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Gladys Joins the Enlightenment Life List

Householder Enlightemment Model, celebrated

Gladys joins my Enlightenment Life List

Many of you Blog-Buddies know GLADYS. Did her recent name alignment have something to do with helping her move into Enlightenment?

I’ll let GLADYS tell her own story of how she has moved into Householder Enlightenment. When and if she chooses to share her Enlightenment saga.

The good news is, this part of her life story is now complete.

 More good news? GLADYS After Enlightenment…

Beyond Enlightenment, the personal growth just accelerates. In fact, folks in Householder Enlightenment continue to be especially invested in that personal growth.

Does that surprise you? Given what you’ve been told about that higher state of consciousness?

Not every model of Enlightenment emphasizes the human self.

But Householder Enlightenment means continuing to be interested mostly in your human life. While being strongly supported by the Divine…

To this Enlightenment Coach, a human emphasis is one of the distinguishing features of Householder Enlightenment.

Yes, Enlightenment for the Age of Awakening

This form of self-actualization that is relatively new. Because Householder Enlightenment has begun to happen bigtime since when?

Since The Shift into The Age of Awakening. More and more people are now crossing the threshold into this type of Enlightenment.

What is my favorite way to describe the era on earth that began on December 21, 2012?

In The Age of Awakening, millions are going to be able to move into Enlightenment.

And to do it as Householders. (That is, with the model of Householder Enlightenment rather than the Surrender Model of Enlightenment.)

So Gladys Will Be Added to Multiple Enlightenment Lists

For starters, her name will join those of others who have been helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Especially the part of RES that involves Enlightenment Coaching.

A blog post is devoted to this theme: Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality

I’m aiming to update this list tomorrow.

That’s my much-longer list of people in Enlightenment — this blog’s most popular post — The Enlightenment Life List. Mostly these are folks in the Surrender Model of Enlightenment, but there are more and more in Householder Enlightenment as well.

In this more traditional version, which I call the Surrender Model of Enlightenment, consciousness matters most. The emphasis is on consciousness. On the Divine. On letting go of personal ego.

Interest in personal concerns becomes beside the point. What matters so much more is the glorious, cosmic experience of bliss.

  • Superb Enlightenment Coach DAVID BUCKLAND writes an amazingly knowledgeable, compassionate blog to support interest in (what I call, and he does not call, the Surrender Model of) Enlightenment. (Unfortunately David Buckland is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)
  • Another awesome Enlightenment Coach, Jeffrey Chappell, also has written some lovely articles about this traditional and timeless version of Enlightenment.  (Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)
  • While a highly influential Enlightenment Coach, Rick Archer, monitors a website with interviews about Awakening and Enlightenment. Here’s a link to my interview with him at “Buddha at the Gas Pump.” DAVID has one there too! (Unfortunately Rick Archer is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

Brianne’s Version? Perfect for Her

Like several of the people I have personally helped as an Enlightenment Coach, Gladys very much wanted Householder Enlightenment. Seems to me, she could have gone either way.

Spiritual Awakening was heaped upon spiritual awakening. She grew ever closer.

And her soul really, really wanted Householder Enlightenment. Seemed to me a clear choice of her soul, because she was so close to Enlightenment for so much of the time that she has been involved in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

But the Surrender Model of Enlightenment — great though it is — wasn’t for her. She chose Householder Enlightenment.

Both beautiful soul-level choices. I’m honored to have been help you to enter into this now-available version.

Perhaps she will choose to write about this. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, big congratulations, Gladys in ENLIGHTENMENT.

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  1. 1
    Kyler says:


  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Congrats, Brianne!!

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    So awesome! Congrats!

  4. 4
    Kristine says:

    Congratulations Brianne Taylor! I would love to hear more if you choose to share. 🙂

  5. 5
    Sandra says:

    Congratulations, Brianne!

  6. 6
    Rachel says:

    Congratulations, Brianne! 🙂

  7. 7
    Primmie says:

    Congratulations Brianne!

  8. 8
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Yay Brianne! Nice choice 🙂 I haven’t tried the surrender model, but I think the householder version has a lot going for it.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Brianne!!! I love your new name, and I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to read your future post about this!

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    Yay! Congratulations Brianne! 😀

  11. 11
    Eleanor says:

    Eee!!! 😀 :D!!

    Congratulations, Brianne. I am so happy for you! :]

  12. 12
    Jessica Gates says:

    Yay, Brianne!

    Love the new name, too!

  13. 13
    Julie says:

    Wow, what a big occasion – a name change and Enlightenment. Congratulations, Brianne!

  14. 14
    Jane says:

    Beautiful…!!! Congratulations 🙂

  15. 15
    Brianne says:

    Thank you, Kyler, Isabella, Kira, Kristine, Sandra, Rachel, Primmie, Adam, Kylie, Emily, Eleanor, Jessica, Julie, Jane and of course, Rose!

    It’s especially lovely to have this community of support! 🙂

  16. 16
    Brianne says:

    This lifetime is very much about Householder Enlightenment, a new kind of experiment! There’s so much possibility here now in this Age of Awakening. It’s a fascinating time to be alive.

  17. 17
    Brianne says:

    I definitely agree about the emphasis on personal growth! It’s like my soul just rolled up its sleeves and said “Ah, at last! Now we can *really* get moving!”

    As for the name alignment, I don’t think Irene could have moved into enlightenment, but Brianne certainly could. 🙂

  18. 18
    Brianne says:

    Rose, I’m so very grateful for all I have learned here and in sessions and books, mentoring and workshops.

    First, I stopped feeling so desperate for enlightenment (or self-actualization as I thought of it then) because I started getting effective healing and learning effective skills and noticing real spiritual growth. Then this is like the icing on the cake.

  19. 19
    Brianne says:

    And now there’s just more growth to come!

    Things are certainly not perfect, but perfection isn’t what human life is about. Dealing with what’s here is the juicy part. 🙂

  20. 20
    Brandi says:

    Wow-Very great news for you and the world. I love your new name as well. It really suits “you” even though I’ve only known you through your writings on this blog.

  21. 21
    Jean says:

    Great news. Congratulations Brianne!

  22. 22
    David B says:

    Congrats, Brianne!

  23. 23
    David B says:

    Interesting comment, Adam. I’ve not thought of the approach as being a choice.

    While someone certainly may experiment with different conceptions and techniques, I tend to see our approach as natural. When we find what works for us, we follow that approach.

  24. 24
    David B says:

    Thanks for the link, Rose.

    As you know, I don’t quite frame it the same way. While I certainly have a consciousness emphasis, that was driven by how things unfolded here.

    I agree this is often associated with a renunciate approach, but I don’t consider them equivalent.

  25. 25

    All these comments are so wonderful. Thanks, everybody!

    DAVID B, I agree completely with your Comment #24. Where you made such a vital distinction.

    No longer for renunciates only — the model of Enlightenment that you live, and research, and help people attain, and help people to understand!

  26. 26

    When I call it “The Surrender Model,” I mean surrendering personal sense of self to gain the big non-duality Consciousness.

    This magnificent state of consciousness, the only form of Enlightenment before The Age of Awakening, is still uniquely sacred. Beings like you, who have attained it, are a kind of walking miracle.

  27. 27

    That form of Enlightenment has no requirement any longer to require being a recluse or renunciate.

    This is one of the great things about living in The Age of Awakening, having this be possible for householders like us.

  28. 28

    Another kind of walking miracle is what I call “Householder Enlightenment.” Not a perfect name, any more than “The Surrender Model of Enlightenment.” Because that’s a whole lot shorter than calling it: “Enlightenment where the personal sense of self continues, and is valued. That householder lifestyle is invested in.

    “Simultaneously the Divine exists strongly at the person’s core.

    “And, in terms of the person’s aura, many of the characteristics are identical with those of people in that other form of Enlightenment.”

  29. 29
    David B says:

    Thanks, Rose. Interesting to see how your conception of it is evolving. Mine too.

  30. 30
    Grace T says:

    Woweee congratulations, Brianne! Gorgeous new name!

  31. 31
    Adam McIntosh says:

    David – I’m not used to thinking of it as a choice either 🙂 To me, freedom of choice along new axes seems to be emerging as a hallmark of the age of awakening.

  32. 32

    DAVID B., I don’t mind sharing in public that it means a great deal to me, personally, that you would write a comment like #29 here.

    I have known quite a lot of the people on my Enlightenment Life List who are, like you, in the Surrender Model of Enlightenment.

    Well, maybe, not quite like you. 😉 Since you are in Brahman +++ consciousness, as I have personally validated by doing aura reading research with you.

  33. 33

    In some contexts, being “The Founder of RES” can be a bit tough. One of them is bringing forth informational downloads about Householder Enlightenment.

    So far, you and Rick Archer are the only people I have known from the world of Nonduality who have shown the tiniest bit of respect for this perspective.

    And Rick, bless his heart, is an affable guy who allows everyone to experience their own awakening experiences and doesn’t presume to judge.

  34. 34

    By contrast, I would love to be considered affable. But not too many people would think of mellowness as Rose Rosetree’s defining characteristic…

    Anyway, you’re more like me, DAVID B, as being the sort of Enlightenment Coach who brings standards and knowledge, concepts and guidance.

    Like me, you don’t consider it judgmental to separate out what seems true to you versus what is going sideways (or wherever). And so yes, both of us are learning. And willing to learn.

  35. 35

    ADAM, what a delightful observation in your Comment #31. How, “freedom of choice along new axes seems to be emerging as a hallmark of the Age of Awakening.”

    Fascinating and true!

  36. 36

    However, I don’t think that for most people now, there is exactly choice to aim for Householder Enlightenment or The Surrender Model of Enlightenment.

    About spiritual matters, our souls speak to most of us quite clearly. Especially when a direction is important.

  37. 37

    Sereral of the students I have helped as an Enlightenment Coach were clearly, clearly able to move into either type of Enlightenment. And they wanted this kind.

    By contrast, there are surely others who have leapt at the chance to go on retreats with DAVID BUCKLAND and other Nonduality-style Enlightenment Coaches.

    Folks have incarnated now (in part) just to have this opportunity — whichever one. I suspect.

  38. 38
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Thanks for that clarification, Rose 🙂

  39. 39
    David B says:

    Thanks for clarification, Rose.

    I’d agree that Surrender is a key aspect of a consciousness orientation. I would not describe it as surrender of the ego but rather surrender of attachments to it so that liberation can arise.

    However, I do know many nondualists who speak of ego-death. But you need an ego to function in the world. Even as a monk. (laughs)

  40. 40
    David B says:

    One little tip that comes to mind, Brianne. One of my teachers mentions how important it becomes after such a shift to favour what brings us joy.

    While it’s good to recognize the mud, we don’t want to go into it as has been the past habit. Favour the light, so to speak, as our attention becomes more powerful with clarity. 🙂

  41. 41
    Brianne says:

    Thank you Brandi, Jean and David.

    Brandi, this name does suit me much better. It makes me smile every time I hear it, like “wow! I get to be her? That’s so awesome!”

    I hadn’t realized how very restrictive that old name was. Name alignment is great!!

  42. 42
    Brianne says:

    Grace, thank you too!

  43. 43
    Brianne says:

    “About spiritual matters, our souls speak to most of us quite clearly. Especially when a direction is important.”

    This describes how it seemed to me. My soul was very determined to head for Householder Enlightenment and (fortunately) did not pay any attention at all when I tried to steer another direction! 😀

  44. 44
    Lilian says:

    Congratulations! Last life on earth. No big deal: just a few thousand (hundred) lifetimes and lots of prep lifetimes in other planets/existences before that…

  45. 45
    Lilian says:

    I always like to know what is “next”. So it’s easy to see the kind of challenges that might come up in linear earth time… in this life or another. But I’d like to see something as fun, challenging and tangible coming up after earth reincarnations. What new adventures await?

  46. 46
    Lilian says:

    Brianne: I have an ia sound in my actual name, which means that how people say it is pretty accent dependent.

    The more vowels you have in your name, the more variations you can get accent/emphasis-wise. If you have two vowels together then that’s more interesting emphasis variations you will get.

    I think of these things as people around me have a variety of accents and native languages. Anyhow…

  47. 47
    Lilian says:

    I don’t know if a soul reading would uncover a preference of how I’d want my name to be pronounced… it’s kinda fun letting people try for themselves.

  48. 48
    Lilian says:

    But Brianne is a lovely Gaelic name meaning noble or exhaulted, which is precisely appropriate for you!

  49. 49
    Brianne says:

    Lilian, thank you, especially for your kind comments about my name. 🙂

    I do have a preference for how it’s pronounced. Fortunately most people so far seem to pronounce it that way. Though I’m happy to correct anyone who needs help with it, lol!

  50. 50
    Brianne says:

    I don’t think that this is a last lifetime on earth for me, though. That sounds like no fun at all. I certainly don’t know for sure – that’s not something I’ve studied at all.

    But human life and the growth that’s possible here is a really fun game. I want to keep playing, especially now! 😀

  51. 51
    Lilian says:

    Comment 46 is just my way of saying I’m fully aware that I can be saying someone’s name wrong. Especially if my inner american accent is very mid-west.

  52. 52
    Lilian says:

    It is interesting about how different spiritual paths can be opening up after the shift. There’s a lot of info about this on David’s blog. We all chose incarnations and points in time where we can progress the most.

  53. 53
    Lilian says:

    As much as a significant number of folks maybe finishing their epic earth life experience, others may just be starting! We’re at a turning point now that Divine frequencies are back on earth. (cf Rose’s numerous articles and comments about this.) That’s fun to think about.

  54. 54
    Brianne says:

    Every soul gets to take a unique path through the grand dance of life. 😀

  55. 55
    Lilian says:

    OK, I’m always keen to define terms and I thought freeing yourself of reincarnation is a definition of enlightenment.

    As long as I feel I can be doing stuff on earth I’m happy to be here. As long as fun things are up ahead, that’s the main thing.

  56. 56
    Lilian says:

    I guess in non-incarnate form I would like to be some kind of “logistics angel”, figuring out how to plan peoples’ earth lives within the chosen parameters (karma, body type, placement in history, making sure choices work for all fairly etc)… That would be fun, and with less IT bottlenecks than you get on earth…

  57. 57
    Lilian says:

    Anyway… as you pointed out, the important thing is to follow the direction of your soul. Though I do suspect my own soul may naturally be detailed orientated. lol Don’t let me distract you.

  58. 58
    Antoinette says:

    Congratulations, Brianne! ?

  59. 59
    Brianne says:

    Antoinette, thank you! 🙂

  60. 60
    Brianne says:

    Lilian, I have had tendencies to overdo trying to understand things using my intellect first (and often only) and so I’ve made a rather deliberate choice towards balance these days.

    I have not made a study of enlightenment, but just learned enough here and there to follow my soul’s direction.

  61. 61
    Brianne says:

    It’s really fun to be able to not just think about things but feel emotions freely and do things that thrill my soul, play physically and interact socially, and then the extra big fun of effortless spiritual technique.

    There’s so much to being human! That experience is shifting with enlightenment also. It’s a lovely time to be alive.

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