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10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion

Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion

Spiritual Awakening is available to all who seek it now. Yet there’s so much vibrational confusion around us. So most of the “signs of spiritual awakening” you’ll read about are ridiculously untrue. Not helpful.  And a part of the problem for anybody who seeks spiritual Enlightenment. Today’s article will give you straight talk about true signs of Spiritual Awakening.

These signs of spiritual awakening come from an Enlightenment Coach. One of many in the world today. I wish that more of us would write about true signs of spiritual awakening, because so many popular articles on this topic are written by bloggers who are probably lovely people. But….

Regular readers of this blog already know a lot about spiritual awakening. They know, for instance, that spiritual awakening is not Enlightenment.

If you have been using the words “spiritually awake” or  “spiritually awakened” as synonyms for “Enlightenment,” how about this? Skip towards the end of this article for recommended readings. Then you’ll become educated about the basics. Plus I’ll add further background in the form of resources that can help you to progress beyond sweet ideas about awakening to direct EXPERIENCE.

Now let’s move forward with 10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening. I’ll be calling you “Seeker of Spiritual Awakening.” Although many of you who are reading this post are Finders of Spiritual Awakening. And you are progressing rapidly on your path to Enlightenment. Like a series of rainbow bubbles that burst, gently shocking you every time — you are going through one spiritual awakening after another.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #1: Direct Experience of the Divine

You have the mystical experience. A minute that brings you into a different time and space. It’s more like heaven than earth.

And you remember that because, of course, you came from that before you incarnated into this lifetime.

Glad you’re here with us, Seeker of Spiritual Awakening. Because it’s not hard to feel spiritually connected when you’re an angel living in an astral world. The trick is to bring truth into earth, and for spiritual evolution to awaken the expression of your magnificent soul.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #2. Understanding that Human Is Not Divine

Once you experience your first spiritual awakening, you’ll be able to understand that human vibrational frequencies are not the same as Divine vibrational frequencies.

Because personal growth has little to do with spiritual awakening. It’s like the difference between:

  • Making a nice little sand castle with your little bucket and plastic shovel
  • Versus hearing the crash of the endless succession of ocean waves, while you feel your heart sing.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #3: Human Theories of the Divine Are Not Divine

That nice little sand castle may include human-type theories about your Higher Self and God and Jesus and Archangel Raphael, etc.

But a bit of overflow from the Divine ocean washes away our little theories as if they were so many sand castles.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #4: Appropriate Connection to the Divine Is Your Spiritual Purpose

Right from your first spiritual awakening, you may have noticed. From a spiritual perspective, the purpose of your life is a renewed closeness to God. The real deal.

To be clear, you’ll still have one or more purposes in your human life. And you may have one or more purposes as a World Server, a human who helps other humans.

Don’t let the glow of spiritual awakening confuse you. Readjust your vision after the each experience of spiritual awakening. Learn to see by human light again.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #5: Thinking for Yourself

Seeker of Spiritual Awakening, you’ll evolve most rapidly when you think for yourself about what is true and what isn’t true. About anything.

However, it is vital that you don’t rely exclusively on personal self-authority — trusting yourself. That that becomes easier and easier with each successive experience of spiritual awakening.

Self-authority is essential on your personal path to Enlightenment. However, self-authority makes a poor substitute for skills.

Give yourself the benefit of regular reality checks. That won’t stop true spiritual awakening.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #6: Eagerness to Progress Spiritually

Spiritual awakening leads to to a kind of soul hunger.

Seeker of Spiritual Awakening, remember to keep your life balanced. Rosetree Energy Spirituality can help you a lot with that.

For starters, check out our articles about:

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #7: Patience to Progress Authentically

Beware those who tell you that synchronicity must light up your path. Seeking signs like 11:11 or other human-type shortcuts to “spiritual awakening” will not bring you instant spiritual growth.

And Enlightenment is not some club that you can join.

Question the “true signs” that others brag about. Because some of them might not be so true after all.

Awakening is a journey. If you cross the threshold into Enlightenment, that journey will continue.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #8: Feeling Better About Yourself, Human You

Seeker of Spiritual Awakening, do you like your human life?

Spiritual seeking makes a beautiful adornment to human life. But it makes a lousy substitute.

Be careful that way. Integrate spiritual awakening by re-committing to your human life.

The true sign of spiritual progress is a renewed zest for living. Human living. Your human living.

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #9: Taking Responsibility as a Human Being

Here we get to a delicate point, important to every Seeker of Spiritual Awakening.

Many of the signs of spiritual awakening you’ll find on the Internet, signs of making spiritual progress, are false. Even dangerous. Like what?

  • Having mood swings.
  • Being spaced out.
  • Not caring about other people.
  • Over-interpreting your life to make everything some “meant-to-be” lesson.

These fake signs aren’t described quite so bluntly, of course. Read between the lines, as somebody who has common sense. “Might this so-called sign of spiritual awakening just be a feel-good way to avoid acknowledging a problem?

True Sign of Spiritual Awakening #10: Other People Are Not “Just Like Me”

The more you progress on your personal path to Enlightenment, what will you find? Seeker of Spiritual Awakening, you’ll enjoy the fact that you are just one human. Other humans are equally distinctive. In so many ways, they are not the same as you.

They don’t have to think or feel or believe as you do.

Even their descriptions of spiritual awakening may not match your own words. So what?

Spiritual Awakening doesn’t mean viewing the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal or the Empire State Building.

Find a spiritual teacher whose words resonate for you, someone whose version of truth looks right to you, someone whose words touch you.

Authentic appreciation for others may not arise after your first experience of spiritual awakening. Or even your tenth. Eventually, though, you’ll live it:

One true sign of spiritual awakening along your path is a fresh kind of wonder at the magnificent uniqueness of every human being on this earth.

Educate Yourself about Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

Start here, with this article about how spiritual awakening is not Enlightenment.

And here’s an interview on YouTube I did with Rick Archer about Enlightenment.

Two recent posts have been devoted to discerning what is, and isn’t, helpful for seekers of spiritual growth. You might get a counter-culture kick out of them: 5 False Signs of Awakening and True Signs of The Age of Awakening .

Resources for Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

This Enlightenment Coach doesn’t know everything. About anything. But I have successfully coached many people across the threshhold of Enlightenment, and several of you Blog-Buddies are getting really close.

This blog contains a lot of free resources, including this Top 10 Post about Enlightenment.

More resources are available in the other specialties of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Becauase RES includes four specialties:

  • Energy READING Skills that are effective in The Age of Awakening
  • Energy HEALING Skills that are effective in The Age of Awakening
  • Empath Empowerment skills that are effective in The Age of Awakening
  • And Enlightenment Coaching Energy that works in The Age of Awakening

Choose whichever topic appeals to you most. Then you’re playing “The Guru Game” for all of us who are living after The Shift into The Age of Awakening. 🙂

Personal RES sessions can help you, as can my workshops and books. What is your single most important resource, right now, offered by RES? It’s the very affordable, very readable, how-to book “THE NEW STRONG.”

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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    Whoa, those are all so familiar! But I doubt I would have been able to put them in words the way you did. That’s very helpful!

  2. 2
    Leo says:

    This may be your best blogpost to date, Rose, and I don’t say that lightly.

  3. 3
    Shonda says:

    Really interesting and helpful! I can relate to patience to progress authentically and feeling better about the HUMAN you.

    I’m hoping to be able to participate in a workshop soon.

  4. 4
    Grace T says:

    LOVE this! This is the kind of post (and spiritual understanding) that ought to be spread far and wide.

  5. 5
    Jnana says:

    ‘a fresh kind of wonder at the magnificent uniqueness of every human being on this earth.’

    If I could have that, I’d want nothing more.

  6. 6
    Cathy says:

    I would say that I am nowhere near enlightenment, but maybe heading towards spiritual awakening.

    One of these days I am going to be able to book a session or three with you, Rose!

    The New Strong techniques are something I spend a few minutes with almost daily.

  7. 7
    Cathy says:

    It’s funny because I’ve always felt so…numb and discordant within myself. Always as far as I can remember.

    A couple of years ago, I started learning empath skills, which has helped immensely with my sanity, and learning a sense of self.

  8. 8
    Cathy says:

    As that sense of self began to grow and strengthen I became more aware that things are still off balance, and the New Strong has given me a…balance, a calm and peace I didn’t know existed.

  9. 9
    Cathy says:

    Maybe spiritual awakening is possible.

    I’m at the point where I can feel mildly curious about it instead of completely over-whelmed!

  10. 10
    David B says:

    Thanks, Rose.
    The key takeaway here is divine and human. Growing awareness of the divine while living progressively more fully as a human.

  11. 11
    David B says:

    Myself, I’d describe this as a spiritual awakening process or the approach to the actual shift in being that defines a true realization – one that affects of sense of who we are.

    But we’ve gone there already. 🙂

  12. 12
    David B says:

    I would also note that it depends on our approach and the skills we develop. For some, they don’t become aware of the divine until later in the journey.

    They awaken in consciousness first, then gain the clarity to discover the divine.

  13. 13
    David B says:

    But how can it be “enlightenment” without light? 🙂

  14. 14

    Thanks so much for all these comments, DAVID. Including that gracious Comment #11. Awakening vs. Enlightenment are not the only terms we define differently.

    What we share, I’d say, is rigorous integrity related to our two contrasting approaches and a welcoming, even enthusiastic, way of saying to every reader: “Good! Keep up your process of spiritual awakening.”

  15. 15

    CATHY, I am just thrilled at what you’ve shared here.

  16. 16
    Gowri says:

    Rose, I LOVE this post, and will save it, it is so wise and insightful and relevant. Thank you!!!!

  17. 17

    GOWRI, thanks so much. I think if you liked this one, you’ll really like a little series published this month. If you’re curious, start with the last one.

    Don’t let the title horrify you. Go straight to the third heading, find links to the four that preceded it. And then read the last. Hope you find all of them helpful as well.

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