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Aura Reading Leslie Jones — Who Already Hit the Face Reading Jackpot

Leslie Jones, ready for her aura reading

Aura Reading Leslie Jones — so inspiring!

After four hours of face reading Leslie Jones, now I’ve just got to do some aura reading of Leslie Jones, too. Go figure!

Here’s what happened.

You may know Leslie Jones as one of the stars of “Saturday Night Live.”

Or you might recognize her as a nominee of our recent . (EMILY T. nominated her.)

Unless you’re a skilled face reader, however, I’ll bet you never knew this could happen.

Face Reading Satisfied My Curiosity, But Awoke More.

After doing that face reading of Leslie Jones, I HAD to go forward and do an aura reading of Leslie Jones

You see, Blog-Buddies, here’s how it happened. For my monthly newsletter, I wrote quite the Face Reading article. Hours of face reading delight that I edited into a readable article. However, so much more was revealed than I ever expected.

Those Leslie Jones pix didn’t drive me to drink. They drove me to wonder!!!

And here’s the irony: Although Leslie Jones didn’t win my contest, I had wanted to read the comedian just for fun. Something casual and light.

Well, I got fun alright. I also got surprises galore.

Where Face Reading and Aura Reading Converge

To this physiognomist:

Faces reveal personal energy, lived at human vibrational frequencies.

Particular items of face data have great spiritual meaning. They’re crystallized consequences of using free will — in the ultimate human form.

Thus, from a spiritual perspective, each adult’s face is a life-sized scripture.

From there, it’s a quick scamper over to aura reading. Even more info becomes available about the soul of Leslie Jones. Or whoever fascinates you!

Face Reading Leslie Jones Revealed Four Super-Rare Talents

When you read my November issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” out this Thursday, you’ll see what I mean about Leslie Jones. (Sign up here for the newsletter, if you haven’t yet.)

Four really extraordinary talents for communication!

Only one of which have I ever, ever, ever, ever seen before. (And that was on just one person.)

Sometimes face reading leads to further questions…

Questions best answered by aura reading.

That’s how I wound up spending even more hours on (if you’re keeping track) a SECOND reading of Leslie Jones. Bring on the extra insights of aura reading!

Which Questions Do I Want to Answer with this Aura Reading of Leslie Jones?

  1. To what extent is Leslie Jones self-conscious?
  2. Is she constantly performing? (This could also be called “watching herself.” Which was discussed in a recent blog post.)
  3. Or do her rare talents for facial mobility follow the natural flow of her consciousness?

For this aura reading, I’ll research this photo of Leslie Jones, reaching out with her biggest smile.

Not sure how aura reading is possible with a regular photo? For starters, when you have good energetic literacy, every photo is an aura photo. See the end of this post for more info.

1. Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Awareness of Other People in the Room

Symbolic size: Extending to reach and fill the homes of every viewer.

Leslie Jones is deeply aware of other people. She aims to touch the heart of every single viewer, and do this in a spiritually empowering way.

Thus, you could compare Leslie Jones to an archer… with high aspirations.

2. Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Awareness of Myself While with Others

Symbolic size: 1/8 inch.

Over the years, Leslie Jones has developed a set of habits while performing.

Maybe you know, the technical term for these subconscious habits is “Energetic subroutines.” This is one of the ways that Rosetree Energy Spirituality, RES, has developed new terminology for a world of fascinating things that people wind up doing, energetically and subconsciously. You can read many examples of energetic subroutines in my how-to book about making money. It shows how Law of Attraction practices will throw a person’s aura out of whack.

So, what happens with self-awareness for Leslie Jones while she’s performing? For this comedian, energetically, expressing herself isn’t the goal. Nor is getting laughs. How about becoming ever more famous and successful? Nope.

Leslie Jones is a mega-talented unskilled empath. She does a LOT of prolonged unskilled empath merges. Plenty of split-split second empath merges, too.

Consequently, plenty of energetic subroutines patch together a sense of self. Little habitual workarounds! Including what’s occuring at this Root Chakra aura reading databank.

3. Aura Reading Belly Chakra Databank for Maintaining Energy

When Others Do Not Pay Attention to Me in a Positive Way

This chakra databank gets a real workout for Leslie Jones and other performers who work an unruly crowd. That heckler at the bar! Nasty viewers who talk back at hardworking performers. (Or ignore them!)

Every performer who works with live audiences has got this “optional chakra databank” in her or his collection.

Symbolic size: 1 foot

Leslie Jones has just one solution to this perennial problem of performers. Working harder.

A.k.a. “Giving more.”

What a sweetie, that Leslie Jones!

4. Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sense of Self

Symbolic size: 2 inches.

Leslie Jones, while performing, is not the same as Leslie Jones otherwise — during the rest of her waking hours.

While performing, Leslie Jones keeps on doing unskilled empath merges. Including empath merging with the studio audience at “Saturday Night Live.”

Think of a dolphin doing echolocation. This brings a sense of “Where I am” based in “How sounds bounce off my environment.”

Heck, to understand this unskilled empath version of echolocation, I don’t need to think of dolphins. All I need do is remember myself doing TV interviews back in the day. Most notably a nightmarish interview on “The Jenny Jones Show.”

Back in the day, the higher the pressure,  the more I would depend on doing unskilled empath merges to gain a sense of “Who am I?”

When the talk show host, Jenny, showed zero interest in me, uh oh. Pure terror!

Leslie Jones is different, of course. Because she’s a professional performer. Also, she’s so tough.

Yet, here’s how it seems to me. Leslie Jones’s toughness, for now, involves adapting to performing under pressure… as a very talented but seriously unskilled empath.

5. Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Connection to Others — One on One

Symbolic size: 18 feet.

Finally, a chakra databank within the range of normal size!

Leslie Jones loves people. She enjoys connection. While speaking to people in regular human life, off screen Leslie Jones is herself. Then she connects to the other person as herself.

She’s curious about others. Very authentic. So lively and engaging, with her zest for life!

6. Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Connection to Others — In Groups

Note: This chakra databank is about connecting emotionally to others in energetic real time, here and now. No TV. No cameras. Just real live people.

Of course Leslie Jones has this chakra databank. I can read it fine, even in this situation at the time of the photograph. Which is NOT a normal situation for connecting emotionally to others.

All of a person’s hundreds of chakra databanks display in every minute, whether in person or in an aura picture like this one.

Make sense?

Symbolic size: Fills the room plus two inches.

Leslie Jones loves being with people. She really lights up when two or more people engage with her socially. The more, the merrier… in terms of Leslie Jones’s aura.

7. Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic size: Out all the way into deep space

For Leslie Jones, performing is an act of spiritual service.

Much as she loves people, Leslie Jones loves God even more.

I doubt that she would ever disclose any of this in an interview. Becauase Leslie Jones’s connection to the Divine is not the show-off, bragging variety.

This is as real as could be. Heartfelt and soulful.

In this way, Leslie Jones’s aura reminds me of this lyric from “Beautiful,” by Carole King:

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart

8. Aura Reading High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill (Expressing My Soul)

Symbolic size: Out to the moon

This chakra databank of Leslie Jones is graced with a super-concentrated feminine energy. “Goddess” energy. Or “Father-Mother God,” with an emphasis on mother.

Maybe Leslie Jones doesn’t appear to be a diminutive, dainty lass. But her femininity is so powerfully appealing in this chakra databank.

Women can know a lot about surrender. Including surrender to the Divine, with a desire to be of service to others.

It could be worth learning aura reading, just so you can experience this glorious quality to Leslie Jones’s aura. Being of service by performing to an enormous group of people, while she holds in her heart the true desire to be God’s instrument….

Aah, is anything more beautiful?

Conclusion of this Leslie Jones Aura Reading

What creates that exceptional mobility of facial features for Leslie Jones? Credit her desire to be of service while performing.

I’m moved by this performer’s lack of ego pushiness. She’s got real purity, packaged in a down-to-earth connection to her audience.

Speaking of connecting to that audience, Leslie Jones is loaded with talent as an empath. I would love to teach her Empath Empowerment. Life would be easier for her that way, with those skills, IMO.

Yet she isn’t doing badly. Not at all.

For sure, the exceptional range of characteristics that I found in the face reading of Leslie Jones… this isn’t about purposely manipulating her face. Nor a kind of self-conscious trying to keep a lively face before the screen.

It’s so beautiful — spiritually and soulfully — how Leslie Jones performs!

More about Aura Reading Leslie Jones.

Or anyone else!

Skills for depth aura reading are so important for Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Just as mathematics is the language of science, so is aura reading the basis of all mind-body-spirit techniques — whether for aura healing or personal growth, and even making rapid progress on one’s path to Enlightenment.

With Stage Three Energetic Literacy, experiences like these become available:

  • Doing a three-part Lie Detector test, with uncanny accuracy and plenty of nuance
  • Previewing a new date sexually (Reading chakra databanks like, “What Joe is like as a lover?”)
  • Reading gifts of the soul at the Divine, or Etheric, or Higher Self level
  • Or reading the size and quality of any chakra databank —  aura information at the astral or psychic or subconscious mind-level.
  • Also, reading auras from regular photographs, online or hard copy
  • So practical! You can read auras in depth and detail whenever you like. Especially smart for an Aura Reading Consumer!

Here’s another useful resource for learning more about aura reading — how it doesn’t have to be psychic development when taught as a form of energetic literacy, our Top 10 List about Energetic Literacy.

Finally, if you’re really curious about the full range of energetic literacy skills, as they can be developed by YOU, check this out!

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  1. 1
    Brianne says:

    Fascinating! This explains a lot about why I’ve always found Leslie Jones so interesting.

  2. 2
    Grace T says:

    Aw this was lovely. Thanks, Rose. It sounds exhausting to be Leslie Jones in some ways, just related to being an unskilled empath.

    Yet she is inspiring in the ways she is doing well.

    I enjoyed reading about her love for people and her special way of doing service here. I especially liked your description of her very feminine Soul Thrill chakra databank.

  3. 3
    Dana W. says:

    Wow, this reading was so interesting!

    Thank you! I watched her perform in a clip from SNL, and now I see that one of the things I found so engaging about her was coming from how much she was giving to the audience (including me in my living room).

  4. 4
    Dana W. says:

    As a very unskilled empath, I used to withdraw from people to try to recover and “be me.”

    I am amazed that she is with people so much and doing so well in many ways.

    For example, how beautiful that: “For Leslie Jones, performing is an act of spiritual service.”

  5. 5
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Wow! Just how tough is Leslie, to be this sensitive and to persist against such horrifying opposition like she has?! I’m even more impressed by her than I was.

    Thank you for taking the time to recognise Leslie in this deep way, Rose.

  6. 6
    Kristine says:

    I loved this aura reading of Leslie Jones.

    Being a comedian, performing in front of crowds, never knowing what you’re going to get, I imagine she must have some thick skin. But the way her connection to spiritual source and soul thrill showed at the time of this photo just speaks volumes to how she gives of herself to be of service. Quite an awesome woman!

  7. 7
    Kristine says:

    I can relate to Dana’s comment #4.

    I had times of really needing a break from everyone, preferring to be alone, not knowing I was an empath and what that meant.

    Now, I’m doing much better. 🙂

  8. 8
    Isabella Cates says:

    I started off a big fan of Leslie Jones, after reading this I really love her and would like to meet her just to hang out!

    My favorite aura reading profile in recent memory. Thanks, Rose.

  9. 9
    Isabella Cates says:

    Definitely opened my heart.

  10. 10
    Kylie says:

    Great reading, Rose. I haven’t watched SNL in a long time, I had forgotten how funny she is.

    She’s definitely a force of nature.

    Talk about Goddess energy!

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