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Aura Reading Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate for President. Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES

Aura reading stoned out Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Aura reading stoned out Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Just a bit of preface, Blog-Buddies, before sharing ISABELLA CATES’ aura reading of Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

There are two kinds of people in the world. What, you’ve heard that before? 😉

  1. Some of us are really, really involved in the upcoming U.S. election, including the final presidential debate tonight.
  2. Others of us want to read anything else but.

Today’s article is for those of us in the first category. Personally I haven’t been this caught up in any election since the one in 2008 (that led to the Iraq War, as you might remember).

As for those of you in the second category, you might want to avert your eyes. Unless you’re interested in reading the aura of a pothead. Because, of course, that is one of Gary Johnson’s other claims to fame.

With this blog post we’re following through on a promise ISABELLA made in a prevous comment to read both Gary Johnson and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein.

Today it’s the more popular candidate’s turn. Over 5% of U.S. voters are planning to cast their ballots for this man. Really?

At the End of the Gary Johnson Aura Reading, There Will Be Goodies

And I don’t mean pot brownies.

At the end of this post, you will find:

  • Background info on aura reading
  • Plus a fun surprise.

Now, ta da! here’s the aura reading done by RES Professional Isabella Cates. Using this photo of Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size: 5 miles. Over-functioning.

Gary Johnson’s authentic presence is covered up by  a very large personality projection.

It goes something like this:

“Trust me. I am a good guy. I am just as smart and presidential as the others. Even if I sometimes seem bumbling or make mistakes, that is not how I really am.

“Those things don’t count, you can brush them off. I am actually very presidential: Confident, smooth, in control, and smart. And most of all, trustworthy!”

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Financial Integrity

Symbolic Size: 5 inches. Under-functioning.

Gary Johnson is extremely careless when it comes to finances. He prefers to “Not care, man,” in a stoner-type way.

At the subconscious level where aura reading reveals the truth, what else shows?

Gary Johnson shuns responsibility around other people’s finances. Regarding the real pain and suffering that people can experience around money — that he puts into denial.

He does this not out of malice or coldness.

Instead it stems from being ineffectual financially. Plus, he prefers to put into denial a kind of experience at human vibrational frequencies.

See Rose’s book, “The New Strong,” for a clear description of human vibrational frequencies versus astral ones, versus The Divine Frequency.

When people smoke a lot of marijuana, as Gary Johnson evidently does, their consciousness tends to be positioned in astral vibrational frequencies, rather than human ones. This strongly impacts how Gary Johnson relates to money.

Thus, Gary Johnson really doesn’t understand human-type discomfort around money. Or how it affects people’s lives.

To Gary Johnson, really thinking about money seems too cringey, too scary.

Too human, when he prefers astral. Instead he prefers, “Who cares, man!”

Maybe most interesting of all, at this chakra databank, what else do I find? A very wobbly belief like, “Whatever people do with their money is not my business.”

“Wobbly” because Gary Johnson’s beliefs around handling money as a public official are not solid, core convictions. Rather, they’re theories. Actually he is quite uncomfortable with the whole topic.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Sharing Power

Symbolic Size: 8 feet. Under-functioning.

Gary Johnson feels he is doing a really great job sharing power in his new role as a presidential candidate.

Energetically, he’s doing a kind of play-acting. Pretending to be an inspirational figure.

Here’s the way I would wrap language around this chakra databank:

“I have become just the inspirational figure I always wanted to be. Playing this role, I shake hands with people. I’ll give them a special glance.

“This helps them. Because I know they can feel how special they are. It’s because of how special I am.

“When I shake a young man’s hand, I inspirate him forever.

Look at me, being so coolly presidential. As if I were born to play this role!”

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Assessing Choices in Objective Reality

Symbolic Size: 9 miles. Over-functioning.

Overwhelmed with all he has to learn now, Gary Johnson is dimly aware of the sheer amount of things.

Things he is needing to pay attention to. Things in objective reality, now that his presidential campaign has gone underway.

Right now, Gary Johnson can’t exactly assess. Rather, he lets other people assess.

Assistants advise him. Gary Johnson takes his direction from them. Then does the delivery, like being the frontman to this campaign.

The oh-so-special frontman that Gary Johnson feels himself to be!

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for

Emotional Connection to People with Lower Social Status Than Him

Symbolic Size: 5 miles. Over-functioning.

In his play-acting kind of way, Gary Johnson fancies himself magnanimous.

How generous of him, inspiring other people with his success! Inspiring other people by his sheer existence.

In this databank, I also find a genuine concern for other men. Gary Johnson wants them to find success.

Especially, it seems to me, Gary Johnson identifies with feeling like an ineffectual, loser. Therefore, he especially wants to help these kinds of guys feel successful.

What do I find conspicuously absent? Concern for people in any other social group except this certain kind of man.

Not that Gary Johnson exudes malice for other types of people in society. He’s indifferent. As if assuming that everybody else has the same kind of background, privilege, gender, etc.

I find that absence deeply concerning. Even for a citizen who votes in this election, let alone a presidential candidate.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Communication While in a Position of Power

Symbolic Size: 58 feet. Over-Functioning

Gary Johnson shows talent here. He makes people feel like they’ve really been listened to and heard, in a deep, powerful way.

Gary Johnson is especially good at repeating back what the other person has said. That way, whoever speaks to him feesl like Gary Johnson has really understood him.

From there, it’s a short leap to, “I got a representative in Gary Johnson.”

Another plus for Gary Johnson: This is the first chakra databank I’ve read on him that doesn’t show big ego problems, sticking out like a sore thumb.”

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Connection to Psychic-Level Sources

Symbolic Size: Deep space. Over-functioning.

Becoming president… feels meant to be. Gary Johnson has probably had dreams or “psychic awakenings” while on drugs. Now this psychic-level experience feels as if it is being confirmed in reality. Since he is running for president.

Not to downplay Johnson’s success, which is considerable.

But this is low-to-mid astral meaningfulness.

A kind of not-actually-that-meaningful-meaningfulness.

To use the language of psychology rather than metaphysics, confirmation bias is at play.

Astral sources give Gary Johnson a gloriously feeling of fate at play. It’s a really nice feeling. Except this is not human-level reality. It’s just an astral-type feeling.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size: 80 feet. Over-functioning.

Comfortable. Gary Johnson feels comfortable with the Divine-level vibrational frequency.

Flowing, mostly. That’s the best thing he’s got going with this spiritual connection.

There is a film over this databank.

As an RES practitioner, I suspect that deposits of STUFF from smoking pot have distorted his Connection to Spiritual Source. Made it less vivid, less important.

Divine connection is more like a faraway dream. While, to Gary Johnson, astral is where he lives.

As someone whose grasp on human reality is tenuous, and as a frequent user of weed, the presidential candidate risks having this imbalance grow much worse.

However, at the time of this photograph, Gary Johnson is doing okay. He still cares about the Divine. And, like many a functioning pothead, Gary Johnson does a credible imitation of seeming to relate to human life.

Background on Aura Reading

Skills for depth aura reading are so important for Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Just as mathematics is the language of science, so is aura reading the basis of all mind-body-spirit techniques — whether for aura healing or personal growth, and even making rapid progress on one’s path to Enlightenment.

In today’s guest post, ISABELLA CATES used Stage Three Energetic Literacy. It’s your birthright to do this too. Once you learn the skills, experiences like these become available:

  • Doing a three-part Lie Detector test, with uncanny accuracy and plenty of nuance.
  • Previewing a new date sexually (Reading chakra databanks like, “What Joe is like as a lover?”)
  • Reading gifts of the soul at the Divine, or Etheric, or Higher Self level.
  • Reading the size and quality of any chakra databank —  aura information at the astral or psychic or subconscious mind-level.
  • Reading auras from regular photographs, online or hard copy — as ISABELLA did here today.
  • Reading auras in depth and detail whenever you like, really smart for an Aura Reading Consumer

Here is a useful resource for learning more about aura reading — how it doesn’t have to be psychic development when taught as a form of energetic literacy, our Top 10 List about Energetic Literacy. And, if you’re really curious about the full range of energetic literacy skills, as they can be developed by YOU, here’s an update that was published earlier this year.

For Our Treat, Gary Johnson Clips from John Oliver’s Show

Plus this devastating look at what Gary Johnson has actually said about what he would do at interviews.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Great post Isabella! And thanks for the hilarious John Oliver clip!

  2. 2
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Another dilettante, at a time when serious and credible professionals are needed more than ever for this work. Hopefully he will at least siphon off more disaffected republican votes than democrat.

    I don’t think men have a pressing need for greater representation, either. We’ve been pretty well represented over the years.

    Wonderful reading Isabella!

  3. 3
    Amanda says:

    Well done Isabella!

    I am so interested by this election so thank you from over here.


  4. 4
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thanks Kylie, Adam, Amanda, and Rose.

    An interesting thing to note here is that Johnson is not a super frequent pot smoker. He was talking in interviews about how the last time he smoked pot was a few months ago. (Bragging, really, with a subtext of how cool he is for smoking pot- that’s how it seemed to me.)

    If he was a daily or weekly pot smoker, his aura would be in much, much worse shape.

    However, even infrequent pot use has really big long-term effects that show up in an aura reading. It’s obvious. It showed here.

  5. 5
    Brianne says:

    So interesting to get this deeper look into what makes this candidate tick. Thanks Isabella.

  6. 6
    Mel says:

    There’s a proposition in my state about legalizing Marijuana and I’m glad I see this perspective. Especially the point made that you don’t even have to smoke regularly to get a problematic aura.

  7. 7

    MEL, I would just caution you that making the political choice to legalize weed is different from your personal choice to avoid smoking it.

    Well-intended people once passed prohibition, remember? Seems to me, people have the right to make their own choices about alcohol and weed.

    Please, look at different sides of this story before you cast your ballot.

  8. 8
    Emily T says:

    Wow I had thought he’d have to smoke weed quite regularly to have the kind of impacts Isabella describes it having! Hmm very important to know!

  9. 9
    Emily T says:

    For some reason (perhaps how competent and amazing I find Hillary <3*) I just assumed the third party candidates would be more of her ilk. I thought they'd be credible candidates at least even if traditionally the parties they represent don't hold sway over a significant portion of the population.

    This reading and the John Oliver video have firmly disabused me of that notion!

    *said as an Irish person who appreciates her role in the Peace process amongst many other things.

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    I also find it super interesting that he still maintains a decent connection to the divine. I had assumed he wouldn’t have had that as someone who smokes weed and is such a fan he publicly talks about it!

    I guess also UK culture is still so quiet about these things (politicians publicly admitting what substances they take) that I had assumed he was a much heavier user than he actually appears to be.

    Great post! Thanks Isabella!

  11. 11

    Thank you, Isabella, this is a very interesting post.

    If this might be of interest to Rose or to you for a future blog post I would be most interested to read more about the effects on the aura of various other substances, including Adderall and peyote.

  12. 12
    Brianne says:

    My take on legalization vs. is it a good idea to do (in comments #6-7) comes from a different issue that really clarified the distinction for me:

    I used to be firmly against abortion. At the time, I knew that for myself, it was not an option I would ever consider.

  13. 13
    Brianne says:

    However *at the same time* I was strongly pro-choice. I believed in and supported abortion rights in my country.

    (This was really just socially in my very conservative community – abortion has been legal in Canada for several decades, though there remain significant access issues.)

  14. 14
    Brianne says:

    The reason for my support of abortion rights was because I researched what happened in places where abortion was illegal.

    Among other things I found, the rate of abortion is usually approximately the same, but more women died through botched illegal abortions. I also didn’t like the social and family issues that showed up.

    The real-world consequences of laws are not always what we think.

  15. 15
    Brianne says:

    Similarly, I support (further) legalization of marijuana in my country.

    I know individuals who struggled to get a job because of a criminal record due to marijuana. (Marijuana possession has been decriminalized here so that doesn’t happen much anymore).

    However, I have zero intention to use marijuana and would encourage anyone I know to consider avoiding it also.

  16. 16
    Mel says:

    I will, Rose. There’s so many angles to consider.

  17. 17
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    Thanks, Isabella!! Wow!! Not the Gary Johnson that I remember being vaguely interested in back in 2012. Certainly not the Gary Johnson being advertised!!

    Yet… from those clips in the John Oliver sketch… you really seem to have hit the nail on the head with the *actual* Gary Johnson. I remember watching those clips and thinking “what??? Who IS this guy??” And your aura reading paints a clear picture of some of the answer to that question!

  18. 18
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    And thanks Brianne for those thoughtful comments about marijuana.

    It is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, as my own views about all substances (including alcohol) shift, and as the cultural views of marijuana shift in the other direction.

  19. 19
    Brianne says:

    Eleanor, I am often torn. I know of many people using marijuana who don’t think it’s a big deal.

    It was popular in my friend group as a youngster, and it’s a popular treatment for chronic health issues now (and has been offered/suggested to me quite often).

  20. 20
    Brianne says:

    Without energetic literacy, it’s hard to know about the kind of really, really serious consequences that result from using the drug.

    Legalizing it does make it easier to access for many people. (Though where I am, few people who want it have any trouble getting it.) But when all is said and done, I still support the legalization.

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