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5 False Signs of Awakening

False signs of spiritual awakening? They won't take you where you want to go.

False signs of spiritual awakening? They won’t take you where you want to go.

False signs of spiritual awakening! That’s the opinion of this Enlightenment coach. But this post invites YOUR opinions. Come and share.

Before you read this and get mad — for one reason or another — here’s why I’m presenting this controversial post.

True Signs of The Age of Awakening was the start of a thread that I think could help you a lot. Seems to me, all spiritual seekers would be wise to tell true from false. So many false promises, so many wishey-hope signs of awakening!

And in this Age of Awakening, we really need Post-New-Age Consumer Smarts.

Especially relevant, today I’m going to give you Blog-Buddies a chance to comment on five popular ideas about signs and “symptoms” of spiritual awakening.

After I list each one, I’ll leave it to YOU to explain why it is true or false as a sign of awakening. What else might be involved, other than big spiritual growth?

Hint: It’s easy to win fans for your blog by flattering them. Or pretending that real (and solveable) problems aren’t problems at all. Maybe even a sign of spiritual superiority. Grrrrrr.

Perspective from this Enlightenment Coach about Signs of Awakening

Solving human problems effectively can actually help us to progress spiritually.

For example, here is a list of experts at helping people solve human-type problems . They use skills to co-create with the Divine. Pluse they facilitate energy healing by using other well-researched skills. It’s Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Of course, there are loads of other paths to personal growth and spiritual awakening. And that’s good, because all five of the signs of awakening listed here could be related to serious mental health problems. Sometimes RES practitioners like me refer clients to mental health practitioners. (Because RES helps with energy healing, not the kind of emotional healing done by psychotherapists and psychiatrists.)

How I Define Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is any experience that accelerates your evolution. This is part of every spiritual seeker’s path.

Awakening experiences may be subtle or dramatic. All of them count. Yet they do not count as Enlightenment.

How I Define Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a stabilized state of consciousness.

You could consider it the result of accumulated experiences of spiritual awakening… plus some extra grace of God.

Spiritual Awakening, Then, Is NOT Enlightenment

At least not how I use those terms.

Different Enlightenment coaches mean different things when they use words like Enlightenment and Awakening.

For instance DAVID BUCKLAND, who comments on this thread and quite often at this blog, maintains his own blog. Here are some of his quite contrasting ideas, which I respect a lot.

Here’s one of his articles on Spiritual Awakening, for instance, where he uses “Awakening” to mean what I call “Enlightenment.” And he uses “Experience” to mean what I call “Spiritual Awakening.”

My ideas are different, and wouldn’t Enlightenment and Awakening be large enough topics to include both differences and great respect? 🙂

Anyway, here we go. And maybe you’ll think each of these is just dandy. Comment below. All opinions are welcome.

False Sign of Spiritual Awakening #1: Drama

Drama is a really good sign, according Annarita, who has blogged about 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms.

Her Sign #16 is  “death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and/or other catastrophes — sometimes several at once!”

Supposedly, these are “forces that cause you [sic] release your attachments.”

Maybe you wonder, why exactly would major life drama mean that you’re awakening spiritually? Your thoughts, Blog-Buddies?

False Sign of Spiritual Awakening #2. Synchronicity

Noticing coincidences everywhere?

They’re due to spiritual awakening, according to the medium Arlene Rich. She lists 10 signs of spiritual awakening.

What’s her numero uno? “An increase in occurrences.”

Seems like, to this psychic, “there aren’t any coincidences.”

And why would a rapidly evolving human being have time to find all those (alleged) meaningful coincidences?

Your thoughts, Blog-Buddies?

False Sign of Spiritual Awakening #3. Sobbing

Yes, from Reikian Vegan Radharani Gaiatri, maybe good news. Frequent and dramatic emotional upheaval could be wonderful. Probably a sign of spiritual awakening.

Sobbing and the like — all this emotional upheaval is welcomed. Hey, it’s #3 on her list of signs of spiritual awakening.

Some of you may have seen my blog post with aura readings of certain missionary vegans and raw foodies. Have you read about those findings with energetic literacy? Then you won’t assume that an extreme diet necessarily wakes up people spiritually.

Besides that, plenty of non-vegans are crying these days. They live on an emotional rollercoaster. Maybe it’s due to predatory lending. Chronic illness. Or some other good reason to cry.

Sobbing does happen. Sobbing that doesn’t bring glad tidings of spiritual awakening.

Would you encourage such people to just be glad they’re weeping? Maybe reframe all those tears as “a really good sign of spiritual awakening”?

Notably, Radharani supplies counsel for every one of HER 51 “symptoms” of spiritual awakening. For this symptom, she advises:

“Accept your feelings as they occur, bless them and let them go.”


Advice like this is common in certain spiritual circles. How do you rate that kind of advice, Blog-Buddies?

False Sign of Spiritual Awakening #4: Detached from Reality

Perhaps you’ve never equated bumping into things with a high state of spiritual awareness.

Meet psychic/medium Kelli Miller. Because she considers clumsiness an excellent sign of awakening , even ascension.

Kelli writes, “You may experience more clumsiness or bumping into walls or objects more often, lack of coordination control at times and dropping things more often. You may notice a sense of disorientation or being detached from reality, living ‘in your head’ or feeling spacey or distracted easily.” 

Gee, stumbling and bumbling around? Why interpret that to mean you’re awakening spiritually? Your thoughts, Blog-Buddies?

False Sign of Spiritual Awakening #5: Feeling Energy Constantly

No person claims responsibility for “The Awakened State.”  However, you can buy things at that website. And even join the “community.”

Some readers may feel very reassured by reading “The Awakened State.” We learn about unpleasant or pretty weird things. We’re told they are really… just wonderful. And, you guessed it! Symptoms of “Spiritual Awakening.”

For instance, “The doctor tells you, your eye sight [sic] is normal but you come home perplexed as to why these orbs of light don’t seem to disappear from your vision…Our world is made of energy and once we start awakening, our senses become heightened into seeing beyond ordinary reality. You begin to start seeing and feeling energy around yourself and others.”

Exactly what would that have to do with spiritual awakening? Really? 

Could all that noticing energy be a sign of something quite different? Your thoughts, Blog-Buddies?

Okay, here’s one of my thoughts:

All Five of these “Signs” of Awakening

Are Really Problems.

Problems. Not signs of something wonderful. No reason to rejoice.

(Okay, that #5 would be okay during official Technique Time. But downright dysfunctional as a way of life.)

One way to start solving these problems is to read “The New Strong.” Then put into practice its sensible recommendations. You’ll find perspective about living in The Age of Awakening and even a Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.

Millions today are vibrationally confused. They don’t really have a mental health problem. Instead they’re struggling in ways that could be solved relatively simply.

Of course, if you try to do what is recommended in “The New Strong” and any of the five above-mentioned False Signs of Spiritual Awakening continues, I would recommend that you seek assistance from a mental health professional.

Otherwise? You can become an early adapter of the Rules & Tools for thriving in the Age of Awakening.

Moving forward on your path of spiritual awakening, you can progress faster this way. Strong as a human being! Not sobbing and constantly bumping into the furniture.

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Oh, well done, Rose.

    I have been in this state (actually not so bad, for instance I find the orbs idea very odd) a long time ago.

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    I had just got divorced and basically hid away rather than keeping on going.

    I remember that there is some false comfort in being able to explain away scary symptoms and in reframing a basic psychological crash in encouraging terms.

  3. 3
    Amanda says:

    The trouble is that this can keep you stuck and it effectively encourages a high state of anxiety to continue.

    Yes, there is a major spiritual opportunity.

    The opportunity to get back into life, see friends, go for walks, forget all the intensity and normalise yourself out of it.

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    This idea that spiritual awakening is or somehow should be an intense and scary experience is a MAJOR illusion to release.

  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    Creating an extra layer of ‘I am suffering because I am extra special’ is misinformed at best.

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    I am trying to be polite here because I am actually very angry that people who are suffering can so easily find this kind of irresponsible and self-glorifying crap on the internet and be delayed in their recovery as a consequence.

  7. 7
    Amanda says:

    It’s so clear from the outside. And yet I remwmber being in it and at that point it is not clear in the least. Native wit and common sense get lost in the drama.

    So sad. Well done again, Rose, for calling out this kind of rubbish!


  8. 8

    Oh, huzzah, AMANDA!

    For those readers who don’t yet know AMANDA, here’s one example of why she has the standing to tell what’s true about spiritual awakening and Enlightenment.

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    Sign #4 sounds like spiritual addiction gone way overboard.

  10. 10
    Kira says:

    Sign #2 happens to me reasonably often, but it did well before I had an awakening experience, so clearly it wasn’t a sign that I was awakened.

  11. 11
    Kira says:

    Sign #1—major life drama seems to me to be an opportunity to grow, not a sign you’ve already grown. But even taking the opportunity may not lead directly to awakening.

  12. 12
    Kira says:

    Sign #3—I actually enjoy sobbing. But only in a specific context, which is experiencing a story that has sad parts to it (whether that story is in book, poem, song, play, movie, or some other form).

    Sobbing because I feel heartbroken is something I absolutely don’t miss from being depressed, and it didn’t seem to contribute to my being awakened.

  13. 13
    Kira says:

    Sign #5 has never happened to me, fortunately, because constantly sensing (seeing, feeling, etc.) energy means you’re not paying attention to objective reality.

    Objective reality is wonderful and has a lot to recommend it! If it’s intolerable to you, there’s something wrong and you need help.

  14. 14

    Thanks, KIRA. I get such a kick out of you.

  15. 15
    David B says:

    Funny, Rose, if people didn’t take this stuff seriously. Of course, what they mean by “awakening” probably varies pretty widely too.

  16. 16
    David B says:

    On #1, I have seen some people go through a lot of life changes before or after their awakening. But thats not a “sign” and it’s by no means universal.

    For example, if someone has a major healing, it may change various things. If someone comes to see themselves differently, they may well respond differently and make different choices, and so forth

  17. 17
    David B says:

    I have an article that distinguishes awakening itself from the experiences and release that may accompany it. Some people actually shifting get confused a little here.

    But it’s like a cat that relates being bumped by the fridge door with being fed. Not causal.

  18. 18
    David B says:

    #2 is sort of applying a New Age take on Natures Support. That does increase with awakening but it also increases with healing, etc etc.

    Confusing possible effects with meaning.

  19. 19
    David B says:

    #3 – Sobbing IS a sign. Of an emotion.

  20. 20
    David B says:

    #4 – some do experience a detached witness with awakening, a shift back into being the conscious observer. But this is what might be called a style of experience.

    Being clumsy may indicate integration issues and a need for more grounding.

  21. 21
    David B says:

    #5 is also unrelated. Awakening is not about “energy” or experiences or any other content. It’s about the experiencer itself.

  22. 22
    Lilian says:

    I think that in the years leading up to and after the shift, I was noticing the change in frequency.

  23. 23
    Lilian says:

    So in that sense I was “awakening” to it, as my logical brain was trying to figure out how certain subtle things were feeling more different, especially in terms of how I related to God.

  24. 24
    Lilian says:

    I felt I was moving into a time where I was more and more responsible for my spiritual and personal growth in a conscious/proactive way. I had questions about how my emotions and spiritual intuition could be used to move my life forward.

  25. 25
    Lilian says:

    But I never thought of it as awakening as much as period of frustrating adaptation, leading to greater all-round awareness. So thanks Rose for helping tidy my energy up towards the end of this.

  26. 26
    Lilian says:

    I have limited patience for abstract confusion. 🙂 I guess people who are naturally more easy going might find it easier.

  27. 27
    Lilian says:

    Anyways, I think that people are noticing certain things in themselves and are doing their human bests to accept and work with the changes.

  28. 28
    Bev says:

    In my humble opinion, it seems that drama, sobbing, and feeling detached from reality are signs are signs of NOT coping very well with the reality of your own path on this earth.

    It certainly happens and needs to be dealt with but it is not a sign of spiritual awakening.

    Concerning noticing synchronicity and feeling energy all the time, if one is so busy noticing these outside happenings, how is one aware of the peace and joy of being on one’s own evolutionary course?

  29. 29

    Wow, BEV. Thanks!

    Thanks to all of these recent comments, including #19 that made me laugh pretty darned loud.

  30. 30

    Today has been so busy. Wished to do more at the blog, but just couldn’t. And Mitch didn’t get out the newsletter, either. So many clients and mentoring students have come through lately… it’s a wonder. 🙂

    So I’m especially glad to read all YOUR comments, Blog-Buddies.

    I did manage add a tiny bit of clarification to the main post about Awakening in contrast to Enlightenment.

  31. 31
    David B says:

    Thanks for the update and link. It is very useful to understand how someone is using a word. I stopped using “Enlightenment” for awhile because the word became so abused. But Awakening has now too.

    All you can do is define your terms as you go so communication takes place as close to how it’s intended as possible.

  32. 32
    David B says:

    Yes, I distinguish between experience and awakening. An experience comes and goes. An awakening, as I use the term, is equivalent to Self Realization, where universal Consciousness awakens to it’s own nature here, through this body-mind.

    Enlightenment, as I use it, begins when that shift becomes clearly established. Awakening can be a little variable at first until established. I talk about that here also.

  33. 33
    David B says:

    Of course, this is an approach based in consciousness as that has been the emphasis here.

    The clarity that can unfold in a parallel process brings the fullness and richness to empty awareness. Rose is more inclined to this side of the process, something that is rather missing in many modern circles.

  34. 34
    David B says:

    Also from my perspective, either definition is just the beginning of the process.

    Enlightenment isn’t a goal. Its a way of being that is lived in life. When it is lived, it flowers in ways beyond imagination.

    If you’re interesting in more about the distinction in our definitions, I wrote an article here. It’s been a very useful exploration for me.

  35. 35
    David B says:

    Also distinct in our approach is where we detail. I make broad statements about allowing and letting go, Rose writes books of techniques for very specific healing.

    On the other hand, Rose uses the “3 worlds model” (human, astral, divine) where I use 7. I also distinguish the various styles. For example, rather than grouping renuciate and consciousness together, I place them as distinct. They may show up together or in combos like householder with consciousness orientation.
    I explored that here:

  36. 36
    David B says:

    A great deal of the distinction is based on our own styles of experience.

    But I’ve found it valuable as it’s obliged me to consider these questions and discriminate more clearly.

    Thanks, Rose

  37. 37

    And appreciation back to you, too, DAVID. 🙂

  38. 38
    KM says:

    Oh my god…I have experienced almost all of this and mistook it for an “awakening”.

  39. 39
    KM says:

    That’s what all my New Age-s friends were telling me too.

    That never sat right with me for some reason.

  40. 40
    KM says:

    A couple years ago I found this blog and had a great session with Rose and it helped a lot.

    Unfortunately, I seem to be having either a “flare-up” of something or went backsliding into spiritual addiction (which Rose mentioned I had an issue with).

  41. 41
    KM says:

    (Been self-analyzing and card reading a lot lately and now am having some old problems resurfacing.)


  42. 42

    Oh, KM, all of us are learning. I think it’s great you’ve reached out.

    My recommendation #1 for you? Read this book. Slowly. Take your time with it. Because it can help. Recommendation #2. Schedule a session with me at your soonest convenience, so I can use professional-level skills to help you.

    Recommendation #3. Stop doing the readings. Instead live your life as though it mattered. (It does.)

  43. 43
    KM says:

    Thanks, Rose!

  44. 44
    Sandi says:

    You really have no reason to judge other’s awakening process. What’s true for you may be different for others.

  45. 45

    Thanks, KM. And now thank you for sharing your idea Comment #44, SANDI.

    I would like to make a distinction that you might not have considered. This is not a blog post about gossiping. It is not about judging. Rather, II’m a professional Enlightenment Coach who has devoted her life to learning about consciousness. That includes helping people to not waste their lives.

  46. 46

    So here’s a question for you, SANDI. Take a good look at what’s offered here at my blog. Including all the articles about Enlightenment Coaching and Energetic Literacy. The free service provided at the Enlightenment Life List. And also the list of folks I’ve directly helped to move into Enlightenment.

    Then tell me what, in your opinion, would be a better set of qualifications for helping people gain discernment about spiritual awakening? According to your experience, wisdom, and personal standards… what really counts?

  47. 47
    Steve says:

    Last night I happened to catch this exchange between SANDI and you. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if she ever responds.

    What’s the point of coming onto somebody’s blog like that? Doesn’t know your work. Doesn’t want to know your work. As for listening to what you wrote, which i thought was right on, what are the odds that SANDI will ever bother?

  48. 48

    Sweet of you, STEVE. You know, there’s always a chance that SANDI will return.

    Plus, for people who are (apparently, more) interested my work, that response I gave in Comment #46 might prove helpful.

  49. 49
    Mary says:

    I believe most people who believe they’re awakening, are not. I believe this because of my own life experiences.

    I’ll just say if you think you have experienced an awakening, there is something so unbelievable and challenging out there that is beyond the realm of anyone’s imagination, that I can almost guarantee most would never be able to stand up to it. It would truly destroy them

  50. 50

    MARY, thank you for sharing your personal experience and understanding here.

    Clearly this is true for you; and, I gather, beautiful.

  51. 51

    However, for the sake of Blog-Buddies reading this, I do have some experience to share, this coming from my role as an Enlightenment Coach.

    (That link I just supplied to a Discernment Jamboree about Enlightenment…. It can provide you with hours of reading pleasure, if you’re interested in learning about today’s Enlightenment Coaching, in contrast what Enlightenment teachers have done for thousands of years.)

  52. 52

    My experience of moving into Enlightenment was not like that.

    And the experiences of many folks for whom I’ve validated Enlightenment? Not like that either.

  53. 53

    Yet some of my clients did have dramatic, reality-changing, life-altering experiences of spiritual awakening.

  54. 54

    And still others had very intense, even confusing, experiences. Sometimes related to having taken recreational drugs in the past… And sometimes not.

    Definitely in the minority, among the people who’ve come to me.

  55. 55

    Still others had been told by their nonduality teachers or other gurus… that they MUST have super-intense experiences in order to move into Enlightenment.

    Being human, spiritual seekers with such expectations may have upped the intensity in their own imaginations or memories.

  56. 56

    What do I find most important about going through experiences of spiritual awakening? How we integrate them.

    This is why I would urge any of you who have had intense, dramatic experiences of spiritual awakening to book a session with me for Enlightenment Coaching.

  57. 57

    Because some folks misinterpreted their experiences.

    Others decided they must dramatically alter their lives, move to the country, take advice from spirit guides, or whatever.

  58. 58

    If you’re still reading at this point, MARY, first of all, thank you for being interested in what this experienced Enlightenment Coach might have to say.

    And yet, if you ARE still reading, I can imagine you rolling your eyes in disbelief. You see, it is very common that people expect their cosmic-feeling experiences to be THE WAY. And anybody else who claims to have an authentic experience of spiritual awakening is either confused or a liar.

  59. 59

    From my perspective, that isn’t true. One of many skill sets that I have available for Enlightenment Coaching is “Consciousness Positioning Consults®.” (For details, scroll down to the turquoise box.)

    It’s a great way to investigate along with my client. (Along with help from the Divine Being my client has chosen for our co-creation together.)

  60. 60

    Facilitating this kind of Session Centerpiece, I’ll pull out one or more Energetic Holograms from the incident of spiritual awakening.

    Loads of useful details are available, bringing perspective and helping my client to incorporate what is useful and move past what is not.

  61. 61

    If there IS any self-deception, confusion, arrogance etc. I can easily find that. (Thank the combo of co-creating with the Divine plus having rigorous skills.)

    And I’ll tell my client the truth, always, in the most constructive way possible.

  62. 62

    MARY, I was a bit concerned upon reading the first part of your Comment #49: “I believe most people who believe they’re awakening, are not.”

    You see, I’ve sometimes encountered this sort of attitude in people who are not qualified Enlightenment Coaches, nor do they even have reliable energetic literacy (aura reading skills). Yet they believe they have the right to judge anybody whose experience doesn’t match their own. Or match their favorite belief system.

  63. 63

    It’s not a good look. Especially for those who aim to help other human beings.

    As opinions go, seems to me, this is particularly wrongheaded in the context of developing the consciousness lifestyle of either Traditional Enlightenment or Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  64. 64

    One way you can tell I’ve had a lot of experience at researching states of consciousness, spiritual awakening, etc. is to have a look at the most popular post at this blog, the Spiritual Enlightenment List.

  65. 65

    There you’ll find thousands of examples of research that I’ve done as an Enlightenment Coach.

    BTW, if you’d like to learn more about how I validate Enlightenment, here’s a link to a second Discernment Jamboree that may prove helpful.

  66. 66

    Here’s an alternative to the dismissive generalization that, ““I believe most people who believe they’re awakening, are not.”

    Research into chakra databanks, and sometimes into energetic holograms, has convinced me that something is always going on. People aren’t just stupid, MARY. And they’re not generally frauds, either. In my experience, my clients usually find it helpful to gain more clarity.

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