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Walk-Ins, Really? Perspective from RES

Are there many walk-ins among us? Probably not.

Are there many walk-ins among us? Really? Probably not.

Am I a walk-in? Wow, do I ever want to give you perspective on that. An RES-type perspective. I’m writing this article right after a session with Joe. He was recovering  from an “energy healing” session when Joe was told that he was a walk-in. Walk-ins as an explanation? Really?

What a mess that made! Joe told me, that “energy healing” happened a year ago. Ever since, his life has been like before-and-after. Being identified as one of earth’s walk-in’s made that big a difference.

And not in a good way. Joe hasn’t felt like himself. Since then, he has felt just terrible.

So let’s provide some clarification, akin to what Joe got during his session (along with some additional aura healing skills).

BTW, at the end of his phone session with me, Joe was definitely back to normal. But geesh!

My Standing to Discuss Walk-Ins

What gives me credibility to write about walk-ins? For starters, Rosetree Energy Spirituality brings two different ways of helping clients like Joe:

How Dare Psychics and Healers Lightly Call People “Walk-Ins”?

How dare they, when it isn’t true! And usually, I suspect, it isn’t true!

Does it anger you, too, that a psychic or “healer” would lightly do such a thing? Calling people walk-ins when they aren’t? To provide services predicated on that very fraught term?

(If you’re not yet familiar with the term, “Walk-Ins,” no worries. I’ll be defining it in this article.)

Look, Joe was called a walk-in by an energy healer who didn’t know better. Were good energy READING skills involved? Or meticulous energy HEALING skills? Probably not.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gained, thanks to some good-enough skills.

What ARE Walk-Ins, Anyway?

A walk-in is “a new age concept of a person”… Someone “whose original soul has departed his or her body”  And this soul “has been replaced with a new soul.”

In essence, walk-ins have undergone a soul switch.

Descriptions like these may sound like as simple renting a tuxedo. ”

Sure, no big deal. You’re gonna be in a wedding.  So you go to the cosmic rental place and rent yourself a tuxedo.”

Only the soul inhabiting a body isn’t some cute fashion statement.

Walk-ins Becoming Popular? Really?

As if it were perfectly natural to switch up YOUR soul with somebody else’s. Or a higher version of your soul. And all this just kinda-sorta happens???

One writer about walk-ins, Claudia McNeely, believes, “If someone you know suddenly changes totally, there is a good possibility that there was a soul switch. I am seeing it more and more lately.”

I’m sure not.

Humanity should be so lucky as to have more and more people like Joe.

  • He has worked with a most inspiring focus to keep on evolving. No matter what!
  • Joe has overcome limitations that would have deadlocked somebody else for the rest of a lifetime.
  • Like the famous song by James Taylor, Joe has seen fire and he has seen rain.  But he has never, ever given up.
  • And that includes seeking appropriate help, the best he knew how to find. (As noted later in this article.)

Not walk-ins. Not just folks with virtual reincarnation. Sadly, I’m seeing more and more public figures — and clients — with the three problems listed soon in this article. Meanwhile, here’s…

My Limited Experience with Walk-Ins

Mostly I don’t have sessions with clients who are walk-ins. Probably they gravitate more towards psychics or energy healers with a more paranormal perspective than us down-to-earth RES experts.

Therefore, there’s a lot I don’t know about walk-ins.However, I have known four of them, in considerable detail. Guess what?

Each of those walk-ins was clearly aware of being a walk-in. Really! The swap was made intentionally.

  • An old soul departed from her ongoing lifetime as. Goodbye, Gladys.
  • Then a completely different soul, Gilda the Walk-In, slipped inside Gladys’ body and life. Hello, New Version of Gladys (who is deep-down Gilda).

Being a walk-in is not something that just gradually dawns on a person. No more than having a person suddenly “become” an empath. Ridiculous!

Why Be Falsely Flagged as Walk-Ins?

That group would include Joe, seems to me. This client had grown enormously. Over the five years I’ve known him, bravo! Several times he had moved into a virtual reincarnation.

This is such a good thing. Because virtual reincarnation means that you have evolved beyond the original scope of this incarnation on earth. You have grown so much as a person that it’s time to alter your life contract and start progressing far beyond how you were doing previously.

Moving into virtual reincarnation can be confusing. Sometimes an RES expert will explain that to a client. Explaining this is an honor. Never would it frighten a client to learn about a virtual reincarnation. It’s beautifully validating.

Walk-Ins Aren’t Having a Virtual Reincarnation

What guarantees that going through a virtual reincarnation has NOTHING to do with what happens with walk-ins?

The answer is simple.

In virtual reincarnation, you feel like yourself. You’re just growing fast.

Walk-ins feel like themselves, too. Only they know they are entirely different souls from the person whose life they’re now living.

Sadly, Joe’s Virtual Reincarnation Was Mislabeled as “Being a Walk-in”

Then it got worse.

Because there are three different reasons now why people might not feel like themselves. Given any one of these problems, it could be easy to believe that it’s the often praised, woo-woo, experience of walk-ins.

And Joe had two out of three of these very same problems when going into his session with that energy healer.

So being told he was a “Walk In” did nothing to address the problems Joe really did have. In this case, problems that could have been helped with just one season of RES aura healing.

Curious, anyone? Here’s my list of three problems that could be mistaken for “walk-ins”

Easy to miss! Unless the session facilitator had at least Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Plus knowledge of energy HEALING skills suitable for The Age of Awakening.

Spiritual Addiction Doesn’t Mean “Walk-ins”

Spiritual addiction is easier to overcome than alcoholism. Unfortunately, spiritual addiction is harder to recognize than alcoholism. No telltale booze bottles in the cupboards.

Joe happened to have be going through some spiritual addiction.

He was, therefore, especially vulnerable when the energy healer told him about walk-ins. An explanation given for how bad Joe felt.

In researching walk-ins for this article, I read stories that screamed to me: “This person could be in such terrible distress. I can’t tell without having this person as my client. However, spiritual addiction is probably a big part of the problem.”

Psychological Overwork Doesn’t Mean “Walk-ins”

With psychological overwork, analyzing your life starts becoming a substitute for living your life.

You can learn loads more about this in “THE NEW STRONG.” Especially how to overcome psychological overwork quite quickly.

Joe was also suffering from psychological overwork. Consequently, at the time, his sense of self was terribly distorted. His aura was messed up too. Not permanently. Just because of the psychological overwork consciousness lifestyle.

This made him especially vulnerable to believing the nonsense about walk-ins.

Extreme Spiritual Addiction Doesn’t Mean “Walk-ins,” Either

Extreme spiritual addiction really plays havoc with sense of self. Astral energies are running the human being now, at least as much as the original soul used to do exclusively. Fortunately, Joe didn’t have this problem. Unfortunately, it’s becoming pretty common among celebrities and politicians, especially.

Later this month I’ll share with you a blog post, and YouTube, about Michael Phelps. He’s the Bronze Winner of our Olympic Empath Contest. Well, he’s an example. Doesn’t stop Phelps from being a great swimmer, obviously. However, I doubt that he has felt like himself for quite some time.

No need to blame walk-ins, either.

Look, Phelps’s consciousness lifestyle is part of his soul’s choice. Just like psychological overwork and spiritual addiction, textreme spiritual addiction can be part of a soul’s sacred path. Mysterious. Yes, sacred.

However, free will can make all the difference. Far as I know, nobody has to live with either spiritual addiction, psychological overwork, or extreme spiritual addiction.

RES offers help to people who wish to feel more like themselves, that’s all. Which brings me to one way that you can help others.

Question Talk of Walk-Ins

What if a friend complains to you, “I’m not feeling like myself lately”?

  • Invite your friend to book a session of RES aura healing. Although I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to help, I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge towards the start of the session. That will help me discern whether the client’s problems lie within my scope of practice.
  • A responsible alternative is to recommend that your friend have some sessions with a mental health professional.
  • Belief in walk-ins can feel comforting, like psychic readings and channeling. Reiki and other forms of energy medicine can sound appealing. And sometimes services like these put a worried client in a positive state of mind….
  • But it’s a serious thing, not feeling like yourself. Meaning no disrespect, these woo-woo remedies aren’t meant for such a potentially serious problem.

Doesn’t that make sense? It’s important to be yourself, and without acting like a perfectionist about it.

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  1. 1
    Karen says:

    I’m shocked. But all of this makes sense.

  2. 2
    Leo says:

    New Age quality control is astoundingly low.

    Here’s hoping that energetic literacy will become commonplace, to weed out the charlatans and the dilettantes.

  3. 3
    Dana W. says:

    Thank you so much for clarifying about walk-ins, Rose.

    I am shocked that Joe was told he was a walk-in when he is not. No wonder he didn’t feel like himself; how confusing for him.

    I am so glad RES helped and he is feeling back to normal.

  4. 4
    David B says:

    Agreed, Leo. They are doing their best for the most part with the tools they know.

    But too much of it is filling in gaps with superstition. Not a broad enough picture to even discriminate properly, let alone have decent energetic literacy.

  5. 5

    Thanks for all these comments. Throwing a question back to each of you… and to our other Blog-Buddies, I’m curious.

    What have you heard about walk-ins? That they were superior intelligences? That they just move in whenever they liked? What?

    Anybody have something share here?

  6. 6
    David B says:

    Myself, I’d not explored it at all but had run into a few references. The main idea was just that rarely, when someones time is done, another soul is given the opportunity to step in. That tends to happen with an end of life event for obvious reasons. And that usually both parties know about it.

    Given the way karma and energy work, it seems it would be rare for there to be such a fit though.

  7. 7
    David B says:

    I’ve never met anyone with such an experience so I have no idea how valid it is.

    On the other hand, there are some stories such as in the Yog Vasishtha of people living an entire lifetime during one nights sleep. (a lifetime within a lifetime) Or of a crow that had learned to live through the dissolution of creation. So apparently, anything is possible. 🙂

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    In answer to comment #5, I’d heard the term, but my group didn’t really talk about walk-ins. I gathered from context that it is a replacement soul, and that’s all I really knew. No specifics.

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not feeling like myself currently, but it seems to be physical. I finally am experiencing enough fatigue for it to interfere with my daily activities.

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    What I had heard was that it was always an agreement between the two souls. Although it makes more sense that the person would obviously *know* that they’re a walk in as you described above.

  11. 11
    Happy says:

    I wonder if this is off topic, I have not heard of walk-ins. I have heard of “walk-outs” which is a term I made up for the sake of this discussion.

    A “walk-out” is supposed to be a person who have lived for some time and the soul gets bored or has learned enough and leaves the body, leaving a moving, eating and sleeping empty shell.

    This theory has been highly criticized on the website where it has been posted.

    Personally I do not believe in that very much, because most people have a spark and sense of purpose. The theory states that most people are “walk-outs”

  12. 12

    While I don’t believe most (if any) of the things I’ve heard, the idea some people have is that because a walk-in knows they’re a walk-in, they have other higher, superior, spiritual knowledge as well…

  13. 13
    Dana W. says:

    I had read once that walk-ins come in to a body when the other soul is ready to leave, for some reason, and it is an agreement between both.

    I wasn’t sure if that ever actually happened though. And I never thought someone would tell someone else they’re a walk-in when they’re not…

  14. 14
    Dana W. says:

    I also saw the movie K-PAX with Kevin Spacey in 2001, when one person had a horrific, violent experience (I don’t recommend the movie for that reason).

    Then that soul left the body and an alien named PROT came in, but he had come from another planet and was aware of himself as that visiting alien, not human.

    He is in a psychiatric hospital to start the movie.

  15. 15
    An Avid Reader says:

    There was a woman in a series of spiritual trainings I took 15 years ago who made it public knowledge that she was a walk-in. It seems like she felt this conferred her with some type of status, that it was something to boast about.

    I did not believe for a minute that she was a walk-in. I thought she was crazy! She was really out of kilter.

  16. 16
    Christine says:

    So, with so many low quality healers out there how do I explain to someone that RES is not like that?

  17. 17
    Dana K. says:

    I also took trainings with someone that said she was a walk in. Apparently she had a very heavy childhood and completed her life contract by age 40.

  18. 18

    CRISTINE, here’s an answer to your Comment #16. Invite folks to check out this blog.

    Even better, read “The New Strong.” It’s a small investment. Let them see if it makes sense to them.

    Gee, reading this blog, folks might see YOUR comments and be inspired. 🙂

  19. 19
    Dana K. says:

    She was set to die, and she went to a shaman who said that she was being offered a walk in, and the incarnation could continue.

  20. 20
    Dana K. says:

    She phrased it as though it wouldn’t be a different soul but a piece of her own soul that would come down and actually begin the life contract for what would have otherwise been the next lifetime, had the shaman not been there to facilitate all of this.

  21. 21
    Dana K. says:

    I believe she told the story as a way to appear highly experienced and evolved.

    I have no way of knowing if it was true or not.

  22. 22
    Dana K. says:

    According to her, her husband did have to get used to some new mannerisms.

    Unfortunately I did finally discover a lot of her healing ability was a connection to the astral and I stopped following her for energy hygiene reasons.

  23. 23
    David B says:

    That’s another bogus idea out there – that the soul can be fragmented and you have to gather the parts up.

    Our self-sense may well feel broken or disjointed but the soul is eternal. How can something eternal be broken?

  24. 24

    DANA K., I’m inclined to believe your former teacher. You chose her because her work was meaningful to you. Unless you have reason to doubt her integrity, it doesn’t mean she was lying about this version of being a walk-in.

    It’s just a shame she didn’t teach you enough about energetic literacy so you could research that for yourself.

  25. 25

    How would you use Stage 3 Energetic Literacy skills to test somebody’s claims of being a walk-in?

    One way would be to obtain a current photo, suitable for reading auras.

    Also find online an older photo, from before the time when she said that the walk-in occurred.

  26. 26

    Research six chakra databanks or more on each photo.

    If it’s a walk-in, there will be a different gift of the soul for each chakra databank in the first photo, compared to the second photo.

    And the quality of chakra databanks would be distinctively different as well.

  27. 27

    What is a simpler way to research the integrity of somebody who claims to be a walk-in?

    Research a photo of that person, a reasonably current photograph.

    Use regular, everyday Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research a range of chakra databanks about integrity.


  28. 28
    Brandi says:

    Hi Rose. According to Ruth Montgomery who wrote a book called Strangers Amoung Us in 1979, the walk in soul is the higher self of the natal soul.

    This means when the exchange happens it’s like a download of purer energy.

  29. 29
    Brandi says:

    The Walk in came to complete a divine mission so the person will now exhibit keen healing/psychic/empath gifts.

  30. 30
    Brandi says:

    I read that the outgoing soul may stick around and live in the aura to act as a guide to the walk in.

  31. 31
    Brandi says:

    All this ramped up in the 80 and 90s according to walk in Ascension teacher Yvonne Perry and now there are more than ever on the planet here to help with the Ascension.

  32. 32
    Brandi says:

    Hannah Beaconsfield, pleiadian channeler and author who wrote a book called Welcome to Planet Earth- she channeled in 1996 that occurances of walk ins would increase and needed to to help with planet energy-since these souls are more developed spiritual.

  33. 33
    Brandi says:

    I also read that she thinks walk ins (and star seeds)can carry ET energy because of their own ET past lives and this is needed now in collective consciousness.

  34. 34

    Gee, BRANDI, thanks.

    Even looking at all those chunks of paranormal, ugh! How helpful is that in this actual Age of Awakening?

    Can you see why I just wrote a blog post about not going this woo-woo route and simply emphasizing living a human life?

    That post, BTW, recommends Being Yourself.

  35. 35
    Brandi says:

    Yes Rose I agree-all ugh. I feel like people are desperate for labelling what It means to live on Earth without a veil.

    Walk ins or star seed or Ascension- maybe it makes a person not feel crazy.

    My wish is that everyone could live the New Strong.

  36. 36
    An Avid Reader says:

    Just to clarify, the person I met who said she was a walk-in was a *participant* attending the training. Most fortunately, she was not leading the training! Especially, given the fact that she seemed so out of whack!

    Sorry for not making that more clear!

  37. 37
    Brianne says:

    Walk ins – what an interesting concept. I’ve never run into this term before.

    It’s quite disturbing that it’s been used so casually and indiscriminately.

  38. 38
    Brianne says:

    Having odd energetic experiences and then using them as a status symbol to appear more experienced and evolved is an unfortunate thing that seems to happen rather a lot these days.

    Brandi, #35 seems right on to me. I echo your wish!

  39. 39
    Dana K. says:

    That’s fascinating that this can be researched with energetic literacy Rose.

    Whatever her energetic experience truly was, in her mind it was a walk-in and so to her the story was correct.

  40. 40
    Dana K. says:

    Energetic literacy would have been nice, maybe to verify the story and also to research her in general before I took trainings!

    But that was before I found this blog.

  41. 41
    Dana K. says:

    I can’t say what attracted me to her trainings other than early on, she read a bit of my aura and it felt validating to actually be seen.

    I guess I felt very hidden before, maybe that was to do with being an unskilled empath.

    So it wasn’t a good fit long-term, but it did pivot me to this path and so in the end it’s worked out.

  42. 42
    An Avid Reader says:

    Hi Dana,

    I can certainly understand how if she validated a part of you that felt hidden, that it would have provided motivation to attend the workshop.

    I know that one of the goals that I have is to learn Rose’s method of energetic literacy as so as to be an “early responder” to what is going on with people on a regular basis. My gut instincts while often right, have also sometimes been very wrong.

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