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How to Recognize and Avoid Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Yes, you can take a path to human happiness (and avoid extreme spiritual addiction).

Yes, you can take a path to HUMAN happiness (and avoid extreme spiritual addiction).

Avoid the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction? Sure you can. This is a practical article to bring you peace of mind, energetically and spiritually.

Our earlier post on this topic was related: Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Why Is It So Common in Celebrities NOW? There you learned about the extent of extreme spiritual addiction among today’s celebrities. (Did that list shock you?)

As a result, you may wish to learn more about how to recognize and avoid extreme spiritual addiction.

How Common Is Extreme Spiritual Addiction, Anyway?

ONEderful Reasons to Celebrate This New Month, October 2016

Come celebrate with me. It's ONEderful October 2016.

Come celebrate with me. It’s ONEderful October 2016.

Dewy fresh, here’s our new month. October 2016. What are you looking forward to that’s ONEderful?

How about sharing something fun you have planned?

Perhaps a triumph from last month. A discovery that enhanced your career or social life. Even one splendid Aha! could have made all September worthwhile.

Maybe you’d like to write about some new beginning. Or an uplifting thought about this unique month to come.

On October 1 — or any time this month — what do you have to share with us that is October 2016… ONEderful?

To set things rolling, I’ll give three ONEderful reasons. Will that make it like a THREEderful reason? 😉

The New Spiritually Sparkling Workshop