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Learning When I Cut a Cord of Attachment. Guest Post by KRISTINE

Learning 12 down-to-earth steps to cut cords of attachment

Learning 12 down-to-earth steps to cut cords of attachment

Learning to cut cords of attachment? Go for it!

Today KRISTINE shares the wealth of information she received from doing one of her first sessions of self-healing. May her sparkling guest post encourage you.

Removing cords of attachment is not the only skill for energy HEALING in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).  Actually it’s the hardest one that I teach people. (At least before they apprentice with me to become RES practitioners.)

Learning to cut cords of attachment isn’t rocket science. But it does take a bit of practice to develop this skill. Which is why I recommend starting your power-packed journey of self-healing… how? With a different set of skills.

If possible, start with these much-easier skills for RES-style emotional and spiritual growth. So easy and also so powerful — in different ways. Hint! This energy HEALING workshop will be taught just once in 2016. It’s coming up the weekend of October 8-9.

But Cutting Cords of Attachment Is the Famous Skill Set

I get that. Cutting cords is, right now, the best known part of RES.  And for good reason. Just check out these blog posts!

Of course, it’s tremendously valuable learning the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. So many logical consequences result from removing every single one of these energetic cords. So if you wish to learn that one first, as KRISTINE did, I won’t stop you. 😉

Still, as Kristine once put it to me…

Hello Discernment!

Meaning what? This trademarked method for cutting cords of attachment isn’t the only one that works. However, it definitely DOES  work, producing permanent results every single time.

Plus, the quality of self-healing from learning to cut cords is much greater than one would suppose.  Given so many conversations online.

Ever notice? So much “learning about energy healing” today involves super-quick ways to cut cords of attachment.  Very appealing. Except, oops!

  • If you’ve tried quickie methods to remove cords, maybe you were disappointed. Please don’t let that put you off.
  • Or what if you’ve had aura healing sessions where a cord of attachment was cut. Did the skill set intimidate you? You can learn to do this. You really can.
  • There could be many reasons why, so far, learning to cut cords of attachment hasn’t happened yet.

Regardless, I hope you will be inspired with the taste that KRISTINE gives all of us here. However, remember, she’s still very, very new to learning this skill set for removing cords of attachment. With practice, the skills become even more refined.

What I Learned from Cutting One Cord of Attachment

I recently completed cutting a cord of attachment on my own. This self-healing was done after graduating from Rose’s Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop.

After cutting that energetic cord, the details were surprising.  Of course!!!

One of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment is learning about what was in that particular cord. At the time any cord of attachment is cut, it contains a distinctive set of “Cord Items.”

Finding this information is done as Step 9. Obviously, there’s more to come afterwards.

When Rose taught us, she said that Steps 10-12 are even cooler. There you really “Show what makes you special at this form of energy healing. Benefit from your unique perceptiveness.”

Nevertheless, the cord items are pretty amazing on their own. So that’s the main part of my self-healing session that I’ll share with you today.

You See, Every Time You Cut a Cord of Attachment, Your Learning Is Unique

These cord items will show you what I mean about uniqueness. Although this idea of unique learning is a surprising idea to many people.

Unfortunately, nobody has told them about the big potential for self-healing.  However, when you develop good skills, you take a big step forward in  personal development.  And this will happen every single time that you cut a cord of attachment.

Why else did I decide to write this guest post?

My hope is to inform others of some strange happenings in these days and times. What Rose calls “The transitional years of this new Age of Awakening.”

Maybe, too, my story can provide some very real evidence that cutting cords of attachment requires skill. A skill that can be learned!

Background on the Cord of Attachment I Cut to “Gladys”

Gladys is a person that I see from time to time. Recently, talking about human-type things, she made me a very innocent-sounding offer. I felt obligated to consider her offer.  After all, I had no “real” reason not to consider.

Unbeknownst to my conscious mind, there was an energetic subtext to this conversation. It had a lot to do with extreme spiritual addiction.

This is a pretty recent thing, I understand. Mostly it started happening in the Age of Awakening. In case you’re curious, here are some links at the blog:

Most Cords of Attachment Do NOT Involve a Cordee Like Gladys

Still, some people today are developing spiritual addiction which gets completely out of hand. In some cases, this can even result in out-of-kilter behavior. Or even developing extreme spiritual addiction.

Good to know: RES offers many resources to protect you from this kind of nonsense. Not just learning how to cut cords of attachment. These resources include:

  1. Heal Spiritual Addiction, Top 10 Articles about Technique Time
  2. Rose’s systematic Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. You’ll find this in “The New Strong: Stop Fixing Yourself And Actually Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth.”

What Else Is Worth Learning Before You Read What Was Stuck in My Cord of Attachment?

It just so happened that a recent incident with Gladys was stuck in that cord of attachment I cut. Rose has found that often they come from early childhood. They could come from any random time in your life. (I’ve been told, learning why is part of what I can look forward to when I take the RES Cut Cords of Atttachment Workshop, Level 2.)

Meanwhile, have you learned these three things about cutting cords of attachment?

  • Do Cord Items change over time?  They sure can.
  • Each cord of attachment always has something, though.
  • And these days you may find yourself learning more than you cared to about extreme spiritual addiction.

What else? In advance I apologize for some of the language in a couple of my cord items. It’s subconscious-level reactions, you know? Under the circumstances, my subconscious reactions weren’t mild and polite.

Cord Items Between Me and Gladys. Gone Now 🙂

When I cut my cord of attachment to Gladys, what was stuck in the cord? Energetic truth behind the mildly annoying, human-level incident I’ve already described to you.

  1. Gladys: Confusion in life. (Evidently, Gladys is having a hard time relating in objective reality. She has some kind of funky energy experiment going on.)
  2. Gladys: Looking for someone to onto latch because that person’s energy seems interesting. Special energy. (BTW, what became clear to me from this cord item? Gladys observes energy all her waking hours.)
  3. Gladys: Wanting to be special. Special enough to control the world and others. (Again, this cord item was a kind of packet of information. Along with what I just mentioned, I had this sense: Gladys works on people’s energies all day long. Meanwhile she is very ineffective in her human life. One of the problems that Rose aims to solve with her new book, “The New Strong.”)
  4. Kristine: “This b**ch is crazy!” Wanting to escape and get away.
  5. Gladys: Thinking “Maybe she can be like my pet.” A puppet to control, if only I charm her enough so that she will trust me.
  6. Kristine: Looking for an escape, but finding none. (While thinking “How can I get out of this?)
  7. Kristine: Feeling trapped in a corner.
  8. Gladys: Feeling empowered to take over the world, one feeble -minded] person at a time. (She goes for the meek, those with the “energy” she wants to attain the “easy way.”)
  9. Kristine: Feeling powerless.
  10. Kristine: Reminding myself that I have God’s protection.
  11. Kristine: Ready to take on the bully. “I will find a way to end this sh**.”

Tricky Learning from Cutting a Cord of Attachment

Was I consciously aware of any of these cord items? Yes, kind of.

All of them?  Absolutely not.

That’s one of the tricky things you learn from cutting your own cords of attachment.  Your conscious mind might not register any big deal about the incident that gets stuck energetically in that cord.

Does that stop the particular set of cord items? Not knowing the contents of every cord of attachment while you’ve still got it — will that protect you?

No way. Until that cord of attachment is cut, every single cord item will impact you energetically and subconsciously.

Cord items will keep on playing in the background of your subconscious mind and aura. Every single cord of attachment. Every single day of your life. At least once day — and often more frequently.

The Positive Part Is the Logical Consequences

There are, of course, some very practical results I can expect from cutting this cord of attachment.

They are directly related to the cord items I have shared with you.

But I think I’ll end this long post with this simple fact about cutting any cord of attachment. When removing a cord the RES way, the point is not just some sort of energetic clearing.

RES skills of energy HEALING always involve two steps:

  • Permanent STUFF Removal
  • Then PUT-IN.  An energetic replenishment that helps you to express your soul.

What is the point of cutting this cord of attachment to Gladys? Or any of these icky cords? Not just about energies. But about improving my human life.

Logical consequences that I can expect are personal. And very much about my human life.

Okay, One More Thing I Learned

Talk about human! This is a very human-level kind of learning. Maybe it’s especially important in the Age of Awakening, when so many people are going through big energetic confusion.

You don’t need to investigate everybody’s mess to know there can be hidden, subconscious, suffering aplenty. Well, that’s where common sense comes in.

Remember that incident I told you about earlier in this post? When I considered Gladys’s idea when I really didn’t have to!!!

It led to such disgusting cord items getting stuck in my cord  of attachment.  Well, hello! More discernment!

From this session of RES self-healing, I take a very practical, human-type reminder:

Just saying “NO” can be so helpful. For me and maybe for you as well.

Every offer does not require acceptance or even consideration.

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  1. 1
    AJ says:

    I can’t wait for Cut Cords of Attachment Level 2. I might have to set up a few day of mentoring soon to get started on that. But first, I’m working on becoming a skilled empath. 🙂

  2. 2

    Congratulations, Kristine! Every cord of attachment is a real learning opportunity. Thank you for sharing your learning with us.

  3. 3
    Brianne says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Kristine. So articulate and helpful.

  4. 4
    Brianne says:

    I appreciate this cord item in particular “Wanting to be special. Special enough to control the world and others”.

    It is so very different from any conclusion that I’d come to. And some people I know have baffled me in how they seem to start from a place of sweetness (since there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be special) and wind up all the way over to trying to control others (which is the opposite of sweet in my opinion!)

  5. 5
    Brianne says:

    Of course these are people I don’t need to try to understand – exploring the sewers of human experiments is not required!

    But it is nice to have that leap of logic explained in this way. So thank you Kristine 🙂

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Actually it occurs to me that there are some situations in which I still don’t say no easily–so thank you for this post. You’ve inspired my next session intention:-)

  7. 7
    Valerie says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post Kristine! Thank you for sharing!

  8. 8
    Kylie says:

    Great post Kristine! I love how even in your cord dialogue, you were fighting back! It strkes me that this is the kind of cord many people might think was minor, because in objective reality nothing huge happened.And yet, energetically, it’s a pretty big deal. I love your takeaway–you no longer need to even consider an offer that doesn’t appeal to you. Learning to say “no” is such a powerful skill in life…

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    It reminds me how once there was a time in my life when I said yes to things I wasn’t interested in, just to be nice…inevitably I would later back out of those things, after lots of mental distress. How freeing it is to just say no from the start.

  10. 10
    Kristine says:

    Thanks for the comments AJ, Jessica, Brianne, Kylie, and Valerie! Good to see how you all received this guest post. (I was a bit concerned about the language.)

  11. 11
    Kristine says:

    Comments on a guest post are like gold nuggets of encouragement to me as someone who is getting more comfortable with being visible, even in an online community. 🙂

    So a very big thank you for taking the time to read and comment. And also thank you to those who may read and quietly comment on the inside. It took me a good while before I made comments even though there was so much I found (and continue to find) tremendously helpful on this blog.

  12. 12
    Emily T says:

    Saying No to things immediately is also something I’m working on. Also cancelling if I only later find out that the event I’m going to is not going to be to my taste!

  13. 13
    Eleanor says:

    Kristine, I loved how your soul has that spunky, mildly profane, “I will stand up to this crazy bully! I don’t have to take this from anyone!”

    Well, YEAH!

    You’re like a ball of fire with sugar on top. 😉 Gosh, if you could only read some of the language that comes out of my cord items, ha ha… No need to be embarrassed for your inner attitude, in my opinion!

  14. 14
    Eleanor says:

    And yes… I recently had an experience, too, where I cut a cord with “Yuckiness” 10/10 and the objective reality incident was about as mundane as “This person is paying a lot of attention to me and it is making me uncomfortable.” It’s not always obvious in objective reality, like you said, how much of a big deal something is under the surface, energetically.

  15. 15
    Eleanor says:

    And it’s *also* not clear, without the proper energetic literacy and/or the proper procedure for cutting a cord of attachment, whether that person really IS doing something icky, yucky, weird (such as in your example) or whether they are mostly benign and the weirdness is all on your side, worrying about them being weird (as in mine).

  16. 16
    Eleanor says:

    That’s why we get professional help or professional-quality skills! So we can tell the difference and we DON’T spend our lives constantly wondering whether every superficially benign interaction is secretly energetically problematic. 🙂

    Because some are!! And some really aren’t. And in either case, worrying about it doesn’t help. Skills for healing and energetic literacy help.

  17. 17
    Dana W. says:

    Thank you for sharing, Kristine! I love your reminder about how “Every offer does not require acceptance or even consideration.”

  18. 18
    Dana W. says:

    And that: “That’s one of the tricky things you learn from cutting your own cords of attachment. Your conscious mind might not register any big deal about the incident that gets stuck energetically in that cord.”

    I have been really happy with the experiences I have had since taking the level 1 workshop. It’s so interesting how the cord items are something I had some inkling of but certainly not all of it in that depth as you explained well in your post. Such powerful healing! I am so grateful to have learned it.

  19. 19
    Eleanor says:

    Thank you, Kristine!! And everybody who has commented so far.

    I love your shout-out in comment #11, too, Kristine. 🙂

  20. 20
    Eleanor says:

    I know I tend to comment a lot, but even when I don’t, I’m always reading and “quietly commenting on the inside” (beautiful phrasing!). Sometimes this isn’t even shyness, it’s just that *soooo much* of what people have said has given me insights that I don’t even know where to begin! 🙂

    It’s nice to be reminded that sharing some of this can be really helpful to others. You all are really helping me, that’s for sure!!

  21. 21

    I love to read each and every one of your comments, Eleanor. I’m glad you comment a lot. 🙂

  22. 22

    “Exploring the sewers of human experiments is not required!”

    Well said, Brianne! I love your eloquence.

  23. 23
    Lilian says:

    Saying no: – Pailhead (Spinerette) – I will refuse

  24. 24
    Lilian says:

    I find that doing aura readings on myself is pretty helpful, while doing them on others is just another way of distracting myself.

  25. 25
    Lilian says:

    Or can be.

  26. 26
    Lilian says:

    The info you get out of cutting a cord of attachment can be surprising.

  27. 27
    Jane says:

    Where is the learning in this?

    Where is the regular human compassion for Gladys – Gladys the monster.

  28. 28
    Jane says:

    How is this not a continuation of good people v bad people – victim/perpetrator.

    I don’t see this as compassionate wisdom in action.

  29. 29
    Jane says:

    No – of course its not everyone elses job to help everyone else in a world of 6 billion people.

    NO is important. What’s the Chinese proverb about Heaven & Hell?

    The banquet with plenty for all, 7 foot long chopsticks.

    In Hell they are starving, because they can not feed themselves.

    In Heaven they feed one another.

  30. 30
    Jane says:

    I might be wrong?

    I thought compassion – IS what makes us human, compassion for ALL?

    Maybe I have too much stuff to see clearly what is being stated.

  31. 31

    JANE, what a sweetly meant series of comments.

    It isn’t that you have too much STUFF (as we use that term in RES) to understand what is stated.

    Personally I consider it very important to bring out knowledge that makes sense to readers and lurkers here.

    Surely it is the mark of a snobby group, of even a cult, to say, “You’re not ___ enough to understand.”

  32. 32

    However, the context about Gladys was cord items.

    This is not an interaction.

    Nor is this something being discussed in psychotherapy or while studying ancient Chinese wisdom.

  33. 33

    Might I suggest that you read Chapter 1 of “Cut Cords of Attachment”?

    Beyond that, it can be helpful to understand that RES is neither a way of life nor a religion. Your concerns about compassion might belong there, as well.

    JANE, I help people become more strong and whole. I leave it to other types of expert to right the world’s wrongs.

  34. 34
    Brianne says:

    In my experience with cutting cords of attachment for myself and having an RES expert cut them for me, after those yucky cord items are gone, that’s when my compassion for the cordee really has a chance to shine.

    Cord items are always yucky – it’s the spiritual tie that has the goodies. So when the cord is in place, those yucky cord items cycle through my aura at least once a day. And that makes it much harder to do anything except react to that.

  35. 35
    Brianne says:

    When the cord is properly cut, then I’m much more free to chose how to respond in objective reality. Generally for me that means an increase of compassion.

    Though that is usually accompanied by a stronger sense of self – I might still choose to have no contact with the cordee, if I don’t like how they treat me.

  36. 36
    Brianne says:

    Some of the cords I used to have had really yucky energies like Kristine’s (different cord items, but similar yuck factor!).

    It helped a lot to have those cord items gone. I was able to see much more clearly what I hadn’t been able to see before – those people really were not treating me very well.

  37. 37
    Brianne says:

    For me, “compassion for all” does not include ignoring when people treat me badly.

    People treating me badly doesn’t make them “monsters” or “bad people”, it just means that they treated me in a way I don’t like and that I won’t allow to continue (as much as I’m able to change the situation).

  38. 38
    Eleanor says:

    Brianne–so well said in comment #37!

    It’s not about that person being “bad”, it’s about the person’s behavior/treatment of you being bad.

    And having “compassion for all” definitely includes having compassion for oneself! Enough compassion to step away from a relationship with someone who treats you badly, if that is what it comes to. 🙂

  39. 39
    Eleanor says:

    Also, nice reminder that cord items are always (varying degrees of) yucky. 😉

    I’ve had at least a few cords cut to people I really quite liked! And who didn’t treat me badly at all! But those cord items were still yucky, and like you said, it helped me to have more compassion for them afterwards.

    Compassion which helped improve my relationship with that person! And treat *them* better!

  40. 40
    Kira says:

    Great post, Kristine! So detailed. So much learning.

  41. 41
    Kristine says:

    Great comments, questions, and answers…thanks for adding to this post Emily, Eleanor, Dana, Jessica, Lilian, Jane, Rose, Brianne, and Kira.

    My learning continues from reading what you shared.

  42. 42
    Kristine says:

    I also find it’s best for me not to ponder the reason why someone treats me in a less than favorable way. (This is old behavior for me and encourages extra “technique time” which would be a no-no in these days and times.)

    It is best for me to choose how I will respond to the behavior, how I will respect myself (and expect to be respected) in the relationship, and move forward accepting the results of those decisions.

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