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Face Reading Joshua Johnson, Hosting the Next "Diane Rehm Show"

Face Reading Joshua Johnson, listening intently. (As if to the radio.)

Face Reading Joshua Johnson, listening intently. (As if listening to a great radio show.)

Face reading Joshua Johnson is my idea of a treat. Today he was named the successor to radio star Diane Rehm’s popular NPR program. Back in the day, I spent a memorable hour being the guest on “The Diane Rehm Show.” We talked about Face Reading Secrets®, actually. So reading the face of Joshua Johnson is one way to pay that forward.

Besides, face reading inspires. And couldn’t many of us use a lift now? Days after the election, how’s everyone doing? I’ve heard about folks who are grieving still, or rageful, or both. Standup people barely able to leave the house. Well, here’s my message to all of you:

Grieve for as long as you need. You are going to bounce back. Could be, the depth of your feelings now will add soulfulness to what you do later. After you recover.

Because recover you will. Then. may you go forward more powerfully than before.

Bring your spiritual light and your fact-based speech. Keep on doing good work. Already you have made a difference. Later you can make more of a difference than ever.

And now, let’s pause to learn about a bold man.

Face Reading Joshua Johnson, Radio Guy

While he’s on the air, you may not see him a lot. But Joshua Johnson’s voice will soon be a bigger deal than ever in America. Since Diane Rehm’s show was one of the top-rated liberal shows on American radio. Estimated audience? 2.5 million. Joshua Johnson will inherit — and maybe expand — that audience.

You see, Joshua Johnson is prepared to do something big. The broadcast journalist has, most famously, hosted a series about race called “Truth Be Told.”

Finding a photo that I could use for today, I read the following quote about Joshua Johnson’s last show. I was so very moved. How great is this?

Yeah, it’s annoying to constantly have to explain why it’s illogical to say All Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter, but if someone asks — even in a snarky, obnoxious way — we can channel that snark into sense-making. We take the sting out of it by turning it into a teaching moment.

Blog-Buddies, would you like to do this face reading along with me? Here’s a link to the face reading photo I’ll use to discover more about Joshua Johnson.

Face Reading Joshua Johnson Item #1: VERY Straight Chin Bottom

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Look at the shape of Joshua Johnson’s chin, all the way at the bottom. It’s like a straight line.

He has this in common with the man on America’s one-dollar bills, President George Washington.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Makes choices based on “the principle of the thing.” Idealistic about living his ideals.

The Potential Challenge

Annoyed by people with different ideals? Even worse, annoyed by people who don’t bother to live for any ideals whatsoever?

Evidently Joshua Johnson has totally overcome that challenge. Witness the quote cited above.

But Face Reading Secrets works like an alphabet. Anyone else whose face you read — that person may or may not have overcome the challenge related to face data.

Face Reading Joshua Johnson Item #2: Prominent Right Cheek

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Joshua Johnson has relatively few facial asymmetries. You’re about to spot one.

First thing is to tell left from right in a photograph. Or if you’re looking at somebody in a room. Anybody who is not you, looking in a mirror.

Cross over, as if shaking hands.

Now compare the fullness of his of his cheeks. Joshua Johnson’s right cheek (only) sticks out quite a lot. That’s what I mean by “Prominent.”

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

This would apply to career and first impressions, not personal life. (Just because all facial characteristics on the right side are interpreted that way. Left side is about personal life and the people you know well.)

In career, having a strong leadership style. Saying things and doing things that others might be leery of doing, just because true leadership takes courage.

Incidentally, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has two VERY Prominent Cheeks.

The Potential Challenge

Others criticize leadership, maybe even hate authentic leadership? In theory, leadership sounds great. In practice, hello! So squirm inducing…..

Face Reading Joshua Johnson Item #3: Lip Proportions

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Compare the fullness of upper lip and lower lip. Joshua Johnson has a ratio of 1:5. Meaning?

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Extreme, exceptional persuasiveness.

The Potential Challenge

Possibly terrifying?

Face Reading Joshua Johnson Item #4: Straight Lower Lip

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Look at the lower edge of Joshua Johnson’s lower lip. Another very straight line.

Probably not what you see in the mirror.

This, like our Face Reading Item #3, is really, truly rare.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Specialty, as a communicator, is talking about ideals. Backed up by facts and real-life examples.

The Potential Challenge

Finding it hard to talk about emotions… without leaping straight into facts and ideals?

Face Reading Joshua Johnson Item #5: Out-Angled Ears

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Look at Joshua Johnson’s face from the front and you can see most of the shape of his ears.

Win In-Angled Ears, that doesn’t happen.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

This face reader loves reading all ear characteristics. Each facial feature has its specialties, with many more categories within that part of the face than you would guess. Not until you study enough physiognomy not to have to guess!

Why do I love face reading ears? Because the specialty of this part of the face is how people listen to life, without really trying to. Put another way, ears reveal how people subconsciously sort through reality.

Okay, back at the talent. It’s another layer of leadership.

Without trying, without deep reflection, Joshua Johnson tends to do what makes sense to him. Not what everybody else is doing.

So far I’ve never heard him broadcast a word. Yet his ear angles are radioing to me: Joshua Johnson doesn’t start off thinking about other people’s rules.

If he does notice them, it’s more in the spirit of a visiting anthropologist from Mars.

Notice, I’m not saying that Joshua Johnson can’t follow rules. More like he won’t start by taking them into consideration. He’s got more to notice. You know, like his ideals. And facts. And what people do in good old human reality.

The Potential Challenge

Not somebody who naturally understands rule followers. Or people whose definition of rules defies reason.

One example, a headline plucked from today’s Washington Post:

Evangelicals put their faith in Trump.

Election victory ‘really makes you feel great to be a Christian.’

Although that’s just the potential challenge. Joshua Johnson may well have overcome it. I’m looking forward immensely to his show, which begins after Christmas 2016. Maybe some of those jubilant “Christians” will be listening and learning as much as they can. I sure plan on doing that.

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    Of course, two more face readings are coming up soon — Both the Runner Up and Winner of our Diversity Face Reading Contest. And I’ll be sprinkling in the rest of our Face Reading Party Videos.

    Not to mention a variety of other posts related to Deeper Perception. Today I was in the room for something light. And fun. And ennobling.

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    Jnana says:

    I salute this man.

    It was indeed heartening to read about him.

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    Emily T says:

    I was excited to learn about this podcast! I am adding it to my subscriptions.

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    Emily T says:

    I can see how having out angled ears can be helpful for him in his career. But also ways it can hinder.

    I also have out angled ears (my left more so than my right). I have definitely surprised people with my behaviour in my personal life and work life. People tend to get used to me doing that though and almost come to expect it.

  5. 5

    I sure do, EMILY. It’s delightful.

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