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Honoring Diversity with Face Reading

Recognize this handsome black man? He could be nominated for our Face Reading Diversity Contest.

Recognize this handsome black man? He could be nominated for our Diversity Face Reading Contest.

Blog-Buddies, what two things have I been wanting to give you lately? More diversity, including when I offer any kind of celebrity reading at this blog. And more face reading. So, in my next blog post, I’ll be announcing a new Face Reading Contest.

Today, though, I’m going to introduce the theme of diversity in face reading.

Of course, Face Reading Secrets® is how we read faces around here. The system is based on the premise that “God don’t make no junk.” And it provides a wealth of insights into the person whose face is being read, both talents and potential challenges.

As for my longing for more diversity at this blog, sigh! When I do celebrity readings here at this blog, so often there isn’t much diversity at all. This contest can help balance out the proportion of “white” faces and auras being read around here.

Let’s Acknowledge and Honor Diversity in Society

Well, Face Reading Can Help

In America, Trumpism has made the expression of bigotry seem more acceptable than before…

Worldwide, people are getting stirred up over the record numbers of refugees worldwide…

My hope? Face reading could play a role in helping people to see what? Not just ear angles and cheek emphasis. But the humanity in others with different backgrounds.

Otherwise, it is so easy:

  • To see skin color first.
  • Then tick off the mental box labelled “Other.”
  • Following that? Never take a good look at that person again.

When you learn face reading, you start noticing the person! The individual! A unique soul, busily being human!

Real People’s Faces, Never Stereotypes

Would you guess this is the same man? It sure is.

Would you guess this is the same man pictured at the top of this post? It sure is.

The difference is time. What happened to this amazing man over time? Face reading reveals a triumph tale of the human spirit.

Who is that handsome young man pictured at the top of this post? He’s an emblem of our Diversity Face Reading Contest.

Behold Thurgood Marshall, America’s amazing Supreme Court Justice!

A Supreme Justice Who Helped Bring Diversity to America’s Schools

Marshall’s first photo shows a successful attorney, having a thrilling career.

Our second photograph shows him towards the end of a storied era at America’s highest court. Where Thurgood Marshall delivered exemplary justice.

Did you ever study what happened during the Civil Rights era? Then you’ll know how important this man was. How strong he had to be to do what he did!

A comparison face reading brings insight into how Justice Marsall made himself strong.

Do you have one of the rare copies of my face reading how-to, “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup”? (Now it’s out of print, except for a handful of copies set aside for serious face reading students.) As always, comparision face readings reveal personal evolution. Changes to Justice Marshall’s face tell a story that inspires.

Meanwhile, face reading just one public figure just in the present, that’s plenty inspiring, too. In our contest, we’ll include diversity to make it clear that the categories of Face Reading Secrets®  are human in nature. Not race-based.

What else is worth noting as we prepare to honor diversity the face reading way?

Real Face Reading Is Not Face Judging

What would happen if you took a face reading survey today?  Try asking your friends, one at a time: “What is face reading?”

Probably you will hear, “Expression reading.” Or “Deciding if somebody is good or bad.”

Nope! The ancient art of reading faces for character is for… learning about people.

Not just their scowls or their come-hither looks.

Definitely not for the purpose of quickly categorizing “Good or bad.” (A pursuit that is just plain disrespectful! And often not far from prejudice, either.)

Granted, there are many systems of face reading. Mine is different enough to be trademarked. Face Reading Secrets® fits right in with the rest of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES):

  • Designed to open the heart of compassion.
  • Information aside, the process helps you grow.
  • While the particular insights may well astound you.

How Can a “White” Face Reader Get Accurate Insights into “Non-Whites”?

You might be amazed how often this cringe-worthy question has been asked. It began when I first turned pro as a face reader. In 1986!

Since then, the question hasn’t changed much, either.

In this era of Black Lives Matter, let’s set the record straight.

Legitimate face reading isn’t about color. Not one bit.

With physiognomy training, there’s so much more to see in a face.

Accurate, Though? Despite Diversity?

Look, I know it’s accurate. Because of feedback when my how-to books on face reading have been published in translated editions. Where?

In China, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, The Czech Republic.

Also, I’ve taught face reading workshops to diverse students in the cosmopolitan cities of Tokyo, London, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles.

Besides that, many of my media interviews involved feedback after I read public figures in countries worldwide. In the words of one of the radio interviews I did by phone in Africa: “You haven’t been reading my face. You’ve been checking with my Mum.”

Of course this kind of face reading is diversity friendly!

Check it out today, any of you who are already face readers. When you’re ripe for inspiration, you might not wish to read a newspaper. Not these days.

Decide how you’ll vote, sure. Base it on facts.

And then, go forth and give yourself a good time. Enjoying Diversity! Reading faces!

P.S. A Personal Question

Among the ways you’re invited to comment at this blog post — what has been your experience about face reading and diversity?

Did you assume certain characteristics, like Large Lipfulness or Arched Noses, belong to one ethnic group?

Has face reading changed that?

Does reading faces help you deal better with diversity? Do you find it easier to look past skin color and see an individual?

No comments here are taboo. And you can always comment anonymously, you know. In the first line of your comment, just let me know the alias you’d like to use.

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  1. 1
    Eleanor says:

    Wow! Great timing, Rose.

    Just this morning, I was looking over your Enlightenment Life List for an example of someone who identifies as a Muslim, hoping to do some aura reading for myself and learn a bit about that particular flavor of the Divine in a highly concentrated form.

    I am still hoping to do this research, inspired in part by my desire for increased diversity at this blog! In the meantime, I will also look for a particularly interesting face to nominate for this contest. 🙂

  2. 2
    David B says:

    Hi Eleanor

    You might wish to try scrolling down this page – near the bottom is a Sufi section – the esoteric branch.

    There may be actually enlightened people in Roses terms there.

  3. 3
    David B says:

    I found a copy of Wrinkles last year but have not read it yet. It was a former Sno-Isle library book – thats a region across the border that’s N of Seattle.

    I can’t tell you how it got across the border though. 🙂

  4. 4
    Brianne says:

    Oh, I have more than a few potential candidates for this contest in mind already 🙂

    Face reading has not yet been my main focus of RES study, but what little I have gathered is so fascinating. The main thing I learned was how much faces change, and not in the same ways. I’d never paid attention to that before.

  5. 5
    Kristine says:

    Rose, I like this question “Do you find it easier to look past skin color and see an individual?” I find that’s what RES is all about, having an open mind, smashing boundaries, and discovering something fascinating.

    On the flip side, it can be challenging to open up to others when racism still exists in professions, workplaces, communities, and certain geographic areas, to name a few.

    The bonus to those who are open to friendship, or teaching, or learning from, or collaborating with those that are different from themselves is that they can get smarter, wiser, and life gets richer. That’s what I believe.

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