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Face Reading Novelist Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie

Face reading Face Reading Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie

Face Reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Today YOU win a prize from the recent DIVERSITY Face Reading Contest. Okay, technically, KYLIE wins. Or more properly, Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie is the winner. What matters? This face reading of Adichie can elevate us all.

As described in Comment #7 at the contest, who is Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie? According to KYLIE, the Nigerian-born novelist is:

  • One of today’s best novelists.
  • A novelist who vividly describes the experience of racism in America.
  • THE novelist who most clearly describes the experience of being an expatriate.

Blog-Buddies, did you know that 1 out of every 133 people on earth is now a displaced person? Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie is hardly the world’s only expatriate. There have never been so many displaced people. Ever. Not ever, in the history of earth.

All of humanity can learn from this shake-up in collective consciousness. Especially we can learn from those who refuse to become victims. When the expatriate known as Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie triumphs, all of humanity learns a lesson about possibility!

Also Impressive about Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie

Greatness in any career — is hard enough. Doing this as an expatriate? And to achieve such distinction as a novelist?

Let me give you an idea of Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s literary success so far. Guess what is happening to one of her books?

We Should All Be Feminists” is being given to every 16-year old girl in Sweden. A Swedish-language version, of course.

Given to every 16-year-old in the entire country?!!!!

Telling True Stories. That’s What Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie Does.

I just want to tell true stories,” she has said. Maybe that’s the biggest reason for Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s success.

Of course, faces also tell true stories. Auras, read properly, tell true stories. To read those stories, simply gain energetic literacy.

Literary stories require a skilled novelist, right? Similarly, face reading skills and aura reading skills prepare us to tell life’s other amazing stories.

What Will We Find in this Face Reading of Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie?

Ooh, I can’t wait to find out.

Let’s use this face reading photograph of the acclaimed novelist. The picture comes from this article about Adichie. Face readers, click on the photo to join me, reading faces.

What else? A bit of fun:

  • Searching for the previous link, suitable for face reading, hello! I discovered this link to a Ted talk by Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie: “The Danger of a Single Story.”
  • Beyond that, I stumbled upon a short story that she wrote for The New York Times about the presidential election. Even your usually disciplined blog moderator couldn’t stop reading. All the way through to the last perfect word. Definitely worth every minute, let me tell you!

Adichie’s Face Reading Item #1: VERY Angled Eyebrow

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Behold the shape of Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s eyebrows. Look at the upper edge.

Both make an angled shape.

Which of Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s eyebrows is more deeply angled. The left one.

To tell left from right, cross over as if you were shaking hands with the person. Only one face will be an exception to this rule — your own face, seen in the mirror.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets®

Instead of flowing with life as it is, Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie may doing a perpetual “Looking for the angles.”

  • Why did he say that?
  • What story could go with that gesture?

Seems to me, this talent holds especially true in Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s personal life, or what she takes personally. (Which is probably just about everything that she notices during her waking hours.)

Compared to what? Not noticing angles in life quite so much while doing work that she does NOT take personally.

Even then, the somewhat Angled Right Eyebrow means the same thing, only less intensely.

Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie as a disinterested bystander? Good luck finding her in that role!

The Potential Challenge

Might other people feel as though Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie is always “On” as a writer? Perpetually gathering new material?

Not everybody would welcome that, you know?

Adichie’s Face Reading Item #2: Nose Bonus

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Technically known as a “Hanging columella,” a Nose Bonus is an extra bit of nose flesh between and below the nostrils. Most people don’t have one.

However, Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie does. (This face reader does too.)

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s version of work must involve service. Her way of being a writer will involve trying to help people. Perhaps that is her motivation in finding all those aforementioned “true stories.”

The Potential Challenge

If Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie didn’t feel she was really helping people by writing, could she continue?

Safe to say, this challenge has undoubtedly been overcome. Consider the occupation! Writer Adichie gets to choose what she will write about. And how she’ll approach her characters.

Adichie’s Face Reading Item #3: Eye Angles Up

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Look at one eye at a time. Compare the inner and outer eye corners. On Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie both the outer corners are higher.

That means Up-Angled Eyes.

One of hers is significantly more up-angled can the other. Can you tell which?

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Because Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s left eye is the more up-angled one, what I’m about to describe will be more intense regarding personal life. Or, again, what she takes personally.

Optimism! Idealism!

Hey, just the sort of thing you’d expect from a woman who hid her first pregnancy from others. Even from close friends. And why? Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie wished to opt out of the “Public Pregnancy Circus.”

Have any of you Blog-Buddies ever been pregnant? Could you have kept such a secret, even from your closest friends? Just to make a feminist point?

Not me, that’s for sure. Although I’m intensely private in many ways — and definitely a feminist — pregnancy opened up my heart really big. Not quite compatible with clamming up.

Again, I’m curious about experiences of you Blog-Buddies. Was it just me, becoming mushier and gushier even than before?

The Potential Challenge

Living with a degree of idealism that others cannot live up to, or understand?

Adichie’s Face Reading Item #4: Prominent Cheeks

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Look at the face. Can you find cheeks?

Then they’re Prominent Cheeks.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Courageous leadership. Unabashed leadership.

The Potential Challenge

With a more visible social footprint — or cheekprint — does a person become a bigger target for jealousy?

Adichie’s Face Reading Item #5: Compassion Awakener

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Compassion Awakeners can take many forms. In “The NEW Power of Face Reading” I wrote about this important aspect of my system of physiognomy.

What’s the purpose of reading faces? To me, it’s practical, of course. Face readers learn inside info about what makes people tick. Accurate information.

In addition, this particular system is designed to open the heart of compassion.

In that system, what is a compassion awakener? It’s a physical characteristic, a.k.a. “An item of face reading data.”

Distinctively, this particular characteristic doesn’t have a potential challenge. That challenge is built in, or has already been experienced. Thus, besides the corresponding talent, a person earns the blessing of a certain kind of wisdom gained the hard way.

Physically, what is the big Compassion Awakener in the face of Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie?

She’s got a decent-sized space between her two front teeth. See that?

What’s the official name for this item of face reading data? “Gap Between Front Teeth.”

The Compassion Awakener-Type Challenge

For a while, at least, I suspect that Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie has not been nearly as confident as you might think from that dazzling smile and bright eyes.

Gap Between Front Teeth brings the challenge of a certain insecurity. Personal sense of self doesn’t feel complete. At least until that challenge is healed.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Compassion. Earth School offers us many ways to gain humility. This is one of them.

If we don’t feel quite right, quite whole, we can understand better how others might face a comparable struggle.

This adds humanity to Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s development of characters.

For instance, just read that short story she wrote for the New York Times. Melania Trump, painted in such human shades of grey! A breathtaking kindness characterized that writing, along with Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie’s honesty and trademark irony!

How to Read Faces for Character… Accurately

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating, Rose, thank you. Several 10th grade classes in Boston are all reading her book “Americanah.”

    They were able to teach that unit because I purchased a large number of copies for the library that students can use. It made me really happy to be part of making that happen.

  2. 2

    Wow, KYLIE! Each of us can be such a pure and powerful force for good in the world. Usually, though, we don’t know how big a difference we’re making.

    In this case, you have evidence of just a bit of that. I’m so glad.

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    She’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t she? My surface level “feel” of her is mainly gentleness.

  4. 4
    Brianne says:

    What a fascinating person with a great gift for communicating truth clearly and concisely in a way that resonates.

    So interesting to read about some of her particular talents here.

  5. 5
    Brianne says:

    I don’t have quite as up-angled eyes as Adichie does, but I do share that trait. It does have its challenges, but I very much value the gift.

    (I’ve never been pregnant or a celebrity, but I’ve certainly managed to keep a lot of secrets in my time when I thought it was the right thing to do.)

  6. 6

    BRIANNE, you probably know this already. Just to do my due diligence as Blog Monitor, keeping secrets has nothing to do with eye angles.

    Actually, secrecy is the sort of thing that would show up in an aura reading. Chakra databanks like Verbal Integrity at the Throat Chakra and Power Integrity at the Solar Plexus Chakra and Communication in Close Relationships at the Throat Chakra.

    Go ahead, you aura reader. Read those chakra databanks on Adichie, if you like. Could be fun.

  7. 7
    Brianne says:

    My comment #5 was quite clumsy. I meant that I can identify with a sense of optimism and idealism strong enough that I have done some things others have considered extreme (including some secrets I’ve kept) because I decided those actions supported those optimistic ideals.

    But yes, eye angle doesn’t have anything to do with secrets specifically. Adichie would be interesting to aura read for sure.

  8. 8
    Kristine says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Chimamanda Ngoza Adichi has such a beautiful face (the first thing that just jumped out at me when I opened the photo link).

    As I listened to her in that TED talk, I got inspired yet again. I love to hear people tell their truth! In her words, she tells her experience, not quietly only allowing others to tell their side or perception.

  9. 9
    Kristine says:

    Her talents for courageous leadership among others are surely being used.

    It’s also appealing to me to notice how leadership in the world shows up with so much variation. No one size fits all version for us to try to squeeze into.

    Thank you for this face reading!

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