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Aura Reading Tim Kaine on YouTube

Aura reading Tim Kaine, what is the big surprise about the candidate for vice- president?

Aura reading Tim Kaine, what is my big surprise about the candidate for vice- president?

Whew! He’s pretty normal guy! Shockingly, today’s aura reading of Senator Tim Kaine — Vice-Presidential Candidate — reveals a guy who is pretty darned normal.


For a politician.

Juicy details are the fun part, of course. Join me as I conclude this series of five YouTubes to help with Election Decision 2016.

Which five YouTubes? Here’s the list…

All My Aura Readings of Politicians on YouTube

  1. About how I read Tim Kaine’s aura? Yes, in part. Because this YouTube explains how I do every one of the political aura readings for Election Decision 2016.
  2. About Tim Kaine’s secret crush on Hillary? Nope. It’s simply a YouTube aura reading of Hillary Clinton.
  3. About Tim Kaine being a business “genius”? Not really. If you pine to learn about somebody who has repeatedly been called a “genius” by a former New York Mayor… Wait that wouldn’t be Michael Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire who said about Trump, “”I’m a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one
  4. About Tim Kaine being called a business “genius” by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani? Not that, either. But I did upload onto YouTube a detailed aura reading of Donald Trump.
  5. About Tim Kaine’s notorious badmouthing and all-around peevishness? Haha. That’s true neither of Tim Kaine nor of the other Veep Candidate, Mike Pence. Pence! Whose aura I did profile here.
  6. About Tim Kaine’s much-vaunted charisma? Sadly not. But here is the YouTube Aura Reading of Tim Kaine that I’m just making live today.

Hey, I Know This

If you’re an American, you’re probably not going to cast your vote because of vice-presidential candidates.

Maybe you may not even be inclined to watch their big debate, broadcast tomorrow night.

Nevertheless, the lower half of the presidential ticket can tell you a great deal about the team.

Energetically, Both Teams Couldn’t Be More Opposite

To be really blunt, what can you expect to happen in America when if the election winners are these Republican folks?

  • Vice-Presidential Candidate, Governor Tim Pence. In extreme spiritual addiction.
  • Potential First Lady, Melania Trump.  In extreme spiritual addiction.
  • And Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.  In extreme spiritual addiction.

Yes, all three of them are living in extreme spiritual addiction. (See yesterday’s blog post for tips for recognizing public figures with this consciousness lifestyle.)

By contrast, with the Democratic folks we’ve got:

  • Vice-Presidential Candidate,  Senator Tim Kaine as a person in human-based spirituality. A normal guy, living and growing as best he can.
  • Potential First Gentleman, former President Bill Clinton, in Householder Enlightenment. (This was researched in an exclusive article written for my newsletter subscribers.)
  • And Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, also in Householder Enlightenment. (This was researched in an exclusive article written for my newsletter subscribers.)

And, just in case you’re curious, about the current team:

Sure, Republicans can be in Enlightenment also.  So far, I’ve identified former First Lady Betty Ford as having achieved Enlightenment. Whenever you have other politicians to propose for my Enlightenment Life List, go ahead and nominate them. Wouldn’t that be great!

More about this Aura Reading of Tim Kaine?

First and foremost auras don’t lie. That matters most to me. How about you?

Probing the mysteries within each one’s chakras — that’s easy.  Due to having skills, you can put politics and other perspectives aside. Simply use energetic literacy skills.

Since they’re like word literacy skills that you’re using right now, how hard is that?

Maybe you’ve heard, “Aura reading is just for clairvoyants or psychics.” Ridiculous! Moreover, an aura reading isn’t random energy sensitivity, chakra reading, energy reading, picking up vibes, getting hits, doing intuitive reading, clairvoyant reading, or other variations on not-quite-fully-there skills of energetic literacy. Simply put…

Energetic literacy is a survival skill in this Age of Awakening.

And it’s just a set of skills. I use ‘em. I teach ‘em. In today’s YouTube about Tim Kaine, here they are in motion.

For a voter, it helps to bring nuance and clarity.

Although commenting is disabled for this iMovie, this blog post has been created so that you can share your reaction to Rose’s my last YouTube for a while.

Inquiring minds want to know. What do you think of this very human guy, Tim Kaine?

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  1. 1
    Lilian says:

    bless you Rose.

  2. 2
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Marvellous! Hillary will need access to as much clean, responsible power as she can get, to enact the massive reforms she has planned. Tim Kaine sounds like a perfect right hand for her to have.

    Tim has proven that you can fight the gun lobby on their home turf and still win elections:

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    How refreshing to hear about a politician who is not in shutdown or spiritual addiction, and seems highly capable of being vice president.

    Thanks Rose!

  4. 4
    Adam McIntosh says:

    I think Tim in the White House could play a pivotal role in reducing gun violence in the States.

    I get the impression that lots of politicians over there are scared of the NRA machine and their “ratings”.

  5. 5
    Adam McIntosh says:

    My hope is that Tim can help strengthen the left and prove that an “F” rating from the NRA is just a bunch of boogeyman nonsense.

  6. 6
    Adam McIntosh says:

    On another note, the Onion has continued their tradition of fond mischaracterisation of Democratic VPs with Tim (previously, it was “Diamond” Joe Biden as a dissolute party animal and small-time hustler).

  7. 7
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Tim Kaine’s Onion character is that of a good but easily overexcited child, which to me stands in hilarious contrast with the powerful and serious man revealed by this reading.

  8. 8
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thanks for this service, Rose. May God bless America.

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    I thought this might be interesting:

    Not the same context at all, but still interesting:

    “Weber described an “abysmal opposition” between two types of ethics. Those following their convictions wish to preserve their own moral purity, no matter what consequences their policies may have in the real world.”

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    “Not that I’m telling you to imagine Tim Kaine naked” HAHA!

  11. 11
    Emily T says:

    On a more serious note ( 😉 ) I really admire the natural comfort with power he has. Inspires me to use my power more in my life!

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    There’s always this longing: hence many types of fundamentalism and totalitarianism… (and teenagers… lol) but now there’s literally another dimension to it.

  13. 13
    Brianne says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear about someone who’s doing well. And to have the reminder that living in human-based spirituality is a good place to be.

    Enlightenment is great and increasingly available for many people now, but you can be doing well in your life and in your spiritual growth before you cross that threshold too.

  14. 14
    Brianne says:

    Emily, I echo your #13. His use of and comfort with power is inspiring.

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