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Election Help — YouTubes + Action + Prayer

What will you be able to tell the children? What can you do to help all Americans win on Election Day?

Will you be able to tell the children? “What I did to help all Americans win on Election Day, and beyond.”

Whether you live in America or not, have you been worrying about the election on November 8, 2016? Today I’d like to give you some ideas on how you can help.

Why are humans special? What makes this earth such a desirable place to incarnate?

We care. Sometimes we forget, but then we’ll remember again. Each of us is learning to love stronger and wider and deeper.

When it comes to making Election Day decisions, love matters a lot. Love is the often hidden essential in our quality of life.

What Can Help Us on Election Day and Beyond? Love.

As long as people like you and I can love, there is hope for our world.

Here’s what I believe about living during these challenging times. Our planet’s present and future depend upon simply this: Human-style caring. Not only feeling it. When we really care, we show that by what we say and how we say it.

In reality, there’s one bigger test, too. We humans show that we care… by what we do.

Therefore, today’s post contains some of my ideas about how we can help. Both during and after this election!

Have you wrestled with this too, seeking to voice a spiritual calling during this portentious time in America’s history? For those of us who care deeply, how can we help with this divisive election?

After I share the best I know, let’s throw the conversation wide open. Please add your comments, your hopes and fears, your suggestions. All contributions will — of course — be valued here.

Election Day Help #1: Vote. Really Vote.

Please vote. Vote all the way down ticket. And make your vote count by voting for a candidate who is actually on the ballot.

In that regard, isn’t it encouraging to think that “little people” like us can do a better job than big-deal political folks like these? We sure can.

About that article from the New York Times, to which I’ve just supplied a link, what are we to make of these political big shots? Only 160 Republican politicians have found enough courage to publicly say it. They will not vote for Donald Trump. Beyond that, these politicians have been courageous enough to publicly state why.

And yet, how many of these relatively honorable politicians also said that they would vote for Hillary Clinton? Have I missed something here? Isn’t she the only other candidate on the ballot?

At that aforementioned link from the Times, you’ll find names of the most courageous souls among that small group of 160. Bravo to those committed Republican-Americans who declared in public… that they would uphold their country by voting for Hillary Clinton. In that article, their noble names are shaded in blue. Sadly, you’ll find precious few of those 160 names are shaded in blue.

Look, I’m not in conflict about the presidency. But even if I weren’t a strong enthusiast about the former Secretary of State, New York Senator, and First Lady…

Even then I hope I would find the strength of character to swallow my pride and vote for her anyway.

Elections Are Not Always Held in a Perfect World

Maybe you’ve noticed. This one isn’t. So what?

Voting for the greater good can lift us up. May each of us eligible Americans find the moral courage to vote for our next president. Let’s encourage our friends to exercise their sacred right to uphold this democracy.

How crazy is it? How profoundly irresponsible! High-level politicians who refuse to vote for the next president of their country? Whaaaaa?

For instance, the press secretary for President George W. Bush has been proudly spreading the word that he is not going to vote for president.

Who can show a better understanding of civic responsibility? You can. I can.

Even smart fifth-graders would, if they could.

Election Day Help #2. Protest Votes Are for Middle School.

Please talk to anyone you know who plans to use this election as a way to “Express how I feel.”

A protest vote. Staying home. Some clever write-in.

These are not ways to show that you care about anyone other than yourself.

Remind any friends and family members and neighbors who might listen.

Comment through any social media where you can dare to speak up without wrecking your life.

If it inspires you, read (or reread) the article here: Vote. Don’t Just Feel.

Election Day Help #3

Let’s talk about prayers for a moment. May I ask you a personal question? Have you been asking God for help with this election and its aftermath? Many of us have been praying about this. For months. I’ll admit to that.

Prayers are good.

Yet sometimes it can be humbling to wrap words around the enormous feelings that have been stirred up by this election. Prayer can even feel impossible, when we’re so deeply upset at current events.

Some of you may have been struggling with that. How to create a prayer for these shocking times?

Where are the words?

Sometimes it has felt to me like this: As though the human floor has dropped out from under my feet, while the ceiling of Divine protection for my country is where? High. And mighty. And distant.

Even in Enlightenment, I’ll forget how the presence of God can always be found within my heart.

Because I would like to help my country on Election Day and beyond, I wrote the following prayer. Maybe it can help you to get started with finding your words.

(BTW, for those of you who keep track, prayer does count as Technique Time.)

My Election Prayer

Before or after the election, this recording may help. A quick little sound recording that I made this morning: Election Prayer from Rose Rosetree.

What if you’d prefer to read this prayer and adapt it, or make your own recording? The gist of my Election Prayer is below. Help yourself! Alter any of this as you see fit.

Close your eyes.

Call on a form of God that is meaningful to you.

Ask God to fill you and your home with love, caring, and intelligence. A loving spiritual power.

Why love?

Because, if we wish to solve problems in this world, love matters more than our fears or even our need to “Be Right!”

Imagine and feel how that golden spiritual power of love grows larger now, filling the world.

May we human beings use our sacred free will to wake up our caring.

We can live the opposite of “Duh!” and “How can they?”

So let’s ask for Divine help to open up our heart of compassion.

May we remember to love.

Love can embolden us to make a human commitment: I will do my part.

Because love alone isn’t enough. Love is just the beginning. Let’s use whatever love we’ve got to build bridges of understanding.

May we find ways to help, starting with one little, human-scale, word or deed. Then the next.

For as long as we live, and no matter what happens in this world, it is never too late to care.

May God help each of us to do our part. May we find positive ways to show that caring.

Open your eyes.

Election Day Help #4. Researching What Is True, Include Auras

Tracking facts? Tracking who tells the truth versus who lies? Of course that matters, and it matters for voting all the way down the ticket.

Aura reading can help bring perspective as well.

Below is a list of the election day-useful aura readings. Most are YouTubes.

Right now, can you think of any people who might find them interesting? Inspiring? If so, please share.

  1. YouTube Intro: Aura Reading the Presidential Ticket. Rose Rosetree shows how she reads those auras.
  2. Plus Aura Reading Hillary Clinton on YouTube.
  3. Also Aura Reading Donald Trump on YouTube.
  4. He’s so human! Aura Reading Tim Kaine on YouTube.
  5. And maybe he’s not so human! Aura Reading Mike Pence on YouTube.
  6. Aura Reading Gary Johnson. Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES
  7. Aura Reading Jill Stein. Guest Post by ISABELLA.

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  1. 1
    Lilian says:

    Thanks Rose. Here’s a couple of links that I’ve found helpful. Firstly, an interesting website/podcast on *why* trump has become so popular. It’s interesting that a similar dynamic in the UK caused Brexit…

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    (From a human, non-aura based perspective. As someone who has had a fair few run ins with extreme spiritual addiction, my own perspective is that the doorway to energetic imbalance lies in human-level problems, conflict and division.)

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Interestingly, the divisions between an “elite” and a “left behind” seems to be mirrored within many developed countries. (See the latest issue of the Economist for yet another article on this…)

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    My feeling is that any conflict and division is being made worse in these unstable post shift times, beyond all reason…

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    Anyways, from a heart-level, it’s all very distressing. I found watching Leonardo diCaprio’s documentary refreshing and let me cry a little about my planet.

    Rose said something about his role as a world server and darshan.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    In these times when things feel so unstable, having people who can focus that ability to care are important.

  7. 7

    LILIAN, you would be one of those important people.

  8. 8
    Sophie says:

    This molecular empath who lives not in America says thank you Rose for the Election Prayer 2016 recording.

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    That’s sweet..

    Here’s a true story about the Brexit vote. What I felt “in the air” was a massive sense that if would be fun to vote Brexit, just to show “them.” It was very strong, and I hadn’t watched the news or anything…

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    Thanks Rose!

  11. 11
    Lilian says:

    Sorry Rose, I know that kind of comment is not really what you’re looking for. All I wanted to share was that it was such a strange feeling day, so it’s important to keep your sense of perspective.

  12. 12

    Thanks for all these great comments, from you Blog-Buddies in England and New Zealand.

    SOPHIE, around here we’re working on getting the workshop schedule arranged for 2017.

    It’s very likely that a month will be allocated towards the end of the year for me to go to Australia and do a bunch of workshops and sessions.

  13. 13
    Sophie says:

    Thank you for the heads up Rose. And it sounds like the makings of another busy year on the RES calendar 🙂

  14. 14
    Bev says:

    Thank you, Rose for that beautiful prayer and a reminder that it IS our Free Will choice to LOVE that actually DOES change our world, give us HOPE and makes our SOULS sing.

  15. 15
    Jean says:

    Oh, Rose.

    Thank you so much for this helpful post
    -and for this beautiful prayer!

    And for all you do…

  16. 16
    Amanda says:

    My thoughts are with America today.

    Having gone through Brexit here I agree with Lilian that there are similarities.

    My big prayer today is for wholeness and integration. I know it’s there behind and above all the difficulties and divisiveness.

    Go USA! I am on the edge of my seat.


  17. 17
    Amanda says:

    I also agree with Lilian that keeping a clear head among the washes of emotion is the most responsible approach.

    Rose I love your point about voting for a ‘real’ candidate! You make it so clear and practical.


  18. 18
    Jnana says:

    Thank you for showing us how we can help.

    Such a potent prayer it was.

  19. 19

    Good morning, everyone. I’m so touched to hear from you, JNANA, AMANDA, JEAN, and BEV.

    Your beautiful words! All the more welcome because of who each of you is. Lucky me, I know every single one of you quite well.

    Besides that, three of you are in Enlightenment!

    Two of you are representing Asia and Europe, respectively!

    So thank you three times over.

  20. 20

    At breakfast, yet again, I heard a typical report on National Public Radio that bemoaned how — supposedly — voters are choosing the lesser of two evils.

    Since no pollster has asked me, I’ll send my info out right here: Hello, I am THRILLED to be voting today for Hillary Clinton.

  21. 21

    Furthermore, something occurred to me about the much-hyped pseudo-scandal about a woman of my generation who isn’t so great about the technology of using emails … .

    Which Clinton’s political enemies have conflated into some terrible (unsubstantiated) crime.

  22. 22

    You know the popular saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”?

    In Hillary Clinton’s case, the truth goes more like this, “Where there’s smoke, there’s arsonists.”

  23. 23
    Lilian says:

    I like your perspective as a baby boomer getting to grips with technology.

    (Especially as I imagine Trump supporters excuse him in various ways, due to him being of a certain generation and age…)

  24. 24
    Sophie says:

    Arsonists alright.

    To me the darkest and most chilling moment of the election campaign was when her opponent used presidential debate time to proclaim to millions of viewers that in his vision as POTUS he would use his power to send opponent/s to prison. That sent black ice up my spine.

  25. 25
    Mel says:

    A CNN exit poll found that 49% of people voted for a candidate because they STRONGLY FAVORED them and only 25% of people voted AGAINST the opponent.

    So most people don’t simply consider their votes the lesser of two evils.

    The poll is here:

  26. 26
    AJ says:

    National exit polls are showing a Brexit-like vote in which people under the age of 40 went Clinton, over the age of 40 went Trump.

  27. 27
    Lilian says:

    Hi Rose. As a note about the prayer in your article. I did enjoy doing that kind of technique.

    My subjective sense was one of adding my love to a sustained Divine effort to provide stability to earth…

  28. 28
    Lilian says:

    I don’t like doing aura readings much, as they take too much previous brain energy. Getting the raw info is quick and easy, but then it has to go round the human level circuits, like a conversation would.

  29. 29
    Lilian says:

    Before 2012 time I would do sending love meditations. If you have thoughts on how to effectively and safely do more of that kind of technique time in today’s climate, and it’s something that could be shared on the blog, then please do.

  30. 30
    Lilian says:

    (After 2012 time, well from 2010 onwards, my standard meditation practises just went bananas. so sending out love to earth as a whole got e really wired. Though, trying this yesterday made me feel like I’m stronger now.)

  31. 31
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for this prayer Rose.

  32. 32

    Thanks for your comments, LILIAN and KYLIE.

    LILIAN, regarding the respectful request in your Comment #29:

    I absolutely will NOT teach – or recommend — “sending love meditations.”

    Instead I will be offering what will help you within Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

  33. 33

    In fact, I started today by writing a blog post designed to help.

    I’ve already outlined three more in this series.

    Let me tell all of you Blog-Buddies, I will continue to offer plenty to help you. Age of Awakening-type things!

    Trust me, I’m just getting started.

  34. 34

    Now that my morning sessions are over, and after breakfast, I’ll get that first blog post edited and make it live.

    Although I didn’t imagine that the presidential outcome would ever, ever be this… I am so ready to help with all this.

    Actually, my conviction is, “I was born for this.”

  35. 35

    Aw, because I am in the role of teacher — even Founder of RES — I do feel a need to clarify something about Comments #28 or 29.

    LILIAN has beautifully described her experiences, and of course they’re valid for her. However, please note:

  36. 36

    About doing a “Sending Love Meditation”:

    This may feel good. Yet there will be a price to pay when doing such practices in the Age of Awakening (post 2012).

    Furthermore, also this kind of practice many not be nearly as effective for helping as you might think.

    This year, for instance, I had a client who was doing a sort of “Sending Love Meditation” who required a spirit releasement. (That means, during this practice, an astral entity moved into his aura and started to share it.)

    Joe has been doing much better since that session of aura healing. Does he plan to more of this sweet-sounding practice? I don’t think so.

  37. 37

    What if you are tempted to do anything like this?

    It would be really smart to book a session of aura healing so that I can pull out some energetic holograms (Stage 13 Energetic Literacy), and then describe to you in detail… the energetic consequences of that spiritual practice.

  38. 38

    As for having an experience that “doing aura readings much, as they take too much previous brain energy” — this has nothing to do with aura reading as I teach it.

    If a well-meaning person studies any of my books and ends up with a problem like this, there is STUFF in that person’s aura.

    Can any one how-to book address all this? Of course not. To expect this would be asking too much.

    What can clear up this sort of problem? Personal sessions of RES.

  39. 39

    Please know, Blog-Buddies, if you ever are using a technique that you learned from one of my books and finding it tiring etc., hello!

    Just as LILIAN wisely did, stop doing it!

    This is good reason to book a personal session of aura healing with an RES expert.

  40. 40
    Rachel says:

    Re: comment 33. I had a similar thought this morning once the election result became apparent – that RES is needed more now than ever, that your work, Rose, is of massive, seismic importance, more than I’d previously realised.

    Looking forward to the blog posts! Any tips on how to live during the next 4 years with a certain person being prominent in the public eye would be much appreciated! 🙂

  41. 41
    Lilian says:

    Cool, thanks Rose.

    Respectfully, all I meant was that I’m just too tired and busy to study extra things right now and don’t have the human-level curiosity right now. Practicing anything takes energy, effort and commitment, right?

  42. 42
    Lilian says:

    But more general techniques, like those in your Age of Awakening, are just nice and simple. If there’s more we could be doing for ourselves, or the environment around us, then that would be awesome.

  43. 43

    Thank you, LILIAN, for taking my input so well.

    In a generalized way — for all readers — I teach what-kto-do’s in my books and workshops.

    Other than that, I give more specific help in a personal way during RES sessions with me, by appointment.

  44. 44
    Rita says:

    Wow, Rose. I don’t disagree, and I am not wholly surprised, but I find it fascinating that you advise against something as innocuous sounding as a “sending love meditation.”

    (Of course, “sending love meditation” could describe so many things!)

  45. 45
    Rita says:

    What is the difference with techniques that you teach?

    How do we know a good technique from a bad one?

  46. 46
    Rita says:

    Could co-creating with a Divine Being to “send love” really be dangerous?

  47. 47
    Rita says:

    I find a lot of people have no idea how to spend their technique time anymore.

    The things they used to do are no good for them and they are (rightfully) wary of most new things they hear about.

    They might not be ready to learn to read auras, or don’t want to do it every day. Etc.

  48. 48

    Wow, RITA! That’s quite some little series of questions. All good ones.

    I’ll answer as best I can in the time available, and within the scope of this blog.

    To begin, thank you for Comment #44. I only state this because, in my experience working with clients… it’s true.

  49. 49

    People are still struggling to understand the new rules in the Age of Awakening.

    Many practices that were just fine during previous years, especially the New Age Years, are no longer fine at all.

    To learn more about this, I recommend reading “The New Strong.”

    This can give any reader a start on understanding some of the more counter-culture, Post-New-Age recommendations that I set forth on this blog.

  50. 50

    Regarding Comment #45, the best way to find out if a technique is good or bad is simply to have a session with me.

    Later I hope to teach some of these advanced skills with my RES practitioners. They can request this after they receive the form of post-graduate training needed to develop Stage 13 Energetic Literacy.

  51. 51

    Responding to Comment #46, absolutely.

    Researching what meditation techniques do to people, at the level of their chakra databanks… well!

    I’ve seen shockingly awful results many times. At least two people on the RES community version of the Enlightenment Life List can attest to that, for instance.

    Obviously, they got over the damage from it. They’re just lucky they said, “Enough is enough.”

  52. 52

    About discerning the results of any particular technique for personal development on you…

    Personal sessions with me can provide personal information.

    This highly personal research isn’t something I can put on the blog. Every technique and every person’s way of doing that technique — it’s a one-of-a-kind.

  53. 53

    Another consumer help is to go to any RES expert and bring photos of any meditation teachers you might have studied with as a basis for what you are doing now. Or spiritual teachers you’re considering working with.

    That’s a very smart investment, considering that — by continuing to do a practice, or by starting one — you are investing the tuition fee for what you have learned. And, more important, your mind-body-system’s progress.

  54. 54

    Admittedly, RES is new. Spending actual money on sessions may raise hackles. What, pay for that? 😉

    Yet literally millions of people spend freely on meditation instruction and retreat courses.

    Still more folks will gladly purchase a CD or DVD, because it’s pretty cheap. Plus the promises on offer sound good. Or the packaging is slickly attractive. Or the offer is wrapped in shiny, attractive testimonials.

    And, of course, the price may always seem right for a free meditation taught on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet.

  55. 55

    “Free” OR “Cheap” do not mean that a meditation technique has merit. No more than a little story I’ve told myself in the past, that free samples of cookies at Whole Foods or Costco don’t “really” have calories.

    You can guess what my perspective is on spending a relatively small sum to safeguard your progress.

  56. 56

    About Comment #47, I’m not quite sure what you’re expecting of me.

    Can you not tell that I spend as much time as I can helping in every way that I can?

    This blog offers ideas for those who want something current and offered completely for free.

    Apart from sessions, you can find highly practical info about Technique Time in “The New Strong.”

  57. 57

    Even more options are in the paperback edition of “Let Today Be a Holiday” — with the eBook edition title of “365 Ways to a Stronger You

    That contains plenty of safe ideas for Technique Time to keep you amused and thriving spiritually for the next 20 years or so.

  58. 58

    What else? I’m doing all I can to train RES experts through workshops and personal mentoring by phone or webcam or in person.

    Around here we’re aiming to post early next week our schedule for 2017.

  59. 59

    Adding on to my own Comment #50, above…

    Other skills that I can bring to technique research flow from training that I received in this lifetime, at the feet of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and, perhaps, in other incarnations as well.

    Basically, I’m an RES-style Enlightement Coaching as long-term soul-level specialists. You know, some of the people walking among us have a long history as a soul as a planetary healer or an environmental healer or a physical healer.

    This kind of work happens to be my specialty, developed over many incarnations. Each of us specialists has paid the price for developing our specialty of world service.

  60. 60

    Others have a specialty like mine, doing it in an equally unique way. Just look at the magnificent blog of a very different Enlightenment Coach, DAVID BUCKLAND. Or RICH ARCHER, with his beautiful website, “Buddha at the Gas Pump.”

    In short, researching meditation techniques in a quality way is (spiritually) a grave responsibility, not to be undertaken lightly.

    So that’s how I happen to help people.

  61. 61

    Thank you, RACHEL, for the appreciation you expressed in Comment #40.

    Ever since I woke up today, it was clear to me:

    I am ready for this.

    I am here for this.

    I will help as many people as I can, so long as I can do it in integrity.

  62. 62

    In this regard, a role model for me is one of my heroes. (President or not.) Hillary Clinton.

    She has spoken of this great way to understand what it means to show commitment to serving humanity:

    “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.”

  63. 63
    Sandra says:

    Thank you, Rose. I feel motivated by the results of this election, as well.

  64. 64
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for your comments #61 and #62, especially, Rose.

    Gosh, and everything, everything, everything you do.

  65. 65
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    While I can’t say I had this same degree of clarity you describe when I first woke up this morning, I will say that these two comments of yours in particular reflect very well where I stand now.

  66. 66
    Lilian says:

    Thank-you for putting in the time to write those comments. Here’s a specific thing.

    Are there potentially techniques that could act as a prayer, or that can act to bring more power to prayer? Or is just saying a prayer clearly and verbally the best way you can be of service in this way?

  67. 67
    Lilian says:

    Hmm, the idea of “prayer” these days feels like an open question these days. What are the mechanics of prayer? How can we do it better?

  68. 68
    Lilian says:

    Or is this already a person dependent thing you’ll need to cover in a session?

  69. 69
    Lilian says:

    Basically, I define prayer as something we can do to help, on a spiritual level, more than just ourselves as individuals.

  70. 70

    LILIAN, I appreciate all your commenting and time as well.

    You hit the nail on the head in your Comment #86. 🙂

  71. 71
    Lilian says:

    Hmm, it’s interesting. You know, I imagine most of us our brought up on ritualised prayer (liturgy, mass, intercessions, hail marys after confessions). A one size fits all approach that can be done communally.

    So all this is really a big change of mindset.

  72. 72
    Lilian says:

    by *most* you can insert the exact quantity.

    It kind of mirrors the general trend of people (especially young people) being more aware of and accepting and appreciating eachother’s differences and uniqueness.

  73. 73
    Lilian says:

    I stopped going to Church, even for sake of comfort, long long ago.

    But then you’re having to think what’s on the horizon in turns of spiritual practise. Certainly not the new agey CD from the candle shop.. :-p

  74. 74
    Lilian says:

    And so this mirrors the general where I believe both spiritual addiction and shutdown blur away our uniqueness and individuality to get back a sense of pre-shift days of strength in numbers and conformity.

    Sorry, there’s a whole thought process here, but I’ll save it… But its interesting when you can put concepts and thoughts to what you find yourself intuitively doing and seeking.

  75. 75
    Ali says:

    Good job! Well written! Very interesting way to put it! Thank you!

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