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Aura Reading Hugh Jackman. Guest Post by BEN

Hugh Jackman, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

Hugh Jackman, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

Aura reading Hugh Jackman was fun for our Guest Poster BEN Her insights into this celebrity’s aura are especially interesting because, guess what?

By now, Hugh Jackman and BEN are both on my Enlightenment Life List.

New to aura reading and energetic literacy? This is the blog for you.

Because I don’t just do it. I teach it. I can teach you these skills just fine!

You’ll find other guest posts from my students at this ongoing resource, packed with celebrity aura readings and other explorations with energetic literacy.

And here’s a basic post about energetic literacy itself.

By contrast, what BEN has here supplied is not basic. Keep reading and a whole new set of information comes up. Concerning —  woo-hoo — the nature of vibrational reality and what it is like to live in Enlightenment! So many reasons to enjoy today’s guest post a lot!!!

A DIVERSITY Face Reading Contest

Announcing our latest Face Reading Contest

Announcing our latest Face Reading Contest

Announcing our new face reading contest, hooray! Here’s your chance to propose public figures whose faces you’d like me to read. And yes,  it’s a DIVERSITY Face Reading Contest.

Diversity was discussed in the last blog post: Honoring Diversity with Face Reading

Today, let’s get to specifics about this new face reading contest. It’s open through October 15, 2016. How can you enter?

How to Enter our Honoring Diversity Face Reading Contest

Honoring Diversity with Face Reading

Recognize this handsome black man? He could be nominated for our Face Reading Diversity Contest.

Recognize this handsome black man? He could be nominated for our Diversity Face Reading Contest.

Blog-Buddies, what two things have I been wanting to give you lately? More diversity, including when I offer any kind of celebrity reading at this blog. And more face reading. So, in my next blog post, I’ll be announcing a new Face Reading Contest.

Today, though, I’m going to introduce the theme of diversity in face reading.

Of course, Face Reading Secrets® is how we read faces around here. The system is based on the premise that “God don’t make no junk.” And it provides a wealth of insights into the person whose face is being read, both talents and potential challenges.

As for my longing for more diversity at this blog, sigh! When I do celebrity readings here at this blog, so often there isn’t much diversity at all. This contest can help balance out the proportion of “white” faces and auras being read around here.

Election Aura Reading


Our votes matter. It is not enough to passively wish, "God bless America."

Election aura reading — that is how I can help my country to elect our next president.

Election aura reading? Of course. This article summarizes how I’ll do aura reading for you for America’s Presidential Election 2016.

Even though this is not a political blog, I have always recommended using energetic literacy skills to research how you will vote. For an American, what could be more important than becoming an informed voter in this year’s presidential election?

This is what I dreamed elections would be like in the Age of Awakening: Candidates and speakers in Enlightenment. Delivering messages of inspiration, truth, and fairness… that would show all the way through to what their energy fields were saying. Totally suitable for aura reading inspiration to match appealing words.

Well, half of that wish came true. Before I start the detailed aura reading articles to come, here’s a preview of speakers you can watch on YouTube. Every one of these politicians is on my Enlightenment Life List.

The Not-So Winning Aura of Michael Phelps… Now.

Today’s Skilled Empath Merge reveals the latest state of the aura of Michael Phelps. Not nearly as inspiring as I had hoped, though.

What was I thinking, when I selected him as the Bronze Winner of Our Olympic Empath Contest?

Had I forgotten that this time I wasn’t reading Michael Phelps in 2008 (back when I was athlete-crushing on him)?

Saint Teresa Did Miracles

How does aura reading confirm being a saint?

Saint Teresa? How aura reading confirms she was a saint

Saint Teresa! Saints aren’t canonized every day. However, it has happened this day, September 4, 2016. Celebrating Saint Teresa’s special day, aura reading can add to the glory.

“Always a saint in our hearts, now a saint for all the world That was a sign held by one member of the crowd, there with Pope Frances.

How beautiful is that? “A saint in our hearts.”

Let’s think about this together, Blog-Buddies. What makes a saint?

For instance, what’s the difference between a very good person and somebody you would consider a saint?

Walk-Ins, Really? Perspective from RES

Are there many walk-ins among us? Probably not.

Are there many walk-ins among us? Really? Probably not.

Am I a walk-in? Wow, do I ever want to give you perspective on that. An RES-type perspective. I’m writing this article right after a session with Joe. He was recovering  from an “energy healing” session when Joe was told that he was a walk-in. Walk-ins as an explanation? Really?

What a mess that made! Joe told me, that “energy healing” happened a year ago. Ever since, his life has been like before-and-after. Being identified as one of earth’s walk-in’s made that big a difference.

And not in a good way. Joe hasn’t felt like himself. Since then, he has felt just terrible.

So let’s provide some clarification, akin to what Joe got during his session (along with some additional aura healing skills).

BTW, at the end of his phone session with me, Joe was definitely back to normal. But geesh!