work, etc. One of them comes out with (right in the middle of this conversation), “But you gotta stay busy! Keep moving, keep growing, can’t just tread water!” (Picture this in a gravelly, “blue collar” tone of voice).

    🙂 Then they proceeded to talk about running marathons.

  6. 6
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Rose, I relish your posts.

    As I understand it at this point, there are four broad groups of people:

    (1) those who are unaware of the astral and the divine

    (2) those who are aware of and excessively fascinated by the astral (unaware of the divine)

  7. 7
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    (3) those who are aware of the astral and aware of the divine and excessively fascinated by the divine

  8. 8
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    (4) those aware of the existence of the astral, aware of the divine, co-creating with the divine, but above all, focused on being here now, that is, living this lifetime as a human being with other human beings on planet earth.

  9. 9
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    The other day I came across a podcast interview with Lyn Buchanan, who teaches controlled remote viewing.

    He has some pretty way out stories to tell, but he said something about controlled remote viewing that struck me as being very similar to what I understand you are saying here: that we need to “de-woo-woo” this.

  10. 10

    ANONYMOUSLY ANONYMOUS, your thoughtful comments deserve a little series of responses.

    First off, do you realize the biggest sign of The Age of Awakening in your observations?

    That somebody who teaches remote viewing would say “We need to de-woo-woo this.”

  11. 11

    Remote viewing is all about energy, with awareness positioned in the astral.

    No doubt, there is a wide range of how people do the psychic specialty called “remote viewing.”

    Perhaps they might tell you that this is a human activity. It isn’t. Never. It’s a psychic-level activity. Hence the word “remote.”

    Likewise they might tell you that this is a spiritual, or Divine-level, activity. It isn’t. It’s a psychic-level activity.

  12. 12

    Only in The Age of Awakening would somebody say “This isn’t psychic-level. We’ve got to explain to people that this is a normal human activity.”

    Techniques don’t get any more astral than remote viewing.

    Telling if the traffic light turns green, while you’re at the street corner in your physical body? Now, that’s human.

  13. 13

    Remote viewing is a psychic specialty that I respect.

    And Lyn Buchanan sounds impressive. But however “controlled” his specialty, it’s still an astral-level activity.

    Remote viewing is not done with your physical body while here on earth.

  14. 14

    Regarding your categories, I won’t go into detail here why I find them interesting but not particularly helpful.

    There’s definitely one teaching distinction to draw here, though.

    Being aware of the astral or the Divine? Let’s be clear. When awareness is positioned at one vibrational frequency or another, the person isn’t necessarily aware that this is happening.

    Aware of what’s happening with awareness, you could say.

  15. 15

    This is a fact of life in The Age of Awakening: Awareness slip-slides freely from human to astral vibrational frequencies.

    And, far less often, to The (authentic) Divine vibrational frequency.

    You can only have awareness positioned in one vibrational frequency at a time. With a human nervous system, that’s what you get to do. 🙂

    In terms of consciousness, you can’t be “aware” of human and astral and Divine. We’re not looking at concepts, right? But at where a person’s consciousness is positioned.

  16. 16

    In terms of consciousness lifestyle, I question how healthy it is for people living today… to hang out in astral vibrational frequencies for more than 20 minutes a day.

    I don’t care how much fun the technique is. Or how admirable the remote viewer’s stories may be. Or how useful remote viewing might be.

    Astral-level vibrational positioning is just that.

  17. 17

    Maybe this first-ever analogy can help to clarify.

    In the sense of “aware” meaning “know about,” sure. Joe might know about three different women, each one very cute: Gladys A., Gladys B., and Gladys C.

  18. 18

    But let’s say that, for Joe, there’s another version of being aware. Which is ahem, having his body positioned in the thing humans do called “Having sex with.”

    You know, akin to the expression, “Knowing them in the Biblical sense.”

    In this analogy, Joe’s version of “aware” could mean having simultaneous affairs with Gladys A., Gladys B., and Gladys C.

  19. 19

    He could believe that he is, simultaneously, in three different committed relationships.

    Heck, Joe could even marry all three Gladyses and become a trigamist.

    But human relationships aren’t usually set up for this to be helpful for all concern. Nor does Joe’s enthusiasm translate into really having quality relationships with all three women.

    Anonymously Anonymous, trigamy itself is illegal in both our countries, the one where you live and the one where I live. Support of nature living that way? Not great, either.

  20. 20

    So, Anonymously Anonymous, if you haven’t yet read “THE NEW STRONG,” you might wish to have a slow read.

    For this book, a slow-read is the way to go for biggest results.

    You might want to pay particular attention to the theme about support of nature.

  21. 21

    Like other psychic-type activities, remote viewing could make for some fascinating technique time.

    However, going overboard with it? Or considering this a normal thing for people to slip into now, off and on during the day, in this Age of Awakening?

    Wow, could that wreck support of nature for the remote viewer’s human life.

  22. 22
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    I would translate “de woo-woo” as, skip category 2– get from category (1) to category (4).

  23. 23
    Irene says:

    The idea of how to “de woo-woo” seems to me like a nice set of conceptual ideas for intellectual play, but in my experience (of trying to solve all my problems from the intellect), it just doesn’t work to go about understanding this in that way.

    This sort of thing kept me at the level of content and never allowed me to even comprehend that the process I was using mattered. And it’s process that is the important thing here.

  24. 24
    Irene says:

    I can throw any type of content in, but what is the process? That is, where is my consciousness actually positioned? For me, noticing where my consciousness is positioned is the first (and hardest) step.

    Vibrational confusion happens a lot now – and the reason it’s described as confusion is that generally we don’t know that it’s happening.

  25. 25
    Irene says:

    My consciousness easily slides into astral levels without me noticing. Learning to recognize when that happens and bring it back to human, that’s the important thing for me right now.

    Trying to figure it out conceptually doesn’t help me at all.

  26. 26
    Irene says:

    And for someone like me very inclined to using intellect exclusively, this might sound like “dumbing it down” and just “taking it on faith” except it is actually the reverse.

    Understanding, full and complete understanding *is not* just an intellectual understanding but a full mind-body-spirit integration of understanding on all levels. And that is what I’m really after.

  27. 27
  28. 28
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Rose, I appreciate your detailed comments.

    I had a reread of the chapter, I see your point.

    As I understand it, “intellectual awareness” is not the same as vibrational positioning.

  29. 29
    Eleanor says:

    Ooohh, Irene, #26: NICE.

    This is a shift I noticed for myself having occurred gradually (likely continuing to occur!) over the last couple of years of RES studies and sessions.

  30. 30
    Eleanor says:

    I used to be very committed to: “if I can’t explain it/defend it with scientific studies/if it doesn’t make sense to my intellect, it is not legitimate”.

  31. 31
    Eleanor says:

    There is a common attitude that once something has “scientific backing” (which is in and of itself a nebulous concept which has evolved over time), THEN it is “real” and “legit” and “OK to believe.”

  32. 32
    Eleanor says:

    Ironically, this is a bit like waiting for your religious leader to officially declare something to be true before you are willing to accept it, even if you’ve known it to be true in your heart all along.

    Well, geez! Doesn’t that sound backwards now?

    But it took me a long time to see how limiting it can be to ignore the vast majority of my experience and accept only those experiences which can be explained and defended by my intellect and rational mind.

    Quite unscientific, actually!

  33. 33
    David B says:

    #1 is of course what Brandi pointed out in comment 1.
    The Age of Awakening is about….

  34. 34
    David B says:

    Great #26 Irene
    Some might describe this as a shift from collecting information to knowledge in the sense of real knowing.

  35. 35
    AJ says:

    I went to a CODA meeting last night (Codependents Anonymous) with a friend of mine and I was so surprised to discover that one of the things they promise as being part of their program is Spiritual Awakening—a term they used very broadly to describe having something as simple as an “aha moment”.

  36. 36
    AJ says:

    Sure, “aha moments” can be powerful and important, but it’s not the same as a true awakening experience.

    Even worse, some of the advice is to analyze your thoughts and spent time in prayer and meditation everyday to overcome your co-dependency issues.

  37. 37
    AJ says:

    Luckily, I had a Cord of Attachment cut recently from someone who brought out those types of behaviors in myself.

    Simply listening to people in that group share their stories of enabling addicts in their life was enough to give me the strength to make the decision to use my power to remove that person and their belongings from my home.

  38. 38

    AJ, I often recommend that a client will attend a 12-step group’s meetings… 1-3 times. Not for life.

    There is so much to gain from hearing those stories, and seeing the example of people who have learned social skills like removing the difficult person’s belongings from your home.

    And by going just that few times, you can avoid the sort of “Fixing yourself all day long” problem that is so counter-productive in this Age of Awakening.

  39. 39

    From the perspective of Energy Spirituality, I’d like to add a little technical supplement to your wonderful series of Comments 35-37.

    Having a major cord of attachment removed is a big deal, for sure.

    However, haven’t you had other Energy Spirituality sessions of aura healing as well? Have you perhaps learned about “The New Strong“?

  40. 40

    All of these have been contributing to your personal growth.

    Cutting cords of attachment, powerful though it is, guess what?

    This puts a human face to our growth, and brings very specific logical consequences. Yet every component of every session helps you just as much.

  41. 41

    What is the biggest secret about what makes RES sessions a great resource for authentic spiritual awakening, and immense personal growth?

    The impact of RES sessions is cumulative. Having one session a month for six months… or more, depending… will bring you much, much, much bigger results.

    You haven’t had that many sessions this year. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning here at the blog that you have had a smaller number than that. But you had more than that one RES session where the cord of attachment was cut.

  42. 42
    AJ says:

    Thank you, Rose. I attended one meeting and I think I’ll attend one or two more. I saw so much of myself in the stories people were sharing.

  43. 43
    AJ says:

    This has been a big year of personal and spiritual growth for me.

    I’ve attended 4 of your workshops and had about 3-4 RES sessions as well. I’ve also been keeping myself vibrationally balanced.

    All of this is definitely cumulative 🙂

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